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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Newly Wed Dream bhabhi

Hi, chicks and chocks. How u all…this is Kunal Bhatia again back with a sexy encounter. As some of you know me by my last two stories I even got some mails from some horny girls I usually reply to everyone, Anyone interested in chatting can mail on this. I will be available always. So, as usual, I replied to few mails but only one girl used to chat with me so even I got interested in her.
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After some days I came to know that she is from Noida only where I stay so she is chatting with me. We got some information about each other after that we exchanged our numbers also. So chatting was more in WhatsApp but I don’t find her snap in dp so I just asked about that but she told y so urgent u can see me when we meet.
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So it made me more curious about her but I can meet only on weekends as I work in an mnc I just asked her to meet on Saturday for that she said she can’t meet on Saturday I was disappointed so I just ignored for some time. A week passed and on Friday I got a cl which was the first cl from her I just received she directly asked me to come to gip mall at 7. I 
was a bit surprised but I went there after my work I was there on 6:45. I was just waiting for her and she called me to come near reverb which is a pub I just went and there were many girls I just called her to check and I don’t find her. I was just searching her and someone touched me from my backside I just turn around and there she was with a party dress just ends near her knee. I was just looking her then she asked me you are Aryan right!
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I just said yeah, then she said I’m the one whom your looking. I just smiled and greeted her and asked her y she called me here she just hold my hands and took me inside reverb. I was just looking her in surprise she took me to one corner seat and asked what will I have I don’t say anything; she just brought vodka we just drank that she started talking and after few shots. She started telling everything which surprised me a lot.
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Yeah, she told that she is married just two months before and her hubby works in the USA he went there before a month and she is with her in-laws. Today they went to native so she planned to meet me. I was surprised as she was just 22 years old with a vital stat of 35 29 36.She just asked me I want to just enjoy two days so I called do u have time for me. I
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was just happy I told of course baby hearing this she just smiled back and had another drink. After few minutes she asked for a dance we went moment.Ohaaaaar4 dancing I was just holding her waist and she started to dance both of our was in contact and I was just getting horny so I just hold her and gave a quick kiss she was surprised and told me don’t u want to kiss my whole body we both laughed.
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She told let’s go home I said ok we went to her house which was a big one we entered inside. I was really horny and even she was I was not in control I just grabbed her and started smooching her like hell she was so fast and hungry she was just climbing on me while kissing we both were mad like anything she just asked me to take her to the bed room. While going to bedroom we were throwing each other’s dress then I threw her on bed she was looking so sexy and so much lust full face I just jumped on her we were just busy in removing dress within seconds we were naked she just hold me tightly and said she so desperate to have a hard sex so don’t waste time just fuckkkk me. I was just waiting for that I inserted my tool inside her pussy it so hot I started fucking her like hell she was just fuck me fast make me cum we were fucking like mad holding each other.
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I fucked her 20 minutes and she started moaning so loudly saying I m cummmmmmminnng donnnt stoooop fuuuuckkk meeee haaaaard looovvveee uuuu jannnnuuu. I was just enjoying her saying even I was on the edge and asked where to come she just told it’s amazing don’t stop just fill me. I started fucking her as fast as I can and finally we both came once we hugged each other enjoying that moment. I can see her happy face and even I was happy.
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She was sleeping hugging me tightly and then she told she was very desperate for sex from a month but she can’t share it with anybody she knows as it may create a problem for her so she decided to have with someone else then she read my story. She thought it would be good to have with me as I have not taken any girls name or identity in my stories and I am in Noida only. It was a great sex I enjoyed a lot.
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I was happy listening to this entire thing; we had more sessions till Saturday night as her in laws been coming on Sunday. I bid her bye on Sunday she was very happy for two days. So friends this was my story hope u

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