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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Meena’s Transformation To A Sweet And Sexy Lady Part – 1

Meena was a working woman. She was married and was having 2 kids. She had a love cum arranged marriage. Her married life was ok types. But she was bored of a routine life. Getting up early morning, making breakfast, packing lunch for all and heading to office and back to home, have some dinner, interact with kids, watch a tv serial or so, talk to husband and then sleep. That was all what repeated. Though she was happy with the progress her kids showed, but she needed something to spice up her life. She was simply not understanding what to do.
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At one time in college days she remember having reading a couple of sex stories and enjoying a glass or two of hard drinks with her friends and hubby. But now, even though she wanted to read such stories, she couldn’t because she felt a bit awkward. She was not too comfortable to talk about sex openly with her hubby. She was also a bit shy of her figure as she felt she was not having a slim body. She always had a notion that she simply cannot lose weight and that after having kids she cannot lose any weight. That being the case, she still genuinely wanted to have a spicy life ;).
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Got bored and a bit of impatient she happened to visit a mall just for shopping where she happened to meet her school friend Kamini. Both were delighted to meet each other after many years, but Kamini was a bit surprized to see Meena who was looking a bit dull and orthodox while Kamini was looking extremely hot and sexy. Kamini too was working in a It company. Both met together at a coffee shop and had a lot of talk over the coffee table. Meena was very happy to see Kamini and remembered how both had watched a porn movie and how both had drinks together in college. Kamini, on the other hand, was wondering why Meena was Looking so dull and bored and a bit out of shape.
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Being a lady Kamini quickly understood what here dear friend may be going through. After all, kamini was a working woman too but the difference was Kamini was feeling and looking very sexy where as meena exactly the  Opposite. Kamini picked up a cigarette from her purse and lit it. Meena shockingly looked at her and replied: “Doesn’t your husband mind ?”. Kamini smiled and asked do you ;) ?….Meena smiled back in a shy manner and replied no. You may continue…Meena remembered her college days and truly confessed in her mind how she loved though little bit the smell of the Marlboro lights cigarette and how she too felt like taking a puff in style flaunting her sexy and bold attitude.
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Realizing this Kamini asked her if she would like to try a puff to which Meena shyly said no. Kamini sensed something different and realizing the difference expressed her concern for meena to which meena started to open up.
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Meena explained to Kamini how her day to day life had become as in getting up early morning, making breakfast, packing lunch for all and heading to the office and back to home, have some dinner, interact with kids, watch a tv serial or so, talk to husband and then sleep.
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Kamini realized that what was missing from meena’s life was the spark and that somehow meena was not that open with her hubby. She had realized this to which Meena had agreed.
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Kamini said in an understanding tone..”Listen meena..! We all have a life and its meant for us to be happy and cheerful. So I have decided to change what you are going through”. Meena didn’t know what she was up to, but being an old friend she readily agreed as she too was eager to spice up her life.
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On the way to home, Kamini started to as meena some questions like how many male and female colleagues she had in her office to which Meena replied none. She asked meena if whether her hubby had any problems with meena having any male colleagues to which Meena replied don’t know and appeared neutral. Meena also expressed a bit of hesitancy saying won’t her hubby find it objectionable? Kamini thought to herself and said we will talk about it later but said she didn’t think so as far as she respected his feelings. She got to know from meena that she rarely wears western casuals. After talking for a while Kamini understood what exact spice was missing from her childhood friend meena’s life.
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Before even meena could ask her, Kamini said I have many male friends. Meena asked her, doesn’t her hubby object ? To which Kamini answered ” not at all…! In fact husbands love it. In fact it’s unbelievable but they love their wife having male friends. When a wife has many male friends, she appears dam sexy to her husband, provided she also pays right  Attention to her hubby properly”. Listening to this meena was shocked pleasantly and somewhat excited too as she always wanted to be a free and open minded girl. To top it, Kamini said, they won’t even hesitate to allow you to have a drink or a dance with any male of her choice. Meena was now coming in mood and she challenged Kamini if this thing can  Happen to her?.Kamini accepted the challenge and a thrilling and adventurous life was about to begin. Meena asked won’t such things lead to extra-marital affairs ? Kamini replied, we have to give our children a good future like our parents did so we should refrain from flings and affairs and provide our children with stable parenting. So we be with our hubby but the idea is the hubbies themselves allow us to have more fun while we stay in a wonderful happy family. What’s the harm baby if you are getting fun ;) and that too through your hubby ? It feels fucking dam hot. You don’t need to cheat to have fun. You just get it with the right technique.
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Meena was awestruck and Kamini had accepted the challenge. A journey of transformation had just begun.
Kamini kissed meena’s cheek and said
“Watch out for part 2.The transformation begins…”
The fun begins!!!

I hope readers like the story part 1…

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