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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Accident Converted In To Incident

I and my doctor husband are living a normal life till I had this incident, we have 5-year-old kid and us three live in Pune. Our apartment is at the edge of the city, takes my husband long time to travel to his hospital, but as this place is quite and calm we are happy. Also, my kid goes to school near to us.

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I am not very skinny, I have bit weight but not heavy, with 5.9 ft height, my shape makes things look very attractive, with 44-30-46 my body looks stunning with curves and my fair skin. My thighs are the main part which gets more attraction from all men, especially when I wear nicker my husband like me to wear.
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I am so much more attractive to women with curves than a beam pole kind of body shape. Breasts with the long and deep valley, a waist with deep naval and wide luxurious hips with no gap in between my thighs are so much sexier than any skinny woman who has nothing to offer. I like to wear western dress, but normally I wear sari with well-covered blows. My husband used to get me many modern dresses but now as our kid is of 5 he is busier with his work.

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This story is about how I found new pleasure and got interested in new fantasies of life. One day my husband called me, he had an accident and was getting victim (patient) at home, he don’t want to get into police case and also he is a doctor so he can treat him at home.

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This guy is bit muscular and of 6.2 feet, he was unconscious, my husband put bandage at his head and clean few of his wounds at palm and knees. After an hour patient came in sense and was talking to my husband, I think he agrees about his mistake in this accident and also my husband asked him to stay for few days. He called me, I was in dark blue sari, with my white skin shining from my clothes and my navel was visible as I tie sari down till panty line. He did look at my waist and to me as normal look. We got introduced by my husband and he said.

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Hubby: dear he will stay for a week with us

I was okay with this, I asked him about his food habits and what he like to eat. He was a simple guy and he does eat a lot. That day we all had dinner together, he was praising my cooling and I was feeling very special with his words. Next morning my husband got ready and left by 8 am, by this time patient (Ramesh) was sleeping. I got my kid ready for school and left him at bus. It was 9 am when I came up, I passed his door and found him sleeping. I was feeling too hot, so I thought of taking a dip into swimming pool. I went to the ground floor, our house is at first floor, which is pool view apartment.

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I removed my robe and I was in swimming custom, as it was a busy day, no one was near to the pool. After 5 min I noticed some activity at my apartment, but I ignored it. After another 5 min I try to look at our guest bedroom, there was he, that patient Ramesh was looking at me. I try to avoid him, but same time I was feeling very shy to bring my milky smooth curvy body out of the pool in front of his hungry eyes. After 20 mins I didn’t see him at the apartment, so I brought my sexy curvy body out of the pool, I tried to get my rob immediately. I came out of the water, water was dripping from my curved body.

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To my surprise Ramesh was standing in front of me, holding my robe, I was stun with no smile on my face I went near to him. He was looking at my body I try to hide my cleavage and thighs, but it was useless, these curves can’t be covered, I started shivering with shyness, he was soo near and could see my wet and sexy body very clearly, I tried to look at his eyes, !

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those were roaming on my body like he is kissing all my body parts with his eyes.. I want to make him understand his mistake by looking into his eyes, but when his eyes came to my eye contact, I was feeling getting drawn into his eyes. After 30 to 45 seconds I felt shy with a high heartbeat. I make the eye contact with heavy breath.

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