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Friday, 6 January 2017

Shweta Madame blackmailed

Hallo guys .. This is the time when we were in the 12th class. Our teacher's name was and he, like Shweta was quite cracker. Shweta Madame nearly 35-36 years of age was cool .. but she was great in appearance. Every boy dreams of fuck them and not let them be used to see how many times thinking about thinking Mut was struck. All students thought they were .. but our college principal had a crush on them. Our principal was very Trki and sometimes he was anything wrong with the other lady teachers .. but did not raise a voice against him at his school, and care was in full swing. Then we found out that Madame Shweta running round the principal and therefore favor was upon them, and we did so knowing full well that she has learned Madame is still a virgin and very current thing. Then the two friends decided that we do something that he would be forced to have sex with us, and we have begun to keep an eye on Madame Shweta .. He was often in the evening at the principal's house and spend 3-4 hours there 3-4 hours and we also knew that he will not have a school meeting and the meeting itself, but no will.
We understand there is a matter! We are hungry pussy anyway! Cut it just meant we had something we did not know how to know this to Madame R. and principal 3/4 hours Which the meeting will do! now I were looking for the same thingWe go to the principal's servant asked him why Shweta Madame comes here often? But we did not. Then my friend gave him Rs 2,000 out of your pocket and then he put the money in your pocket to quickly and everything we have told in detail .. She told us that she has 6 months from Madame Saab 2-3 times a week sir Madam fiercely to return home and then to fuck himself and said he saw the two of them have sex several times. Madam showing her pussy and Ckhakr overpower his honor, and he does as he says, and instead of him he then just pussy. Then we told him that the next time Madame Pattaya and come home so we have to call by phone .. If so then you will get more money and a lot of money.

rammed inside and when we walked in and saw that both of them are drunk on the couch and drink, drink what each other is doing .. Madame big Easy was sitting in sari and blouse and petticoat sir off so I will just stand and was wearing cock was clearly visible. Then half an hour after drinking Madame opened her blouse and bra hook here. Then his head in one hand bra and put it in another petticoat. It was recorded in my cell all the things my friend. Then Sir Madame were rubbing the boobs and tight pussy pussy seemed he was using his fingers and after a while it will open the cocks his head delivered to the chef. Lund was struggling to enter the Cut and seeing that Madame was smiling erect cocks. Then he stood and pulled some of his purse actually he had packets of condoms. Sir Cdha the condom on his cock, and a Madame fuck doggy style .. but his cocks began to fall very quickly and it looks as if Madame had not gone out of thirst. Madame dressed in his own clothes after a while and went home.
At that time there were around 9.30 pm. Madame was always on the same campus where our hostel was. I went to my friend's room, and mobile. I saw him again at room Rikording and I thought that I could not do that yesterday may be why today? And then in the mobile home and went to Madame. Madame and I arrived home at around 10:30 pm when the door bell rang Madame transparent red color of the door .. He was wearing Naiti Naiti of their boobs were clearly evident. Then he asked me what happened? And how do you come so late at night? So I said I have some work with you .. Can I come in? So they called me in, and we sat on the sofa. Then he asked me, what is the job now? I quote that he said nothing for a long time will you have tea? So I said yes drink.

So he got up and went into the kitchen and went into the kitchen after him .. He told me to sit out .. but not sitting. Then he said, why is your health okay? for? Let's go home quietly. Then I said just a while ago with the principal was taking so much fun .. very surprised, and then she started saying that what you mean? So I started and that's what I mean Rikording clip.
The color of his face very pale and he sat quietly on the couch and told me to go and do what you want? So I just told you that you want to sleep with .. he is fine .. but it should not have a recording clips else except you? So I promise you that I will not go near anyone else. Then he took me into the bedroom and what you want to get that quote and then I kissed him I enjoyed it. What keeps them up to 10 minutes .. Then after a while it was too hot and I began to enjoy the whole. . Then Madame my cock is huge, given that it yours. Then he bit down on the skin of my cock and then cocks seeing that you had sex before. So I said the name of the girl in his class that season that my girlfriends and often get a chance, do we have sex. He then fell behind again fuck me why? So I said who the fuck you are not thinking. Well I then said to Madame condoms .. you know everything and she laughed and said that he said, pointing to the cupboard to get going. So I opened the cupboard and saw that there is placed on packets of condoms .. I took like 3-4 at Lund Choadane Madame wore .. now fully prepared and I like cocks of Madame Madame then inserted in the hole pussy do the rest .. I'm a little bit uncomfortable is your cock is very rough.

And before and after comfortably and push vigorously put in Lund started .. Madame was also fun and it shoots out funny voices was strange .. like I had seen in Blufilm. After about 10 minutes the water left my cock and Madame vigorously Hug me, saying that it is one of their best sex was fun .. just. We sat and chatted for a while and then he told me about how her boyfriend
having sex with them and used them .. even twice, he sent them to his boss that his promotion would be and then some
days later, saying he left them and that he was using the scrubber. Well the only and only then was thinking about sex. of a smile, he said, you do not take tension for you, I am ready to live your Rakelk Bbnkr also lack I do not just fuck me so I said yes, my life Hske
began to prance in and put cocks .. she was bouncing vigorously and I was very fun .. but also felt some pain as well. Then after a while I told to get down to Madame and then you sit on the couch in the same way you Chodunga .. he sat on the couch and I stood cock into her pussy and I told him that in cocks can put another hole? So he did not try .. If I ever said that I did not ever try and we both started to laugh out loud loud. Then she got up and brought oil and oil from the little hand on my cock and put on a different hole.
will get? I began to pour again rest comfortably in Lund in Lund put the full and complete. Madame's face suddenly turned red due to pain and I started to push very slowly and after a while I got some rest and also increased my speed bumps .. but some time after the discharge was my cock and in doing so very much enjoyed it and it was 12 o'clock in the night and Madame took me to sleep in his bedroom. So I asked a long time to Madame .. but bathing in the bathroom. So we both went into the bathroom naked and began bathing each other .. we touch each other wet body was having a lot of fun. Madame, I bowed down and putting back cocks fucking started. Friends enjoyed it that night. And many times I spent the night with Madame and the fun too .. and fuck with him that night and he spent many nights Choada .. but fuck them after the first season, I almost gave up. Chodkr in them is happy and I like him get to the numbers. Thus there has been both ..
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