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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The maid made the mistress

Hallo guys, my name and my age is 23 years Hansika. Kolkata in the dwelling size and my figure is 36-30-36. My girls were never more than a friendship. The story was then when I Admisn in PG. The seniors in the batch were very cool guy. said. Then one day he introduced me to his friend, whose name is Sahil. I saw her! I was upset to see what a guy was awesome to me, I look at her, she is Dasing began to itch my pussy when I cock my pussy to me that Sahil anyone push me then I will pale then I felt aroused by I am dreaming, then he is a very cool little smile came and sat down next to me. Then we began to talk, so many days we were talking Watsap and hours on Facebook.
Then one day he asked me do you have a boyfriend? So I said no, he told me that he is single. Now I was very happy and had my eye on the same day from the day I first saw them. He is 6 feet tall, overbearing styled, white, the look is very sexy and hot. Then one day, he was discharged in our college asked me to ride the bike. And I also have said yes. That day I wore a very sexy Holtr neck top and black jeans. Now that I look very beautiful because my boobs were top emerging. Then when he saw me the way they
look now at my boobs were so big I had fun, and we went on a bike.
That evening all the way down her back Hugh was your boobs, but were behaving as if such speed because I'm scared too. He also took advantage of the situation said that out loud, holding sit. First-time video chat we had the other night, he showed me his cock, cock Oh, God, what was that? Friends, I have never before seen such a thick cock. Then he said to show me your boobs, but I did not because my room mate.

That day I deliberately wore very sexy top worn with hot paint. Now he began to smile at me and said, that today you all ready and began speaking Farne his hand on my waist. Now understand that today was the last one in, because until now I was in the Virgin also seemed a little scared, but now I'm feeling good because she was Sahil. Then gimme a secluded area away from the city on bikes carrying on, there is a house which has been half-Part guest house, there were only a few of their staff. The full house was empty. Then we went down from the bike and then I went inside the house, taking in the bedroom door closed Sahil man, then he closed the door of the bedroom and sat on the bed next to me came to me. R. Now I did not understand so I prepared for Chudwanae Hogyi Chodega this rate but do not know how fuckin was teasing me!
Now they were watching me very carefully. Then I saw him, he said, in that you just do not want their girlfriends. Now, a few did not, so I asked the meaning, so he'll look to gradually understand. Then they came to me out loud smooch me and my lips began to bite with both hands div align="center">
and began brushing my boobs as the juice is coming out of it, so I was really hurting. Then I tried to stop them from my hand to my lips so hard he cut his hand and pressed my Cuchiyon and loud. Now I started feeling good, now I have pain, but was still having fun. Then he got up and I took off all my clothes stand. He was lying naked and I'm all naked himself came to my mouth and put his cock in my mouth and began to fuck me in the mouth. His cock was huge. My breath was stuck now, but he did not stop. Then they continue to do so up to 5 minutes.
Then he started crying too much to draw out his cock and began rubbing his cock on my Cuchiyon what I said. Then I told them that yours is too big, so that's why you will enjoy, he said. His cock was about 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. So now there was too much fear. Then they come up to me and direct me Letaya missionary position put his cock in my pussy.
So much so that I was hot and my pussy was wet down with water beds, water Smail was spread throughout the room. Then he rubbed his cock twice from front to back in a push to meet his cock inside my pussy tore up the left Pale. Hold them in loud holler, he put his hand over my mouth and began to push out loud. Now I was in pain and he speaks to them in the night and were loud Chodte.
Now fuck around 20 minutes after she had me lay on my inside Jdkr. Even now that the discharge was 3 times. By Hugh them asleep again. That's 5 times a day from morning to evening, they fuck my pussy. Once again in the evening when we go back in time and could not walk properly my whole bed was covered with blood and his semen. Then I bid them that Hugh and Thank You for This Lovely Experience, he said that now it is a matter of everyday baby. Now the heart was getting happy ..

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