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Friday, 24 June 2016

Fucked Hard By My Love

Hello friends, my name is Nilesh sex story I read, I have lots of fun, I'm always on the site reads, I thought of the story happened to me! It was not even a story at this point I still do not believe boy like me would be fucking slut! Story before starting Chahuga I tell you about myself I am a resident of 
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Amritsar, and my age is 25 today, which I will tell you a story that is my own! The story today almost 5 years ago that I was perhaps a tragedy no less than my cock size 8 long, 2 inches, which any girl 
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liked the story of me and my friends between named Nisha sheI live! And he sent me one of his own hot photos on seeing it I was like fuck! Then she explained that she is married and is the mother of a child! Her wedding today 5 years sacrificed since the mother that Bani her and her husband for Relations well running as a result of their physical relationship I crack is! Why me that contact his heart caresses her! But I told her,he has sex with Buki! So I told him what I can I help her, you said 
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something right! I'm two days I Arhi Amritsar Meet me what I said fine and we both began to talk of sex and then started fingering Ahhhhhh like Nisha voices and I started moving my cock hand I felt the loss, he said he is now! and a voice came and he left the water was Ahh Aah! that's two days have passed according to her I had to Amritsarhe's staring at me like he Agyi mood I was looking but I went ahead and went straight up to him he was scarlet, my clothes, I was down to her sari and her lip to her how to put a scarlet Blouj I felt quite juicy lips were starting to have a lot of fun in it, at least I 10 Min sucking his lips with one hand and was pressing his Bob!the prisoner has been freed from 
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prison today! Soon I began sucking on her Muhme seemed quite good to me! But Nisha voices was coming out of the mouth ah ah ah aha R. It was fun, I also do a bit slowly but Nisha said Nilesh man I now asked him to get upI was getting a drink of water fun too! why my tongue out and the depth of the pussy I inserted Nisha and her pussy rash pressing harder I started cutting my teeth! now Nisha shouted during an she cried in pain ah ah ah do not bite but said Nilesh comfortably pussy lick her 
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pussy rash teeth biting down I was and who I was going to her pussy water flows constantly brushing your tongue ! and he was having fun with my body and my head started to tighten its hold on tight pussy and suppressed voices coming out of the discharge has come oh ah ah! then I cleared her pussy! then I was ready for the next round and that her pussy was quite tight due to the lack Chudi he 
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sounded a virgin! I was on underwear underwear took when I saw so many of my cock Nisha was getting his cock then I I spoke to her hands and sucking my cock without delay by Nisha had put his Muhme and started sucking like a lollipop! then I grabbed his hair and pulled his cock to her throat, killing her push harder Muhme Chodne! now fuck his mouth after continuous discharge was Muhme him and he was drinking all my! then I started again smooch! now he started caressing my cock my 
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cock again stood why it! then I asked Nisha open your legs so she opened her legs! then I lifted his legs upwards and the fingers of both hands and began to widen her pussy! I was peeping inside her pussy opening ! and what are said Nilesh Nisha? My pussy is intended to tear! what if I say I am watching pussy deeply inside of your pussy is so red! then I put my whole mouth depths of her pussy kissed and then I picked her up and lifted her legs on his shoulders and put his cock in her pussy by setting a strong push by beating I rammed his whole cock in her pussy deep! already caused him much pain pussy killed but it was not enough time left screaming and not the cause of her pussy tight
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Chudwanae! I slowly began to attack to kill him, and now she was starting to have fun, and even waist was bouncing bouncing Chudwanae now I had my bumps Speed ​​and stepped up and constant high push began again 10 Min to fuck after I gave her mare called and he mare became then I made her 
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mare by Choada! and 5 Min her mare Bnnkr fuck after your up to sit, and he cocks grabbed her pussy I put up and down bouncing the beginning! now I am starting to have fun it was! then I had her waist down put his hand under the constant push and to 10 Min after I felt loss then I asked him he should leave the water? then he said to me then I leave Muhme intensified their attack and the last 3-4 bumps I told him to get up and then I Muhme his discharge and that of my cock all the goods P and his mouth was cleaned my cock! then I lay down his arms Usdin I Choada him 3 times
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