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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Pink ass college girl part

Hallo guys, my name is Rahul and my age is 21 years. In this story, with the worship of the most wonderful moments of my Life'm going to tell. I'm a normal guy, but my cock does not disappoint anyone. Of course I am a little shy type, but Lund Jiha I shall always remain standing is the story of a very famous fashion institute starts from Mumbai, my friend went to college with him to meet his girlfriend went into the I had heard a lot about the beauty of the college. Now that my friend was busy with my item, I was laughing at me Notis that some girls. As a child, so shameless, so he went in and asked if you guys are talking about me? Those three girls were hot enough, he did not answer and went from there, but one of them went to the girl looking back and smile.
I was fucking her fucking mind and the heart, bones was the plan!
Then I said to my friend's girlfriend that he must cause the man setting the girl he would reply that he escaped from the college to the current girl. Then I said I'm running low? You get a one-time thing, then he said that he would try. Then a few days later came the message on my mobile from an unknown number, "Hi," so I asked who you are? Then came his reply, worship and told her the name of the college. I heard his name was now standing. Then I immediately dialed his number and we talked for half an hour and found out what he was really turned on.

In a few days we started to talk dirty and I like things I asked him what the matter is Virgin? Then he laughed and said that what you think? If I told you that oh so direct. I did not so much told me that he spoke log that is just the beginning, then I said, my house is empty today, And she keeps her house is always empty. Then I said something that is intended to? He said will help? So I said I'd try. Then I took the bike and went straight to his house, so he was wearing a black top and tight shorts and her height was 5 feet 10 inches. She was blonde and her 34-30-36 figure. Then the door closed, I gave him and his tight nipple tightly Hugh cleaned looked at her thin top.

My cock in my shorts now stands was making a tent and then he put his hand in my shorts and took my cock in his hand that is very good for you. Then I was pinching her nipple and that is also very good, he laughed and took me to my room. Now we both sat on his bed and bit his top lip was fat and was perfectly pink. Then I grabbed his neck and pulled him toward what seemed to. Now his hand was stroking my cock and grabbed his face in both hands to his lips were sucking. Now he inserted his tongue in my mouth and began sucking him in like crazy, then I told him to lie on the bed and then went up. Now standing in my cock in her pussy at the very top of his shorts and began rubbing it over his top was sucking her boobs. Now he had my head down on my boobs and was silent as well as gradually.

My cock was already hot enough now I removed her top and her white white boobs shortly and slowly looked everywhere on her boobs felt how wet and its long tongue. Then he took me up to my head again like a hungry lioness turned to what. Then he took me inside the lips and started sucking his lips. Now he was playing with her nipple pinch was repeated, all the hair on the body was not that smooth. Then I removed his T-shirt and short shorts and even fired. Now she was absolutely naked in front of me. Then I turned my hand over her smooth pussy with his mouth, and now her pussy out Aaaaah was all pink. Then I kissed her on the thigh and passes it on Farte tongue and put my tongue on her pussy. He took a sharp sigh, and then I thought of putting a finger in her pussy, but her pussy was very tight.

Then I told him you are virgin? Do not put the finger, he said that there were just taking tongue. Then I start to lick him, and now he finds the voices of sharp Hammmm Ahhhhh. Then suddenly she turned to shake my ass in my pussy and my head started pressing and the voices began to grow shortly and her pussy was too much material and that the discharge. Then he lay for a while. Now I lay down next to her and my cock is like a banana and 6 inches and is noticeably thicker. Now she began to stroke my stand on Lund said that now it's my turn. Then she took my cock in his mouth and began to turn her out on her tongue, so the moon was reached.

Then his teeth gently on my Tope Fare and again took my whole cock in her mouth. Now he was sucking like a widow. Now in 10 minutes in the discharge of his mouth, he took my cock in a little water and spit the rest. Now we were both lying dead. He said he is the Virgin, but just ahead and she does not want any problems in the future. Then I told her that I wish that, too. Then he lay down on my ass in the air and fell on his ass like a dog. And I kissed her on both hips and cut them too, then I saw her ass spreading her ass hole was full of pink. Then I turned on her tongue Farna he was mute.

Then I put your tongue up his ass and his tongue Chodne. Putting a finger in her ass and then felt a little tight, but went inside my finger in her ass. Then I put the water on her ass hole and inserted his cock in her ass. She screamed a bit, but then it was quiet. Now he was turning round its round and smooth ass. Then I grabbed her ass and fuck her as fast as fast as could be replaced. Now he was shouting and fast Ahh Hmmmmmm Mslti well as getting her pussy. Then I Choada 15 minutes and then discharge was in her ass and she has 2 minutes after discharge. What had come over him, and then I lay down. I kicked his ass and 2 times that day .. This was my story from that day that his name Mut kills Hu
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