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Sunday, 28 February 2016

My husband's girlfriend soutan

Hallo guys .. My name is Mansi and today I want to share with you my first story. Guys .. this is a true story of my Life. I am a resident of Orissa. We live in Bhubaneswar. My father is a civil contractor. In my family, my mom, my dad, my sister and we have 4 people. My wedding two years ago with a boy named Sunil May 22, 2013 .. which was a very large company in Mumbai to work on the post of sales manager. Because of my husband's work after the wedding that we had not shifted to Mumbai in Mumbai from the company he had got a quarter of our married life, but it was quite at its best was Achuka new mode!
She loved me and I was very happy with them and I was satisfied with our sexual Life was also very fun. He also used to say to me sex is accepted immediately, since the I love him a lot and I could see him not sadden me any trouble with them, I felt there was no complexity of sex and I never thought about them I I could have about what happened! I could have done more than two years have passed and our lives like that .. we did not even know. Then one day when friends were clean the house .. So my eyes did I know she was lying on a memory card in my life I was going to storm! When I saw him putting my senses fly in Laptop Ga.meri torn eyes that he was torn. Because it can not be tolerated in some videos that were dangerous were videos Sktikkyuki Usma courage .. I saw an opening in it, a video of a girl who will be around 22-24 years and my husband was doing what I think the figure of 30-32-34 and a hotel room that was because I felt like the interior and then acquitted her turn to each other what they were doing. Sunil removed his top and jeans and the girl put her hand in paint Sunil stroking his cock (shake) was.
Sunil was completely naked and I saw him brushing her boobs felt up and then lay down and put his tongue into her pussy like a dog began to lick her pussy and then after a while the girl Sunil Lund catch it in his mouth and started sucking my pussy, I had not ever thought that there at Chate cue is licking her pussy, I was quite angry, but I traveled R. could not live! Then time goes on like that. Sunil therein Choada the girl several times and also kicked her ass. So I was very angry, but I control myself (cool) and was also very hot. Sunil came home from work in the evening so I did not tell him anything, and I felt a little Rilaks At 10 pm we had dinner together and I went to sleep in his bedroom. After lying on the bed, I said to Sunil Sunil in what they say, will you? Sunil said that whatever you say yes, then I'll do it. If the quote that you lick my pussy and then she looked at me and now I was a little surprised that she not my pussy sucking cocks Chatega .. as I said to her many times ..
But every time she did not sucking cock me, saying it's dirty. Sunil said that you are crazy and he was scolding me saying that. At first I was very angry Laptop current Kiaawr he started the video, he saw it all, he has been sweating Pani Pani and then he began to steal from me Q Njhre not work, he soon stole Njre so that my heart told me that manu was Tut please forgive me, but I'll never do it again, which she did not at any Sdme Sunil said he'll do whatever you'd tell someone, but please .. some do not. Then subsided a bit and said that who is the girl? Then she told me that she was my aunt's daughter annoying Bright Chodte to be his own Musikki girl licking her pussy te shame you do not live in a hostel in Mumbai said Ayivo and video of our wedding before and that the affair was going on and in time we've done too .. I married her! Take a mourning Hogyi I listened to the whole of my family for fear of saying I did not speak to anyone. If the quote that you still have Chodte him? Sunil said that yes, sometimes in the office on the pretext of a tour when I come home at night .. I am with her and then I'll fuck her all night.
When hearing this, he was very angry scolding him beseechingly wept. Then I thought that if her husband can not do that with a lot of them are happy with it, then it should also be included in their happiness we all shall be well. So I asked him what his name is? Sunil said that if his name is Pallavi. Then I told him to just put the phone right now and do sexy things with him .. so Sunil Pallavi called up.
Sunil: Hallo, Pallavi.
Pallavi: Hi darling, how are you? She remembered me so late at night and what is not at home?
Sunil: I love your sister have come to know everything about you.
Pallavi: What? Then the dead.
Sunil: Hey .. you will not be afraid that your sister told me to call him, so I just have to call you.
In: Hallo, how are Pallavi?
Pallavi: Hello law.
In: Why Pallavi behind my back all what's going on?
Pallavi: I'm sorry .. but Sunil brother-in-law and I have so much love .. but you married him because of fear could not have come before you'll ever.
I: Do you truly love Sunil?
Pallavi: Yes, if he says so, then I can give my life for them.
I: So you just do one thing on his Pallavi Peck and Sunil is coming to get you. You will stay here with us now and if you have any problem with me?
Pallavi What really law? She'll be very grateful to you and to tell you all that, why am I'll be your maid .. Please do not make me different from Sunil.
. Bye Bye.
I wondered if my husband is something I am happy! So I should not have any problem in that I do not matter to me the other woman Q! Then an hour later arrived at the house and in with Sunil Pallavi Pallavi I waved the plate both the reception and said that today we had another one the other woman .. but we will serve Sunil two sisters and why they would join us, okay? Then I said, you go to the bathroom and Nahkr Pallavi come today before your wedding and you have very often been celebrating their honeymoon .. but today is your real honeymoon.
Sunil and his vermilion filled necklace worn. Pallavi Sunil and touched my feet and took blessings from us. Pallavi when you said that the law does not even get ready honeymoon Today we celebrate together. If I told you that crazy celebrating today from all of us yesterday and today in the same room and sleep on the same bed in the guest room, and I slept. Then went to sleep in and did not look very happy .. from the outside but from the inside it was very sad. No, since the husband of the other woman by making her own home, I feel bad for anyone and if anyone here Chode So I sided with my husband was suffering from the same thing in my mind that today half of my husband's love I just did not think and think when I fell asleep and slept in.
Sunil in the morning to have tea in her room, then I saw that he fell asleep in each other, both the naked and Steve's cock was still inside Pallavi pussy and a hand on her boobs. So I have both raised and given tea and we all went together for tea and Pallavi bath. Pallavi bath Sunil asked me then when you have to forgive us? So I said that if I had not forgiven Pallavi not call here and not have to leave you two alone sex. Then he hugged me happy hearing this Sunil and what seemed to me. If I told you today that your two wives, and both of us will be happy. Sunil went Nahkr office. We sat down and started talking and began to plan how to ENJOY LIFE should be done? Sunil came back home from work at night, so when we started with what fell. She is very happy and we both began to rotate what.
Then we all had dinner and went to sleep in the bedroom and Pallavi transparent bathrobe .. I barely wore the body was naked from the waist was slightly below our rest and we both wore nothing inside Thakkyuki today was supposed to be from both of our sex! then when Sunil came in the room so we were both very happy to see such a hand of Sunil and started to kiss her. Pallavi then suddenly grabbed her and dragged her naked Bermuda and started sucking his cock in mouth. Sunil and his fingers began to put a finger inside my pussy .. then increased the speed of his hands and I began to vigorously finger and then after about 10 minutes of my pussy and ran hot water river Cut me out of the lava thighs began to fall from the bed.
Sunil then rotate both of us spreading pussy and began to lick with his tongue like a dog, we drank all the juice and said that his own wife so Aesikkyuki help that I was Steve's cock in the mouth of the Sunil then started sucking vigorously in my mouth began to attack and after a while Sunil's interest went inside my mouth. Guys .. I have never before today had not taken his cock in the mouth, nor did the test a bit weird .. but I got a taste of the juice of his cock and then I drank all the juice and we rotate it began sucking cocks. We both Letakr Chodne Sunil .. never ever in my pussy and began putting his cock in pussy Pallavi all the while we were having a lot of fun. That night we made sex 5 times.
How to spend your day in the Life of friends .. I? Sunil is fucking us both how? We are so happy with their sex? All in all you will share in our next story ..
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