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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bhabhiji tum to Rasmalai ho

Thank to readers of my last story on “With a lovely housewife in Junagadh while on tour” who liked the story and conveyed responses to my mail. I surprised to see, many readers are female and expressed that I should write more stories on the same way. But, due to my business, I find less time, although I have several experiences which could be shared with you. I used to travel a lot due to my job requirement and come across many friends and colleagues working in other cities. Few of them (ladies friends / wives of friends) become my romantic partners. This is one of the incidents which is related to my romance with wife of my friend living in next quarter.
This happened about 4 years earlier. One of my colleague Mr Gupta came to Patna on his transfer from Mumbai. His wife Mrs veena Gupta (changed) is a quite beautiful and charming lady (age around 35-36 yrs) and have one daughter (12yr) and one son (10 yr). In our colony, it is mostly reserve type as ladies have their own group and gents have their own group. Very few incidences when we can talk with ladies in the colony. In holi also, mostly we male play separately and women play separately. Although, some juniors take some privilege to play with their bhabhies, but as we grow older, we normally do not. Certainly we feel bad..but nothing could be done.
In May end, normally ladies with children go to their home on summer vacation, leaving their husbands forced bachelor. We have to prepare food ourself and do some of the usual house cores. Any way, in May 2009, my wife also gone to her mayka with my both sons for more than a month. Incidentally, Mr Gupta has to go for training abroad for 3 months. But, Mrs Gupta did not go away on the period and lived there, but her both child went to their Chacha’s home. We had common house maid working first in my house and then go to Gupta’s home.
One day, when Lalita (our housemaid), was working in my home, Mrs Veeen called her. But she was in kitchen, so I came out wearing baniyan and short nicker. I asked “aaiye bhabhiji…andar aake bata dijiye use”. Looking at me in the dress, she just blushed, but came inside and talked with maid. Meanwhile I put a T-shirt and come near her. “Bhabhiji….chai picker jaiye ….aaj to mere hath ki chai lijiye na…” I told. “kya bhai sahib, ye bhi koi jaruri thodi he.. mene abhi pee he..” she try to refuse. “phir bhi … dekhiye kuchh to lena hoga..eise nahi jane dunga…aaj”.. She smiled and did not tell. “aap thoda abhi chai banata hu..”. “Are aap chhodiye…me bana deti hu…” she told and come in kitchen. By the time..maid completed her work and then gone to Veena’s home to work there. Veena was wearing a light green sari with open hair as she was just come from bath. She prepared tea and I took some sweet and buiscits and we both had that together. While going back..she asked me to tell for any help when needed. I told “sure”.
In the evening, I went to market and got packed dinner and other items including some sweets and namkeen. I was to have some drinks on the evening. I was sitting in my drawing room and sipping my drinks with some snacks and wearing baniyan and short. It was too hot outside and AC was on in the room. All of sudden call bell rings, and see her on door. I wore T-shirt and opened and invited her in. She was carrying a steel bowl. “Mene aaj kheer banayi thi..socha thoda aap bhi test kar le…” She told and smiled. “oh bhabhiji, thank you very much…” I took bowl from her. She smelled liquor and asked “aap kya daru pee rahe the..” I blush a bit “ha bhabhiji..bas thodi si..”. “oh…to sudha ki yaad aa rahi he… aur akele man nahi lag raha he na…” she tried to pull my leg. “are bhabhiji, ye to obvious he na…ab aap bhi..” I could tell this only. I was ashamed before her on this. “Achha to phir khana kaise banaoge..peekar” she asked. “me khana lekar aaya hu market se”. “oh…phir thik he.. agar kuchh aur chahiye to bata dena”. Saying this she gone. But her feminine smell was in room, which was exciting me.
Then I started to thinking about her, whether I could seduce her. She is also alone for more than a month since Gupta gone to training. It was around 7.00 evening.

After 2 hr, I had 3-4 pegs and watching TV, I come out of my home and walking in lawn and looking at her door again and again. But could not dare. Then suddenly she appeared in her balcony. I looked at her..she asked “khana ho gaya..”. “Nahi bhabhiji…abhi nahi…abhi thoda garam karunga…phir..” par mujhe us halat me dekhkar boli…”aap garam kar loge..”. I told..”ha kyon nahi…”. “mujhe to nahi lagta…” and she started laughing. Then suddenly…she told..achha aap garm kar deti hu… The she come down…and go in my kitchen…and pouring material in microwave bowls. She was looking very charming and sexy in silky full length gown that time she wearing. I come inside..”thank you bhabhiji…aap bahut achhi he…” I told in shaking voice. She did not reply and kept food on dining table. “aapne khana kha liya bhabhiji” I asked. She “nahi abhi nahi..bas khane hi ja rahi thi..”. “to aap bhi kha lijiye yahi…ye sara me thodi kha sakta..”. “are nahi nahi..mene bana liya he..aap khaiye… ja rahi hu..”. “nahi bhabhiji…aap bhi lijiye na….” saying this I caught her hand as she was just passing near to me.
She was shocked, and I released her hand, but she did not tell anything. I expressed sorry by expression. “aap thodi sweet to le lijiye mere sath..”. “achha thik he…” kahakar vo bhi dining table par baith gaye. She opened the sweet packet..which was ras malai. “aap kuchh le lijiye na…” I put some paneer and dal in a plate with chapatti…I give her. She take with smile and start eating. I also eat. After that she serve sweet. “ye ras malai bahut achhi he..kaha se laye..”. “bas bhabhiji…bilkul aapki tarah he..” I speak slowly. “matlab..” she. “are bhabhiji, bura mat man na…sorry pahle se…par aap mujhe bilkul ras malai ke jaise lagti ho…”. “kaise..:” she. “jaise ye soft aur sweet hoti he aur juicy bhi..vaise he aap bahut achhi ho..soft ho aur dusro ki care karne vali ho…” I told. She smiled…”achha…ye to bahut achha compare he..”. “vaise ek bat aur he..”…I told. “Kya”..she. “jaise ras malai me kesar ka rang hota he…aap bhi bilkul kesar jaise khubsurat aur sexy ho…” I winked saying this. Vo Sharma jati he..”he besharm…”. Achha me chalti hu..nahi to aap peekar aur bhi kuchh eise bologe. She gone.
In night I seen blue film on my CD player and masterbated imagining her. Next day, as usual I went to my office and returned by 6.00 pm. I seen her in balcony reading news paper. I wished her “namastey bhabhi. Kaise ho..”. She..”achhi hu”. Saying this..i also come to my balcony and asked her…”bhabhiji…aaiye na..sath chai pite he…mujhe bhi achha lagega..”. She…”achha eisa karo..aap yahi aa banati hu chai..”. I smiled..”ye bhi thik he..achha me abhi aata hu …thoda fresh hokar”. I took bath and looked around…if someone there..and seeing no one..I pushed her door..which was open. (I have to take precaution for her safety as she was living alone and may lose some respect). She was in green cotton sari with thin blouse and black bra was quite visible. I sat in drawing. After some gossip for 10-15 min..on general issues and in between I also praised her on one issue or other. She was feeling comfortable with me.
After some time, she got up for preparing tea. I also came to her kitchen behind her. “are bhabhiji aapne to pakode bhi bana liye he..vah bhai..mujhe bahut pasand he..” I take on piece and taste. She “mujhe pata he aapko pakode bahut pasand he..isiliye bana liye..”. “oh bhabhiji, thank you very much..” kahte huwe mene unka hath pakda aur chum liya.. Vo Sharma gaye..”kya karte ho..”. Isi samay uska pallu thi thoda niche ho gaya tha…aur me sidhe blouse ke upar dekhne laga. “kya dekhte ho…eise…” kahte huwe usne pallu thik kar liya. “aap bahut sundar he bhabhi ji…aur bahut pyari bhi…” kahte huwe mene phir se pakoda utha kar khane laga. Phir usne chai cup me dali aur ham log bahar aa gaye. Chai pite huwe bhi isi tarah ke bate karte rahe..kuchh colony ke dusre logo ki bhi bate ki. Jab me vapas aane laga to kahne lagi..”aaj me dono ka khana bana leti hu…aap yahi aa jao khane…”. “are bhabhiji..rahne do na bana lunga aaj to…” I replied. “are nahi … kya banaoge…yahi aa jana..isme kya bura he..”. “par bhabhiji…..eise thik rahega…aap abhi akeli rahti ho..”. “to usme kya…me door khula rakhungi aap aa jana” kahakar smile ke sath plate uthane lagi.. Me bhi smile ke sath bahar aa gaya. Mujhe ab to green signal mil raha he.
Kuchh der ke bad..mene unhe phone lagaya… aur puchha..”bhabhiji..kuchh bazaar se lana ho to bata abhi jara ha hu”. “ha..thik kuchh saman bata deti hu..aap niche aakar slip le leve”. I come out and she was standing in silky yellow gown (double cover..tied with rope in waist, below cover it is without sleeves…looking very sexy).. I took slip.. and she was to give money which I refused. While taking brushed my fingers with her and told slowly..”kya bat he bhabhiji..aaj to bahut sexy lag rahi ho…es dress me to …kya bat he..”. She smiled and returned to her home. I looked at the slip and smiled as it were minor items including some spices and badam.
I returned after about an hour. I parked my mobike and straightway turned to her door carrying the packet of her list. I did not push call bell and just opened the door and went in. I heard voice in kitchen and went there. “ye lijiye bhabhiji” saying I gave it to her. She smiled and took from me and kept on slab. I moved near stove to see what she was preparing…and as she turned..she collide with me…and in the course…we both lost balance…but I caught her waist and could control.
As I caught her waist…her rope got loose and the gown was opened from front (where her inner cover was visible which was quite transparent and thin). I was just stunned to see her in that condition. But she blushed a bit and again try to tie the rope, but I was holding the rope from one end and she could not tie. “Bhabhiji…aap to …kya kahu..kayamat lag rahi dress me..” saying the pulled her in that I can see her fully from under cover. “kya kar rahe ho…mujhe sharm aati he..” saying she pushed me a bit and then tied the rope of her gown. “Achha kya bana rahi ho…ye to batao..”
I came near her to see what is there on stove, and standing just behind her. She turned her face with smile and said..”aap ko kya pasand he..vo hi bana rahi hu”. “matlab” I asked in exclaim. “vahi, paneer Manchurian aur bharwa bhindi” she smiled. “are…bhabhiji..aapko kaise pata ye mujhe pasand he”. “bas pata he..isliye to bana rahi hu..” she was smiling. “Bhabhiji is bat par to ek kam hona chahiye….aapko kuchh gift dena padega mujhe” with this my face came near her face…”kya” she could ask slowly as I kept my lips on her cheek and kissed on her cheek. I smiled standing very close to her…rubbing slightly our bodies..”kaisa laga mera gift”.
She pushed me slightly and told..”aap bahut gande he..”. “are bhabhiji…me to bahut ganda hu…par aapne bhi to mujhe invite kiya” I replied. She “mene to dinner ke liye invite kiya sab ke liye to nahi”. “par bhabhi ye to mera gift he…aapne mera itna dhyan rakha..uska..”. “Achha achha..ab aap jao…thodi der bad ..khana taiyar ho jayega.. tab me call kar lungi”…I also thought of going slow..otherwise it may ruin the game. I returned to my home.
I took bath and changed to new kurta pajama then started reading news paper. She called on mobile after about 30-40 min. I entered her home with call bell. She was putting the dishes on dining table. I came near her…and expressed..”thank you bhabhiji…for this excellent preparations..”. She changed in sari ..yellow chiffon…with low cuts. She smiled “thanks ki kya bat he…bas eise hi...aap baithiye na…me khana lagati hu..”. I caught her hand and stopped. “ab nahi…”. “kya nahi..” she asked. “aapne bahut pyar se banaya …par ab aap baith jaiye aur me aapko khana parosunga..” saying I pushed her to sit on chair. “are ye kaise ho sakta he…aap baitho…”. She again standing. “aap baitho na…”..saying this she pulled me…but I took this opportunity and came very near to her and her boob was almost touching my elbow. I took her in my arms casually and told..”achha bhabhiji..ham dono sath me khana lagate he aur phir khayenge” I was almost hugging her. She accepted.
Then she started putting some dishes..I also put some dishes in our eating plates. When all serving is finished. We sit nearby and start eating. We were also chatting on one or other topic during dinner and also appreciating her preparations. After finishing our dinner, I get up from dining table and came to drawing room and sit on sofa. She was near table. “bhabhiji…ek kam karte he…me roj hi yahi khana kha lu to kaisa rahega..”. “ha ha kyo nahi…isme kya bat he..” she replied and then gone to inside kitchen. Then she brought two plates of kheer. I got up and came near her…”are bhabhiji aapne kheer bhi banaye he…”…saying I took one bowl from her. I took some kheer in spoon, and brought near her mouth..”lijiye khaiye..”. We were standing. “are aap..khao na..”…she. I told..”me to khaunga hi ..par aa pahle..”. She opened her mouth and took it … then I took from same spoon..and eat some kheer. “ dusra bowl bhi to he..”. “bhabhiji aap ise rakh do…ham dono ek hi bowl se kha lenge..” saying I winked her. She smiled and kept another bowl on table. I caught her hand and pulled..”aaiye na bhabhiji..vaha baithte he…sofe par..”.
I almost pulled her and then we collapsed on sofa together as first I got down..and she was almost on my lap. Vo jhijhak ke hat jati he aur sath me baith jati he. Me phir se kheer ke spoon uske muh ki taraf le jata he..par as she was not having attention…vo spoon uske kapdo par gir jata he. “oh sorry ….aapke kapdo ne bhi aapki kheer kha li…” I smiled and took a portion from her sari with fingers and taste it. Vo sharma jati he..”are aap kya kar rahe he..”. Me dhire se uski sari se kheer hatane ke koshish karta hu…jo ki uske god me padi thi. Isi ke sath me dhire se uska pallu hata kar kheer ko jhadne lagta hu..aur isi ke sath mere hath uske boobs par bhi ragadne lagte he. I look at her for her expression, she was looked at me..and smiled..”ab rahne saf kar lungi..” and she got up and moved to her bedroom. I also come behind her..”are bhabhiji… aap change kar lijiye na…achha rahega..” saying I wink her.
She smiled and gone in room and just closed door. I told her from outside “vo gown pahan lo jo sham ko pahna tha..”. After 2-3 min..she opened door and now she was in the same two cover gown looking quite beautyfull. “vah ji..kya beauty he aapki..vo to isme hi jhalak rahi he..” saying I come close to her and caught her hand and pulled. She came in my arms and I took in hugging. She did not respond, but just kept mum. This encourgaged me…”bhabhi…aap to bahut sexy lag rahi ho… aaj to me tumhe nahi chhodne vala…” and I was moving hand on her back and hips. “to kya karoge…” she asked with smile. “me kya karunga… ye batau…” I paused a bit…”ha ha batao…” she alos put her hand on my waist and raising eyes. “me aaj tujhe chodunga… apni rani banaunga…aur tujhe khush kar dunga..” I told and started kissing on her lips…and rubbing her peeth and hips more violently. As we broke..”hey…kaise bat karte ho…sharm nahi aati..” vo thoda dur hokar boli.
“are Veena Bhabhi… aaj to puri chhut de do… sharmane ki kya bat he…” Mene use pas khichte huwe bola. “Are pahle meri banai huwe kheer to kha lo. Nahi to kharaab ho jayegi.”she was pushing me a bit. “achha achha…sure kyo nahi…par ek shart he…” I told. “kya shart he…” she asked with smile. “achha chalo pahle vo bowl to lekar aao..kheer vala..” she bring the bowl…I pulled to sofa, where I sit and pulled her to sit on my lap. She sit with smile and bowl in one hand..other hand she put round my neck. “ab khilao…”..she took kheer and bring near my mouth. But I did not open my mouth, but pushed the spoon to her mouth. “ab kya huwa…kha kyo nahi rahe…” she was surprised. “are me khaunga na..par spoon se nahi..pahle tum to khao…” she take the kheer in her mouth…and suddenly ..i put my mouth to her lips and tried to such the kheer from her mouth and I got some portion. “are..ap to bahut badmaash ho…” aur sharma gaye. I raised her head and kissed on lips once and said…”are veena darling… ye badmasshi tujhe kaise lagi..”. She told..”abhi tak to bhabhiji bhabhiji …aur ab veena darling..” and smiled. “ha uar kya…ab tu meri rani he…aur meri sexy darling ..jise me aaj jannat ki sair karaunga…” saying I pulled the knot of her gown…and her outer cover of gown was spread to both sides leaving a strap nighty with full cleavage visible …black bra and white panty visible..”kya veeena…tu to bahut hi mast he…dekh kaise lag raha he tera pura badan is nighty me…”..vo sharma rahi thi..aur kuchh nahi boli.
Mene use phir se close karke lips par kiss karna shuru kar diya…aur ek hath uski garden ke pichhe lekar dusri tarah uske shoulder ko masalane laga, aur dusra hath uske thigh par rakhkar nighty ke upar se sahlane laga. Usne apni bahe meri garden par dal rakhi thi. Me use dhire dhire aur apni aur dabata raha…aur shoulder vale hath ko niche karta huwa…nighty ke line ke upar se uske boobs ko sahalane laga…aur dusra hath dhire dhire thigh se upar late huwe…nabhi ko sahlaya aur phir vo bhi boobs par aa gaya…she started moaining..”aaaaaahhhhaa….”. Uske hips ke niche mera lund bhi pure ufan par aa gaya tha…par phir bhi daba huwa tha.
“Kaisa lag raha he…veena rani…” I asked her in between. “bas kuchh mat puchho….tum bahut ache ho…ravi…” she told my name first time. “aaaaaahhhhaa ravi….”….”ha bolo janeman….kya huwa…” I started to raise her nighty from feet and inserting hand in and raising slowly. “ravi… me appki hu… khub pyar karo mujhe….” Kahte huwe usne apne boobs mere muh par dabane lagi..ek nipple mere muh me tha…aur me jor se use chusne laga. Hath se uski nighty pero par se puri utha di aur ungli se uski panty per sahlane laga. Vo moan karne lagi…aur apne badan ko mere muh se ragadane lagi. Usne mere shirt ke batton khol diye aur hath andar dalkar mere sine ko sahlane lagi. Karib 20 min meri god me baithne ke bad vo uth gaye. Me bhi uske sath khada ho gaya aur use baho me lekar kiss karne laga aur hips ko sahlane laga dono hatho se. “bhabhiji…aap to bahut hi kamal ki sexy he….” Mene kaha to boli…”are ab bhabhi nahi bolo…me to aapki hu ab…” kahte huwe usne mujhe jor se hug kar liya. Aur phir mera kurta utarane lagi.
“Oh meri rani veena…tu to bahut hi sexy he aur ye tera badan… kya malai he…” uske boob masalate huwe bola…to usne bhi mere nipple par scratch karte huwe..”aapka ye sina …balo se bhara huwa…” kahte huwe usne chum liya. Mene use jor se pakad kar hug kar liya aur kiss karne laga…aur uske gown ka outer part nikal diya. Ab vo sirf ek patli se nighty type dress me thi. Mene use baho me pakad kar dhire se sofe par bitha diya..aur uske samne ghutno ke bal baithkar use phir se chumne laga…aur dhire dhire uski nighty bhi uthane laga. Jab nighty thigh par aa gaye tab andar hath dalkar uski panty khich di. She vo dhire dhire sofe par let gaye..aur me uske upar aa gaya…aur nighty bhi uske sir se upar karke nikal di. Ab vo puri nangi leti thi (bra usne pahle hi nikal diya tha…jab change karne gaye thi). Phir mene dhire dhire uske paro se chumna shuru kiya…aur upar badhne laga…hatho se sahlata aur chumta huwa…uski chut tak aaya. Pahle mene uski chut ko dhire dhire ungli se ragda aur uski uar dekhne laga. Jaise he mene use dekha, usne sharma kar apni chut par hath rakh diya aur boli..”nahi yaha nahi…mujhe sharm aa rahi he.”. “are janu, tu puri nangi mere samne padi he..aur chut bhi khuli he aur abhi bhi sharm aa rahi he..” kahte huwe..mene apna pajama utar diya..”ab ye dekh mera lund…kaise taras raha he..teri chut me ghusne ke liye..” underwear ke upar se sahlate huwe bola. “are..ruko…me kholungi” kahte huwe..vo sofe se uth gaye. Me bhi uske samne aakar khada ho gaya aur uske balo me hath ghumane laga.
Usne mere tarad dekhkar smile ke sath mera underwear niche kar diya…uar mera lund spring ke jaise uske muh ke samne aa gaya. Me bhi lund ko uski nak se ragadte huwe..”ab batao..kaisa he mera lund..teri chut ke liye..”. “oh ravi…aapka lund to bahut pyara he..aur meri chut to ise lena chahti he..par…aap hi tarsa rahe ho…” kahkar vo thoda sharma gaye..”ha ye huwe na bat..eise hi bolo..aur ab dekh kaise teri chut ko chodta hu is lund se…par pahle ise kuchh sahla to do…”.”are ha kyo to ise chusungi bhi…” kahkar usne..mere lund par jordar kiss kiya..aur uske skin pichhe karke…muh ke andar le liya..”oh…veena..bhabhi..tum to bahut hi achha chusti ho…Gupta ka bhi chusti ho..eise hi…”. She smiled and nod in yes. “oh tabhi me Gupta ke biwi itni sexy kyo he..”. “are ravi..Gupta ki biwi abhi nahi hu…tumhari hu abhi to..”. “ha meri rani…aaj ki rat to tu meri pyari darling he..aur tujhe bahut pyar bhi karna he..sari rat chodna he..” saying I was enjoying her sucking. I continued to comment on her way of sucking and her sexy figure for more than 10 min and then I pulled from her mouth. “achha ab rahne de…ab teri chudai shuru karta hu..”
Saying this..i pushed her on sofa and started kissing again her from lips..and going down..messaging her boobs by both hands..”yaar..ek bat to he…tere boobs he bahut majedar…bahut hi mulayam he..aur ab to bahut sakth bhi ho gaye he..” aur jor jor se masalne laga..aur ek hath uske chut par rakhkar..dhire dhire..ungli andar bahar karne laga. “tune aaj chut bhi chikni kar rakhi he…lagta he aaj hi saf ki he..”. She smiled.. and nod in yes ..” kyo rani…aaj kyo…aaj to Gupta nahi he..” asked with smile. “are..aap ye kyo puchhte ho…aapko pata he…phir bhi..”. “oh to aaj mere liye taiyar huwe ho..” kahta niche jhukar uski chut par ek kiss kar diya..”oh ravi…aaaahhhh…aap kitne achhe he..” kahte huwe usne hath badha kar mere lund ko sahla diya. “chut chatwani he ya chudna he..” mene puchha. “pahle chod ho…phir bad me chatna..” she smiled. “achha…” kahkar..mene uski chut par phir se ek kiss ki..uske chut vaise puri tarah se gili thi aur andar se pani fach – fach kar raha tha.
Me uske samne khada hokar use sofa par sidha kiya aur uske tange utha li aur shoulder par rakh li..aur position set karte apna lund uski chut par lagaya. Phir ek hath se uske boobs masalate huwe..lund andar ghusane laga. “aaahhh..ravi…thoda aaram se karna…” she told. I asked. ”kya aaram se karna he..kya Gupta ka lund chhota he mere se”. She smiled “jyada nahi..par phir bhi aapka bahut mota he..aur bahut dino se nahi kiya…” Mene lund uski chut ke andar ghusate huwe puchhs..”kya matlab… bahut dino se teri chudai nahi huwe..kyo..”. mere lund bhi bahut tight ja raha tha aur usne moan karte huwe..”aaaaaaahhhhhhaa…ha….last 6 mahine ho gaye he na…aaj kal vo bahut busy rahte he…aur…meri taraf dhyan nahi dete..”. “oh achha…mujhe lagta he, sale ne koi aur jugad kar rakha he…nahi to itni achhi biwi bina chude rah jaye…ye kaise ho sakta he..”. Mene dhire dhire apna lund andar bahar karte huwe kaha. “teri chut bhi bilkul rasmali jaise he…dekh kaise mera lund kha rahi he…” mene boobs ko apne hath se masalate huwe aur chodte huwe bola. “ha..ravi…aapka lund bhi bahut mota aur achha he…bahut achhe se chod raha he mujhe…aaaaahhhhaaa…..thoda jor se chodo…” mene apni speed badha di. “ab to teri chudai roj hi karunga…aur bhul ja apne pati ko…” me thoda jukh kar use kiss karne laga..sath me chudai bhi chalu thi…Sofe par karne me bahut aaram rahta he..vo bilkul sath me hoti he sab kuchh kar sakte he.
I continued to fuck her for 15-20 min and talking sexy and dirty with her. She was also enjoying and replying with same way. First she felt orgasm and moaned loudly and pulling my hands on her boobs which was kneading with force. After 2 min of her…I filled her chut with love juice of my lund which she enjoyed. She informed me that she has just completed her periods, hence no chance for pregnancy. After that..we had coffee and some snacks..and had second round..with change in positions..i fucked her in doggi and on her bed. Then we slept..and had third round around 4.00 am and then I returned to my home.
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