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Friday, 3 February 2017

A Threesome Experience With My Roomie And A Project Colleague

Hello everyone,
I really appreciate all the guys who gave feedback to me on Gmail,hangouts, and FB.
I am a very big fan of ISS. I’ve started reading Indian sex stories from 16. Now am 24 years old working in an MNC.My name is Nisha (not my real name), fair color, 5 feet 3 inches and stats of 32b-24-34.

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I had sex for the first time when I was 18. Till now, I had a lot of sex experiences which includes FFM, MMF, group, threesome lesbian, group, submission and much more. I used to share this only with my friends and while sex chat on FB. One of my boyfriends gave this idea of penning down my experiences as stories in ISS. I though it’s a good idea and then here it goes. This is a combination of reality and fiction just to spice up the heat.
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This is one of my first threesome experiences with my roomie and our project colleague. My roomie name is Riya, colleague name is Arjun and we all work in the same project.Unfortunately, my bf is in a different project.Arjun and I were already on the same project before Riya came in. And she shifted to our flat. To say something about riya, she is very open and doesn’t keep any secrets for herself. She is a good looking girl fairer, same height of me, but bit bigger boobs and ass compared to me.
We work in shifts. For a month, Arjun and I worked in night shift. Since there will be less work in night shift, we used to discuss a lot of stuff. We became very good friends. After a month or so, riya and arjun were in night shift. Since riya is so open minded, she used to share everything about her bf and slowly she used to share her sex
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experiences.She used to tell me all the things the next day at room about arjun’s sex experiences with his gf. She even told me that arjun had a secret crush on me. But, I didn’t believe that. After some days she said that, she wanted to have sex with arjun.
I was shocked after hearing that and I asked her why do you think so ? She said that based on the experiences arjun told her, she thinks he is very good at the bed and even better than her bf. Even am excited about that and just said her to enjoy. Then the day came on a weekend and she said that she is going to his flat on Saturday night. I wished her good luck. Of course, I too spent a good time with my bf. Then, the next day she came to the room in the noon.
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I asked her to tell me what happened. I will narrate the rest in her words, just to spice up a bit.
It was 10pm in the night and I wore a red t with blue denim without bra and panty as I know I am going for a fuck session. Since it is a walkable distance, I reached his flat in 5 mins. He called me and said to come to the particular room in the particular floor. I knocked the door, one of his friend opened the door. I am surprised to see him in just a boxer. My eyes automatically went to his erect tool. I asked for arjun, he redirected me to a particular room.
While I am approaching the room, I heard loud moans coming from the room, the door was partially open and I just peeped into the room. Arjun was fucking a girl on the bed in a missionary position. He was pressing the boobs of the girl in both his hands and fucking at a very fast pace. I just stood there and watching him fucking the girl like a beast.My hands automatically went on to my pussy area on the jeans. Then from back, suddenly someone is trying to kiss me on my neck, then I suddenly shouted. To this, arjun looked at me and he didn’t stop fucking the girl, he slowed down the pace, smiled at me and asked me to come inside.
I stepped inside and the other guy followed me and locked the door from behind. I am still in a shock by looking at the scene. The other guy took my handbag from me and started kissing on my neck from the back and pressing my boobs on my t. He removed his boxers and rubbing his cock onto my ass. I was watching arjun fucking the girl. Poor girl, she is giving loud moans.
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The guy started to lift my t and my hands automatically raised up to help him remove it. Then the girl looked at me and made arjun to stop and asked him who is she and what the hell your friend is doing here. Didn’t you lock the door? Then I realized that am half naked and covered my boobs, took my t and went outside of the room. The guy also laughed at them and came outside. He was still naked and his cock is still hard and its black thick and long with a red head. I wore my t and started looking at his cock. The whole scene made me horny and I seriously need a cock to fill my pussy. Then he came near me and said, listen I am chandu and I know you want this cock badly, wanna suck it ? I blushed at him and said no. He said don’t be shy baby, and he started kissing me on my lips.
Now, I am in no mood to stop him. I started kissing him back. He held my hand and put it in on his cock. I started stroking it slowly, he put his tongue in my mouth and I started sucking it and the same with him. He was pressing my boobs on my t.He removed my t and unbuttoned my jean. We did not stop kissing, he made me sat on the sofa in the hall.
He started sucking my boobs ahhh and removed my jean. Slowly, he started going down, he licked my navel, pressing my boobs, he licked my clit and I just moaned a bit hmm.He sat on his knees and I leaned on sofa and he started rubbing my clit with his fingers haaah and sucking my pussy hmmm. He inserted his tongue inside my pussy aaahhh and tongue fucked me by circling inside the walls of my pussy. He dint stopped rubbing my clit and sucked my clit too. Then he inserted his right-hand middle finger and finger fucked me and rubbing my clit. I was moaning a bit. Now, he inserted 2 and 3 fingers and started finger fucking me haaaah for a good amount of time.
Then, I released my cum on his fingers with a loud moan ahhh haaaa hmm. He licked the cum on his fingers and released it in my mouth and we started kissing each other. Arjun called me at that time as he was standing at the door naked with his limp cock and watching us. He was smiling at me and I smiled back at him licking my fingers, looking at his cock. Even though it was limp, it looks big enough like 4-5 inches. He came to me, sat beside me on the sofa. Chandu sat on the other side of me and started sucking my left boob. Arjun was pressing my nipples.
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Me: arjun, is she your gf ?
Arjun: yes, didn’t I show you before. Btw your boobs are bigger than my gf’s you know ?
Me: yeah, does she know that I came here to have sex with you ? Meanwhile, chandu didn’t stop sucking my boobs.
A: no, I said you are chandu’s gf.
Me: what, then why are you sitting beside me. She may come, go away
A: she is tired and sleeping, we can go to the other room and have sex.
Me: what about chandu ?
A: anyway he is your bf for tonight. If he is not beside you, she may think otherwise
Me: no problem, I like his cock and yet to taste it.
I hold both their cocks and went inside another room.
Now, I stopped her and said bitch, you went to have sex with arjun and you had sex with his friend too. Wow, that’s so cool. Really, their cocks are big ? I want to taste atleast one of their cocks. You lucky bitch. I can feel that my pussy has become wet. I went to wash room, changed my panty and went to riya’s room and asked her to continue the story. She said she need to sleep and will continue at night. She slept on the bed, I took her mobile just to check for any messages about what she said that arjun had crush on me.
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I know the lock code and opened her whatsapp and found arjun chat. I was going through the previous chats, there were full of his dick pics and her nude pics. I saw them and it was really big, but not black, np until its big enough to tear my pussy. I loved it. Then I found a conversation where he said that he wants to have sex with me and her at the same time. She said, she will try to convince me in having sex with him and few more messages were there.
I kept her mobile and I came to my room, took my mobile and whatsapped him.
Me: hi arjun!
Me: r u der ?
Me: reply me when you see this message.
After some time, I got a pop up.
Arjun: hi dear
Me: hi, riya just said about you guys had threesome fun.
Arjun: damn her!
Me: np, my only concern is …
A: is ?
Me: I wish I could be in place of her to enjoy your __ :p
A: seriously ? Is that you or someone else ? Is this my dream ?
Me: its true. I saw your cock pics. I liked it very much.
A: really? Shall we plan tonight then ?
Me: no, I will be with my bf. Can’t do it today.
A: please! Tell your bf something. Please my cock badly needs your pussy. Its craving for a beautiful pussy. Pleeaaassee
Me: hmmm okay, what about riya!
A: bring her too. Her pussy must be sore of last night fucking. Lol she will again enjoy tonight.
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Me: what about your friend ? She said he cock is also big one. :p
A: you slutty bitch ! You want two cocks ? No, he will not be there. Don’t worry my cock will take care of your pussy and asshole too.
Me: :p okay then bye see you tonight!
In the evening, when she woke up, I told her that tonight we will be having a threesome with arjun :d she said wow, did he convinced you ? I thought of convincing you for it. I said, no I convinced him. She said, you dirty cunt. I will also fuck you tonight.
I told my bf that I am not well and I need to take rest. He asked me if he wants to come and take care of me. I said, np riya is there. He said ok. I took a long shower, wore a black batman t and a denim short with black bra and panty.I checked her, she wore a sleeveless blue printed top and a blue denim jean. She asked me did you wear bra and panty ? I said yes. She said, remove it bitch or else he will tear it. I said, then that is what I needed. Let’s get naughty tonight and we left for his flat.
We knocked the door and it was left open. So, we entered the flat and found no one. We entered his room and it seems he is in bathing. A crazy idea struck my mind, why don’t we start a lesbian session till the time he comes. He will be surprised seeing us making out. That will add more fun. She said, why not sure and left the hand bags on the chair and we started kissing each other. I put his tongue in her mouth and she did the same thing, we tongue kissing each other and I started pressing her boobs on her top and she did the same thing.
We lied on the bed, I am on top of her and again I started kissing her lips, I was rubbing her pussy over her jean and she removed my t and started pressing my boobs over my bra. I slid her top lace, removed my bra and massaged her boobs with my boobs. I circled her boobs with my boobs touching my nipples with her nipples. I lowered her top till her waist and kissing her boobs. She was giving low moans, meanwhile, I unbuttoned her jean and slid it down till her knees.
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I am in my denim short and panty and she is fully nude, her legs are wide spread, I came in center of her, bent down and started licking her pussy. I started massaging her asshole with my saliva and her pussy juices with my finger. It is not so tight as expected, may be because of the last night session. They might have double penetrated her, am not sure. I started fingering her her ass hole with two fingers and sucking her pussy lips. She is now moaning loudly.Now, I inserted two fingers in her pussy and two fingers of my other hand in asshole and licking her clit.
Suddenly, I felt two hands rubbing my ass on my short, I turned to see and it was arjun, attending naked and smiling at me, lowered my short and slapped on my ass hardly. I left out a moan aawww, riya looked at him, smiled and started moaning to my fingering. Arjun slid my panty and started eating my asshole all of a sudden. Aaaah he was licking my ass hole and inserted his two fingers in my pussy and finger fucking me. Ah ah ah ah he put his 3 fingers and increased his pace, I also increased my pae of finger fucking riya in both the holes. She released her cum on my fingers, I licked all of it and it tasted so good.
Now, I turned back and started sucking arjun’s cock, lifted my ass up. Riya started licking my clit and she tried to finger my ass hole. But, it was pretty tight. She applied her saliva and massaged my asshole for some time, he was pushing his cock deep in my mouth, he hold my head and pushing deep into his throat. Drops of saliva ad his pre cum was dripping on my chin. I took that and again applied it on his cock and started stroking it. Riya was trying to insert her finger in my asshole and finally she did that, she is moving in and out slowly. I was sucking his dick. Her two fingers are doing work in my ass hole. Somehow she managed to do that.
Now, he slept on the bed, we sat on each side of his cock and started sucking it. Riya hold the cock in her two hands and started stroking it. Then, we licked each side of his cock from bottom to the top of it. She put the cock in her mouth and started sucking it. I hold her head and pushed it deeper. He was moaning a lot. Then came a lot of pre cum and saliva and we exchanged that in our mouths. Then we kissed each other putting hid cock in between our lips. It is a cock kiss lol. Tastes so good. Then I took his balls in my mouth and started sucking each one if them.
Then, I sat on dick facing him haaaah, which goes slowly inside my pussy, felt the cock inside me for a few seconds and started riding that hm. Riya sat on his face facing me and guided her pussy to his mouth, he was licking her pussy and we both were moaning. Since we are facing other, looked into each other eyes and we smiled and started kissing each other. I was jumping on his dick, haaah omg it is very big, I can feel the whole thing inside my pussy. Ah ah sss ahhh hmmmm he was giving opposite strokes to me and his cock is hitting deep isnide me.
Now, I bent on his chest and started moving my hips onto his cock. Riya came back and started licking my asshole. He hold my hips and making it go up and down on his cock, riya put a finger in my ass hole and she was fingering me m sss. I feel a little pain in my ass, but it feels good. She took the cock out of my pussy and started sucking it. She spit on it and again put it in my pussy and he was fucking me. She put two fingers in my asshole and finger fucking me. This feels like a dp. I left a huge moan and released my cum. She took the cock out and sucked it.
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I came in doggy style, he came from behind and she brought her pussy near my face. I started licking her pussy.Arjun was trying to put his cock in my asshole. He was rubbing on my ass, then slowly started sliding it in my asshole aaaahhh. It went in slowly. He took it out and again inserted in ahhhh. He slowly increased his pace and started fucking me hardly. Ahh haa aaah haaa he hold my hips and pushing it deep into my asshole. Haaa yess he was pressing my boobs from back and fucking my asshole. I was eating riya’s pussy and she is also moaning heavily.
He took the cock out of my asshole and put it in my pussy. This felt so good. He started fucking wildly, slapping my ass cheeks left and right and fucking my pussy in a fast pace. I turned back and sucked his cock, licked all my ass and pussy juices. She came to kiss me and spit all the mix in her mouth and again we kissed each other.
He leaned onto the bed and riya sat on arjuns cock facing the opposite side and started riding his cock on to her pussy. He hold her hips and helping her to ride his cock, I came on back of her and spitting saliva on her ass crack to flow onto his cock and licked it. I took his cock and sucked it, spit my saliva and put in her ass hole. It just eases inside smoothly. He gave fast strokes to her, spanking her ass cheeks she was moaning loudly. I kissed her to stop her moans, she was just eating my lips and moaning loudly.
Then, he got up on his knees and we stroked his cock on both sides holding each hand, he said he is gonna cum. Riya started stroking his cock onto my mouth. I took the dick head in my mouth and she was stroking his cock fastly. He let out a moan and released his cum in my mouth. Then, I transferred that in riya’s mouth and we kissed each other, tasting the cum.
He went to the washroom and we started sucking each other lips and rubbing each other boobs and went inside the washroom. He started to pee and I hold his cock and stroked it while he is peeing. It’s fun to watch. He switched on the shower, we applied soap onto his cock and started stroking it. It’s getting harder and bigger in our hands.We bent down and started sucking his cock. Then he made me bent on the wall, and pushed his cock inside my pussy from backhaah, riya bent down and was licking my clit from the front. I just hold the wall and moaning.
Then I stood up, lifted one long up and bent a little, he pushed his cock deep inside my ass hole. The shower water was flowing on my ass and riya was drinking and spitting that water back on my pussy. I was shouting haah fuck me deeper give me your big cock. He was fucking fastly. Then, he lied on the floor, riya sat on him and riding hid cock. I placed my pussy near her mouth and she started licking it. I hold her head and pushed deep inside my pussy and she inserted her tongue and I was pressing my boobs and nipples. The water was flowing on my boobs to my pussy and to her mouth. She did the same thing like spitting on my pussy.
We lied on the floor and the water from the shower was directly falling on our pussies, he stroked his cock near our mouth and released his cum. Then he peed on our boobs and pussy. We got up and sucked his dick clean. He took the towel and went out. Then we sat facing each other, brought your pussies together, shower water falling on our pussies and we peed on each other pussies. Haaaah this was so good yeahh. Then we bathed each other and came out. He already slept on the bed. We tugged ourselves naked in the same blanket on each side of him and slept off


From A Married Woman To A Sexy Whore

My name is Malvika Joshi age 25 years married to Manish 01 year back an NRI who works on a ship, his age is 27 years energetic and active in sex, my stats are 36-30-36 fair and short just like Vidya Balan. I am working as a college teacher, many students, and my colleagues get crazy with my looks and figure. Normally, I wear sarees and salwars but during Saturdays some times jeans with tight tops and kurtas.
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So coming to story, this is my real incident which happened in my life which till now I am shocked. Our marriage was arranged marriage and I was a virgin until my marriage, but during college life, I was really looking very sexy and hot, a lot of boys and sirs also were after me, I had 2 boyfriends with whom I enjoyed love life. One was Sandip who was my classmate we were attracted towards each other and we proposed and got into a relationship.
We had a lot of kissing and hugging stuff during my relationship with him, but I never shed my clothes with him, he always wanted to have sex but I never allowed him that is the reason he broke with me, I was upset but thought he was never serious about it.
Then after 1 year or so one junior boy named Ankit he was so cute and I accepted it. Things were going nicely, once he took me to his room where he wanted to see my big boobs I refused but then I opened my shirt buttons he was stunned to see my fair big boobs without wasting time he started to suck one and press another, that day I came a lot of times. I really enjoyed it. He was from a lower cast so continuation with him didn’t go long. We broke and then I married to Manish after completing my studies and teacher course.
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So one year of complete sex with my hubby I was very happy as he was in good in bed lot of stamina to fuck me long time I was really enjoying him, but then his vacation of 1 year got over and then I was lost again as for 2 years he won’t returned, I was almost depressed, that time Manish’s cousin brother just of my age name Mandar tall and just like a model came to my life. He use to come here and goes whenever Manish was here. But never had any bad intention for me, he use to chat with Manish and me very nicely. I thought of making him close as he was very helpful and caring too.
So I started chatting with him on WhatsApp and all normal chats. Once he offered me for a movie at evening show I said ok.The movie was romantic and hot with a lot of love and steamy scenes in it, I was getting tempted but was afraid to touch him.
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During the interval, he went out and bring me some snacks that time he asked me: bhabhi is this movie not suitable for you to watch it with me then we will leave.
I said: Mandar its ok it’s not that bad, its nice romantic movie and our generations should watch it no problem. Soon interval got over I was wearing sleeveless shirt and jeans, I was surprised to see his hands rubbing my arms I was getting sensitive feelings around me, he saw me and said bhabhi I want you. I was shocked to hear this but I needed him. My arms started sweating with excitement, he did something I never thought he raised my arms and buried his face in my armpits and started leaking it. I never experience such thing but it was making me very very hot and uncontrollable. I started pressing his cock over his pant. We then started kissing for a long time.
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Finally when the movie got over he told me to meet me in one hotel as it was Saturday my college half day, I told my in-laws that I will be having extra lectures and will come late. I was very much excited and knowing what was going to happen. So I took my car and reached to the hotel which he told me, he was waiting near reception it was his friend’s hotel Suraj was his name, Mandar took me from behind it. He opened the door and let me in and close the door.
As soon as door got closed I hugged him tightly and we kissed and smooched for a long time just like true lovers, without wasting time he undressed me. I was wearing 3/4th jeans and t-shirt with pink panty lacy type and matching bra, he was stunned to see my beautiful body, he removed both and made me nude. I also removed his t-shirt and pant, undies also removed, his cock was saluting my nude body rock hard thicker and bigger than of Manish, I took it my mouth and started sucking it deeply. This was Manish hard effort who made me cock sucker. I really was in need of mandar’s cock now.
We took 69 night before I had shaved my pussy and underarms. So which was the greatest fun for him to see my shaved clean pussy he just deeply eating it and I was taking every inch of his cock piece but it was too big to take it entirely, after 15 mins I came in his mouth it was most sexiest thing after a long time for me. He also came inside my mouth never swallow juices but I decided I want it inside me, drank completely made his cock dry sucking it nicely every drop.
Then he slept over me and started sucking my big boobs biting my nipples and boobs making them red pressing the other one it was much fun for me. I was enjoying sex in hotel room with other than my hubby that too with my devarji, it excited me again and again.
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After few minutes his cock again became hard but this time he wanted to play with my body. He took my both hands upwards and tied them and then he started to suck my fair shaved clean sexy armpits, he was crazy over them, he told me that he was staring my armpits many times at home whenever Manish was there and I was raising my arms. I was all wet with his this move it made me wild and crazy I was needing him to fuck me badly as hard as possible, after sucking both armpits he spread my legs and inserted his cock inside me, it was big for me it pained but he managed to put it inside, he fucked me very roughly that day in different poses and for long time every time he released all his juices inside me, although I never wanted him to put it inside. But he didn’t listen to me.
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But nevertheless, I was enjoying his great long fucking. He took me to a medical store and gave me I pill so that I won’t conceive and told me that he will never fuck me with protection. I kept quite as I too was enjoying his touch inside me directly. These things continued every Saturday in his friend’s hotel. I was on cloud 9 to get fuck like this.He too was very happy to fuck his sexy bhabhi. One Saturday when he was fucking there was knock on the door he thought might be Suraj his friend he told me to tie towel and be inside in bathroom I did so. Once he opened the door it was Suraj along with 3 young policemen. Inspector name was tony, 02 policemen suhas and sachin, they started arguing with mandar in bad words I was worried now.
Suddenly inspector tony came inside bathroom and pulled me out and said: hey randi is hiding here,
Mandar fired: mind ur language saying she is my bhabhi.
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Inpector: waah bhabhi and devar in hotel and that too nude, looking at my body he removed towel from my body and all of them started staring at my nude body I was ashamed with this tried to cover my assets but he fired and said give me your home number or your hubby’s number I need to inform your sexy avatar to them. Listening to this my leg started shivering. Suraj said to inspector: sir can we talk? He took some ten thousand from his pocket and tried to give inspector.
But inspector got hyper and slapped Suraj and said you want to buy me? I will seal your hotel now. Then mandar went to him and said: sir how much you want just tells me? He stared at me and said: I want this randi forever to please me. I was red with all this. I said to him: sirs please leave me I won’t do such things in future. But he didn’t listen.
He was tall and with a muscular body and also his 02 other policemen, he said she should satisfy everyone who is in this room whenever and wherever they want or else I will put prostitution charge on her and seal this hotel by calling media and news channel. I did not know what to do. Mandar came along with Suraj he gave me a towel to cover my body.
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They took me inside bathroom I was shy to face Suraj, he said: bhabhi listen this is not a good thing but we have to listen to them or else everyone’s life will be a mess. Mandar also repeated said: bhabhi I am sorry I can’t help you, you have to surrender to them, I was stunned listening to his words but he was really helpless as we were caught red handed. After thinking a lot I decided to give it up.
Both Suraj and mandar came out and said she is ready. All of the policemen came near me and started playing with my body. I didn’t react he slapped my face and said I need not show how to do prostitution. I cried a lot.
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He smooched my lips forcefully, and other two police guys pressed my boobs hard. He forced mandar and suraj also to enjoy with me. They did as he wanted. Suraj came near me and kissed my lips I was surprised with this but he was really enjoying my lips it was really deep kiss I started responding him. Inspector tony was sucking my shaved pussy deeply it was all wet with my juice, suhas and sachin were busy in sucking and biting my big boobs, mandar was crazy with my sweaty smelly armpits. I again became wild with this and started enjoying all fun, after everyone playing with my body tony inspector said that he wants to fuck me now, I was looking lust in his eyes and my eyes also feeling the hotness created by everyone, needing a fuck desperately now.
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He slept over me and started kissing my lips I reacted to it by smooching his lips deeply mandar and suraj looked shocked but I had no option fear and sex enjoyment made me enjoy it, after sucking my every part of body, he placed his cock on my sexy pussy and fucked me hard and deeply, I was supporting his back with my legs to fuck me more deeply, his shaft was long and thick it was very good feeling for me inside after fucking me for 25 mins he unloaded his juice inside me, he then ordered suraj to take charge suraj was already mouth watering looking at my sexy nude body, he smooched me and then took me in 69 pose he sucked my pussy very deeply I also enjoyed his short but thick cock.
After some time he removed his cock from my mouth and asked me to take doggy pose I did so as this is my favorite pose mandar and manish use to fuck me this for a long time.He inserted it from behind and started fucking me fast and hard, but very soon he released his juice inside me, tony order his junior officers suhas and sachin to take charge at a time I was confused with this.
Suddenly suhas started sucking my pussy and sachin dark one started sucking my sexy pink lips, I never imagined that such an ugly guy will enjoy my beauty that too like this, I smooched him deeply as suhas was making me wild with his tongue fucking down.
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They change position I was now getting taste of my own pussy on suhas tongue, he was sexiest smoocher I smooched him hugging him tightly long time, by that time sachin started fucking me, he was having shortest cock among them but warm lips of suhas was making me crazy, sachin fucked me for 15 mins and then suhas took charge he was having nice cock long and thick, I hugged him tightly was enjoying his fuck most out of the rest. He fucked me in doggy pose too.
After 25 mins he also discharged, tony said to mandar she is such sexy beach needs more fun, just ask her to call her place and tell that 5 days she is not coming home, I was confused but mandar said to do so, I called my in laws and told that there is urgent seminar so I will be going out of station directly from school. They said ok, tony was very happy with it.
Then he told mandar: that this randi needs to be satisfied more deeply so next is that I and suhas will fuck her double, suhas again was getting hard with all this. It worried me as my anal was virgin mandar wanted to fuck it but I didn’t allow him, but today there were no excuses for me to work as these fuckers were all over me, I was made to sleep over suhas his cock was deep inside me I was enjoying his fucking and smooching suddenly hard dick tried to enter my ass hole. It pained me lot, I cried and screamed, but suhas managed to shut my mouth by smooching my lips were inside his within 2-3 attempts tony managed to broke my virgin anal. He started fucking me with full speed; I also started enjoying my ass fucking all pain gone in enjoyment now.
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After fucking me for 20 mins they both changed position, I was excited to see suhas fucking my ass and tony drilling my pussy, I was smooching tony and he was playing with my big boobs, after this Suraj and sachin also fucked me in sameway. I was made total rand in those 5 days and I was enjoying them like true cheap class randi.
They all took their chances in fucking me but most I enjoyed was tony and suhas. I saved their numbers so that I can contact and have fun. On 5th day night mandar came at my place to drop me and asked me how I am feeling?
I replied: how a cheap class randi should feel like that I am feeling, I was totally happy with all the satisfaction. I would love to continue such a gangbang every week. To which he replied why not sure, and then he said: bhabhi I want to tell you something, I said: yes tell devarji I am all yours now tell don’t feel shy now.
He said: those were not real policemen, they all were my close friends, they saw your sexy pics on my cells and became crazy and they wanted to fuck you hard all at a time, so all this was a sexy trap for you. I was shocked to listen to this. I was about to shout at him, but he smooched me forcefully and said thanks. And he left.
I was really confused about all this, whether I was fooled by all of them, or really I was in need of it. But at last what was most needed was sex. So I decided to go for it as 02 years will be long for me until my hubby returns so enjoy as much as I can.


Life Fantasy Part – 3

You put your hands on each side of the tub and pull yourself up to standing, but still very weak in the knees from your massively rapturous orgasm, and you turn around and then sit back down into the water, this time facing me. You slide yourself back down into the water, putting your feet on my hips and resting your knees on my thighs.

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You ask me, “Would you like me to wash you too?”
“Please, ” I answer.
I am still fully erect, but I am as excited about the reciprocation of you bathing me as I am at the thought of making love to you right now. You take the washcloth and begin to wash me, first rubbing the cloth gently on my chest and working up toward my broad shoulders. After washing each shoulder you use the cloth to soap up each one of my arms. Then you put the washcloth down into the water, reaching your hands down to start washing my thighs and then knees and calves, being very determined not to touch my penis yet, saving the best for last.

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You know that I am turned on beyond belief, and now you have the chance to tease me a little, and maybe even get back at me in a playful way for teasing so well when I was pleasuring you. So you move your right hand over to me and give me just the slightest hint of a touch on the head of my cock with your fingertips. I nearly jump out of my skin from the initial contact because it feels like a static electricity charge coursing through my loins. I want you to grab it and stroke it but you don’t. Instead, you immediately take your hand back a little, knowing that your touch is driving me crazy.

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You have a sly smile on your face because you know that you love this just as much as I do, so you reach over again, and touch just the very tip again, giving a slight squeeze between your fingertips. It feels like I am on fire, but you let go right away again, and let out a tiny giggle. You are enjoying the power and control that you can exert over me.
“Just grab it, ” I say, but you look deeply into my eyes and shake your head no.
Oh, my god, I am going out of my mind with lust for you. You touch just the tip again and make a small subtle swirling motion with the tip of your finger at the very top of the head of my penis,

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and after a second or two, you stop again.
“Please?” I ask you.
“You have to ask better than that,” you reply to me, never looking away from my eyes, still sporting that clever mischievous smile.
All I can muster in a groaning tone is, “I want you now. On top of me…”
You say, “Say my name when you tell me how you want me.”
I am almost delirious from the heat in the room, the water, the steam, your body, our passion… I tell you, “Zoe, I want you to fuck me.”

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You reach over and grip my shaft very hard and say, “Not good enough… You know what I want to hear…”
I can’t take another minute of not being inside of you, and you have slowly been tightening your grip on my cock, driving even further to fuel my need for you. “I want you to sit on me, Zoe. Let me fuck you, now.” Those were the magic words.
You release my cock from your surprisingly strong vice grip, and then you place your left hand down on the tub and push yourself up as I push in farther towards you until our bodies meet. You raise up even slightly more to accommodate our height difference and then reach down between my legs with your right hand and grab my swollen cock and guide it towards you and then lower yourself down on top of me. I enter you so slowly but pleasurable that we both almost cry out in absolute bliss. I slide into you as deep as I possibly can as you come to rest in the sitting position. Neither of us wants to move just yet.

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We just sit in that position for a few moments languishing in the feeling of me inside of you, filling you up, and you completely enveloping me in a perfect union of flesh and lust as if your very soul was attempting to embrace me. Both of your arms are around my shoulders, with you clinging to my body, pressing your chest tightly against mine. You are staring deeply and intensely into my eyes, and I cannot look away or break your gaze.
I push my face closer to yours and I say, “Kiss me.”

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Your lips are tingling with the anticipation of another long wet passionate pairing of our lips, tasting each other’s warmth and energy. Our lips meet, firm and wet, you push your tongue into my lips and mouth where I accept your gentle probing, completely enjoying the moment when our tongues touch. You are always such an amazing kisser.

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This is when you slowly start to wiggle your hips and begin to move up and down on me. It is a combination of the water and your own wetness that enhances our every push and pull, allowing us to slide so perfectly together, in and out, back and forth. The rhythm of our lovemaking is deliberate, yet intense. Sweet, yet almost scandalous, as you begin to increase the speed and pressure of your pelvis grinding down onto me. With each and every down stroke you add a very slight forward push with your pelvis that is making me almost yell out from the ecstasy. My hands are down around your hips pulling you in towards my hips at the same time, gripping you to the point of almost bruising you, but not quite.

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You are even more turned on by the almost animalistic state that you are putting me in, as you pull my body even tighter to you, your breasts mashed against my chest, your hands clutching at my neck and the back of my head. We continue to kiss sporadically through our act, but our labored breathing and fluid motion are making it harder to concentrate on anything other than the lustful act itself. I’m going to cum and it’s too late to stop it. I’m only going to last for a few moments more, and so I thrust myself into you in the way that only a woman knows when a man is going to explode. Your arousal has reached its peak again too. You anticipate my orgasm, and you know you will quickly answer it with your own. You quietly and deliberately drop, forcing yourself down onto me in one final push, tightening your vagina around my cock, as if to extract the orgasm from me forcefully.
Putting your mouth next to my ear, you whisper to me, “I want you to cum inside of me.”

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Hearing that immediately puts me into a sexual frenzy as I pulse into you. I can’t wait any longer, and I gasp out, “I’m cumming!”
As if on queue, you begin quaking again, and your orgasm hits you with the force of a moving car, both of us feeling as if the whole room is about to explode. I shoot my entire load into you, letting out one final gasp, as you shake with each and every throbbing push into you, making you bite down on my neck to stifle a scream. We slow our bodies as the waves subside, still holding each other tight, still on fire from the heat of our lust, both of us completely spent, satisfied beyond words. You gave me, without a doubt, the single greatest orgasm that I have ever had, and as we hold each other we very slowly and quietly slip back into reality. The bath water has really grown cold, but in our feverish lovemaking, we couldn’t have noticed.
We pull back away from each other, still continuing to hold hands, sitting there for a moment staring into each other’s eyes.
I say, “It’s getting a bit chilly in here,” as I make a gesture toward the cooled bath water.

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You don’t say a word. We are kindred spirits, so comfortable with each other that sometimes we don’t even need words to convey thoughts or feelings to each other. You start to stand up and reach over and pull a towel off of the towel rack.
I hold my hand out to stop you, and I say, “Let me…” And I take the towel from your shivering hands.
I step around behind you and wrap the towel around your body, embracing you from behind, trying to warm both of us. I grab another towel and wrap it around my waist, then I take your hand again and lead us back to the bed in the main room. I drop my towel onto the floor, pull back the blankets, and ease into bed, pulling your hand towards me. You let your own towel fall to the floor and then slide in under the blankets next to me. I look over at the clock. We still have a few more hours to spend together, and I want to continue to touch you, and hold you, and kiss you every single moment until we must part ways again.

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We pull the blankets up over our heads and then embrace each other. It seems as though your shivering has finally stopped, our arms wrapped around each other beginning to slowly warm each other up again. Again, unspoken, we know that this will lead to more lovemaking before the night is through because we are truly insatiable kindred spirits.

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