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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

how i fucked my mom

State name is Rashmi my home and my husband and I have 2 children of my true story it is today, which I will share this story's worth when you Hogyi my age is 35 years my figure 38/32/38 guess it is! I'm so hot and I was very sad to have sex! Daily says that I am her husband: sex but she did not listen to me sometimes just used! Gave me a lot of hunger for sex and sex with me when my husband and I that old chandeliers were 5/6 that does not matter to me that she was my thirst for sex 5/10 was not long after I finished I furnished myself with the help of your fingers, but I needed a lot of cocks!
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so I had to think of the two sons!
MU's 20 years old and the other is a 18 year old pinto! I took her to the bathroom, I was able to convince him I was a little scarlet cloth!Errotic Literature

her underwear also asked to remove but they are not so Amin forcefully pulling removed then I saw Lund 4 inches had his cock soap put his cock at once turned him said the mother leave me if my hands the soap fell and she said she looked at me, Bob's mother, your ball is very good!Eroctic
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it is now is it's great to Hogyi happy! He told me of my mother when I was a woman holding Nunni R. was a lot of fun to hear what I will say to me now that I felt when I asked him to do something everyday you! Do not ever do that to my mother today Stories Online
Is not!Exotic Stories
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Then I Nhlakr her out and sent her gown was off and I also have a bath blooming and my work I was engaged at 2 pm that I lay down then my brain said, so why not this education should be given when I told him you have any girlfriends is !Errotic Stories
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I asked him if he refused then you are grown up now! Bnale a girlfriend when she told me what would happen if her mother told her to go and hang out with him and then only if Ash said of her father Agye those who visit Mumbai for 6 days! and that he left for Mumbai out of!Saxy Storys
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The next day I was nine when I again Legyi bathing sperm which was his son, he went out I asked her what makes you everyday! He's mother said if you put hands when it gets bigger! and it turns out I piss concentric! then I told him that the son's sperm! and it's a good thing to get!
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it was back and forth to thee that thou son and then I will have fun with his cock Mut I started hitting my hands today again after 10 to fall again and he said he enjoyed it he also explained to me the mother of the These things do not tell anyone our thing between them! he will tell the mother about the book I will not tell anyone! but !indian bhabhi sex stories

2/3 day just to prepare to leave after I started my little son!Sabhita Bhavi
Who taught! Aksaited son was too much! and whenever I go shower or change clothes in which she sees me Chupchup all things I noted was his bitch and bitch he tells me I lived Mut I kicked Mommy Mut was a day when he was killing! then I saw his hand was a book in which I saw him, he was photographed naked but when I took her to conceal her data, she gave me that book and that book about me went from there!Savitha Comic

But the next afternoon and said he came to my room, please Give me that book I told him clearly what he has said will not appear in it you will look after your Bob. Then I asked her son not kill so Mut he left he told me to put it is that is it worth me ready!Savita Bhabhi Episode
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And in the evening at home, my husband and I were at MU Pintu then I went to my aunt gave MU a little love and bid my son is angry! So he said nothing when I put his hand on Bob's Hysterical looked exactly like what I will speak when I asked her what she would do was say so I took off my shirt and bra were free like Bob dove and put MU on him.Has hand and allowing him also to press I am also allowed to chew and R. fun and MU was sucking on my Bob! and was pressing my hand on his cock and reached the other was rubbing my pussy!Comic Savita
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Then MU the mummy you be doing when I told him of my eyes today learned all we could and it all strippers told and fulfilled it exposes its too panties off and her 6 9 position I lie down, said the said of what it is! that's why I gave her 6 9 position I have taken upon themselves, and they pussy began to lick and finger also began to Lund and I was sucking so I overheated and her own over the said thou go oil bottle he kept coming and I was saying!
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oiling and Lund Lund is quite smooth on my pussy!Savita
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MU rammed and Mary left screaming ah little bit worried because of the fat is it Lund left screaming mother said she did not have any problem so I told him not smiling a thrust two of his son, my king !

I was very quick to discharge and after 10 long and sharp sharp ah fucking me but he was uttering the discharge was about 30 today and he told me after the loss of the mother I am and what happened ah oh Jdta Cut me lay down on top of me I left my sperm!Desi Bhabhi

After losing twice by then I was already old when we sacrificed 10 MU's mother said Kiss me, you gave me today, I enjoyed a lot and he lay down in my side after 10 minutes I looked up again, is it Lund so when I asked her how she's turned Agyi it is very fond of your pussy! then we fuck again 5 times that night we fuck everything that night, I felt that I got today my son then we have the same things to each other because I fell asleep when I was about to get up to 11 AM showers, then I do not get up at all was R.!Bhabhi
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MU Utgyi Lund somehow courage gave me my pussy playing unable to walk properly was somehow behind me when I left the bathroom and picked MU stroke my pussy I said today was not the king look what it has done to your pussy cock her pussy the show tune!
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Then she started licking my pussy directly ah ah ah ah, I did too, but she did not refuse to lick my pussy after sucking his cock to me I lean sucking his cock again, we fuck his bathroom sperm on my Bob removed by rubbing each other, we both freshly bathed together but she was very fond of Chintu probably began to lick my pussy!desi indian bhabhi stories

Then do the same routine everyday walked about 4 months after the MU hostels had to go then I Pintu also all learned something and then do the same with nearly 6 months later I too was gone after I MU picked and I impress her was and she agreed and we are both very happy! the Story of further collaboration with both of these to the next story that I will Mrwai my pussy!?


मुझे लंड की जरूरत थी अपने बेटो को बनाया अपनी चूत का गुलाम

मेरा नाम रश्मि है मेरे घर मैं मैं और मेरे पति और २ बच्चे है ये एक मेरी सच्ची स्टोरी है !जो मैं आपको आज ये बताउंगी की मैं इस स्टोरी के काबिल कब होगयी मेरी उम्र ३५ साल है मेरा फिगर ३८/३२/३८ है आप इससे अंदाजा लगा सकते है! की मैं कितनी हॉट हु और मुझे सेक्स का बहुत शोक है !  अपने पति से रोज़ कहती हु की मुझे सेक्स करो लेकिन वो मेरी बात नहीं मानते थे बस कभी कभी किया करते थे !desi indian bhabhi stories
Bhabhi Storie

 मुझमे सेक्स की भूक बहुत थी और जब मेरे पति मुझसे सेक्स करते तब वो ५/६  मीन  मैं झाड़ जाते थे जिससे मुझे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता और मेरी जो सेक्स की प्यास थी वो ये ५ /१० मीन मैं ख़त्म नहीं होने वाली थी जिसके बाद मैं अपनी उँगलियों का  सहारा लेकर अपने आपको संतुष्ट करती लेकिन मुझे लंड की बहुत जरुरत थी !
Desi Hindi
ऐसा करने से मुझे कुछ नहीं हो रहा था जो मेरी सेक्स के प्रति प्यास थी वो अभी भी भुकि थी तो मुझे कुछ समझ नहीं आरहा था की मैं !अपने चूत किसके लंड का सहारा दू ये सब मेरे दिमाग मैं घूम रहा था तभी मेरे दिमाग मैं ख्याल आया की मेरे तो दो बेटे है !Bhabhi
Desi Bhabhi
एक है चिंटू जो २० साल का है और दूसरा है पिंटू जो १८ साल का है ! मैं उनको मुर्गा बनाने की सोची मैंने छुट्टी वाले दिन अपने बड़े बेटे को सुबह नहलाने के लिए उठाया और चल नहाने को तो बहुत काला होगया है आज मैं तुझे नहलाऊंगी तो वो मना करने लगा मेरे बहुत कहने के बाद वो इस बात के लिए मान गया और मैं उसे बाथरूम मैं ले गयी वो कपडे काढ़ने मैं थोड़ा मना कर रहा था !Desi Stories
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मैंने उससे कहा निकाल तो वो अपने कपडे उतार दिया और उसके बदन पे साबुन लगाने लगी उसदिन मैंने प्लान किया था तो मैं उसदिन बस पतला सा गाउन पहना था और अंदर से ब्रा भी नहीं पहनी थी इस लिए की ये सब वो देख पाए और मैंने उसे उसकी अंडरवियर भी उतारने को कहा लेकिन वो नहीं माना तो अमिन जबरदस्ती खींच के उतार दी तो मैंने देखा की उसका लंड ४इंच का था मैं उसके लंड पर साबुन लगाया तो उसका लंड एक दम खड़ा हो गया वो कहने लगा की माँ छोड़ो मुझे तभी मेरे हाथो से साबुन गिर गया तो उसने मेरे बॉब्स को देखा और उसने कहा माँ आपके बॉल बहुत अच्छे है !Savita
Savita Stories
मुझे लगा की उसके भी मन मैं इसे दबाने की इच्छा होगयी मैं उसके लंड को मसल रही थी और वो मेरे बॉब्स को देख रहा था मैं भी उसे पूरा साथ दे रही थी तभी उसने आह आह किया और अपना पानी निकाल दिया ये सब देखकर मैं बहुत खुश होगयी की चलो ये तो अब बड़ा  होगया है ! उसने मुझसे कहा की मम्मी आप जब मेरी नुन्नी को पकड़ कर हला रही थी मुझे बहुत मज़ा आरहा था ये सुनके मैं मुझे लगा की ये अब मुझसे  करने को कहेगा तभी मैंने उसे पूछा की तू रोज़ कुछ करता है!क्या नहीं मम्मी आज तक ऐसा कभी नही हुआ है !
Comic Savita
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फिर मैं उसे नहलाकर उसे बहार भेजा और अपनी गाउन उतार दी और मैं भी नहाकर बहार आई और अपने काम मैं लग गयी दोपहर २बजे वो मेरे पास लेट गया तभी मेरे दिमाग ने कहा अब क्यों ना इसको शिक्षा दी जाए तभी मैंने उसको कहा तेरी कोई गर्लफ्रेंड है !Stories Hindi
Savita Bhabhi Episode
तो उसने मना कर दिया तभी मैंने उससे कहा तू अब बड़ा हो गया है !कोई गर्लफ्रेंड बनाले तभी उसने मुझसे कहा क्या मम्मी उससे क्या होगा तभी मैंने उससे कहा की तू उसके साथ घूमने जाना और ऐश करना और फिर तभी उसके पापा आगये उन्होंने बताया की वो ६दिन के लिए मुम्बई जाने वाले है !और वो वह से निकल कर मुम्बई के लिए निकल गए !Savitha Comic

अगले दिन मैंने उसे फिर नहलाने लेगयी मैं उसे नहला रही थी तभी उसका जो स्पर्म था वो निकल गया मैंने उससे पूछा की बेटा तू रोज़ रोज़ क्या करता है !तो वो बोला की मम्मी आप जब भी  हाथ लगाती हो तो ये बड़ा हो जाता है !और इसमें मैं से गाढ़ा पेशाब निकलता है !तभी मैंने उसे बताया की बेटा ये स्पर्म है !और इसका निकलना अच्छी बात है !indian bhabhi sex stories

तभी मैंने देखा की उसका लंड फिर से खड़ा था एक दम तंबू जैसा खड़ा था मैंने उससे कहा की बेटा  जब लड़का बड़ा होता है तो यही होता है !और उसे बताना शुरू किया की कैसे मुठ  लंड को शांत करे और फिर मैंने उसको बताया की की बेटा तू इसे आगे पीछे किया कर तो तुझे इससे मज़ा आयेगा और फिर मैंने ही उसके लंड को अपने हाथो मैं लेकर मुठ मारने लगी फिर १० मीन बाद वो फिर से झड़ गया और उसने कहा की मम्मी मुझे बहुत मज़ा आया उसे ये भी समझा की ये चीजे किसी को मत बताना ये सिर्फ हमारी दोनों के बिच की बात है !उसने कहा है मम्मी  बताऊंगा इसके बारे मैं किसी को बही नहीं बताऊंगा !लेकिन 
Bhabhi Video
और फिर दूसरे दिन वो मेरे पास आया और कहा की मम्मी मैंने आज भी किया मुझे बहुत मज़ा आया फिर जब मैं शाम को उसके कमरे मैं गयी तो देखा की वो मुठ मार रहा था तभी मैंने उसे रोक दिया और कहा बस ज्यादा मत करो और उसे अपने कमरे मैं ले गयी और उसको बताना शुरू किया की इसे ऐसे मत वेस्ट मत करो ये सब वो सुनकर बहुत एक्ससाटेड होगया और बॉब्स को देखने की जींद करने लगा मैंने उसे गुस्सा करके चुप करा दिया और कहा की ये माँ बेटे नहीं करते फिर हम सोगए ऐसे ही २/३ दिन निकल जाने बाद मैं अपने छोटे बेटे को तैयार करने लगी !Hindisex Storie

फिर उसे भी जब कुछ सीखने लगी और उसके साथ ही नंगी हो कर नाहा लेती ऐसे ही एक दिन मेरा बड़ा बेटा और छोटा बात कर रहे थे तभी मैंने उनकी बाते सुनी उन्होंने मुठ मारने की बात कर रहे थे लेकिन ये नहीं  बताया की ये सब उनको किसने सिखाया है !बड़ा बेटा बहुत ज्यादा एक्सआइटेड रहता था !और जब भी मैं नहाने जाती या कपडे चेंज करती वो मुझे चुपचुप के देखता रहता मैं उसकी यह सब चीजे नोट कर रही थी और बिच बिच मैं वो मुझे बताता भी रहता मम्मी मैंने मुठ मारी थी और एक दिन जब वो मुठ मार रहा था !तो मैंने देखा की उसके हाथ मैं एक किताब थी जिसमे नंगी फोटो थी मैंने उसे देखा तो वो  उसे छुपाने लगा लेकिन जब मैंने उसको डाटा तो उसने वो किताब मुझे देदी और उस किताब को लेकर मैं वहा से चली गयी !Saxy Storys
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लेकिन अगली दोपहर को  मेरे कमरे  आया और बोला वो प्लीज़ मुझे वो किताब देदो मैंने उसे कहा क्या करेगा तो उसने साफ़ साफ़ कह दिया आप तो अपने बॉब्स दिखती नहीं उसमे ही देखूंगा। तभी मैंने उसे कहा की बेटा इतनी मुठ नहीं मारते तो वो वह से  कहे निकल गया अब मुझे लगा की ये मेरे लायक तैयार होगया है ! 
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और शाम को घर पे मैं और चिंटू ही थे मेरे पति और पिंटू अपनी बुआ के पास गए थे तभी मैं चिंटू को थोड़ी जानकारी दी और प्यार  करके बोली मेरा बेटा नाराज़ है !तो वो कुछ नही बोला तभी मैंने उसका हाथ अपने बॉब्स पर रख दिया  बिलकुल पागलो की तरह देखने लगा तभी मैंने उसे कहा की जैसा मैं बोलूंगी वैसा करेगा क्या  वो मान गया मैंने अपनी कमीज़ और ब्रा उतार दी जिससे मेरे बॉब्स कबूतर की तरह आज़ाद हो गए और चिंटू का हाथ उसपे रख दिया और उसे दबाने की भी इजाजत दे दी और चूसने के भी इजाजत दे दी मुझे अब मज़ा आरहा था और चिंटू मेरे एक बॉब्स को चूस रहा था !और एक को दबा रहा था और मेरा एक   हाथ उसके लंड पर पहुँच गया था और दूसरे से मैं अपनी चूत रगड़ रही थी !Errotic Stories
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तभी चिंटू ने कहा मम्मी आप क्या कर रही हो तभी मैंने उसको कहा की मैं तुझे आज सब सीखा दूंगी और उसको सारे कपडे उतारने को कहा और उसको पूरा नंगा कर दिया अपनी भी पैंटी उतार दी और उसको ६९ पोजिशन मैं लेटने को कहा तो कहने लगा की ये क्या होता है !तभी मैंने उसे ६९ की पोजिशन मैं अपने ऊपर लिया और उसको चूत चाटने लगा और ऊँगली भी करने लगा और मैं उसका लंड चूस रही थी अब मैं बहुत गरम हो गयी थी और उसको अपने उपर लेकर कहा तू अब जा कर तेल की बोतल  आ और  जो मैं कहती रही वो करता रहा !
Adult Short
फिर मैंने उसके लंड पर तेल लगाया तो वो पूछने लगा ये क्या लगा रहे हो तो मैंने उसको बताया की जब पहली बार कोई लड़का किसी औरत की चूत मैं लंड डालता है तो उसकी थोड़ी टोपी की खाल खींच जाती है !जिससे दर्द होता है !पर तेल लगाने से लंड बिलकुल स्मूथ हो जाता है और उसका लंड अपनी चूत पर 
Stories Online
लगवा के उसे देने को कहा पर चिंटू नया खिलाडी था तो जैसे ही उसने धक्का दिया तो उसका लंड फिसल कर निचे चला गया तभी मैंने उसका लंड पकड़ कर चूत पर रखा और उसे धक्का देने को कहा चिंटू ने पहले ही झटके मैं आधा लंड चूत मैं घुसा दिया और मरी चीख निकल गयी आह आह चिंटू थोड़ा परेशां होगया उसका लंड मोटा होने की वजह से थोड़ी चीख निकल गयी वो कहा की मम्मी कोई परेशानी तो नहीं तो मैंने उसे मुस्कुराते हुए कहा नहीं मेरे राजा बेटे तुम एक और जोर का धक्का दो उसका !Eroctic
इंच का लंबा मोटा लंड मेरी चूत मैं घुस गया आह आह और चिंटू जोर से धक्के दो राजा और करो उसने मुझे जोर जोर से धक्के देने शुरू किया मैं भी अपनी गांड निचे से हिलाकर उसका पूरा साथ दे रही थी !१० उसके धक्के इतने जोरदार थे की मैं बहुत जल्दी झड़ गयी थी और १० मीन के बाद  तेज आह आह और तेज बोलते बोलते ही झड़ गयी मगर वो मुझे चोद रहा था !और करीब ३० मीन के बाद उसने मुझे कहा की मम्मी मैं झड़ने वाला हु और वो झड़ता हुआ आह ओह मेरे ऊपर  लेट गया  मेरी चूत मैं अपना स्पर्म छोड़ दिया !

तब तक मैं दो बार झड़ चुकी थी १० मीन बाद जब हम  होगये चिंटू ने मुझे किस्स देते हुए कहा की मम्मी आपने मुझे आज मुझे बहुत मज़ा दिलाया और वो मेरे साइड में लेट गया १० मिनट के बाद मैंने देखा की उसका लंड फिर से खड़ा होगया तभी मैंने उसे कहा की ये कैसे खड़ा हो गया तो उसने कहा की इसे आपकी चूत बहुत पसन्द आगयी है !फिर हमने फिर से चुदाई की उस रात हमने ५ बार चुदाई की उस रात मुझे ऐसा  लगा की आज मुझे सब कुछ मिल गया मेरे बेटे की वजह से फिर हम उसी हालात मैं एक दूसरे से लिपट कर सो गए फिर जब मैं सुबह ११ बजे नहाने के लिए उठने वाली थी तो मुझे बिलकुल भी उठना नहीं आरहा था !
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किसी तरह से हिम्मत करके उठगयी चिंटू के लंड  ने मेरे चूत को बजा ही दिया था मैं ठीक से चल नहीं पा रही थी !किसी तरह से मैं बाथरूम चली गयी तभी मेरे पीछे चिंटू आगया और मेरे चूत पर हाथ फेरने लगा मैंने कहा आज नहीं राजा देखो ये चूत का क्या हाल कर दिया तुम्हारे लंड ने उसे अपनी चूत दिखाई !Errotic Literature
Erotc Literature
तो उसने सीधे मेरी चूत को चाटने लगा आह आह आह आह ओह मैंने बहुत मना कर दिया लेकिन वो नहीं माना मेरी चूत चाटने के बाद उसने मुझे झुक कर अपना लंड चूसने दिया मैंने भी उसके लंड को चूसने के बाद हमने बाथरूम चुदाई की फिर उसने अपना स्पर्म मेरे बॉब्स पर निकाल दिया फिर हम दोनों मिलकर नहाये एक दूसरे को रगड़ रगड़ कर लेकिन चिंटू को शायद मेरी चूत बहुत पसन्द आयी वो उसे चाटने लगा !

फिर ऐसा ही सिलसिला रोज़ चलता रहा करीब४ महीने बाद चिंटू को हॉस्टल जाना पड़ा फिर मैंने पिंटू को भी ये सब कुछ सीखा दिया और उसके साथ भी ऐसा ही करीब ६महिने तक किया बाद मैं वो भी चला गया बाद मैं चिंटू आगया और मैंने उसे पटाने लगी और वो भी मान गया और आज हम दोनों बहुत खुश है !इस आगे की स्टोरी की मैं इन दोनों के साथ कैसे मिलकर अपनी चूत मरवाई ये आपको अगली स्टोरी मैं बताउंगी   !?


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Raksha Bandhan or was my wedding night? What I found me a gift ?

Companions, I am conveyed to you another new story! This is my actual story! I trust I am going to let you know I am certain you will appreciate these stories! Errotic Literature
desi indian bhabhi stories
To start with I will let you know this is the start of the story! When I and my sister and I a room a room I rested Mama Papa! Sister's arms when I dozed I had done to me, my sister, my little cockerel out sleeping stroke him and give all my garments off! doing what he didn't do ah and I get such unusual voices were let go I curved sister is presently full! Adult
I thought possibly brushing his Chucia pulls R. was given a considerable measure of fun! Ok ah great sibling dozed am not saying that she took a gander at me as he saw me I was Sharma and he was lying on the bed with a blanket his sibling don't tell anybody I let you know that secured her coverlet Sister, are you upbeat out of the body and said, I am glad to say that even he got it!Desi Bhabhi
Desi Stories
Kiss me, and after that he instructed me to take my sibling Bob's sucking is regular sucking sister I additionally have a typical Cusunga and he himself came to me and gave me what Muhme their Chucia was Chucia I was sucking the good times! indian bhabhi stories
It went a younger sibling like that again endured a couple days with companions during the evening when he plays his Acwchiyoan and I play with my rooster, she was rich in youth, then it became bigger and now he's my areola Cucion whether I appreciate it in the solace of mouth and drink it consistently, some of Cucion get out there on my chicken some more thought. Furthermore, I suspect as much stunning sister and after that apply their pussy fingering and most likely harder to move my overnight boardinghouse is by all accounts calm and go to rest once more. That pattern proceeded, however I was not moved by drinking milk.! Comic Savita
Savita Stories
What's more, he made arrangements to 
Stories Hindi
I'm fine, I must live out what you didn't comprehend me, don't hold up to run some place with him and them two there was a lady who left edge! These sister let me know the entire thing again the other lady! Sibling, I am exceptionally vexed!Savitha Comic
Savita Bhabhi Episode
Errotic Literature
Life was great back, said Sister know, when we would all say all were especially that regarded come here and have demolished my life, what amount of fun would we say we was, recollect, that is the days of yore, I said the other sister-in-law marriage for why, she said, is to eat your sibling Bur, Bur eat I said? Yes it is an offered to needing and ought to in this manner, let you know what I won the case itself is deficient with regards to, which is not what I got on that witch, I fear the hot sister, you have said, don't see the brother by marriage when offering sibling Sister Mama Papa and I was upbeat at home with you. I considered having the valor to be demonstrated to the old thing, I talked gradually dispatched a sister was so much fun we used to lay down with? Do you recollect, Sister Lee head bowed, offering so recall, not overlook it, just by recollecting the life that I am serving.
Sabhita Bhavi
session was cheerful I will stay with sister for 10 days! I said to Sister Let past events be former events, so this evening we will appreciate today is Raksha Bandhan! In which kin love! From today we will begin the offering Love My dear sister, I adore you too my sweetheart said we embraced each other and were companions, two youthful and sequestered in body embracing each other in the event that you can comprehend what will happen as of late, I traveled to the next world,
indian bhabhi sex stories
Gradually her boobs on my mid-section I felt the glow, the two lips gradually started to kiss each different lips, Sister offer to stop I am leaving every one of the entryways and windows shut, and that at some point out of the considerable number of entryways and windows shut and, when he went ahead the length of I had arrived and my chicken just underpants had been worked inside the tent, they come in and see my young body to the tent they watched , then you are offering sibling has astounding hot, however now I'm back, I have seen everything that is something else. My sister and promptly swung down to Jandia.Bhabhi Video
Hindisex Storie
He instantly got Lund, and quote I miss it enough, I adore you, and she began sucking even after numerous days I was Chuswa was getting my body shiver, and afterward I raised and his sister expelled all the garments in one, and he was put to bed, same everything, so everything was awesome tits and body a tad bit and was imbued, looked astounding, and now I have not seen and Tab I straightforwardly began licking her pussy, Sister cite today, you will make me upbeat, and I said to you today only seven days, I will be cheerful, and I put on the tongue started to lick her pussy. Companions was the first occasion when I tasted pussy juice. Awesome feeling salty, yet today I fucking sibling Sister cite, today I am fulfilled to be, kids a few years in front of me today so fucking cockerels may not require, don't stress, I am not you, I said Sister You don't need to hold up a few years.Saxy Storys
porn Stories
And after that I was no more his chicken in her pussy set and uproarious the first occasion when I have been a blow which brought on the break in full cockerel fucking pussy interestingly today I was! is parched! Adult Stories
Errotic Stories
Ok ah give Chod and my pussy increasingly hard to tear today, today, makes me a special lady, and I likewise started to manhandle, not today Coduga sister, and I additionally got a lot of wild, I made them female horse , and from behind Chodne, started pushing from behind their huge wide ass, and he was likewise boisterous cry uh oh no is Chudwa. Was proceeded for around 1 hour until the release was then I found I Choada bounty on his sister's face in two chickens in pussy misfortune at Lecce and every one of the merchandise he had on my cockerel with his tongue licking cleared up. 
Exotic Stories
The continuation of a 10-day keep running no less than 40 times in the ten days I was kicked fucking ass 10 times and has nowadays I clean up together and we rest bare I will always remember this thing that I am coming clean of sex will never forget the brother by marriage and I thought of the second one he escaped!Stories Online
Adult Short

Shocking गिफ्ट मैं मिला बड़ा सा लंड

दोस्तों मैंने आपके लिए एक और नयी कहानी लेकर आया हु ! ये मेरी सच्ची कहानी है !जो मैं आपको सुनाने जा रहा हु उम्मीद करता हु की ये स्टोरी आपको जरूर पसंद आएगी !
desi indian bhabhi stories
सबसे पहले मैं आपको ये बताऊंगा  ये स्टोरी कहा से शुरू होती है ! जब मैं और मेरी दीदी एक रूम मैं और मम्मी पापा एक रूम मैं सोते थे ! मैं दीदी के बाजु मैं सोया करता था जब मुझे नींद लग जाती तो मेरी दीदी मेरा छोटा सा लंड निकाल कर उसे सहलाती और अपने सारे कपडे उतार देती ! एक दिन जब मेरी रात मैं नींद खुली तो मैंने देखा की  दीदी मुझे नंगा करके मेरे लंड को चूस रही है और वो भी पूरी तरह से नंगी थी ये सब देखकर मैं 
थोड़ा दर गया अब मेरा भी लंड एक दम से खड़ा हो गया और दीदी भी पूरी गरम होगयी थी उन्होंने मुझे देखा नहीं की मैं सोया हु या नहीं और मेरा हाथ लिए और अपने बड़े बड़े बॉब्स को मेरे हाथो से सहलाने लगी अब मैंने भी थोड़ी सी हिम्मत की और  मैंने भी उसे सहलाने लगा दीदी को इस बात का होश बिलकुल भी नहीं था की क्या कर रहा हु वो बस आह आह आह और करो ऐसे अजीब आवाजे निकाल रही थी मैं समझ  गया की दीदी अब फुल मुड़ मैं है !Desi Bhabhi
Desi Stories
मैं भी उसकी चुचिया को जोर जोर से मसलने लगा शायद दी को बहुत मज़ा आरहा था ! आह आह आह बहुत अच्छे  भाई ऐसा कहकर उसने मुझे देखा की मैं सोया नहीं हु वो जैसे ही मुझे देखा तो वो शर्मा गयी और बेड पर जो रजाई पड़ी हुई थी उससे अपने आप को ढक लिया कहा भाई किसी को मत बताना मैंने उस रजाई को उसके बदन से निकल दिया और कहा दीदी तुम खुश तो मैं खुश फिर वो भी समझ गयी  कह रहा हु !

फिर उसने मुझे एक किस्स किया और मुझे अपने बॉब्स को चूसने को कहा की ले भाई आम चूस  मैं भी है दीदी आपके आम तो चूसूंगा और उन्होंने खुद मेरे पास आकर मेरे मुहमे उनके चुचिया दे दी क्या चुचिया थी मैं भी मज़े से चूस रहा था !indian bhabhi stories
ऐसा थोड़ी देर चला फिर दीदी ऐसा ही थोड़े दिन तक चलता रहा दोस्तों तब रोज रात को वो मेरे लंड से खेलती और मैंने उनकी चूचियों से खेलता, वो भरपूर जवानी में थी, उसके बाद बात थोड़ी और बढ़ी वो अब अपने चूचियों के निप्पल के मेरे मुह में देती और मैं खूब अछि तरह से रोज रोज पीता, चूचियों से कुछ निकलता तो नहीं पर मेरा लंड से कुछ कुछ निकलने लगा. और मुझे बहूत ही बढ़िया लगता और दीदी फिर अपने चूत में शायद ऊँगली डालती और जोर जोर से पलंग मेरा हिलने लगता और वो फिर शांत हो जाती और फिर सो जाती. यही सिलसिला चलता रहा, पर मैं दूध पिने से आगे नहीं गया.!Savita Stories
Comic Savita
फिर कुछ दिनों बाद मेरे दीदी की शादी होगयी और वो अपने ससुराल चली गयी मैं वहा पर गया था लेकिन बस नॉर्मली कुछ दिनों मैं वहा से वापस आगया फिर मैं अपनी अधूरी पढाई पूरी करने के लिए दिल्ली चला गया लेकिन मैं हर रात को कुछ मिस कर रहा था उसकी मुझे बहुत याद आरही थी वो दीदी के बॉब्स याद आते उसके होठ जिसें मैं किस्स करता वो सब मुझे याद आरहा था जिस वजह से मुझे रात को नींद मुझे ऐसा लग रहा था जैसे की मैं उसके बिना एक पल नहीं रह सकता !फिर कुछ दिन ऐसे ही बिट गए मुझे दीदी की याद बहुत सताने लगी
Stories Hindi
 कभी कभी तो मुझे ऐसा लगता की मैं उसके बिना एक पल भी नहीं रह सकता था !मुझे लगा की अगर मैं फिर से पहल करूँ तो वो पुरानी चीजें फिर से हो सकती है वापस आ जाये और मुझे फिर से बहन के साथ वैसा ही रोमांस का मौक़ा मिल जाये, मैंने ये बात बस रक्षा बंधन के दस दिन पहले ही सोचा था और मैंने तुरंत ही माँ को फ़ोन किया की मैं इस बार राखी बँधबाने बहन के यहाँ जाऊंगा. और प्लान बना लिया वह जाने का !Savita Bhabhi Episode
Savitha Comic
फिर मैं रक्षा बंधन के दिन वह गया वैसे भी मैं तो पुरे प्लान के साथ तैयार था दीदी के पास जाने के बाद दीदी ने मुझे राखी बाँधी और मैं उन्हें गिफ्ट दिया तभी वहा मेरे जीजा जी आये और साथ मैं २५  की औरत थी मैंने कहा जीजा जी कैसे हो है ठीक हु मैं बाहर जा रहा हु तुम यही रुकना कही जाना मत मुझे कुछ समझ नहीं आया की उनके साथ वो औरत कोण थी और वो दोनों वहा से निकल गए ! फिर मुझे दीदी ने पूरी बात बताई की ये उनकी दूसरी औरत है !भाई मैं बहुत परेशान हु !Sabhita Bhavi
indian bhabhi sex stories
कुछ समझ नहीं आरहा की मेरे होते हुए वो किसी और के साथ वो भी मेरे सामने लेकर जा रहे है बता भाई  तू की क्या कमी है मुझमे मैं तो अंदर से बहुत खुश था की जैसा मैंने प्लान बनाया उसकी मुझे कोई जरूरत नहीं है ! दीदी हमेशा अकेली ही रहती है और वो जो उनकी दूसरी वाली थी वो दिखने मैं दीदी से बहुत हॉट थी जिस वजह से जीजा का दीदी पे कोई तवज्जु नहीं दे रहे थे !
Bhabhi Video
मैंने कहा दीदी तुम घबराव मैं हुना इस बात पर वो मेरे गले लग गयी मैंने भी उसे समझाया की इसका कोई न कोई रास्ता जरूर निकलेगा !रात को मैं दीदी दोनों खाना खाये और बात करने लगे, वो मेरे बारे में पूछने लगी, की तू फ़ोन नहीं करता है, मैंने कहा दीदी मैं एग्जाम की तैयारी कर रहा हु, इस वजह से मैं कॉल नहीं कर पा रहा था.!Hindisex Stories
Saxy Storys
दीदी कहने लगी जानते हो पहले का ही लाइफ अच्छा था, जब हम वह थे सब कुछ बहूत अच्छा था पर यहाँ आकर मेरी ज़िन्दगी ख़राब हो गई, कितना मस्ती करते थे, हमलोग याद करो, वो अपने पुराने दिन, मैंने कहा दीदी जीजाजी दूसरी शादी क्यों कर लिए है, तो वो कहने लगी की तुम्हारे जीजाजी बूर चट है, मैंने कहा बूर चट? बोली हां उसको एक से मन नहीं भरता है इसलिए और भी चाहिए, बता तू ही पता मुझमे क्या कमी है, मेरे में क्या नहीं है जो उस चुड़ैल पे पास है, मैं कहा दीदी आप तो बहूत हॉट हो, पर जीजाजी को दिखाई नहीं देता है, तब दीदी बोली भाई मैं अपने घर में ही खुश थी मम्मी पापा और तुम्हारे साथ. मैंने हिम्मत कर के सोचा की पुरानी बात बताई जाये, मैंने धीरे धीरे बात छेड़ दिया, दीदी हम दोनों साथ सोते थे कितना मजा आता था? याद है आपको, दीदी सर झुक ली, बोली हां याद है, वो भूलती नहीं बस उसी को याद करके तो ज़िंदगी काट रही हु.
porn Stories

मैंने कहा की दीदी हम कुछ दिन अपने पहले जैसे बिता सकते है अगर जीजा जी जल्दी नहीं आये तो चलो जल्दी से तभी दीदी मुझे बताया की वो दोनों गए है अब वो कम से कम १० दिन तो नहीं आएंगे जाकर उसके साथ मज़े करेंगे अब मैं तो बाउट खुश था की मैं दीदी को १० दिन तक साथ रहूँगा ! मैंने दीदी से कहा दीदी जाने दो जो हुआ सो हुआ हम तो आज रात का मज़ा लेंगे आज रक्षा बंधन है !जिसमे भाई बहन के प्यार है !आज से हम शुरुआत करेंगे  और दीदी बोली लव यू माय डिअर, मैंने भी लव यू माय जान कहा और हम दोनों एक दूसरे के गले लग गए, दोस्तों दो जवान और तनहा जिस्म अगर एक दूसरे में चिपके तो आप समझ सकते है की क्या हाल होता होगा, मैं तो दूसरी दुनिया की सैर करने लगा, Adult Stories
Errotic Stories
धीरे धीरे उनकी बूब्स की गर्माहट को मैं अपने सीने पे महसूस करने लगा, धीरे धीरे हम दोनों के होठ एक दूसरे के होठ को चूमने लगे, दीदी बोली रूक जा मैं बाहर के सारे दरवाजे और खिड़की बंद कर के आती हु, और वो कुछ देर के लिए बाहर गई और सारे दरवाजे और खिड़की बंद कर दी, जब वो आई तब तक मैं सिर्फ जांघिया पर आ गया था और मेरा लंड जांघिया के अंदर तंबू बना चूका था, वो अंदर आते ही मेरे जवान शरीर को देखि फिर वो तंबू को देखि, फिर बोली भाई तू तो गजब का हॉट हो गया है, पहले तो मैं सब कुछ देख चुकी हु पर अब तो बात कुछ और ही है. और दीदी तुरंत मेरा जांधिया को निचे कर दी.Exotic Stories
Stories Online
वो तुरंत ही लंड को पकड़ ली, और बोली मैंने इसे काफी मिस किया, आई लव, और वो चूसने लगी, मैंने भी काफी दिन बाद चुसवा रहा था तो मेरे शरीर में सिहरन हो रही थी, और फिर मैंने दीदी को उठाया और उनके एक एक कर के सारे कपडे उतार दिए, और उनको बेड पर लिटा दिया, वही सब कुछ, वैसा ही सब कुछ, !
Adult Short
चूचियां थोड़ी और बड़ी हो गई थी और शरीर थोड़ा गदरा गया था, गजब की लग रही थी, मैंने आब देखा ना ताब और मैं सीधे उनके चूत को चाटने लगा, दीदी बोली आज तू मुझे खुश कर दे, और मैंने कहा आज क्या अभी सात दिन तक मैं आपको खुश करूँगा, और मैंने जीभ उनके चूत पे डाल कर चाटने लगा. दोस्तों पहली बार मैंने चूत का रस चखा था. गजब का नमकीन एहसास था, फिर दीदी बोली भाई आज मुझे चोद दे, आज मैं तृप्त होना चाहती हु, आज मुझे इतना चोद की आने बाले दो तीन साल तक लंड की जरूरत ना पड़े, मैंने कहा दीदी अब चिंता नहीं करो मैं हु ना तुम्हे दो तीन साल इंतज़ार नहीं करना पड़ेगा. 
और फिर मैंने देर ना करते हुए अपना लंड उसकी चूत पर सेट कर दिया और जोर से एक झटका दिया जिसकी वजह से पहली बार मैं ही पूरा लंड अंदर घुस गया आज मैं पहली बार चूत चोद रहा  था ! पर वो कई बार अपनी चूत थी वो इस काम के काफी समझदार थी वो अपनी गांड को उठा उठाकर चुदवाने  लगी मैं भी अपना जो लंड कुछ देर बाद वो आह आह आह आह करने लगी शायद वो अपनी इच्छा जाहिर कर रही थी की वो सेक्स की कितनी प्यासी है !Errotic Literature

 आह चोद दे आह आह और जोर से और जोर से आज मेरे चूत को फाड़ दे, आज मुझे रखैल बना ले, और मैं भी गाली देने लगा, साली आज नहीं छोड़ूगा, और मैं भी बहूत ज्यादा वाइल्ड हो गया, मैं उनको घोड़ी बना दिया, और पीछे से चोदने लगा, उनकी बड़ी चौड़ी गांड के पीछे से धक्का लगाने लगा, वो भी हाय हाय उफ़ उफ़ कर रही थी और जोर जोर से चुदवा रही. थी, करीब ये सिलसिला १ घंटे तक चला मैं खूब चोदा फिर मैं झड़ गया, पर दीदी अपने चूत में झड़ने नहीं दो वो मुह में लंड को लेके सारे माल को पि गई और जो मेरे लंड पे लगा था उसको भी अपने जीभ से चाट चाट कर साफ़ कर दी.Read Adult

ये सिलसिला करीब १० दिन एक चला इन दस दिनों मैं कमसे कम ४० बार चोद चूका और १० बार गांड मारी थी इन दिनों मैं हम नंगे ही सोते और एक साथ नहाते मैं इस बात को कभी नहीं भूल सकता मैं सच कह रहा हु की ये चुदाई हमेशा याद रहेगी फिर जीजा जी अपनी दूसरी वाली के साथ आये तब मैं वह से निकल गया ! Erotc Literature


Monday, 22 August 2016

Sex With Super Hot Aunty

Hello friends, I am a resident of Patna My name is patience insurance company I work I work, I was quite interested! Those who were in my office, I said what I said yes and he'll Mumbai Mumbai's large insurance office sent me a lot on where the girls beautiful women worked! And I had to take the room, I told my friend I was told that there's a place he and the missus!Stories Online 
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was not the landlady came to my room and I said, I said, is very good at what it was like! He told me of a boy I always wanted to give this room! I did not want to give up the room with a Family! I said why, she told me that her husband was a company I Care! Which now he is divorced him! now he is the house I live alone I have seen nearly 30 years of age is very beautiful! The figure was also 36 -30 -36 drew any boy or man does! My age is 25 years, my work, my cock 7. 5 was going smoothly! I watch a lot of porn movie !Desi Hindi
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Was interested! I always saw porn movie Mut was dying! I it was lots of fun! I go to Delhi for work I did for 4 days! I forgot I was fresh and I left for Delhi today I kicked Mut Porn Access as soon as I reached the bathroom, she was torn her eyes she saw the torn remains of his cock I patiently clothes is full of water! Changing the habits of the owner was a little everything had changed their way of talking! some have seen! and we both say I came to my room and I have eaten there Agyi and the landlady also without some random I went on to tell me about the problem of the actual physical thirst worked!Savita Stories

was that !!Comic Savita
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Now I was getting too hot! Then I got his shirt Oh My God What was Bob! It's the first time I was seeing him, Bob! He kept wearing the red color of the bra and then I took off her bra and began to press his Bob Bob started sucking hahaha Ahahh Umumm Mumumum fun R. Bob sucking her psychiatrist did today the world's biggest thing I sucked big day today I was Poonam fuck! so I was full nude Poonam me cock my mouth and I Mix started sucking! I had too much fun R. then I met him naked and took off his Panty too!Stories Hindi!Bhabhi Video
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Poonam's pussy was very clean-shaven and then I started to lick her pussy, fingering the loss and started a short time later, Poonam Poonam's mouth came the voice of the Hhhh Hhhh Hhhhh Ahaha I love endurance Poonam spoken From today where you want and when you want a man like you wish you can fucking!Sabhita Bhavi
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 She was lying on the bed then I ah ah ah too excited and I started coming again, I began to lick her body from top to bottom! Fingering her pussy hole I was fucking him with! Poonam Tdpao not bid anymore Fuck my life so I quickly I am very thirsty! I hear he's thirsty passion I picked her pussy with his cock then I started pushing her off a Virgin did not work because I pushed my cock in her pussy before I could not! She began to moan now look Ahhahahah Ahhahahahaha how long my pussy your cock is thirsty!Saxy Storys
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Quench the Thirst Come to my king and I could not control! Come Fuck me and I immediately put his lips on the lips! She then grabbed his own cock with delicate hands and placed on your thirsty pussy and put it now I'm not going inside quickly! I also got a big shock without thinking and have thrust the half-cock slit his relaxation. And I was fucking him slowly! She is now my King Ouho started filling ah ah ah ah Oh My God was this way out R. Poonam was also fun seeing them was R.!
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we had a lot of fun to fuck Poonam Usdin Usdin had been sleeping until late Sunday morning was again to me after I came to know the man's first wife Poonam is my identity and who has divorced him being a problem of Pregnensiy she had divorced her in fighting without telling him! This was safe and I could have a relationship with him even more! I did not Poonam I do i know her husband ........ !!!!!!Adult Short

तलाक शुदा मकान मालकिन को जबरदस्त चोदा

हेल्लो दोस्तों मेरा नाम धीरज है पटना का रहने वाला हु मैं एक इन्शुरन्स कंपनी मैं जॉब करता हु मैं अपने काम मैं काफी इंटरेस्टेड था ! जिसकी वजह से मैं अपने काम को हमेशा ज्यादा बढ़ाने की सोचता था जिस वजह से मुझे इस काम मैं कामयाबी हासिल हुई मेरे काम को देखकर सभी लोग खुश थे ! मेरे जो ऑफिस मैं लोग थे उन्होंने कहा क्या तुम मुम्बई जाओगे मैंने हां कह दिया और उन्होंने मुझे एक मुम्बई के बड़े इन्शुरन्स ऑफिस भेज दिया जहा पर बहुत सारी खूबसूरत लडकिया  औरते  काम करती थी !और मुझे वही रूम लेनी थी तो मैंने अपने दोस्त से कहा तो उसने एक जगह बताई मैं वह गया और वहा की मालकिन से !desi indian bhabhi stories
Bhabhi Stories

Desi Hindi
जाकर बात की तो उन्होंने रूम का किराया 1500  बताया और कहा की रात का खाने का भी मैं इंतेजाम करुँगी फिर मुझे उन्होंने रूम की चावी  मुझे दी मैं जैसे अंदर गया तो देखा की एकदम नए जैसा रूम था !छोटा था मगर किसी आलीशान होटल से कम नहीं था !फिर मकान मालकिन मेरे रूम मैं आयी और कहा कैसा लगा कमरा मैंने कहा बहुत अच्छा है ! उन्होंने मुझे कहा की मैं हमेशा से यह कमरा किसी लड़के को देना चाहती थी !
Desi Bhabhi
मैं इस कमरे को किसी फॅमिली वाले को नहीं देना चाहती थी !मैंने कहा ऐसा क्यों तो उन्होंने मुझे बताया की उनका पति किसी कंपनी मैं जॉब करता था !जो की अब उन्होंने उसे तलाक दिया है !अब वो इस मकान मैं अकेली रहती है उनकी उम्र करीब 30 साल है दिखने मैं भी काफी खूबसूरत  है ! उनका फिगर भी अच्छा था 36 -30 -36 जो किसी भी लड़के या मर्द को अपनी और आकर्षित करता है ! मेरी उम्र 25 साल है मेरा लंड 7. 5 अब मेरा काम भी ठीक ठाक चल रहा था ! मुझे पोर्न मूवी देखने का बहुत !Comic Savita
indian bhabhi stories
Savita Stories
इंटरेस्टेड था !मैं हमेशा पोर्न मूवी देखकर मुठ मरता था !मुझे इससे बहुत मज़ा आता था  !मुझे काम के सिलसिले मैं 4 दिन के लिए दिल्ली जाना था !मैं फ्रेश होकर मैं दिल्ली के लिए निकला मैं भूल गया की आज मैंने पोर्न देखकर मुठ मारी थी जो की मेरे कपड़ो के ऊपर ही सारा माल निकाल दिया था !एक दिन मेरी मकान मालकिन मेरे कमरे को साफ़ करने गयी तो उसे मेरे पोर्न मूवी की सभी सीडी मिलगई और उसने वो सभी मूवी देखी अब वो शायद अपनी चूत मैं ऊँगली करने बाथरूम गयी थी वो जैसे ही बाथरूम मैं पहुंची उसकी आँखे फटी की फटी रह गयी उसने देखा की मैं धीरज के कपडे उसके लंड के पानी से भरे है ! लेकिन वो थोड़ा सा खुश हो गयी की अब उसे लगा की उसकी चूत की प्यास बुझाने वाले उसे मिल गया फिर गए होंगे ना उसने अपने हाथो से मेरे !!..
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कपडे धोये उसके ऊपर का सारा पानी साफ़ किया  जैसे ही मैं दिल्ली से लोटा तब मैंने देखा की मकान मालकिन की  आदते थोड़ी से चेंज हो गयी उनके बात करने का तरीका सब कुछ बदला था !  अब वो मुझे एक दम खुल कर बात कर रही थी उन्होंने मुझे पूछा की कैसा रहा दिल्ली का सफर तुम थक गए होंगे जाओ तुम फ्रेश हो कर आओ मैं तुम्हारे लिए कहना लगाती हु मैं परेशां होगया की आखिर इसे क्या होगया है जो मुझसे फिर जब मैं 
Savita Bhabhi Episode
बाथरूम गया तो देखा की मेरे कपडे वह नहीं थे फिर मैं फ्रेश होकर आअपने रूम मैं आया तो देखा के मेरे कपडे जो थे वो धोकर स्त्री कर के रखे हुए थे और मेरे पोर्न सीडी भी वह कमरे  मैं नहीं थे तब मैं समझ गया की इसने सब कुछ देख लिया है !फिर हम दोनों ने कहना खाया फिर मैं अपने कमरे मैं आया तो मकान मालकिन भी वहा आगयी और उन्होंने बिना किसी कुछ सोचे समझे मुझे अपने शारीरिक प्यास की प्रॉब्लम के बारे मैं बताने लगी जो वक काम करती थी !Savitha Comic
Sabhita Bhavi
वहा की सभी औरते इन्हें आंटी कह कर बुलाती थी और जो इनका बॉस था सभी खूबसूरत औरतों को अपने कॅबिन मैं बुलाकर उनकी जवानी का मज़ा लेता मुझे ये सब मेरे सामने होता है और मैं कुछ नहीं कर सकती मैं भी तो एक औरत हु मुझे भी हक़ है की मैं भी अपनी रातों को रंगीन करू मैं तो दस साल से लंड की प्यासी हु  तुम्हे देखकर मुझे ऐसा  मेरी भी कोई प्यास बुझाने वाला आया है और वो कपडे मैंने ही धोये थे क्या तू मेरी प्यास नहीं बुझओगे हमेशा अकेली बिस्तर पर सोती हु क्या मुझे हक़ नहीं है किसी मर्द के साथ रात गुजरने का मेरा भी मन करता  है की मैं भी अपनी फीलिंग किसी से शेयर कर क्या तुम मेरे साथ आज की रात गुजरोगे ऐसा कहकर वो सीधे मुझे किस करने लगी मैंने उशे बहुत मना किया लेकिन वो मुझे किस करती गयी !!
indian bhabhi sex stories
अब मैं भी गरम हो रहा था !  मैंने भी  उसे किस करना  शुरू किया वो  बहूत गरम थी क्योंकि उसके काफी टाइट थे वो तो मुझे ऐसे किस कर रही थी जैसे की वो आज तक सेक्स की प्यासी है मुझे ये सब देखकर और जोश आरहा था ! फिर मैंने उसका कुरता उतरा ओह माय गॉड क्या बॉब्स थे !उसके मैंने पहली बार उसके बॉब्स देख रहा था !उसने रेड कलर की ब्रा पहन राखी थी और फिर मैंने उसके बॉब्स को दबाना शुरू किया और उसकी ब्रा उतारी और बॉब्स को चूसने लगा अहाहह हाहाहा उमूमम मुमुमुम क्या मज़ा आरहा था उसके बॉब्स को चूसने मैं मनो आज मैंने दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी चीज को चूसा हो आज का दिन  बड़ा था आज मैंने पूनम को चोदने वाला था !इतने मैं पूनम ने मुझे पूरा नंगा कर दिया और मेरे लंड को मुँह मैं डालकर चूसने लगी !मुझे बहुत ज्यादा मज़ा आरहा था फिर मैंने उसको पूरा नंगा किया और उसकी पेंटी भी उतार दी !
Bhabhi Video
पूनम की चूत एकदम क्लीन शेव थी फिर मैंने उसकी चूत चाटना शुरू किया और फिंगरिंग भी की थोड़े समय बाद पूनम ने झड़ना शुरू कर दिया और पूनम की मुह से हहहह हहहह हहहहह आहाहा की आवाज आने लगी फिर पूनम बोली धीरज आई लव यू !आज से  मर्द हो और जब तुम चाहो जैसे चाहो जहा चाहो चोद सकते हो !
Hindisex Stories
 फिर मैंने पूनम को बेड पर लेटा दिया आह आह आह करके वो भी जोश  मैं आने लगी फिर मैंने उसके शरीर को ऊपर से निचे तक चाटने लगा !उसकी चूत के छेद मैं ऊँगली डालकर उसे चोद रहा था! पूनम बोली अब और मत तड़पाओ मेरी जान अब मुझे जल्दी से चोदो मैं बहुत प्यासी हु ! सुनकर मैं जोश मैं आगया फिर मैंने अपना लंड उसकी वो प्यासी चूत पर रखकर धकेलने लगा उसकी छूट किसी वर्जिन से काम नहीं थी इस वजह से पहले धक्के मैं मेरा लंड उसकी चुत  मैं नहीं जा सका ! अब पूनम मोन करने लगी अहहाहाहाहाहा अहहाहाहाह देखो धीरज मेरी चूत तुम्हारे लंड की कितनी प्यासी है !porn Stories
Saxy Storys
आओ ना उसकी प्यास बुझाओ मेरे राजा अब मुझे और कण्ट्रोल नहीं हो रहा था !आओ मुझे चोदो और मैंने तुरंत उसके होंठो पर होंठ रख दिए !फिर पूनम ने खुद अपने नाजुक हाथो से लंड को पकड़ा और अपनी प्यासी चूत पर रखा और कहा अब डालो अंदर जल्दी से मुझे रहा नहीं जा रहा ! मैंने भी बिना कुछ सोचे समझे एक जोर का झटका दिया और आधा लंड उसकी छूट को चीरते हुए घुसेड़ दिया। फिर मै उसे धीरे धीरे चोद रहा था !पूनम आहे भरने लगी आह आह आह मेरे राजा ऑऊहो आह ओह माय गॉड इस तरह से पता चल रहा था की पूनम को  आरहा था !उसे देखकर मुझे भी मज़ा आरहा था !Adult Stories
Errotic Stories
फिर पूनम बोली मेरे राजा और जोर से चोदो और जोर से मेरी बरसो की प्यास बुझाओ मैं भी अपनी स्पीड बढ़ाई उसे काफी दर्द हो रहा था !और मज़ा  आरहा था मेरे लंड को कुछ पानी सा लगा मैं समझ गे की पूनम झाड़ गयी लेकिन मैं नहीं रुक करीब 10 मीन तक ऐसा ही चला फिर मुझे लगा की मैं भी जहदने वाला हु तो  करके अपना सारा वीर्य  चूत मैं ही छोड़ दिया और उसके ऊपर ही मैं गिर गया करीब आधे घंटे के बाद मेरा लंड फिर से खड़ा हो गया फिर हम दोनों फिरसे चुदाई की  बहुत मज़ा दिया था पूनम ने उसदिन हम सुबह देर तक सोये हुए थे उसदिन संडे था !फिर मुझे बाद मैं पता लगा की पूनम मेरे पहचान के आदमी की पहली बीवी है और उन दोनों का तलाक हो चूका है उसे प्रेग्नेनसीय की प्रॉब्लम थी इसलिए पूनम ने उसे बिना बताये झगड़ा करके उससे तलाक लिया था ! इसका मतलब सुरक्षित था और मैं उसके साथ और भी ज्यादा संबंध बना सकता था !मैंने पूनम को नहीं बताया की मैं उसके पति को जनता हु !!!!!!........ Exotic Stories


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Chut Ka Paani

Ye kahani kalpanik hai and this is based on my fantasy. mera naam deepak hai aur main ek village main rahata hoon. Mere ghar main ek maa bhai aur bhabhi hai. Maa ki umar koi 47 saal ki hail main 20 saal ka hatta katta yuvak hoon. bhaiya ki umar 25 saal hai aur bhabhi ki 23 saal. Pahale hum sahar main rahate the aur goan ka kaam thekedar samhalata tha. par pitaji ki martyu ke baad hum pichale 1 saal se goan main hi aa gaye 
desi indian bhabhi stories
the. Bhaiya saher main naukari karte the aur weekend par aate the. hum logo ke pass kafi paisa tha aur ek car bhi thi aur kafi jameen jayadad. main 20 saal ka ho chuka tha aur pichale 6-7 saalo se muth maar kar gujara kar raha tha. mere pass pondiyon ka kafi accha collection tha. mujhe bhari badan ki aurtaien bahut pasand thi sayad yahi wajah thi ki mujhe badi umar ki aurtaien bhi pasand thi khas kar ke aurat ka bahri chootad par to main fida tha. aur mere ghar main to do do aurat jinke chootad bahut bhari the.
Bhabhi Stories

meri maa jo ki 47 ki ho chuki thi unaka fig koi 38dd 34 42 tha. choochiyan aur chootad bahut bhari the saath ki pet bhi nikala hua tha aur nabhi bahut gahari thi. babhi ka fig bhi kuch kam nahi tha 36d 30 40. Bahbhii bhi kafi bhari chootado ki malkin thi. jab se shadi ho kar aayi thi tab se unke chootado aur choochiyon main aur bhi ubhar aa rahaa tha. main to pure din maa aur bhabhi ke chootado ko hi nihara karta aur din main 4-5 
Desi Hindi
baar muth maar kar apana ras barbad kar deta tha. bhaiya ki shadi ko 2 saal ho chuke the par unke koi santan nahi thi. bhabi bahut hi acchi the aur mujhe bahut payar karti thi aur mera bahut khayal bhi rakhati thi. bhaiya weekend par aate aur bhaiya bhabhi kafi apana samaya apne kamare main hi bitate the. maa papa ki jaane se pahale to 
bahut rang birange kapade pahanti thi par papa ke baat kyonki goan main raha rahe the isliye jayadatar sari hi pahanti thi kabhi kabhi choli aur lahanga pahan leti thi par woh bhi ek dam seeda sadha. par choli lahange main maa ek dam gajab lagti thi. unki bhari bharkam choochiya uske andar sama hi nahi paati thi voh apani chunari se apnee vishl chatiyon ko chupane ke nakam kosih karti thi. aur unka chootad lahange ko phad kar bhar aane ko tayar rahata itna kasa hota tha unke chootado par.
Desi Bhabhi
voh 47 ki ho chuki thi par kyonki unhonone ghar main shuru se hi kafi mahenat ki thi isliye unke ange abhi deele nahi pade the aur unme ek kasav abhi bhi tha yahan tak choochiya bhi bahri thi par ek dam deele nahi hui the. unki choli main se jhankti hui kasi choochiyan ye saaf bayan karti thi. do itne khoobsurat auratien mere ghar main thi aur mujhe muth maar kar kaam chalana padta tha kabhi kabhi to mujhe bada ghusa 
Desi Stories
aata aur socha maa aur bhabhi ka raape kar do par man maar kar rah jata. Bhabhi bhi sehar ki padi thi par unhone apne aap ko goan main acche se dhal liya tha. sehar main to westerna style ke kapade pahanti thi par ab ghar main sirf saree ya ghaghara choli hi pahanti thi. par unke kapade maa ki tarah saade nahi hote the aur unke blouse ke cut bahut hi gahara hota tha jisse se unki 1/4 choochiya baahar jhankati thi aur usnki dono choochiya mil kar kya mast cut banati thi. aur vah lahenga nabhi ki neeche hi pahanti thi jusse unki gahari nabhi saaf dikhayi padati thi. jab vah ghaghar choli pahanti to chunari apane sar par rakhti thi jisse unki sari chati khuli rahati aur mujhe unke moti nukili chaatiyon ke darsah hote rahate jisse mera lund hamesha khada rahata.
indian bhabhi stories

main roj raat ko sone se pahale kareeb 2-3 gante mastram ki kitabien padata aur maa aur bhabhi ke naam ka muth marata. Din main main kheto main jata aur kam dekta kabhi wahan par bhi muth maar kar apane lund ki bhuk ko shant karta. meri bhabhi bahut hi nayi style ke bra panty pahan karti thi kabhi kabhi bhaiya ke saath shopping par sehar jati thi shayad tabhi wah ye mast bra panty le kar ati kyonki shopping cover se pata chal jata tha ki voh koi lingerie shop gayi thi. Ghar me maa apne kapad khud dhoti thi baki sabke kapade bhabhi dhoti thi. hum logo ke ghar ek bathroom tha usse me ek bade bartan main hum gande kapde rakte the bhabhi bhi apne aur kapado ke 
Savita Stories
alawa apni sexy bra panty bhi bartan main rakhti thi. ek baar main jab apne kapade dhulne ke liye dalane gaya to maine dekha ki bhabhi ki lal rang ki padded bra aur choti se panty bartan main padi thi. usse dekh kar to mera lund ek dam machal gaya. bhabhi ke badan par us bra aur panty ki kalpana se hi main uttejit ho gaya sochane laga ye bra kaise bhabhi ke badi choochiyon ko apne andar samati hogi aur ye kachi pahan kar to bhabhi ke chootad pure hi nange ho jate honge aur bhabhi kisi mast apsara se kam nahi lagengi. main bra aur panty ko apne hath main liye kya mulayam kapada tha ek sunder anchuyi aurat ke liye bani thi woh bra panty. panty ko main apani nak tak la kar shungha kya madmast mahek thi meree bhabhi ki choot ki. uski kachi par jahan choot hoti ke ek gahara nishan tha shayad bahbhi ki choot geeli ho gayi thi jab bhabhi ne wah panty pahani thi.
Comic Savita

maine apni naak puri bhabhi ki kachi par rakh kar sungane laga. mera lund ek dam lohe ke rod ki tarah khada ho gaya tha. ab mera rukna bahut muskil tha. main thodi der bhabhi ki panty sunghi aur phir bathroom se bahar jhankar dekha bahar koi nahi tha maine bhabhi ki bra panty apne short main chupayi aur apani kamare ki taraf chal diya. apne kamare main pahunch kar maine darwaja andar se band kar liya. aur bhabhi ki bra panty bahar nikal li. aur unki panty sunghane laga. jab main pahli baar unki panty ko sunga tha tab panty todi garam thi jaise abhi abhi kisi garam badan se utari ho. main bistar par let gaya aur bhabhi ki panty apane muh par rakh kar sungane laga. mera lund ab mere short main rahane ko bilkut tayaar nahi tha. main lund bahar nikal aur usse sahanale laga. bhabhi ki choot ki mahek me main kho sa gaya tha. maine apne lund ko bra ke dono cups se pakad liya. padded cup mere lund par chue to mujhe bada accha laga. Maine apane lund ko bra se kas kar pakad liya aur muth muth marne laga. bra main muth marane ka maja hi kuch aur tha. aisa lag raha tha jaise main bhabhi ke motee choochiya chod raha hoon aur saath hi saath unki panty se unki choot bhi chat raha hoon.
Stories Hindi

maine bhabhi ki choti se kachi ko chatana shuru kar diya aur bra main jor jor se muth marne laga. Jahan par bhabhi ki choot se gira ras laga tha main wohi bhag jor jor se chat raha thaa aur yeh sab karate hue bhabhi ke mote badan ko pura nanga sirf yeh bra panty main dekh raha tha. ab main jaldi se jaldi apna ras nikal dena chahata tha. main utta aur bistar ke neeche khada ho gaya. Bhabhi ki panty main apane chehare par pahen le jisse panty ka woh hissa jahan unki choot thi seedha mere naak par tha aur main jor jor se usko sungane laga. Ek hanth se main bhabhi ki bra pakadi aur dusari main apana moth 8 inch ka lund aur jor jor se muth marane laga. Main bhabhi ki bra ke cup ko apane ras se bhar dena chahata tha. main bahut hi jor jor se muth mar raha tha. todhi hi der main jhadne ke kareeb aa gaya or apana sara ras bhabhi ki bra ke dono cups main bhar diyaa. Bhabhi ki bra mere ras se bheeg gayi. apna pura ras nikal kar hi mujhe shanti mili. jab main bilkul shant ho gaya tab maine apna lund bhabhi ki panty se saaf kiya. mera man to nahi tha bhabhi ki panty ko wapas rakhne ka par man mar kar maine bra panty phir se apne short main rakhi aur bathroom main ja kar kapado ke beech chupa di aur wapas kar tayar hokar kheto ke liye nikal gaya.
Savita Bhabhi Episode

Jab main sham ko laut kar aaya to bathroom ke saare kapad dhul chuke the aur chat par sukh rahe the. bhabhi apni bra panty apane kapado ke neeche chupa kar phailati thi. bhabhi 3 jaodi bra panty sukh rahi thi. ek lal thi baki do safed thi. aur woh dono bhi ussi style ki thi. bhabhi bade hi sexy style ki bra panty pahanti thi. us din ke baat main bhabhi aur maa dono ke bra panty jab upar chat par sukti to ja kar dekta bhabhi bra panty hamesha mast style ki hoti par maa ki dam sadi safad cone shap ki aur panty pura chootad ko dhane wali. main maa ki bra panty bhi sungi par kyonki maa apni bra panty khud hi dhoti thi isliye unki bra panty main kabhi muth nahi mar saka. par bhabhi ki bra panty main main roj muth marta aur maje karta. bhabhi kapade 2-3 din main ek baar dhoti thi to unke 3-4 jodi bra panty jama ho jate the. to main raat ko bhi bhabhi ki bra panty room main le aata aur 3-4 baar muth mar kar apani garmi shant karta. aur subah hote hi bra panty wapas rakh deta. yeh silsila kuch dino tak chalta raha. phir ek din raat ko bhabhi ki kali bra panty me muth marne ke baad main apane takiye ke neech rakh kar so gaya. subah utha to peeshab lagi aur ja jaldi se bathroom main chala gaya. jab main wapas aaya to meri chai sirhane rakhi thi aur bhabhi ki bra panty takiye ke neeche se gayab thi.
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mujhe subah chai roj bhabhi deti thi. to mujhe laga bhabhi ne meri chori pakad li hai. main to bahut ghabra gaya ki ab kya kiya jaye. main jaldi se jaldi khet bhag jana chahata tha taki bhabhi se ankh na milane pade. main jaldi se nahaya aur khet jane ke liye tayaar hone laga. main kamare se bahar nikal raha tha ki maa ne awaj lagayi maine poocha ki kya hua to boli teri bhabhi rachna aunty ke yehan ja rahi hai unhone bulaya hai to tere nashta todi der main deti hoon. main bolo main khet jata hoon dopahar main hi khana kha lunga maa ne mana kiya aur boli apana nasta kar ke hi jana. ab to aur bhi duwidha thi to main apane kamare main hi baith gaya ki bhabhi se nazar na milani pade. todi der baad bhabhi chali gayi aur ghar par main aur maa hi rah gaye ab mujhe todi shanti hue. maa mere kamare main nashta lekar aayi. aaj maa kuch badali badali lag rahi thi. maa hamesha sade kapade hi pahanti thi. par aaj to maa ne apni ek purana choli ghaghra pahan rakha tha. voh toda chota ho gaya tha. jise se choli maa ke choochiyon par todi tight thi. maa ki choli ka rang bhi lal tha aur usse salma sitare jade the. bade dino baad maa ne yeh choli pahani thi. aur maa ne chunari apni choli par nahi balki sar par rakhi thi. choli ka cut gahara tha jisse maa ki motee motee choochiya bahar nikal kar aane ko tayar the aur choochiyon ke beech ek gahari khayi bana rahe the.
Sabhita Bhavi

maa ne apna lahanga bhi nabhi ke neeche pahana tha. maa todi moti thi aur jaisa ki main kaha mujhe bade umar ki moti aurtaien pasand hai to maa to mere liye ek dam apsara lag rahi thi. maa ki gahari nabhi mere jeebh ko bula rahi thi ki ghus ja nabhi ki gaharayi main. maa ne nasta la kar bagal ki maze par rakh diya. jsake liye woh mudi to unka mota hilta chootad mare ankho ke samne tha. jo ki maa ke ghaghere par chipka hua tha. maa bistar par mere bagal main baith gayi aur mujhe nashta diya aur main maa ki chatiyon aur pet ko ghurate hue nashta karne laga. jab nashta khatm hone wala tha to maa ne apni cholit main hant dal kar kuch bahar nikala aur pucha lalla ye kya hai mujhe aaj tere bistar par mila. maa ki hant main bhabhi ki choti se kali kachi thi jo kal raat maine muth marne ke liye use kari thi. meri to anke phati ki phati rah gayi. iska matlab aaj subah chai dene maa kamare main aayi thi bhabhi nahi. mujhse kuch bole nahi bana main bahut ghabra gaya ki aaj to maa mujhe bahut maregi aur meri khal udeh degi. maa mere chehare ko dekh kar boli ye to teri bhabhi ki kachi hai ye tere kamare main kya kar rahi hai lal mere. ab maine maa ko sach batana ki theek samaja aur socha maa se mafi mang loon kyonki maa ko sab pata chal gaya tha. shayad maa maaf kar de.

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maa main bhabhi ki panty bathroom se le kar aaya tha. maa mujhse bahut badi bhool ho gayi ab main isko kabhi hath nahi lagaunga maa mujhe maaf kar do maa. tujhe apni bhabhi ko es nazar se dekta hai aur uski bra panty ko iss kaam ki liye use karta hai bol. mujhe maaf kar do maa ab aisa nahi hoga please maa. main maa se ankh nahi mila paa raha tha. aaj jab subhah main tere ko chai dene aayi kyonki teri bhabhi ko kuch kaam tha tab maine tere bistar par ye teri bhabhi ki bra panty aur kuch kitabien rakhi hui payi unko dekh kar mujhe ahasah hua ke mera beta jawan ho gaya aur uski bhi kuch umange hai khet main kaam karane ke alawa aur uske sharee ki bhi kuch icchayeien hain jo har ek jawan ladke hi hoti hai jo woh apne papa ke na hone ke wajah se pura nahi kar pa raha hai aur jo kaam( kheto ki dekhbhal) uske papa ko karna chaiye tha wah woh kar raha hai aur apni jawanee ki iccha ko daba raha hai. maa ke ye shab sunte hi main to ekdam sakte main aa gaya ki maa kya kaha rahi hai aur maa ki taraf dekne laga. haan mere lalla aaj mujhe pata chala mera bete ki jawani kitni tadap rahi hai. tu agar abhi saher main hota to apni girl friend bana kar uske saath sambhog kar ke apni garmi ko shat karta par tujhe yahan apne kheto main kaam karna pad raha hai.
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maine bhi aaj soch liya beta kyonki tujhe apne papa ke kaam sambhalne pad rahe hai to tu unka ek aur kaam ko pura kar kah kar maa mere or dekne lagi. maine achraz se poocha woh kya maa. tere papa ka ek farz apni patni yani ki teri maa ki taraf bhi hai woh yeh ke apni patni ke jism ki bhook ko shant karna aur mera farz tha apne pati ke jism ki bhook ko shant karna. Jab tune apne papa ke baki kaam sambhal liye hai to aaj se tu yeh kaam bhi karege apnie maa ki jism ki garmi tu shant karega aur ye teri maa bhi tujhe apna pati maan kar tere saath sambhog karegi. maa ki baat sun kar to main hakabaka raha gaya. Na jane kitni baar sapne me maine maa ko chodne ke bare main socha tha aur aaj maa khud kha rahi thi main usko chodu aur uske sath chudai karu. maa tum ye kya kah rahi hoo. sach hi to kah rahi hoo beta mere jism main bhi aag lagti hai usko bhujhane wala to koi chahiye aur apne bete se accha payar karne wala kisi ko aur kaun mil sakta hai. sach maa tum sac kah rahi hoo main tumko chod sakta hoon tumhari choot main apna lund dal kar usko chod sakta hoon. main itna uttejit ho gaya ki ek baar main sab kuch bol gaya. maa mujhe dekh kar muskurayi beta teri maa ka to bhosda hai haan par tu mera bhosda chod sakta hai or mere gharbh main virye gira kar mujhe gharbhwati kar de
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mera lund maa ki baat sun kar ek dam tanna gaya. maa main jane kab se tumko chodne ke socha karta tha tum to mere liye kisi apsara se kam nahi ho na jane kitne baar maine tumhare bare main soch kar muth mari hai tumharee motee choochiyan aur tumhare mote chootado ko pyar karne ki kalpana se hi mere lund lohe ki tarah khada ho jata hai. haan beta main kai baar tujhe meri chati aur pichwada ghurte hue dekha hai mera bhi man karta tha tujhse chudwane ka par ab tak main man daba kar rah rahi thi. par aaj jab tere bistar par mastaram ki kitab dekhi to apne kamare main le gayi padane ke liye aur usko padh kar itne garmi chadi ki apne ko rok hi nahi paayi. tabhi main soch liya tha aaj maa beta ka milan ho kar rahega isliye to teri bhabhi ko rachna ke yahan beja taki humko pura mauka mil sake maje karne ka aaj sham tak teri bhabhi ghar nahi aane wali to apne pass pura din hai chudayi karne ke liye. vaise main teri bhabhi jitne sexy to nahi hoo par tujhe pura maja dungi. kya maa mujhe tumhare jaise moti aurat hi pasand hai meri nazar main tum bhabhi se jayada sexy ho jayda bharpoor badan wali ho jo mujhe pasand hai. theek hai lal mere jaise tu kahe.
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tune kabhi kisi aurat ke saath kuch kiya hai. nahi maa main aaj tak kisi aurat ko nahi bhoga yahan tak ki nanga bhi nahi dekha. haye to aaj bhog apni sagi maa ko aur nanga bhi dekh. par usse pahale apne kapde utar kar nanga ho ja main bhi to dekhu mere lal ka lal lal lund kitna mota aur lamba hai. ohh maa tum to kitna khul kar lund aur choot bol rahi ho mujhe to bahut maja aa raha hai tumhare muh se ye sabdh sun kar apnee kameez utarte hue main bolo. beta chudai main koi sharm nahi karni chahiye tabi tum pura maja le sakte hoo. tab maine apne kapade utar kar pura nanga ho gaya. main bistar ke neech maa ke samne khada tha maa bistar par baite thi aur mera lund ek dam maa 
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ke chehare ke samane tha jo maa ki khubsurati ko mast kapado main band dekh kar tan kar ek dam mota ho gaya tha. diya re kya mota lund hai tera beta itna bada aur mota lund to main aaj tak nahi dekha. 8 inch lamba hai maa bahut mota hai meri choot ko to jaroor maja aayega tere lund se chuda kar. Maa tum kya kai lundo se chuda chuki ho. haan beta main shadi se pahale badi chuddakad aurat thi aur kai lund ghonte hai maine apnee choot main. aur tera lund ab tak ka sabse bada lund dekha main main. kah kar maa apne mulayam hanto se mere lund ko sahalane lagee. mera lund tan kar kahada hone laga. Kitana pyara lund ke mere lal ka aur supada to dekho kya mota lal tamatar jaisa. kah kar maa ne mere lund par choom liya. aaj tujhe khet main jane ki koi jaroorat nahi aaj tu maa ko chod kar apne pitaji ka farz pura kar.

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theek hai maa jaisa aap kaho. maa mere lund ko jor se sahale hue muth mar rahi thi. maa ne abhi tak kapade pahan rakhe the aur meree nazar unko motee choochiyon par tha. maa ne apna muh khol kar mera lund muh main bhar liya aur apni jeebh mere supade par phirane lage. main to ek dam swarg main pahunch gaya. maa mast hokar mera supad ko choose rahi thi abhi sirf mera supada hi maa ke muh ke andar tha. mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha koi pahale baar mera lund choose raha tha. phir acchi tarah se mere supade ko choosne ke baad maa ne lund muh se bahar nikala. mera 

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supada maa ke thook se chamak raha tha. maa nikal kyon diya bahut maza aa raha tha. arre beta maja to tab aayega jab tere lund meree choot main ghusega chal ab main tujhe apna badan dikhati hoon nanga badan dekhne ko lalayit hai na. bol haan main theek hai le mere choli ke button khol jara. maa ke choli ke button aage se main apne kampte hanto se uske button kholne laga. mere hant maa ke gudaj choochiyon se takra rahe the. bada accha lag raha tha mujhe. main choli ke button khol diya aur choli ekdam khul gayi. maa ki badi gudaj choochiya bhabhi ki kali bra main kaide thi jisspar rat main maine muth mari thi. vah bra bahut hi tight thi maa ke upar badi muskil se bandi lag rahi thi. jaise choochiyon ke jor se abhi khul jayegi.
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woh nazara dekh kar to mera man machal utta. maine maa ko choli utarne ko kaha aur maa ne jhat se choli utar di. aur maa ki choochiya mere samane thi. voh bhabhi ki us choti se bra main bilkul nahi sama rahi thi aur bahar nikalne ko tayar thi. maa ke nipples bhi kade ho gaye the aur bra main ched karne ke koshih kar rahe the. maine apne hath maa ki gol choochiyon par rakhe aur dheere se unko sahalne laga. bade hi payar se. hye bade dino baad kisi mard ka hant meree choochiyon par laga hai bada accha lag raha hai. beta itne payar se kyon khel raha hai choochi to behrami se masalane ke liye banayi gayi jara khul ke khel tere maa ko teri koi bhi harkat par koi ateraz nahi hai jaise chahe khel apni maa ke badan se. tera pura hauq hai mere badan 
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par. main maa ke choochiya apne hath lekar dheere se dabane laga. aur dheere dheere main apne hanto ko dawab choochiyon par bada diya aur mere jor se dabane se maa ki muh se karah nikalne lagi maa apne honto ko katilana dhang se daba kar apne masti ko jahir kar rahi thi. maa ke nipples bhi unke motee choochiyon ki tarah badee thi jo ab tan kar khadi ho gayi thi main kabhi bra ki upar se unki nipples bhi masal deta. maa ab mujhe nahi raha jaa raha ab to mujhe apnee choochiyon ke darshan karao. utar de beta meri bra main kab mana kiya hai. main maa ki bra ka hook khol kar utar di. maa ne khud hi usko apne nange badan se alag kar diya.

ab maa ki mast gol matol choochiya bilkul nangi mere samne thi aur main ankho se uska ras pan kar raha tha. main apna hath phir se ek choochi par rakha aur masalne laga. Dusari choochi ke nipple par main apna muh laga diya aur choosna shuru kar diya. maa ki halat choochi choosne se kharab hone lagi. maa ko bahut dino baad kisi mard ka saath naseeb hua tha. main jor jor se maa ki nipples choosne laga aur puri berahami se dusari choochi masalne laga. maa ki halat bahu kharab ho gayi aur ab main bistar let gayi aur main maa ke bagal main baith kar choochi masalte hue dusari choochi choosne laga. todi der maja lene ke baad main dusari choochi ka maja lena 

chahata tha to main maa ke pet ke dono aur pair karke unki choochiyon par jhuk gaya aur dusari choochi chusne laga aur jise pahale choose raha tha use masalne laga. maa masti main apna sar patak rahi thi aur mere sar ko apani choochi par daba rahi thi. mera mast mota lund latak kar maa ki nabhi se ragad kha raha tha aur maa ki nabhi ko apne lund ras se geela kar raha tha. oh beta tu kya mast choochi choosta hai lagata hai mastram ki kitaboo se bahu acchi siksha grahan kari hai. bada maja aa raha hai chooswane main aur jor se masal in nigodiyon ko bada pareshan karti hai saali mujhe. main tab tak maa ki choochi choosta aur mastalta raha jab tak woh mere thook se puri tarah san nahi gayi.

maa ab mujhe apnee choot aur chootad ke darshan do ab mujhe nahi raha jaa raha dekho mera lund kaise tan kar choot main ghusne ko tayar hai. beta teree aaj pahali chudayi hai na isliye tu itna utawala ho raha hai. par chudayi ka maja to der tak aurat ke badan ka pura maja lene ke baad choot chodne main hai. jab to choot puri geeli hokar ras na bahane lage chudayi ka maja nahi aata na mard ko na aurat ko. theek hai maa jaisa tum bologi main waisa karunga. chal ab main tujhko apne pure nange badan ke darshan karati hoon. kah kar maa uth kar khadi ho gayi aur apne ghaghra ka nada khol diya aur ghoom kar apani nangee peeth dikhane lagi. phir ek dam se maa ne apana ghaghar chod diya aur woh jameen par gir gaya. maa ke vishal chootad meri anko ke samne the unko dekh kar mere lund ka ras nikalte nikalte bacha. kya gol gol chootad 

the maa ke maas se bhare masalane wale. aur mast gand ki darar mere ko aur bhi uttejit kar rahi thi. maa ne peeche ghum kar dekha kaise laga apna maal mere lal. maa mast main to shab main bayan hi nahi kar sakta. main uth kar maa ke peeche ghutno ke bal baith gaya aur maa ke chootado par chumbano ki barsaat kar di. maa main to tumhare chootado ka ashiq ho gaya. ab to pata nahi main inke bina kabhi rah paunga ki nahi. main jor jor se maa ke chootad masalte hue choomne laga. todi der baad maa boli choot darshan nahi karne hai kya beta. maa ki baat sun kar mujhe hosh aayaa. haan maa karne hai. main phir se bistar par baith gaya.

maa ghum kar khadi ho gayi. maa ke choot mee anko ke samane thi. maa ne apni tange thodi chaudi kar li thi. maa ki choot jhanto se bhari hui thi. bahut hi lambe kale baal the maa ki choot par ghunghrale. pura balo ka ghucha tha. jisse choot neeche chupi hui thi. kyonki maa ne tange khol li thi islye choot ki phank neeche dikhayi de rahi thi. maa kya mast choot hai tumhari aur kya bade lambe baal hai tumhari choot par. hye re mere lal tujhe pasand hai maa ke ye lambe ghane choot ke baal. dekh meree bagal ke baal bhi kitne bade hai. kah kar maa ne apne hanth upar kar liye aur unke bagal ke baal saaf nazar aane lage. wow maa tum to kisi apsara se bhi sundar ho. main bahut khush hoon mere lal ki tujhe mere baal pasand aaye nahi to mujhe apne bete ke liye apne baal saaf karne padte aaj kal ke mardo ko safachat choot pasand hai aur agar tujhe bhi safachat choot pasand hoti to main apni jhante saaf kar leti par mujhe bahut dukh hota kyonki teree maa ne aaj tak kabhi bhi apnee jhant aur bagal ke baal nahi banaye ye mere 30

barash ki mehanat ki kheti hai. maa tere bete ko bhi tera balo se bhara badan pasand hai par mjuhe hanth or pair ek dam chikne chahiye. haan beta woh to teri maa bhi bilkul chikne rakhti hai. aao maa jara mujhe apne jam sthan ke darshan to kar lene do. aaj mujhe apne jam sthan ki pooja karni hai.

aise nahi beta main bistar par tang khol kar letati hoon aur apni choot puri khol kar tujhe tere jam sthan ke darshan karungi. theek hai maa. maa apne vishal chootad hilate hue bistar tak aayi aur bistar par let gayi. aur apnee tange chaudi kar le aur khud apne hant se apni choot khol kar let gayi. maa ke moti moti mansal jangho ke beech chupi jhanto bhari choti se choot mujhe bahut bha gayi. maa ne khud choot ki phank pakad kar choot khol rakhi thi. kya mast nazara tha. lal lal geele choot maa ke choot ras se sarabore. maa tumhari choot to ek dam geeli ho gayi hai. haan beta tune meree choochi ka itne der tak choochi mardan kiya hai to choot ko to geele hona hi tha. aurat ki choot aur choochi apas main connected hai aur jab choochi mardan hota hai to choot geeli ho jati hai. aur jitne jayada aurat ki choot geele hoti hai aurat ko utna hi maja aata hai and woh purrnd roop se santusth hoti hai. Jo mard aurat ko pura santusth karta hai aurat us mard ki gulam ho jati hai aur uske lund ko kabhi nah bhulti. main bhi tujhe chudayi ke yeh gund sikhana chahati hoon taki ek baar koi aurat tujhse chud le to kabhi dubara mana nahi kare.

ohh maa kya gyan diya hai tumne main tumko santusth karne ke puri kosish karunga. theek hai beta dekh maa ki choot kaisi lal lal hai aur upar ye jo dana dekh raha hai na yes choot ke switch hai iske ragadne se hi aurat ko maja atta hai. chal ab jara meree choot se bhi khel thoda garm kar apni maa ko ungali kar choot chat choot ka dana kat kuch kar madarchod kutte bahut garmi chad rahi hai teri maa ko kuch kar maa ke laude. maa ke muh se gali sun kar mera badan to ek dam jhanjhana utta kya mast aurat thi meri maa. main maa ke hant choot se hataye aur ek hath se choot ke dwar khol kar uski choot main ungali chalane laga. phir maine apni ungali choot ke dane par rakhi aur dana ragadne laga. dana ragadte hi maa ne apne chootad hilane shuru kar diye. voh apne chootad gol gol ghuma rahi thi. main ek ugali maa ke choot main ghusa di meri ungali aadhi andar ghus gayi mujhe aisa lage ki maine bhatti main hanth de diya ho. kya garam choot thi maa ki. shayad bahut dino se unki garmi shant nahi hui thi aaj main usko shant karne wala tha. main jor jor se maa ki choot ungali se chodne laga saath hi choot ke dane ko bhi ragad raha tha. maa jor jor se apne chootad uchal rahi thi. ab meri puri ungali choot ke andar ja rahi thi aur maa ki choot bahut ras phenk rahi thi. main phir 2 ungali choot main ghusa di aur jor jor se maa ki choot ka dana dabate hue choot chodne laga.

maa ki ankhe band thi maa ko iss waqt bahut maza aa rahaa tha. maa bahut galiyan bak rahi thi aur jor jor se choot marne ko kah rahi thi. maa ab jhade ne bilkul kareeb aa chuki thi maa ke sanse tej chal rahi thi aur chootad bistar ke upar tak uchal rahe the jaise pura hanth choot ke andar le lengi. main puri takat se choot chodta raha tabhi maa ka badan ek dam se kada hua aur maa ke ras ki dhar bah nikali maa ki sanse jaise ruk gayi. maa bahut hi jabardash tareeke se jhad rahi thi. mera pura hanth maa ke ras se beegh gaya. unki choot ne meri ungaliyon ko apni choot main hi jakad liya tha. todi der baad maa shant ho gayi. aur maa ka badan deela padh gaya aur unki choot ne meri ungaliyan chod di. main apni ungali choot se nikali aur apne hant main laga choot ras chatne laga. bahut ki madak ras tha woh mera lund to phatne ko tayaar tha. maa mujhe apna ras chate hue dekh rahi thi. aur ab bilkul shant lag rahi thi. maine maa ka sara ras chat kar pee liya. kaisa tha choot ras beta bade dino baad meri choot se ras bahaya hai. bahut ghada ras hai maa tumhari choot ka maja aa gaya pee kar. ab maa kabhi bhi apna ras barbad mat karna main roj tumhara ras peeunga. theek hai beta mera ras aaj se tere liye hai khoob peena choot ras peene se mard ke lund ko takat milti hai. aur lund jawan bana rahata hai.

Theek hai maa tab to main tumhari choot khoob chatunga aur ras peeungi jisse mere lund hamesha jawan bana rahe. chal beta ab chaat na mere choot phir se. dekh kitni geele ho chuki hai chat na mere lal. meri choot bahut bhuki hai kyi dino se iska pani nahi nikal hai aaj to nikal na pani. maine maa ke moti jangho ko aur khol diya jisse mujhe choot ekdam saaf dikhaye dene lage. phir maine maa ki mansal janghe masalane laga main choot ko nihar bhi raha tha. maa ki choot choosne se pahale main maa ko toda garam kar raha tha. jhanghe masalne ke baad main unko choomne laga. ab maa ki halat kharab hone lage. maa ki pyasi choot khul hui thi. maine maa ki choot ka ek chumban liya. maa ke muh se ahh nikal gayi. main apnee jeebh maa ke choot par phirani shuru kar de. gol gol meri khuduri jeebh ki ragadahat se maa machal utti aur chootad utta kar apnee choot mere muh par lagane lagi. main maa ki choot muh main bhar lee aur jor jor se choosne laga. maa bahut mast ho rahi thi aur apne nipples apne hath se khud hi masalte hue choot chusayi ka maja le rahi the. choot ko chooste hue main kabhi kabhi apne lund ko bhi masal deta jo ki lamba seedha khada tha. aur uske supade bhi geela ho raha tha. maa mast hokar choot chatayi ka maza le rahi thi. main apne jeeb ki nok maa ke choot ka ched par rakhi. aur apnee jeebh maa ke choot ke andar phirane laga. sath hi maa ka choot ras bhi peene laga. maa ne khud ke apne chootad uchal kar meree jeebh aur jayada se jayada apnee choot main leni shuru kar di. maa ki choot meree jeebh se chudane lagi aur maine bhi maa ki choot ka dana apne unguthe se dabane laga aur jor jor se maa ki choot chodane laga.

maa pure jor se apnee choot meree jeebh par maar rahi thi maa bahut hi payasi thi aur aaj itne dino baad unko kisi mard ka saath mila tha aur woh uska bharpur maja lena chahati thi. main apnee jeebh ki kadi karake rakha tha jisse asani se maa apni choot jeebh se chod sake. thodi der baad mere jeebh main dard hone laga aur main maa ki jhange pakad kar maa ke chootado ke dhakko ko roka. beta rok kyon liya bada maja aa raha tha. maa ab main tumhari choot chatunga aur apni ungaliyon se choodunga. chod beta jaldi kar mere to pure badan main aag lagi hai ab bhujha isko jaldi laude jaldi kar. main phir se maa ki choot ke dane ko muh main bhar kar jeebh se chaatane laga aur maa ki choot main ungali ghusa kar chodane laga phale ek ungali se chod raha tha phir 2 ungali ghusa di. aur puri takat se puri ungali andar ghusa kar chod raha tha jabardast. maa bhi machal rahi thi aur phir ek baar jhade ko aa gayi thi. main bhi soch liya tha maa ko trapt karke maa ko apna bana lunga taki aage maa ki madad se aur bhi aurtaien chod saku. meri is harkat se maa to sar patak patak kar jor se chilate hue gali bakne lagi aur mujhe kas se choosane ko kahane lagee. maine bhi josh main 3 ungaliyan choot main ghusa kar jor se maa ko chodna shuru kar diya aur choot ke dane ko choosne laga. maa machal gayi aur apnee janghoo se mere sar ko kas ke pakad liya aur apne hath se mere sar ko choot par daba diya. phir ek dam se maa ka badan kada ho gaya aur maa ki masti ka phaware nikal pada maa apne badan ko jhatke dete hue jor jor se jhadne lagee meraa pura hath maa ke ras se geela ho gaya. maa ne mera sar kas ke choot par daba rakha tha aur pura ras bahane ke baad hi unhone mera sar choda.

beta maja aa gaya bahut hi accha choosa tune maja aa gaya. koi bhi aurat tujhse choosa kar khush hogi. yahan tak ki samlengik aurat ko bhi tujhse choosane main maja aayega bahut hi payar se choosta hai tu choot. phir maine apna hath jo maa se ras se san gaya thaa chaat kar saaf kiya. maa ye najara dekh kar phir se garam hone lagi maa to aaj aise vayavhaar kar rahi thi jaise janmo ki pyasi hoo. aur kuch bhi ganda dekh kar maa ki masti badh jati. jab tak maine apna hath chat kar saaf kiya maa ke ankhon main phir se vasana bhar chuki thi. nipples abhi bhi ek dam kade the. kya maal thi meri maa bhi jannat ki apsara se bhi sundar. do baar jhadne ke baad meri choot phir se garam ho gayi mere lal. hay teri maa ko puri chinal hai beta ab se tujhe hi meri garmi mitani hai. theek hai maa main chod kar tumhari garmi jhada deta hoon. nahi beta abhi nahi. abhi aur choose itna choose ki teree maa nidhal ho jaaye phir jabadast chodna tujhe bada maja aayega. meri choot ek dam geele ho jayege to tera lund ek dum asani se utar jayega meri choot main. khub mast phislega meree choot main dekhna tujhe bahut maja aayega maha geele choot chodane main.
theek hai maa main phir se choose deta hoon tumhari choot. agar tum kahati ho geele choot chodane ka maja hi alag hai to main tumhari baat maan leta hoon. ohh tu kitna payara baccha hai maa ka kitna khayal rakhata hai. teri maa ko choot chatana bahut pasand hai mere lal chudane se bhi jayada aur maa tujhe bhi bahut bada choot chatoora banayegi dekna saare goan main tera naam hoga choot chatora aur saari auratien tujhse choot chatwanyengi. main maa ki baat sun kar masti main gangana utta. sach bolo maa kya tum goan ki auraton ki choot dilwaogi mujhe. haan beta jaroor dilwaungi. mere lal ko to goan hi kya apne ghar ki auraton ki bhi choot dilwaungi bas mujhe isse tarah trapt karta rahe beta ye mera vada hai ki tujhe nayi chooto ki kami nahi hone dungi. kya mast lund hai kamal hai. maa ki baat sun kar main josh me aa gaya aur jhuk kar phir se choot chatne ko bada. nahi beta ab dusare tareeke se choot chatwaungi. chal ab 69 karate hai tu meree choot choose aur main tera lauda choosungi. theek hai. wow maa bahut acche mera lauda bhi kisi ched main jane ko betab hai tumhara muh hi sahi. aaja beta tu maa ke sar ke dono aur apne ghutane jama kar mere badan par jhuk kar meri choot chat aur main tera lauda mooh main dal kar choosti hoon. bade din ho gaye koi mota lund choose hue.

maine maa ki choot ko akhari baar choom kar bistar se utar gaya. maa ne paas main pada takiya lekar apne sar ke neeche rakh liya. aur boli beta mere chootado ke neeche bhi ek takiya rakh de jisse meree choot upar uthe jaaye aur tu aasane se meri choot choose sake. maine takiya uthaya aur maa ne khud apne chootad utha diye jisse maine takiya chootad ke neeche laga diya. phir maa ke sare ke dono aur apne ghutane jamaye aur aage maa ke badan par jhuk gaya. mera lauda latak kar theek maa ke chehare ke samane aa gaya. masti main mera lund pendulam ki tarah hil raha tha aur meri tatte ras se bhar kar phool gaye the. main maa ke tango ke beech aa gaya aur maa ke tange phaila kar apna muh maa ki choot main ghusa diya. phale maa ki choot ko chuma aur phir muh main bhar kar jor jor se choosne laga. maa ne mera latakta lund apne hath main pakad kar sahalane lagi. phir apne mulyam hantho main lekar maa ne mere lund ke supade ka ek chuma le liye apne raseele honto se. phir apne jeebh nikal kar mere lund ke supade par phirane lagi. mmmm mast swad hai beta tere lund ka dekh mujhe nangi dekh kar kaise machal raha hai madarchod. par bada hi payara lauda hai choosne main maja aayega.

maa apnee jeebh phir kar mere lund ke supade ko geela karne lagi. thok to jeebh me lekar mere supade par laga deti. jab mera lund acchi tarah se geela ho gaya to maa ne apni gulab ki pnkhudi jaise hont khol kar mere lund ka supada muh main bhar liya. supada muh main lete hi mera pura badan masti main sihar gaya. maa ne payar se mere lund ka supada choosna shuru kar diya. lund muh main jate hi main bhi dugane josh se maa ki choot chatne laga. maa bhi ab phir se garam ho gayi thi aur apne chootad hila kar apnee choot chuswa rahi thi aur main bhi pura man laga kar unka saath de raha tha. maa mere lund ko bahut acchi tarah se garam kar dena chahati thi taki main jabardast tareeke se usko chodu. mere supade ko geela karne ke baad maa ne dheere dheere mere lund ko apne muh ke andar lena shuru kar diya. toda lund andar leti usko choose kar thook se geela karti aur phir thoda aur ander le leti. aise mere lund maa ke halak tak phunch gaya par abhi bhi kareeb mere 3 inch lund maa ke honto ke bahar tha. par maa bhi bahut kheli khayi aurat thi. usne mera lund dheere se apne gale main utarna shuru kar diya. jaise hi supada gale main utra mujhe laga kisi se mere lund ko kas ke mutti main jakad liya ho. bahut masti chadi mujhe maine apne muh maa ki choot main ghusa diya. meree nak maa ki geeli khuli choot main ghus gayi aur main jeebh ki nok se choot ka dana chatne laga.

maa bhi mera lund muh main lene se bahut uttejit ho chuki thi usne apne pair upar uta kar mere sar ko apne dono pairo ki bhari mansal jangho me jakad liya jisse merea muh aur choot main ghus gaya aur mere nak puri geeli choot main ghus gayi. maa apne chootad uchal kar meree nak se apani choot chodane lagi. main bhi muh se sans lete hue maa ki choot jeebh se chat raha tha mujhe bhi apni nak se maa ki choot chodane main bada maja aa raha tha. maa ne mera pura lund apne muh main ghusa liya aur phir mere chootad apne hanth se pakad kar hilane lagi. jaise mujhe apna muh mere lund se chodane ko kah rahi hoo. main bhi apne chootad hila kar maa ka muh choodna shuru kar diya. gale main lund utarta to bada maja aata. maa apne thook ka istmal kar rahi thi jisse mera lund asani se uske halak ke neeche utar sake. maa ka muh choodate hue main dugane utsaha ke saat maa ki choot chatne laga. uske choot ke dane ko muh me bhar kar choosta jeebh se ragadta aur kabhi to danto se kat bhi leta. maa bhi jor jor se chootad uchal kar apni khusi ka ijahar kar rahi thi. maa phir se apni garmi nikalne wali thi. jisse tarah se unke muh se ghoo ghoo awaj rahi thi lagta tha abhi jhad jayengi. unke motee choochiyon ke nipples ek dam kade ho gaye the jo mere pet se takra rahe the.

main bhi ab maa ke muh ko jor se chodna shuru kar diya tha. maa ne apne hath mere chootado se hataye aur mere sar ko kas ke choot par dabate hue jor se apne chootad uchalne lagi. unka badan puri tarah se kamp raha tha maa kabhi bhi jhad sakti thi. tabhi maa ka badan ek dam se akad gaya maa ne ek hath se mere chootad ko apne muh par daba liya aur dusare se mere muh ko aur maa jhadne lagi meree naak maa se ras se bheeg uti. main apnee nak choot se nikal kar choot ko muh main bhar liya mere pura lund maa ke gale ki gaharayi main utar chuka tha. maa to jaise jannat ki sair kar rahi thi. phir dheere maa ka shareer deela pada gaya aur maa ne mera sar apni jhango ki kaid se azad kar diya. aur mere chootad ko bhi chod diya aur nidal ho kar pad gayi. vah itni jor se jhadi thi ki kuch der tak to usko hosh hi nahi raha. par phir maa ne mere chootad sahalate hue mera lund apne gale se nikal diya. mera lund puri tarah se maa ki thok se san chuka tha aur maa ki choota ek dam unke ras se. main uth kar maa ke sirhane baith gaya. maa jab thda shan huyi to boli maja aa gaya tere lund to pura musal hai itni gaharayi tak koi bhi lund mere gale main nahi utara jitna tune utara. dekh kaise chamak raha hai thook main. maa tumhari kasili choot bhi bahut acchi hai mujhe isko choosne main bada maja aaya. beta tune bhi bahut mehant kari meree choot jhadane main chal ab tujhe inam dene ka waqt aa gaya hai.

maa ki choot chodna chahata tha na tu. mardarchod banna hai na tujhe mere lal jahan se paida hua wahi apna lund ghusa kar chodega bol na mere lalla. haa maa mujhe tumko chodana hai mardarchod banana hai mujhe bolo chodne dogi na mujhe mere janm sthan ko. haa beta jaroor or vaise bhi aaj se main tujhe apna pati mana hai to pati ki iccha puri karna patni ka farz hai aur teri patni is farz ho jaroor pura karegi. or tu aaj se mujhe maa kahana chod de akele main tu mujhe mere naam se bulaya kar nirmala. samajha tera pura haq hai mujh par. theek hai nirmala ab mera lund dekho kaise choot ke liye tadap raha hai kuch karo na nirmala apne pati ke lund ko tumhari choot ki chah hai. theek hai beta main apni tang khol kar leti hoon tu chod le aur ban ja madarchod. main khisak kar maa ki tango ke beech aa gaya. maa ne ek aur takiya apne chootado ke neeche rakh liya maa ki choot ubhar kar aur samne aa gayi. main apna mota lund liya aur maa ki choot ke muh par laga diya. maa ne mujhe apne upar chadne ko kaha aur main chad gaya. maa ne apne hantho se mere lund ko pakad kar apni choot ke ched par laga diya aur boli jab apki patni hai to main hi apka lund hamesha choot par rakhungi chaliye mariye dhakka ab ghusa dijiye apna musal meri choot main mere malik.

maa ki baat sun kar main josh main aa gaya aur maine ek jordar dhaka mara. maa ki choot khub choose jane se puri tarah se geeli ho gayi thi mere dhaka marate hi pura supade sahit mere lund kareeb 3 inch andar ghus gaya. maa bahut dino se chudi nahi thi isliye unki choot phir se sikud gayi thi aur unki choot ne mere lund ko kas kar apni giraft main pakad liya. hai re beta kya jor ka dhakaa mara hai aap ka lund to musal hai mere swami aaj to aisa laga ki pahli bar lund le rahi hoon choot main. meri jaan meri to ye pehali hi choot hai aur kya mast garm choot mili hai mujhe apne janm sthan ko hi chod raha hoon main kah kar agala dhaka aur jor se mara jisse mera 7 inch lund andar ghus gaya ab bas 1 inch lund hi choot se bahar tha. mere karare dhakke ko kha kar maa ek dam uchal padi hai se phad di meri choot kya jordar lund hai apka to maja aa gaya. maa ne apnee tange upar utha kar meree kamar par lapet li aur apne pairo ki aidee se mere chootado par laga kar mere lund ko aur andar lene ki khosih karne lagi. ab to maa ne mujhe pura tarah se apne se chipka liyaa tha main apna muh maa ki gardan main ghusa kar apne badan ka pura bhar maa par dal diya. jisse meri chati se dab kar maa ki choochiya puri trah dab gayi aur unki nukuli ghundi(nipple) meree chati main ghusane lagi. main maa ke kande ne neeche hanth dal kar kas kar unki kande ko pakad liyaa aur ek jordar dhakka mara mera pura lund maa ki choot main sama gaya aur bachedani se takarane laga. maa ki choot ne mere lund ko kas ke jakad liya bade dino baad choot ko lund mila tha aur woh itne jaldi usko chodna nahi chahati thi.

maa ne mujhe kas ke jakad liya maa ke chikne badan main jakad kar mujhe bhi maja aa raha tha. maa ki choot ke baal mere pet aur jhanto par ragad kar ek alga hi maja de rahe the. hum log kuch der isse bandan main bande rahe phir maa apne chootad hilate hue boli maa beta dhakke mar apni maa ki choot mariye na apni pati ke choot main dhakke phad dijeiye isko aaj. maine dheere dheera maa ki choot main dhakke marne shuru kar diye. jab main andar dhaka marta to maa apne pair ki aidee se mera chootad ko aur andar daba deti jisse mera pura lund andar tak sama jaata aur phir jab main bahar nikalta to toda pair dheela chod deti jisse jayada se jayada lund bahar nikale aur main agala dhaka jor se laga sahku. main maa ki gardan aur chehara choomte hue ek raftar main dhakke lagane laga. maa ki choot aur geele ho chali thi aur ab mera lund asani se choot main andar bahar ho raha tha mere lund ko choot me ragadne se mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha. kya garma garam choot thi meri maa ki. chod maa chod maa ki choot meree choot main jhad kar mujhe garbwati kar dijeiye main apka baccha janana chahati hoon. maa ki baat sun kar main josh main aa gaya aur apne dhako ki raftar aur tej kar di. maa ne mujhe kas ke jakad rakha tha jisse mera lund maa ke choot ke dane se jor jor se ragad raha thaa aur maa ko bahut maja aa raha tha aur maa jor jor se chila rahi thi aur apne chootad gol gol matak rahi thi.

chodiye na chodiye apni patni ko phad dijeiye apni nayi navali dulhan ki choot mere raja mere sartaj mere malik. mere choot ko bhosada bana dijeiye aur jor se choodiye puri berahmi se mariye mere choot. apne bachapan main 4 saal jo mera doodh piya hai apko usko wasta phad do aaj meree choot maja dijieye apni patni ko aur jor se. maa mast mast bataien kar mujhe aur josh dila rahi thi. maa ko jor jor se chudne main maja aata tha aur aaj woh wahi maja le rahi thi. main bhi ab puri takat laga kar apni maa ko dana dan pel raha tha maa ki choot bahut geeli ho chuki thi aur unaka pani ris kar choot se bahar aa gaya tha aur unki chootado ki darar main bah kar jaa raha tha. mera lund unki choot par bahut jor se ragad raha tha maa phir se puri tarah masti main aa chuki thi aur kabhi bhi phir se jhad sakti thi. maa ab apne chootad jor jor se uchal rahi thi aur mera lund gapa gap andar le rahi thi. main puri tarah masti main dana dan maa ko chod raha tha. choot geeli hone se mera lund asanee se andar bahar ho raha tha aur meri sanse tej chal rahi thi. phir jane kahan se ek masti ka toofan aayaa aur maa ka pura sharee jabardash akad gaya aur maa ne kas kar mujhe jakad liya mera lund pura andar tak choot main sama gaya. maa jahd rahi thi maa ki ankhe band thi maa ke chootad rah rah kar jahtaka maar rahe the. maa mujhe jakade isse tarah padi rahi aur phir maa ka badan dheere dheera deela padne laga maa bahut jor se jhadi thi aur apni choot ka pani mere lund par phenk rahi thi. choot aur lund choot ras se puri tarah se geele ho chuke the.

jab maa puri tarah se shant ho gaya to main puch maja aaya nirmala kaisa laga apne pati ka lund. bahut accha aap ne itne dino ki payasi choot ko jhada jhada kar kush kar diya. kitna pani nikala aaj mera bade dino ki payasi thi meree choot. aur aap ka musal to dekiye abhi tak ek dam tan kar khada hai jhadne kaa naam hi nahi leta. are meri jaan mujhe to der tak apne lund ko khada rakhne main maaja aata hai. aaj se pahale jab muth bhi marata tha to kareeb do gante tak lund se khel kar hi jhadta tha to mujhe iski bahut practice hai. accha to aaj aap meri choot ke saath practice kariye dekhte hoon apni patni ki choot ke sath practice karke kitni der tak aap ka lund khada rahata hai. chalo kyonki mujhe chudayi sharstra ka mujhe aap se jayada gyan hai main aaj apko alag alag aasan main chudaungi. ab aasan badalte hai apni ye patni aapko naya aasan sikhayegi. chaliye ab aap apana lund meri choot main se nikal lijieye maa ne apne pairo ko mere chootado se alag karte hue kaha. maine apna mast khada lund choot main se nikal liya. mera lund maa ki choot ras se pura bheega hua tha. maa ki choot se maa ka choot ras ris raha tha. mujhe raha nahi gaya aur maine jhuk kar apna muh maa ki choot main laga kar maa ki choot se maa ka choot ras chatene lage. arre ye kya kar rahe hai aap kuch nahi nirmala rani tumhare choot ras barbad hone se bach raha hoon.

maa ki choot chat kar maine sare ras ko pee liya aur bistar se utar gaya. maa bhi bistar se utari aur takiye hata diya aur mujhe chit letne ke liye kaha. main bistar par let gaya mera lund maa ke ras se beehga hua chamak raha tha. mera lund tan ke seedha jhande ke dande ke tarah khada tha. maa ut kar bistar par chad gayi. hay dekh kitna geela ho gaya hai aapka lund main abhi isse chat kar saaf karti jhhoon. maa ne apnee jeebh se mere lund par laga apna choot ras chat kar saaf kar diya. phir boli ab main apke upar chad kar khud ko choodungi. maa meree kamar ke dono aur apne pair rakh kar ghutno par khadi ho gayi. phir aage ko jhuk kar apnee choot ke muh ko mere lund ke pass le aayi aur maa ki choochiya unke bhar se neeche latak rahi thi maa ke ghundiyan(nipples) abhi bhi ek dam kade the. maa mujhe dekh kar muskurayi aur apna ke hath apni tango me beech le jakar mere lund ko pakad liya. aur lund ko apni choot se sata kar lund ka supada geeli choot par ragadne lagi. maine apne hath maa ke kamar par rakh kar unki kamar masalne laga. phir maa ne supada choot main phasa kar apne chootad jor se mere lund par dabaye lund ek dam se geeli choot ke andar kareeb 6 inch ghus gaya. maa ke muh se karah nikal gayi.

maa ke choot ne ek baar phir se mere lund ko jakad liya. maa thodi der ruki aur phir jor se apne chootado ko dabaya mera pura lund maa ki choot main sama gaya aur maa meri jangho par apne mote chootad tika kar baith gayi. apnee tange khol kar aur chaudi kar li jisse lund pura andar sama gaya. maa mujhe dekh kar musukari aur mere chehare par apnee choochiyon ko latka diya aur boli lijieye ab aaram se mare in papito ko chooste hue lete hue chudayi ka maja lo ab apko to dhakke marne nahi hai jo bhi mehanat karni hai mujhe karnee hai. main maa ki choochiyon ko hant main lekar unki ghundiyon se khelen laga. maa ki uttejana isse badane lagi. maa ki ghundiyan ek dam kadi ho gayi thi. aur maa apne chootad hila hila kar mere lund ko apni choot main ghuma rahi thi. maa ne dheere se apne chootad uchalane shure kar diye jisse unki choot ka dana meree jhanto main ragad khane laga aur mera lund geeli choot main andar bahar phisalne laga. maa mere chahere par aur jhuk gayi jisse ungi ghundiya ek dam se mere muh ke samane aa gayi main apne hont khol kar ek choochi ko muh main bhar liya. aur jaise baccha doodh peeta hai aise jor jor se choosne laga aur maa ne abhi apni choochi mere muh main aur thoose di aur chooswate hue apne chootad uchalne lagi. main apne hath maa ke bhari bharkam chootado par rakhe aur unke chootad masalte hue chudayi ka maja lene laga.

is aasan main choodane main sari mahenat maa hi kar rahi thi aur main maja le raha tha. ab maa ne abhi raftar bada di thi aur mera lund choot main piston ki tarah chal raha tha. maa ke chootad mere jangho par lagete to phat phat ki awaj aa rahi thi. maa ki choot bhi puri tarah geeli ho chuki thi aur lund andar bahar hone se phach phach ki awaj aa rahi thi. jo chudayi ke vatavarn ko aur bhi madak bana rahi thi. main badal badal kar maa ke ghundiya pee raha tha aur maa bhi jayada se jayada choochi mere muh main ghusde kar choosa rahi thi aur jor jor se chila kar mujhe choosne ko uksa rahi thi. maa ki choot ka dana jabardast meree jhanto par ragad kha raha tha. jiska pura asar maa ki choot par ho raha tha aur woh aur jor jor se pani phenk rahi thi. choot ka ras ris kar mere tatto se baha raha tha. maa ki sanse phir se tej ho chuki thi aur maa jor jor se apne chootad patak rahi thi akhir mere maa ek mast chudakad thi. main apne par bahut muskil se kabu kar pa raha tha main jab maa jhade uske saath hi jhadna chahata tha. maa pagalo ki tarah machalte hue jor jor se lund se khud apni choot chod rahi thi. maa ab jhadne ko aa gayi thi. maa ne ek choochi mere muh main thoose kar mere chahera ko apni banho main bhar liya aur puri takat se chootad patakne lagi. todi hi der mai jabardast chudayi aur choochi chusayi se maa ke sabr ka bandh toot gaya aur maa ka badan ek dam kada ho gaya aur maa ne mujhe pura takat se jakad liya. apnee choot kas ke mere lund ke andar tak daba di aur kas ke choot ke phanko se mere lund ko pakad liya. maa bahut jabardast jhad rahi thi aur mere lund ko apne choot ras se bheego rahi thi.

todi der hum dono isi tarah ek dusare se lipte rahe phir maa ka shareer dheela pad gaya aur maa ne mujhe apne banho se alag kar diya. main abhi bhi bacche ki tarah maa ki choochi choose raha tha. maa ne mujhe apnee choochi se alag kar ke mere honto ko choom liya aur boli ji maja aa gaya itne masti main to main aaj tak nahi jhadi. apke lund main to jadu hai mere sartaj. meri jaan mujhe bhi bada maja aaya bahut acchi choot hai tumhari. ab mera bhi man jhade ka kar raha hai main mera ras bahut ubal mar raha hai mere lund main ab mujhe bhi jhadna hai. theek hai to phir aap meree in moti choochiyon par jhadiye aur inko apne ras se sarabore kar dijieye. apne mard ke ras se roj choochiyon ki malish karne se choochiyan aur bhi moti ho jati hai. theek hai phir main muth mar kar tumhari choochiyon par jhad jata hoon. nahi aap kyon takleef karenge ap to bas mere samne mere kandhe pakad kar khade ho jayeye main khud apne mulayam hantho se apke lund ka muth mar kar apnee choochiyon par jhadwanungi. aage se kabhi apko muth marne ka bhi man kare to mujhse kahana wase to mere choot hamesha hajir hai par phir bhi main apne hantho se apko muth mar kar jhada dungi. aap mard ho aur apko kush rakhna mera farz hai.

main maa ke samne khada ho gaya maa bistar ke kinare par baithi thi. mera lund maa ke ras se bheega hua tha. maa ne lund apne hant main lekar mere lund ke supade ko choom liya aur phir mere taraf dekte hue mere lund ko hilane lagi. shuru main maa ne mere lund ko bade dheere se pakada tha aur pyar se mere lund ko niharte hue muth marne lagi. dheere dheere maa ki raftar badati jaa rahi thi. aur maa ki pakad bhi mere lund par majoobt ho gayi thi. hai nirmala kya mast muth maar rahi ho tum mera haan nirmala hye meri chinal randi sali aise hi maaro muth mera maja aa gaya nirmala aur jor se maro haan aise hai mera bas ab aane hi wala hai meri jaan. main maa ke kandhe kas kar jhakad liye the aur maa puri takat se mere lund ko pakad kar mera lund hila rahi thi. main ab jhadne ke bilkul kareeb tha. ohh meri jaan nirmala ohhh kutiya sali aahhh mera ras aane wala hai jaanu. jhad jayeye meree choochiyon par mere sartaj apni randi ki choochiyon par apna maal gira dejiye meree ankhon main ankhein dal kar maa ne kaha. maa ke mulayam hanto ki jakadan main main apane aap ko jayada der rok nahi saka aur mera pura badan ek dam se kada ho gaya ohhh nirmala main gaya rani ye lo mere lund ka pani meri jaan. aur mere lund se ras ki dhar nikal padi. maa ne apne kushal hanto se lund to theek trareeke se apnee choochiyon par aim kiya aur mere ras apni dono choochiyon par bari bari se jhadaya.

maa ki choochiya mere gadhe safed virye se naha gayi. jab tak mere lund ne sara ras maa ki choochiyon par nahi chod diya tab tak maa mere lund ko hilati rahi. aur pura jhadne ke baad mere lund ke supade ko apnee choochiyon par ragad kar saaf kar diya jisse ek bhi boond mere lund par lagi na rah jaye. aur jab mere lund puri tarah dheela ho gaya tabhi maa ne mujhe choda aur meree aur dekh kar musukurayi phir maa ne mere lund ke maal ko apnee ungaliyon se apnee choochiyon par malna shuru kar diya. phale sare maal ko apnee choochiyon par failaya aur phir usko cream ki tarah apnee choochiyon par malane lagi. maa ki choochiyan mere lund ras se chamak uthi. maa ki choochiyon mere ras main naha kar aur bhi sundar lagane lagi maa jor se mere ras ko choochiyon par malane lagi jaise apni choochiyon ki tel se malish kar rahi hoo. kya mast nazara tha aur todi der main maa ne mal kar sare ras ko choochiyon par sukha diya. aaj bade dino baad meree choochiyon ko kam ras mila hai. itne dino se bichari kam ras ki payasi thi. ek dam murjha si gayi thi. dekho ras pee kar kiasi khil uthi hai. kaisi lagi meri choot apko mere raja ab to aap madarchod bhi ho gaye hai kaisa lag raha hai madarchod ban kar bahut accha nirmala tumko apni pati bana kar aur madarchod ban kar to main dhany ho gaya mujhe pura yakeen hai tum mere lund ko kabhi bhi bhukha nahi rahne dogi. bilkul aap jo chahege woh milega. ek se ek nayi choot ke line laga dungi apke liye. aap chinta mat karo kuch din mujhe chod kar meree jo itne dino ki payasi choot hai usko thoda sa pani pila dejiye phir dekheyega kaise main apko nayi nayi choot dilati hoon.

ohhh nirmala meri randi chinal jaanu tumne to mujhe khus kar diya na jane kab se main tumko chodne ke sapne dekha karta tha. aaj mera voh sapana pura ho gaya kya mast maal ho tum nirmala. mujhe pata hai tum mere chudayi ke sare sapne pure karogi. aap bilkul chinta mat kar main apki bahut acche se sewa karungi. ab aap aram kariye main khane ka intezam karti hoon aur aaj to apki bahu bhi ghar par nahi hai to ghar ka kaam bhi mujhe hi karna hai. mujhe kareeb 2 gante lagenge sab tayar karne main tab tak aap so jaeyeye taki jab uthe to puri tarah fresh ho jaye take jam kar hum phir se chudai kar sake. tum theek kahati ho nirmala waise bhi mujhe tumse bahut kuch seekhna hai aur tumhari tarah chudakaad banana hai. haa main apko bahut bada chodu banaungi aur chudai ka bahu gyan dungi aap chinta na kare ye to mere farz hai maa ke nate bhi aur patni ke nate bhi. aur haan nange hi so jayege aap mere samne kapde pahane mujhe accha nahi lagta. theek hai janu jaisa tum kaho. main bistar par nanaga hi let gaya aur maa nangi kamre se bahar chali gayi. todi der main hi meri ankh lag gayi aur main so gaya. main so raha tha par mujhe laga ki koi mere lund ko jeebh se chat raha hai aur mera lund tan kar khada hai. meri ankh khuli to dekha maa mera lund apnee jeebh se chaat kar geela kar rahi thi. main uth kar bait gaya. neend khul gayi aapki aap so rahe the to maine soch aapka lund choose kar aap ko jagaunge to apko accha lagega.

haan nirmala mujhe bahut accha laga ki tumne mujhe istarh jagaya. chaliye khana tayar hai kha lijeye khana table par laga tha. maa uthi aur table ki taraf chal di aur maine phir se maa ke mast badan ko nihara. maa ab nangi nahi thi. maa ne mujhe rijhane ke liye half cup padded bra pahani thi jisme se unkee choochiyan bahar aane ko tayar thi. unki ghundiyon(nipples) ke charo aur ke bhura ghera bhi thoda dikhayi de raha tha. maa ne bahut hi choti kachi pahani thi jo sirf maa ki choot ko chupa rahi thi. uski jhanto ke baal idhar udar bikhare pade the. aur kachi unki gand main puri tarah ghus gayi thi jisse unke chootad ek dam saaf nange dikh rahe the. maa ne 5 inch heels ki sandal bhi pahan rakhi thi. jab hum saher main rahte the to maa kabhi heels pahanti thi par itni unchi maine kabhi nahi dekhi thi. aur maa ne thoda makeup bhi kiya tha. unhone ghare bhure rang ki lipstic laga rakhi thi jo mujhe bahut pasand thi. maa apne chootad matkati hue table ke pass padee chair par baith gayi. mera lund maa ka ye roop dekh kar phir se khada ho gaya. ab waise bhi itne der so kar mujhme todi takat phir se aa gayi thi. main nanga hi uth kar maa ke pass gaya mere lund upar neeche hil raha tha. Nirmala main chair par baithta hoon aur tum meree godi main baito phir hum dono ek saath khana khayenge. maa chair se uth gayi aur main chair par baith gaya aur maa mere gaudi main apne bhari chootad rakh kar baith gayi. aur maine maa ko apni banho main le liya aur bola nirmala ab tum apne hanto se mujhe khana khilao.

maa ne kudh mujhe khana khilaya aur khud bhi khaya khana khane ke baad maa boli ab main isko rasoyi main rakh kar aati hoon phir hum maja karenge waise bhi hamare pass sirf 3 ghante hai abhi 2 baje hai aur apki bahu 5 baje ke baad wapas aa jayegi. maa bartan rakh kar wapas aayi to main bistar par let gaya tha. nirmala tumne ye kiske kapde pahne hai. tumhari bra panty to sadi hoti hai. ji ye jab hum saher main rahate the tab pahanti thi apke pita ji ne dilaye the. kewal bedroom main pahenti thi isliye aap ne kabhi nahi dekhe. aur ye heels be bedroom main pahanti thi. maa inse to tumhare chootad aur bhi bahar nikal aaye bade acche lag rahe hai mere pass to bahut sari tarah tarah ki heels aur bra panty hai main aap ke liye roj nayi nayi pahanugi maa aakar bistar main mere bagal main baith gayi main maa ko apne godi main bitha liya maa ne apne banhe mere gale ke dono aur lapet le. nirmala mera lund to phir se tannane laga hai ab to main tumko phir se chodunga arre pahale choosne choosane ka maja lijieye phir anth main chudai karenge theek hai. is bare main to tum mujhe jayada janti ho nirmal jaisa tum kahogi main waisa hi karunga. mere choochiya is bra main kaide kaisi lag rahi hai aapko kya inse khelne ka man nahi karta aapka kheliyene jara masaliye mujhe garam kareeye.

maine apne muh maa ke choochiyon main ghusa diya aur maa ki choochiyan chatane laga ek hath se choochi masal bhi raha tha aur ab main puri berahmi se masal raha tha maa ki choochiyan kyonki maa ko aise hi maja aata tha. phir main choochiyan bra se bahar nikal kar ek choochi ko choosne laga aur dusari ko hath se masalne laga maa masti main machalne lagi. unki choot geeli hone lagi. aur unke muh se karhane ki awaj aa rahi thi. main maa ke choochiyan choose chat kar lal kar di aur mere thook se geeli bhi ho gayi maa ki choot ka switch choochiyan thi jisse maa ki choot bahut geeli ho gayi yahan tak unki puri kachi choot ras main bheeg gayi aur meree jhange bhi choot ras se geeli ho gayi nirmala tumhare choot to geeli ho gayi hai ab tum apni kachi utar do aur mujhe choot ke kuch sewa karne do. nirmal mere samane khadi ho gayi aur apni kachi utar kar mujhe de di main kachi muh main bhar li aur kachi main bhara sara ras choose kar pee gaya. maa ye dekh kar bahut kush huyi aur boli aap bhi kitne payase ho mere choot ras ke ke uski ek boond bhi barbad nahi hone di kya rasiya pati hai mera. maine aage jhuk kar apna muh maa ki choot main ghusa diya. aur chatne laga. chat kar pahele bhar ke pani saaf kiya aur choot ko muh main bhar kar choosne laga.

maa ne mera sar pakada aur kas ke choot par chipka liya aur khud hi apni choo mere chehare par ragadne lagi uski jhante bhi mujh par ragad kha rahi thi. maine nirmala ko bistar par let jane ko kaha aur khud maa ke pairo ke pass aa gayaa. maa ke pair bahut hi sundar the aur un high heels ke sandal main to woh aur bhi acch lag rahe the. maine pahale unake heels ko chuma aur phir apni jeebh nikal kar maa ki heels chatane laga. maine maa ke heels apne muh main bhar liye aur choosane laga jaise lund choose raha hoon phir maa kee heels ke talwe ko apne jeebh se chatne laga maa mera ye pyar apani heels ke liye dekh kar mast ho gayi aur apne hanto se apnee choot par hat phirane lagi. maine unki heels ko chat kar ek dam saaf kar diya woh mere thook se chamk rahi thi. maa ke pair par bhi mera thook laga tha. phir wohi haal main maa ki dusari heel ka bhi kiya. maa bahut mast ho gayi thi aur apnee choot aur choochiyon se khel rahi thi apni ghundiyan jor jor se masal rahi thi. unki choot se ras bah kar unki chootadoo ki darar main bah raha tha. nirmala tumhare pair bahut hi payare hai aaj to hamare pass maje ka samay kam hai phir kisi din tumhare pure badan ki apni jeebh se chat kar pooja karunga apne thook se nahalunga tumko dekna kitna maja aata hai

theek hai ji jaisa aap kahne is randi ka badan to aapka hai jaise aap ka man kare bhoogiye. ab mujhe maa ki choot ka ras peena tha aur main maa ke pair aur janghe choomni shuru kar di maa ne mera sar balo se pakada aur apani choot par laga diya choosiye na ji bahut tang kar rahi hai ye choot please choosiye na meri choot bahut man kar raha hai chooswane ka. bhosdi ke aulad madarchod choose sali choot ko dukhi kar diya is nigodi ne. maine bhi apna muh maa ki choot main ghusa diya aor puri choot muh main bhar kar choosne laga. janto bhri choot chatne ka alag hi maja aa raha tha mujhe choot ke saath maa ke reshmi baal bhi mere chahere par ragad kha rahe the. maa bhi ab bahut garam ho gayi thi. ek to usko jhade hue kafi der ho chuki thi dusari itni der se meri harkato ne maa ko pareshan kar rakhaa tha. main kabhi uskee choot choota kabhi apni jeebh phira kar chatata to kabhi jeebh kadi kar ke unki choot chodata. maa bhi apne chootad uchal kar mast chusa rahi thi aur jor se chila rahi thi phir maine maa ki choot ka dana apne honto ke beech pakada aur jor jor se us par jeebh phirane lage. hay mardarchod ye kya kar raha hai maar dalega saale meri choot ko choot sale choose meri choot aaj sara ras peele ek dam sukha de meri choot. meri is harkat se maa kaa rukna bilkul namumkin tha bas meri jabrdast choosayi maa sah nahi saki aur unka badan ek dam kada ho gaya aur unki choot ras bahane lagi par main ruka nahi aur choosta hai raha pahale main choot main se sara ras piya aur phir dubara se choot ke dane par tut pada.

maa bade dino ki payasi thi aur uski choot main bahut garmi bhari thi voh phir se uchal uchal kar choot chooswane lagee. main kareeb ek ghate tak maa ki choot choosta raha aur maa ki kareeb 5 baar jhadaya itne der chatne se meri jeebh thak gayi thi aur dar kar rahi thi par maa ka man abhi bhi nahi bhara hai. jab maa panchavi baar jhadi to maine ras piya aur choot se muh hata liya. ye kya kiya saale gandu mere patidev ji apne aur chooseye na bada maja aa raha tha kya acchi choot choose rahe the aap meri jaan meri jeebh main dard ho raha hai todi der aram kar lene de phir choose lunga teri choot. nahi main nahi ruk sakti aap aiska karo bistar par let jao main apaki naak par choot ragadungi hay ri aaj main bahut garam hoon aur 1 sec ke liye bhi nahi ruk sakti. ma ka pura badan vasana ki garmi main jal raha tha aur mera lund bhi ek dam pathar ho gaya tha phir bhi main bistar par let gaya aur maa mere chehare par chad gayi aur apani choot meree nak par ragadne lagi. kabhi apni choot ke dane ko nak par ragadti to kabhi mere naak apni geeli choot main ghusa kar apni choot chudwati. mera sara chehara maa ke ras se beeg gaya tha main maa ke bhari chootad masal kar maa ko aur garam kar raha tha. maa do bar mere chehare par jhadi tab ja kar unki garmi kuch kam hui aur vah utar kar mere bagal main let gayi.

aaj to aapne mujhe khush kar diya ji kya ras nikala hai meri choot ka. meri jaan tum ho hi itni mast aurat ho tumhara ras peene se dekho mera lund kitna skath ho gaya hai apna khada hua lund dekhate hue maine kaha. kya karo jaanu mujhe choot chatwane main bahut maja aata hai aap ko ras peela kar main aur bhi garam ho jati hoon jab tak koi mera katori bhar ras na pee le tab tak mera man hi nahi bharta aap ko bura to nahi laga ji na. nahi meri jaan tumhara ras bahut hi mast hai. aap meri choot ko jitna chatoge utna jayada ras main aapko dungi ab to roj dungi apko apni choot ka ras nahi to mujhe need hi nahi aayegi. nirmala rani ab kuch mere lund ka bhi karo dekho kaise dekh raha hai bhuke sher ki tarah. leejiye main tange chaudi kar ke apne hanto se apni choot kholti hoon aap mar leejieye bhar deejiye meri choot apne lund ras se. kah kar maa bistar par tange khol kar let gayi aur apnee choot khol di. khuli lal laplapti chood dekh kar mere lund ka to bura haal ho gaya aur main maa ki tango ke beech aa gaya maa ke haude jaisa chootad aur uske beech swarg the dwar dekh kar to mujhe hosh hi nahi raha aur maine aage badh kar apna lund maa ki choot par laga diya aur maa ke dono mamme pakad liye aur ek jordar dhaka lagaya. mera lund ek dum pura maa ki maha geeli choot main phisal kar sama gaya jaise koi chikane farsh par phisalta hai.

mera lund jaa kar maa ki bachedani se takrane laga. hay re mare hi dalenge kya aap itne jor bhi koi dhaka marata hai kya apni patni ki choot main. hay meri jaan itni mastni choot hai tumhari main apne upar kabu hi nahi rakh saka aur itne der se tumhari choot chat kar aur choot ras pee kar mera lund bahut hi gusse main hai ab to jabardast chudai karunga teri badi jabardast marunga teri choot. to phad do na meri apki hi choot hai jo chahe wo karo mere malik par meri choot ko apne garam virye se bhar do. maine maa ke choochiyan kas ke hanth main dabayi aur apne chootad hilane laga mera lund badi hi asani se maa ki geeli choot main phisal raha tha aur main dheere dheere choot marne ke raftar bada di aur maa ki choot ka baja bajana shuru kar diya. maa ne bhi apne jhange pakad kar chaudi kar rakhi thi taki main khul kar choot ka maja le saku aur mujhe jor jor se chila kar chodne ko uksa rahi thi. aur main bhuke kutte ki tarah maa ki choot mar raha tha. maa bhi apne chootad gol gol ghuma rahi thi paki chinal chudakad maa thi meri. mera lund maa ki choot ke gharshand se mast ho chala tha. maine aage jhuk kar apna wajan maa ke badan par dal diya maa ke choochiyan meri chati se dab kar ek dam sapat ho gayi. main apne hanth neech le ja kar maa ke chootad pakade aur jor jor se maa ki choot marane laga.

hay re maar dala mujhe to apne hay aaj to lagta sahi main phad doge meri choot. mareye aur jor se chodiye mere choot ab phad bhi do na meri bhar do apne ras ne meri choot bhar do apna ras meri bachedani main kar do mujhe gharbhawati hay apka baccha janu aur jor se maro ji mast haan aise hi mujhe baccha do na ji bas maa ki in bato ko sun kar mere liye rukna bilkul mushkil tha aur maine jabardast chudai chalu kar di. le randi sali le mera lund kha le kutiya ye le ab main bhi pure josh main tha tabhi maa ne apne bhari gudaz jangho ko mere chootado ke dono aur lapet liye. jhango ka sparsh hote hia main aur jor se dhake marane laga aur jhade ke bilkul kareeb aa gaya maa ne mujhe apni banho main jakad rakha tha. todi der dhakke lagane ke baad ekdam se mere lund se payar ka ras bah nikal jo meree maa ki choot me bahane laga mera lund ki ek dam andar tak ghusa diya tha jisse mere sara ras maa ki bacche dani main hi jai. main 1 min tak jhada aur apna sara viry main maa ki choot main bhar diya. hum dono kuch der tak aise hi pade rahe. maa mera ras choot main paa kar bahut khush thi. phir 5 min bad main uth kar maa ke bagal main let gaya. par maa wiase hi pair uthaye leti rahi. main poocha to boli apka ras meri bacche dani main gaya hai aur mera mahena abhi bhi chalu hai main apke bacche ko janam dena chahati hoon. chaliya apna lund mere muh main dal deejiye main isse chat kar saaf kar deti hoon. main uth kar apna lund maa ke muh ke saamane kar diya. maa ne usse chat kar saaf karna shuru kar diya mera supada pura muh mian lekar uska ras saaf kiya phir pura jeebh se chat kar ek dam chikna kar diya. maa tange utha kar kareeb adha ganta leti rahi phir boli ab apki bahu ke aane ka samay ho gaya hai aap tayar ho kar bahar nikal jao nahi to usko shaq ho jayega main bhi apne kamare main jati ho aur kapda badal leti hoon.

lejiye meri ye bra panty rakh lejiye isko sunge aur chat kar apne lund ko raat main khada rakiyega main raat main jab bahu so jayegi tab aaungi. theek hai nirmala main bahar jata hoon. main jaldi se kapde pahane aur bahar nikal gaya maa ne bhi nange hi andar se darwaja band kar liya. main ghuta hua khet tak gaya aur kuch kaam ki khabar le kar wapas aa gaya. jab main wapas ghar lauta to bhabhi wapas aa chuki thi aur khana bana rahi thi. maa ne phir se sadi sadi pahan li thi bilkul bhi pata nahi chal raha tha ki dophar main yahan kya hua hai. bhabhi mujhe dekh kar boli aa gaye devar ji aaj badi der laga di. nahi bhabhi kuch jayda kam tha aaj. bhabhi se apni chunari sar par rakhi thi isliye unki mote mote mamme unki kasi choli se bahar jhank rahe the. maine apne aap ko kabu main kiya aur apne kamare main chala gaya. aur kapade badal liye. 1 gante baad bhabhi ne khane ke liye bulaya aur maine bahar ja kar khana khaya khana khate hue main bhabhi ke chootad nihare jab bhabhi meri taraf muh karti to main ankhien neeche kar leta. khana kha kar maine todi der ek upanyaas lekar betha aur usko phadha. phir kareeb 30 min baad apne kamare main chala gaya. itne der main bhabhi aur maa ne bhi khana khaya. jab main sone jaa raha tha tabhi bhabhi ne maa se kaha woh bhi sone jaa rahi hai. main apne kamare ka darwaja band kiya par kundi nahi lagaya aur bistar par pura nanga hokar let gaya aur maa aur bhabhi ki bra panty bahar nikal li. maa kie panty ko sungate hue main apne lund se khelne laga mera lund phir mast hokar tan gaya. todi der main aisi ho maa ka intezar karta raha par maa nahi aayi to main bistar par let gaya na jane kab meri ankh lag gayi mujhe pata hi nahi chala.

sote hue mujhe laga ki mere honto par balo bhari choot ragad kha rahi hai aur koi mere lund ko chat raha hai. phale mujhe laga ki ye sapna hai par phir mujhe apne lund main harkat mahasoos hui. jab main utha to dekha do moti janghe mere chehare ke dono aur thi aur jhanto bhari choot mere honto aur nak par ragad kha rahi thi. jab main so raha tha tab maa andar aa chuki thi aur maa bilkul nangi thi unke badan ek bhi kapada nahi tha maa ko choot chatwana bahut accha lagta tha isliye aate hi maa ne apni choot mere muh par rakhi aur ragadne lagi. aur saath hi mera lund bhi chatne lagi. maa ke bhari gol chootad mere samne the main apna hath maa ke chootado par rakha aur apni jeebh nikal kar maa ki choot chatni shuru kar di aur hantho se maa ke chootad dabane laga. uta gaye aap. aap nange so rahe the aur aapka lund itne sundar lag raha tha ki main apne aap ko rok nahi payi aur aapke lund se khelne lagi jisse meri in nigodi choot main aag lag gayi. apni choot apke muh par ragad kar uski aag shant kar rahi thi. tumne itne der kyon laga di nirmala maine kafi tumhara intezar kiya. kya karo ji aapki who randi bahu so jati tabhi to main aathi. waise to main usko ek neend ke goli de di hai ab woh subah tak nahi utegi. aur hum puri raat ek pati patni ke tarah maja le sakte hai. aapka lund kitna payara hai mujhe iss par payar aa raha hai main isko choos kar geela karti hoon aap meri choot chat kar meri choot ka pani pee jao bahut khu-jali ho rahi hai meri choot main.

abhi lo meri jaan mujhe bhi tumhare is chinal choot ke ras ka chaska lag gaya hai. aaj to jam kar peeunga. main maa ki choot muh main bhar li aur jor jor se choosne laga. maa ke baal bhi mere honto aur chehare par ragad kha rahe the. maa bhi mera lund ko muh main bhar kar choose rahi thi. kabhi pura lund muh main le leti to kabhi sirf supada muh main bhar kar choosti. uski jeebh mere lund par jadoo kar rahi thi aur maa ki moti nukili choochiya mere pet par ragad kha rahi thi jo meri untejana aur badha rahi thi. maa ki bahut hi garam thi mere choosne se maa ki choot par asar ho raha tha aur choot geeli hokar bahu pani phenk rahi thi. main choot ko pura muh main bhar kar choose raha thaa saath hi apni jeebh ki nok se maa ki choot ka dana bhi kured raha tha. mera hant maa ke chootado aur masal aur sahala rahe the saath hi unki gand ke ched ko bhi main ungaliyon se ched raha tha. maa mere choot chatne kar bahut garam ho gayi aur jor jor se apane chootad ghumane lagi. maa ne mere sar ko kas ke apni moti jhangho main jakada aur apne chootad kas ke mere muh par daba diye. aur maa ki choot ne ras bahana shuru kar diya. main choot ko pura muh main bhar rakha tha aur maa ki choot ka mast ras main pee gaya. maa ne meri jhange kas ke jakad rakhi thi. todi der main maa shant ho gayi aur apni choot mere chehare se hata li. maa uthi aur aakar mere honto ka ek chumban liya aap ne to aaj mujhe bahut maja diya hai. aap choot bahut acchi chooste hai itna to aapke pitaji bhi nahi chooste the.

nirmala tum kitni garm aurat ho tumhare jaise garam aurat paa kar to mera lund dhanya ho gaya. aap bhi bahut garam mard hai aur aapka lund bhi kitna sundar aur payara hai aap chinta na kare main apke lund ka pura khayal rakhungi apko main mere jaisi bahut chootien dilwaungi. aap unka pani bhi peena aur unki choot main apana pani bhi chodena. ohh nirmala main bhi tumhari choot ka pura khayal rakhunga tum meri phali aurat ho tumko to main kabhi nahi bhool sakta. ab chaliye meri choot main lund dal kar isko apne lund ka thoda pani peela deejiye taki main gharbhawati hoo saku aur apke bacche ko janam de saku meri ye bahut dilli iccha hai to main tumhari ye iccha jaroor puri karunga nirmala. tum apni tang utha kar choot khol kar leto main apna lund abhi tumhari choot main dal kar mast ras ki barish karta hoon. maa jaldi se let gayi unhone ek takiya apne chootado ke neeche rakh liya aur apni tange khol kar choot chaudi kar ke let gayi. aaeye ghusa deeejiye apna musal meri choot main. main maa ke tango ke beecha aakar apna lund maa ki choot par rakha aur maa ki choochiya apne hanto main dabooch kar ek jordar dhaka maa ki choot main maraa mera lund adhe se jayada maa ki choot main sama gaya.

phir maine ek aur dhaka mara aur mera pura lund maa ki geeli garam choot main sama gaya. main jhuk kar maa ke honto par apne hont rakhe aur unko chooste hue jabardast dhakke lagane shuru kar diye. maa bhi mast hoker apne chootad gol gol ghuma rahi thi. maa ne choose kar mera lund ekdam pathar ka kar diya tha aur main bahut uttejit tha jor jor se dhakke marata raha aur maa ki geeli choot ke maje lene laga. main maa ko puri behrahami se chod raha tha. phir maine maa ki gardan aur choochiyon ko chooste hue jordar dhakke lagane shuru kar diye maa bhi ab apne chootad uchal kar apne maje ka ijahar kar rahi thi. aisa lag raha tha jaise voh mujhe apnee choot main sama lena chahati hoo. jab main apna lund uski choot main se nikalta to aisa lagta ki uski geeli choot mere lund ko jakadne ki koshish kar rahi hoo. maa apni choot se mere lund ko khub acchi tarah se duh rahi thi jaise gaaye ke than se ko doodh duhata hai. uski choot mere lund ko kas ke jakad rahi thi. woh mere lund ka sara ka sara doodh pee lena chahati thi.

chodiye aur jor se chodiye janu apni nirmala ko. aaj se nirmala apki randi jam kar mariye meri choot ohh mere rajaa main bhi kitni nasamajh thi apke pitaji ke marne ke baad bhi apki ankho me apni choot ke liye payar nahi dekh payi nahi to kab ka apko apna pati bana leti. itne dino tak apke lund aur apni choot ko bhukha rakha ab to roj apka lund lungi. apki nirmal bahut bhuki hi mere sartaj mujhe khub chodiya khub maja lijeeye mere badan ka. ohh nirmala kya mast choot hai tumhari bada maja aa raha hai mere lund ko aaj to pura andar tak dal kar jhadunga taki tum garbhawati ho sako. to deejiye na ab bardast nahi ho raha meri choot se bahut khu-jali ho rahi hai apni pani chood kar meri choot ki khu-jali mita do mere raja. maine jor jor se maa ke choot bajani shuru kar di. main bhi ab jhada chaha raha tha aur charam seema par tha. maa bhi puri masti main saraboor thi. maa ne mujhe apni mast gori chikani jangho main jakad liya tha aur apni banho main bhar kar apni chati se chipka liya. maine bhi jabardast chudayi chalu kar di. le randi sali le mere pani bas ab aane hi wala hai. main 4-5 dhakke aur mare phir mere lund ne virya ki dhara chood di. maa ki choot mere lund ras se bhar gayi. maa ne bhi mujhe kas ke jakad liya.

todi der hum log aise hi lete rahe phir maa ka badan deela pad gaya aur maa ne mujhe chode diya. mere lund bhi deela pad kar maa ki choot se bahar nikal gaya. aur main maa ke upar se utar kar usake bagal main let gaya. maa ki choot mere lund ras se labalab bhari thi. maa ne apne chootad tode aur uchakaye jisse mera lund ras choot se bahar na nikal sake aur mujhse boli ki unke chootado ke neech ek aur takiya rakh du jo main rakh diya. aaj to aap ne mujhe bahut maja diya. ab to roj rat apke saath hi soungi. main utha kar apna lund maa ke muh ke samne kar diya mere lund par maa aur mera don ka ras laga tha jisse maa ne chat kar saaf kar diya. ab aap so jayeye kal apko kheto main bhi jana hai subah jaldi utana padega. main subha apne kamare main jane s e pahale apko jaga dungi. main maa ke bagal main let gaya aur todi der main mujhe neend aa gayi kyonki itne der maa ki choot chod kar main thak gaya tha.

subah maa ne mujhe utaya aur boli main apane kamare mai ja rahi hoon ap darwaja band kar lo kah kar maa nangi hi apne kamare main chali gayi aur main apne bistar par aa kar let gaya. subah ke 6 baj rahe the. main apne aap ko kitna lucky samajh raha tha ki maa jaise mast badan wali aurat ab mujhe apna pati manti hai aur mere lund ki deewani ho chuki hai. itna hi nahi woh garbhawati bhi hona chahati thi woh bhi mere virye se. kal tak to main maa ko chodne ke sapne dekha karta tha par aaj to maine maa ko apne neeche lita kar chod chuka tha. mera lund yeh sab soch kar phir se khada hone laga par ab mere utane ka samay ho gaya tha main uta aur baathroom main chala gaya. usdin ke baad to maine maa ko roj hi chodna shuru kar diya. roj raat ko maa bhabhi ko neend ke goli de deti jisse bhabhi acche se so jaye aur maa mere kamare main aakar chudwati aur subah apane kamare main chali jati. din main maa mere liye khana lekar kheto main aati. hamare pump ke pass ke kamara the jisme ek bistar laga tha. main aur maa wahan par doopahar ko chudai karte. kisi ko koi shaq bhi nahi hota. aur kabhi kabhi to jab subah bhabhi bathroom main nahane jati to maa mere kamare main aakar mera lund choose kar mujhe jhada deti.

kabhi maa bhabhi ko kisi kaam bahar bhej deti aur phir main ghar main hi maa ko chood kar hi khet main jata. muje bhi maa ki choot choosne ke bahut shauq tha aur main pura maja lekar choosta. Jab bhi mauka milta maa ke peticote ke andar ghus jata aur unki jhanto bhari choot chat kar jhada deta. maa ke chootado ka to jaise main gulam hi ho gaya tha. roj unko khub jam kar mastala chumta aur chata tha. kabhi kabhi to rat main ghante bhar chootad aur chootad ke beech chupi maa ki kasi gand ko payar karta aur uski gand ko chatata. maa mere lund ka bahut khayal rakh rahi thi isliye mujhe muth marane ki jaroorat bhi nahi thi. aur na bhabhi ke bra panty churane ki. maine socha mere jindagi kitni mast ho gayi hai. par mujhe nahi pata tha ki bhabhi ki bra panty jo maine churani band kar di this usaki wajah se ek naya toofan meri jindagi main aane wala hai.

vaise to main bhabhi ki panty main muth marna band kar diya tha par bhabhi ke chootad aur choochiyon ko bahut ghurta tha. ek do baar mujhe aisa laga ki bhabhi apne chootad mere liye hi jayada matka kar chal rahi thi par sayad ye meri ankho ka dhoka tha. vaise to main to maa roj raat ko chudayi karte the kyonki maa bhabhi ko neend ki goli khila kar sula deti thi. aaj kal bhabhi bolne lagi thi ki woh kuch jayada hi so rahi hai pata nahi kya hai. fir ek baar veervaar ke din maa khet main khana lekar aayi chudne ke liye to maa ne mujhse kaha aaj to hame pura raat chudayi karni hai kyonki kal rajesh aa jayega to teri bhabhi ko main neend ki goli nahi de sakti. akhir woh bhi mera beta hai aur usse bhi apni patni ke saath maja lena hai. maine kaha to phir aaj bhabhi ko jaldi sula dete hai aur pura maja lenge. theek hai beta jaisa tu kahe tu bhi aaj jaldi hi ghar aa jana jisse humko koi problem naa ho. phir main maa ko jam kar choda aur maa apni choot main mera virya bhar kar ghar chali gayi.

us din main jab ghar pahuncha to bhabhi ne darwaja khola aur mujhe dekh kar alag hi tarah se muskurayi aur boli aa gaye dewar ji badi payas lagi hai lagta aapko tabhi to aaj jaldi aa gaye. main unki baat samajh nahi paaya socha kahi bhabhi ko pata to nahi chal gaya. pyas kyon bhabhi are devar ji itni garmi jo hai. ohh accha aa bhabhi jaldi se meri payas bhujha do main bhi kahan main kahan devar ji ye to maa ji ka kaam hai kyon maaji. haa bahu la main bujha deti hoon apane bete ki payas. main ye sab baat sun kar thoda soch main pad gaya tabhi maa lassi lekar aayi aur boli le beta lassi pe le aur apani payas bhuja le. maine maa ke hant se le kar lassi pe li. bhabhi ne aaj ghaghar choli pahani thi. aur ghaghra naabhi se kafi neeche banda tha ek dam choot ke muhane par. aur ghaghar thoda tight tha jisse usake chootad ek dam usse chipk gaya the aur bade hi acche lag rahe the. aur choli bhi bahut choti thi. jo unke joban ko apane andar kaid nahi kar paa rahi thi. aur chunni sar par rakhi thi jisse unki choochiya choli se bahar jhank rahi thi. jab se ghar aaya tha tabi se mera lund khada ho gaya tha. mujhe yaad aaya ye choli to bhabhi ke shadi ke samay ki thi aur tab se bhabhi ka badan kafi bhar gaya tha. mujhe samaj nahi aaya ki bhabhi se ye choli ghaghar aaj kyon pahani hai.

main apane kamare main chala gaya bhabhi ka roop dekh kar mera man muth marne ka karne laga par main apne aap ko roka socha vaise bhi to aaj jaldi hai chudayi shuru ho jayegi maa ko jam kar choodunga. maa ne plan ke mutabik jaldi khana banaya aur hum ne dinner kiya phir bhabhi ko apne kamare main bhej diya. main apane kamare main aakar nanga hokar let gaya mera lund ek dam tan kar khada tha main mastram ki kitab nikali aur padane laga. kuch der baad darwaja dheera se khula aur maa andar aa gayi. unhone bhi ek bhi kapada nahi pahana tha aur nangi woh bahut sundar lag rahi thi. voh ab rooj raat ko nangi hi aati aur nangi hi apne kamare main jati thi. mere aane ka intezar bhi nahi kiya aapne aur lund se khelne lage maa ne mere pass aakar kaha aur mera lund apane hanth main le liya kya karoo nirmala aaj bahu ne kya gajab ke kapade pahan rakhe the mera to lund shaam se hi khada hai. lagta hai apki bahu aap ko rijha rahi thi. woh bhi kai din ki bhuki hai aur uska pati kal aane wala hai to usko todi tharak chadi hogi aur aap itne sundar aur jawan mard hai isliye usne aise kapade pahane sayad apne sasur ko rijhane ke liye. mere lund ko muthiyate hue maa ne kaha.

mere hath maa ke moti choochiyon se khel rahe the. jo bhi nirmala hamari bahu bahut sexy hai. kewal ek mard ke saat sone ke liye nahi bani usko to pure ganv ki randi hona chahiye.

aaj ye aap kaisi batien kar rahe hai lagta hai aaj aap bahut jayada hi garam hai. chaliye mere choot chaat kar saaf kariye aaj aapka virya abhi bhi meree choot main hai. toda bahut meri panty main bhi hai jo aaj doopahar ko maine pahani thi main dopahar ko hi aapke takiye ke neech rakh di thi. maa ne takiye ke neeche se mere virye se sani apni panty nikal kar mujhe di aur maine usko sungha. ye hamara roj ka niyam tha roj doopahar ko use kari hue panti raat ko main choose kar saaf karta tha aur maa ki choot bhi saaf karta tha. maa kabhi bhi apni choot dhoti nahi thi mutne ke baad bhi nahi kewal nahate samaye saaf karti thi. mujhe maa ke din bhar ki bina saaf kari hui choot chatne main bahut maja aata tha. vaise mera maan maa ka mute peene ka bhi karta tha par main aaj tak maa ko yeh kah nahi paaya ye soch kar ki kabhi maa naraz na ho jaye. maine maa ki panty le aur usko chatne laga mera lund panty ki gandh se ek dam tan kar lohe ka ho gaya. maa mere lund ko apne jeebh se chat rahi thi aur apni nazuk ungaliyan bhi lund par phira rahi thi. main panty ko chatne ke baad sunga aur phir apne muh main bhar liya aur choosne laga. mere virye aur maa ke ras se sani panty ka swad muh main aate hi main machal gaya maa ne mera lund pakad rakha tha. main apne chootad uchal kar maa ke hantho se muth maarne laga.

maa ne dekh to mera lund chod diya aur boli aare ye kya kar rahe hai aisse to aap jaldi jhad jaayenge pura maja leejiye meri kachi ka mujhe pata hai ki aapko meri kachi bahut pasand hai. choose kar saaf kar deejiye ab to maine apani panty saaf karna hi band kar diyaa hai kyonki iski jaroorat hi nahi aap itna accha chat kar saaf kar dete hai ek boond gandagi nahi choodate. main jor jor se panty choose raha tha maa ne apnee jeebh mere lund ke supade par phirani shuru kar di aur mere lund ke supade ko geela karne lagi. maa ke raseele honth kabhi mere lund ko choomate to kabhi srif jeebh mere lund par phirati. main to jaise dusari duniya main hi kho gaya tha ankhien band kar ke bhabhi ke badan ko yaad karke maa ki kachi saaf karne main juta tha. maa bhi mere lund ko apni harkato se bahut pareshan kar rahi thi. maa ko mujhe is tarah tadpane main bahut maja aata tha kyonki maa ko bhi pata tha ki jayada tadapne ka baad jab main usko chodunga to uski choot ke chithade hi uda dunga aur maa ko woh pasand tha isiliye woh aisa karti thi. 15 min main maine maa ki kachi ko choose kar ek dam saaf kar diya aur maa ko diya. maa ne panty dekhi aur boli kya mast saaf karte hai aap aaj to toda jaldi kar diya lagta hai apni bahu ko yaad kar ke kuch jayada hi mast ho rahe hai aap. chaliye ab mere choot saaf kareye.

main bistar par chit let gaya aur maa mere muh ke pass akar ukadiyon baith gayi jaise aurat mutane ke liye baithati hai. jisse maa ki choot ek dam mere muh ke samane thi maa ko is roop main dekh kar maine socha kash maa mut de mere muh main. par main apane aap ko roka liye meree choot hazir hai jara chakiye to sali badi hi garm ho chuki hai aur ras se bahri hai chat ke saara pani pee jaeaye bahut tang kar rahi hai saali doophar se. maa todha aage jhuki aur apni choot mere muh par tika di. main bhi apnee jeebh bahar nikali aur maa ki choot chatni shuru kar di. maa ki chot chatne main mujhe bahut maja aata tha aur maine puri choot muh main bhari aur choosne laga. main apne hanth maa ki chootad par rakhe aur unko masalne laga. maa ke mote gudaz chootad ko hanth se masalne main mujh maza aa raha tha. mera lund mast khado ho kar ghode ke tarah hinhina raha tha. maa bhi apni kamar hila kar apane maje ka izhar kar rahi thi. kabhi apane chootad gol gol ghumati to kabhi uchalti. main kabhi maa ki choot ke dane ko choos kar maa ki choot main ras paida karta to kabhi apni jeebh maa ke choot main ghusa kar choot ras peeta. maa khud apne hantho se apni gol matol choochiyan masal rahi thi jor jor se apne ghundiya ko padak kar keechate. maa bhi badi masti main thi. ab unko bhi choot chatwane ki aadat ho chali thi aur pura maja lete hue der tak choot chatwati thi.

maa ke chootad ek dam se jor jor se chalne lage hai re choose dalo is nigodi ko kha joa mujhe jhada do sara ras pee lo is choot ka. aur najane kya kya galiyan bakate hue choot chuswane lagi. maine bhi maa ki choot ka dana jor se muh main dabaya aur choosene lage. apni jeebh ki noke dane par ragadne laga jor jor se. maa ki halat ab bahut kharab ho chuki thi aur voh ab kisi bhi waqt jhad sakti thi. ohh mera ane wala hai pee joa meree choota ka ras are mere balam mere mardarchod pati pee lo. phir maa ne kas ke apni choot puri takat se mere muh par daba di aur unka badan kada ko gaya. mera pura chehera maa ki choot aur pet se dab gaya. maa puri masti main jhad rahi thi. maa ki choot se ras nikal kar seeda mere muh main beh raha thaa aur main usako peeta jaa raha tha. maa ne mujhe bahut ras peelaya phir dheere dheere unka badan shant ho gaya. todi der baad maa apne chootad meri chati par rakh kar mujh par biath gayi. ohhh bahut mast choosa aaj to aap ne aaj aap bhi bade josh main the lagta hai bahu ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai apko. haan nirmala aaj to mera lund maan hi nahi raha usko to bhabhi ki choot chahiye. bhabhi ka badan bhogna hai mere lund ko. tum kuch chakkar chalo nirmala jisse mujhe bhabhi ki choot mil sake. theek hai chalungi aur jaldi hi apko apki bahu ki choot dilwaungi. aap mujhe bahut maja dete hai aap ki liye itna nahi kar sakti. par aap mujhe kabhi mat bhool jana theek hai janu.

phir maa mere upar se utari aur mera lund dekha jo soj kar laal ho raha tha aur maje ke liye betaab tha. hai re mere raja aaj dekho to jara apke dande ko kaisa mota ho rakha hai. isse to pahale jhadana padega nahi to is halat main isse chudwaya to meree choot ke cheethade kar dega. chooso na nirmala ab main bhi bahut betab ho raha hoon sham se meri halat kharab hai ab to kuch karo mere lund ke saath. chaliye mast 69 karte hai main apka lund choosungi aur aap mere choot saali mera bhosada apka lund dekh kar phir se garam ho gaya hai. aap isse choose kar shant kar do theek hai chalo 69 ka khel khelte hai. maa mere bistar par chad kar mere muh ke dono taraf apne ghutane tika kar agge ko mere lund par jhuk gayi. maa ki garam raseele choot meri ankho ke samane thi. jo mere thok se sarabore thi. kyonki main usse abhi abhi chata tha. maa ne apane chootado ko thoda sa hilya aur phir apni choot mere muh par set karke apne chootad muh par daba diye. maine bhi muh khol kar maa ki choot apne muh main bhar li aur jor jor se choosane laga jaise paka hua aam ho. maa ne mere lund ko pahale bina chuye chooma upar se neeche tak. lund ke supade ko usaki lambyi ko pura chooma phir apne hanto main pakad kar usaki khal utar di. aur mere lund ka supada nikal kar bahar aa gaya. itne der se garam hone ki wajah se mera lund thoda se geel ras nikal raha tha.

maa ne lund ko apne hant main pakad kar mere muh par phunka jaise woh mere ki garmi ko shant karna chahati ho phir apani ungali se lekar mera pre cum jo mere lund par laga tha mere supade par malane lagi. aur pure supade ko usse geela kar diya. main maa ki choot jor jor se choose raha tha aur maa bhi apane chootad hila kar apni khusi ka izahar kar rahi thi. mere supade ko geela karane ke baad maa ne apne jeebh nikali aur apni jeebh ki nok mere lund ke suparde par phirane lagi. supade par laga ras jeebh par lagati aur phir use pee jati. maa mujhe bahut hi tadpa rahi thi. par isse meree utejana aur bhi badhe rahi thi. apni jeebh phira phira kar maa ne mere lund ke supade ko bilkul geela kar diya acche se geela karne ke baad maa ne lund ke supade ko muh main bhar liya. maa ke honto ne mere lund ko jakad rakha tha aur maa ki jeebh mere supade par chal rahi thi maa mujhe tadpa kar itna uttejit kar dena chahati thi ki jab main jhadu to bahut sari mast malayi maa ki muh main geerauien. main masti main machal raha tha aur apane chootad hila raha tha par maa ne apane hantho se meri jhangho ko daba rakha tha aur apni choot jor jor se mere muh par hila rahi thi. main bhi maa ki choot pagalo ki tarah choos raha tha. mujhe choot choosna bahut pasand tha aur usse meri uttejana aur badh jati thi.

main maa ki choot ka dana apne muh main bhara aur jor jor se choosne laga. maa bhi pagalo ki tarah apne chootad hilane lagi. ab maa ne bhi jor jor se mere lund ka supada lolipop ki tarah choosna shuru kar diya tha. phir maa ne muh khola aur boli bahenchod patidev kya mast chooste ho meri choot mere jaanu maja aa gaya phir adha lund apne muh main bhar liya meri chudhakad maa kya mast choose rahi thi mere lund ko. apne chootad gol gol ghumate hue maa dheere dheere aur lund muh main bharti jaa rahi thi. aur thodi der main mera pura lund maa ke garm muh main sama gaya aur maa ne apne hath meri jhangho par rakhe aur apane muh se mera lund chodna shuru kar diya. jaise unka muh ek choot ho aur mera lund us choot ko chod raha hoo. maine bhi apne ek hath se maa ke chootad khole aur unki choot chooste hue unaki gand main apni ungali choot ke ras se geeli karke phirane laga. maa bhi uttejana main machal rahi thi aur mian bhi. maine jor se maa ke choot ke dane ko muh main dabaya aur chabane laga. maa ki halat kharab ho gayi mera lund maa ke muh se nikal gaya aur maa boli aur choosiye jor se madarchod kha jaiye meri choot aah bada maja aa raha hai maa ke laude mere bhadwe choose mera bhosada main to bas jhadne hi wali hoon. aur phir se maa ne mera lund muh main bhar liya. maa ab bahut uttejit ho gayi thi aur jor jor se mera lund choose rahi thi jaise kha hi jayengi. aur main jor jor se maa ki choot. dono ab apni charm seema ki taraf badh chale the aur kabhi bhi jhad sakte the.

maa jor jor se apane chootad chal rahi thi jor se chilane ki khosish kar rahi thi par mera lund muh main hone se maa ke awaj dab ja rahi thi aur gon gon ki awaj aa rahi thi. maa jor jor se apane muh se mere lund ko chod rahi thi mera lund pura andar leti phir kareeb lund ke supade tak bahar nikal deti mere lund maa ke gale tak utar raha tha. aur maa ko bhi lund choose me maja aa raha thaa. ohhh mere raja ji mere behanchod pati meri choot ke rakhwale mere gandu lo mera to nikalne wala hai abhi peelati hoon apko apna ras ohhh mere raja ji kah ke maa ne lund phir main muh main bhar liye lekin maa ki choot ne unka saath nahi diya aur maa ka badan ek dam se kada ho gaya aur maa ki choot ras bahane lagi aur maa ne apane chootad mere muh par daba diye maa ke pakad meri jangho par deeli pad gayi jise maine apane chootad jor jor se uchalne shuru kar diye aur maa ka muh chodne laga. maa ka badan dheere dheere dheela padene laga aur main maa ka sara ras peeta jaa raha tha. mujhe apni choot ka sara ras peelane ke baad hi maa ko kuch hosh aayaa aur mera lund nikal kar unhone apane hanth main pakad liya aur boli maja aa gaya ji aapne to mujhe aaj khush kar diya ab main apke lund ka ras peeyongi. maa na mera lund apne muh main phir se bhar liya aur choosne lagi main to pahale hi jhadne ke kareeb aa gaya tha maa ke lund choosne se. aur main masti main karaha raha tha main to chahata tha ye sab aise hi chalta rahe par ab mujhe usko rokana bilkul mushkil tha aur wohi hua mera lund maa ka choosne sah nahi saka aur usse apana pani maa ke choot rupi muh main geerana shuru kar diya. mera lund bah kar maa ke muhe main girne laga aur maa mera ras peene lagi.

maa ne mera sara ras pee liye aur chat kar mere lund ko saaf kar diya. mera lund ek dam chamak raha tha maa ke thook se. jab mera lund ek dum dheela pad gaya tabhi maa ne choda. ab apki bhook kuch kam huyi. haan meri jaan par abhi bhi bhabhi ka woh mohak roop mere saamane hai aur main jald hi phir se waise hi mast khada ho jaunga. maa mere upar se utar kar mere bagal main baith gayi aur boli to aaj to lagta bahu se baat karni hi padegi woh agar yahan hoti to aap to uski choot phad hi dete. haan nirmal baat to tum sahi kah rahi ho. ab jaldi se mere lund choose kar khada kar do maa ab mujhe tumko chodna hai aaj to puri raat tumhari choot marunga tabhi jakar mera lund shat hoga. accha lagta hai aaj to meri choot ki khair nahi bhau hoti to hum dono bant leti par chudana to mujhe hi hai bahu to apne kamare main so rahi hai. bhabhi ka naam lene se mere andar phir se garmi jag uthi. bhabhi ka woh roop mere saamane aa gaya aur mera lund phir se harkat main aana shuru ho gaya. Chaliye main mut kar aati hoon phir chahe jaise chaho aap mujhe chodna theek hai. phir maa uthi aur mere bistar ke neeche se unhone ek gulabi rang ki padded bra aur g-string panty nikali aur mujhe di. lijiye ye aur apne lund ko tayaar kariye mujhe pata hai apko bahu ki bra panty kitni pasand hai isliye aaj jab is madak roop main tayar hui to main usaki bra panty chura kar rakh li thi jo usne kal pahani thi. main abhi mut kar aati hoon tab tak maja karo.

maa nangi hi mere kamare se nikal kar mutne chali gayi. kyonki bhabhi to neend ki goli lekar aaram se soti thi. main apne bistar par let gaya aur bhabhi ke panty sungane laga aur unki bra main lund lapet kar muth maar raha tha meri ankhein bilkul band thi. aur main bhabhi ki mastane roop ko soch kar jor jor se muth maar raha tha. ye kya sasur ji apni bahu ko yaad karke uski bra panty ke saath khel rahe hai woh bhi akele akele bin apni bahu ki. ye to bhabhi ki awaj thi. main ek dam chaunk gaya aur maine panty apane chehare se hata kar dekha to bhabhi mere saamane wohi ghaghra choli pahane kahadi thi chunni nahi pahni thi bhabhi ne unaki moti gol choochiyan choli se bahar nikalne ko tayaar thi. woh bhabhi aap woh main to aur main kuch bol hi nahi paya. arre isme ghabrane ki kya baat hai apni bhabhi ki bra panty se hi to khel rahi hai jaise pati ki sali pati ke liye aadhi gharwali hoti hai waise hi patni ke liye uska dewar adha gharwala hota hai to aapka to haque banta hai meri bra panti par. aur aap ne to kitni baar muth maara hai meri bra panty main puri gandi kar dete thi aap woh to jab se aap maaji ko chodne lage aapne meri bra panty ke saath khelna hi band kar diya. aap ki ras se bahri bra aur panty ko choosne main mujhe kitna maja aata tha aap ka ras peene ko milta tha bina aap ko pata chale. ab to sab band ho gaya. bhabhi ki baat sun kar mujhe laga ki bhabhi ko to sab pata hai aur unko isme koi problem nahi hai balki woh to kudh mujhe chahati hai par bhabhi ko pata kaise chala.

Tabhi maa kamare main aayi aur boli arre bahu tu aa gayi dekh liya inko kaise mast ho rahe hai tujhe is roop main dekh kar main theek kaha tha na. iska matlab maa ne bhabhi ko bataya. haa ji maine hi isko bataya hai kya karo isne aaj mujhe aur apko khet main chudayi karte hue dekh liya tha to mujhe sab batana pada. aur maine aap ko bahu ke liye taraste hue dekha to mujhse raha nahi gaya aur main bahu ko sab kuch bata diya yahan tak aapke vichar bhi bahu ko bata diya. bahu sun kar bahu khus huyi thi aur sham ko hi aap se chudna chahati thi par maine kaha ruko raat main pura maja lenge. main hi bahu ko purana ghaghra choli pahane ko kaha tha kyonki mujhe pata tha ki aap bahu ke bhare ubharte jism ko dekh kar kya mast ho jayenge. boliye aapko accha nahi laga kya. nahi mujhe bahut accha laga aaj to mera sapana pura ho gaya bhabhi jaisi sundar aurat mujhe chudana chahati hai. jab bhabhi shadi ho kar aayi thi maine socha tha ki bhahiya kitne lucky hai ki itna accha maal unko mila par aaj to ye maal mujhe bhi mil raha hai. ab aap thodi meri bahu ki garmi shant kar dijiye pahale phir hum teeno mil kar maja lenge. maa ne bistar par baithte hue kaha. chal aa tu bhi baith jaa inke bagal main. bhabhi matakti hui aayi aur mere bagal main baith gayi. bhabhi ka rang thoda sanwala tha pura badan kisi bijali se kam nahi tha. bhabhi ke chootado ke naam ki naa jane maine kitni baar muth maari thi aur wohi sexy bhabhi mere bagal main baiti thi aur woh bhi itni sexy ghaghra choli pahane huye. bahu chalo apne sasur ji ka lund pakad kar hilao dekho tumko dekh kar kitna mota ho gaya hai.

haan maaji bhabhi ne apna hath aage badaya aur apne mulayam hantho me mera lund pakad liya bhabhi ka hanth padate hi mujhe ek jhatka sa laga mera lund dheere dheere khada hone laga ab main bhi apna hath badaya aur bhabhi ki choli ke upar rakha aur unaki choochiya sahalane laga. kya kadi choochiya thi bhabhi ki maa se bhi kadi thi unki. kyon devar ji kaisi hai meri choochiya bahut acchi bhabhi kya kadi hai maja aa gaya. devar ji chudayi ki mamale me main bade khule dil aur vicharo ki hoon aap ki jo bhi iccha ho batana puri karungi. bhabhi jaroor batunga phale mujhe aapke badan ko nihar to lene do mera lund ab mast khada ho gaya tha bhabhi lao main tumhari choli utar do. accha devar ji to pahale mamme dekhoge bhabhi ke chalo utar do phir kah kar bhabhi apni peeth meri taraf kar ke baith gayi. bagal main baiti maa ne mera lund apne hath main pakad liya. utar deejiye iski choli bade hi mast choochiyan hai meri bahu ki aaj jab maine isko tayaar kiya tab dekhi thi mera lund hilate hue meri nangi maa ne kaha. bhabhi ki choli me peeche kafi gahara cut tha aur neeche do hook se main bhabhi ki peeth par hath phera aur unaki chikani jawani ka jayaja liya phir main bhabhi ki peet par ek chuma le liye hai re ye kya karte ho devar ji kuch kuch hota hai. main bhabhi ki peeth par hath pherate hue kaha kahan kuch hota hai meri choot main jalim devar ji aur kahan aag lag jati hai. uski aag bhujhane ke liye mera lamba mota pipe hai na woh apki aag shat kar dega aap bas maja lijiye. ab khol bhi dijeeye na bahu ka blouse kab tak tang karenge bechari ko. theek hai nirmala tum kahati ho to khol deta hoon. kah kar main bhabhi ki choli ke hook khole diye.

bhabhi ka blouse itna tight tha ki mere kholte he ek dam jhatke se alag ho gaya aur mere samane bhabhi nangi peeth aur bhabhi ki lal bra ka starp aa gaya. main apne aap bhabhi ki choli unke kandhe se sarka kar aage kar di aur bhabhi ne woh tight choli kheech kar utar di. ab bhabhi ki chati par sirf lal bra thi aur kuch nahi. maa abhi mere lund ko sahala rahi thi aur kabhi kabhi meri chati choom leti. bhabhi ghum kar meri taraf muh kar ke baith gayi. babhi ke 38D ki choochiyan bra main kaid kitne sundar lag rahe the. Bhabhi ke badan kar rang unke chehare ke rang se gahara tha. unki choochiya thode kale rang ki thi. aur lal ran unke badan ke rang ke saat mil kar unko aur bhi sexy bana raha tha. kaisi lagi meri choochiyan apko sasur ji. ab main bhi aap ko sasur ji hi kahungi agar maa ne apko pati mana hai to main apki bahu hoon aur ab aap bhi mera naam lijiye. theek hai reema aaj se main tumhara naam hi loonga. tumhari choochiya bahut acchi hai maa ke barabar hi hai sayad aur is lal bra main tum bahut acchi lag rahi ho reema. hain na acchi main dophar main dekhi thi ek dam chikani maal hai hamari bahu. dekho apka lund bhi kya mast danda ban gaya hai abhi jhada tha todi der pahale aur phir se mast dande ke tarah ban gaya hai. haan maa main bhabhi hi bra main kaide choochiyon par hant pherte hue kaha aur reema ki choochiya kitani kadi bhi hai. kyon nahi hongi meri bahu ki choochiyan kadi abhi jawan hai reema woh to hai maa kaha kar maine bhabhi ki padded underwire bra ke upar se bhabhi ki choochi daba di. bhabhi bhi machal gayi. bhabhi ki choochiya bra mai se 1/4 bahar thi aur ek sath chipak kar gahara cut bana rahi thi.

ab bhabhi ne bhi apna hath mere tatto par rakha aur unko sahlane lagi bade hi payar se apni ungaliyan chala rahi thi mere tatto par aur mujhe dekh kar muskura rahi thi aapka lund bahut sundar hai sasur ji tujhe pasand aaya bahu to teri choot ko bhi iska ras milega tu chinta kyon karti hai nirmala accha hua tumne mera lund pahale hi jhada diya tha ek baar nahi to abhi tak reema par toot padata aur reema ke is madak badan ka pura maja bhi nahi le pata. mujhe to pata tha tabhi to maine ye plan banaya tha ki pahale reema ko aap is roop main dekhe aur phir main aapko jhadau. main apne aap ko kitna khushnaseeb samajh raha tha abhi kuch dino pahale kahan main in dono mast nariyon ke bare main soch kar muth mara karta tha aur aaj dono khud mujhase chudane ko tayaar hai aur ek ko to main chod bhi chuka hoon. ab main bhi bhabhi ki choochiyan dekhane ko betaab tha. reema ab mujhe tumhari choochiyan dekhani hai uski ghundiyan dekhani hai to utar dijiye na meri bra maine kab mana kiya hai sasur ji mera badan apka hai kabhi bhi kisi bhi cheej ke liye mana nahi karungi apko. bhabhi ke bra front opening this main bhabhi ki bra ka hook khola aur unki bra khol di. bhabhi ke moti choochiye khul kar ek dam ajaad ho gayi. bhabhi ke choochiyon par unki ghundiya kya mast lag rahi thi ghundi ka rang ek dam kala tha aur usaki choro oor ek kala ghera tha jo ki maa ke ghere se bada tha. bhabhi ki ghundiya ek dam tan kar khadi thi unki ghundiya kareeb 1 inch ki hongi. bhabhi wiase hi baite rahi aur mere tatto se khelti rahi jaise kuch hua hi nahi ho main aage badh kar bhabhi ki choochiyon se khelne laga aur unki ghundiyon ko hant main lekar pyar se sahalaya.

thodi der pyar se bhabhi ki choochiyon ke saath khelne ke baad kas ke bhabhi ki dono ghundi ko masal diya hai daiya re sasur ji kya karte hai aap bade hi nirdayi hai aap kitni jor se masala meri choochiyon ko bahut maja aaya reema meri jaan tum apni ye bra utar do ye mere aade aa rahi hai. maint theek se khel nahi paa raha hoon tumhari choochiyon se. bhabhi se jhat se apni bra nikal kar mujhe de di lo sasur ji utar di bra. main bhabhi ki bra li aur sunghi usame se bhabhi ke paseene ki sugandh aa rahi thi jisne mujhe aur bhi uttejit kar diya. bra utarte waqt mujhe ye bhi pata chala ki bhabhi ko kankh ke baal nahi katne ki adat thi jo mujhe bahut pasand aayi. kankh ke gahare gane baal mujhe bahut acche lagate the. lejiye sasur ji meri moti choochiya tayaar hain. mere bagal main baite hue bhabhi ne kaha ab bataiye sasur ji kaisi lagi aapko meri choochiyan hain na mast apki patni ke kareeb kareeb barabar hai unka DD cup hai to mera D cup. par meri ghundiyan maaji se acchi hai naa bhabhi se phir se apna hath mere tatto par rakhate hue kaha. haan bahu tum sahi kaha rahi ho choochiyan to mast hai mujhe badi khushi hai do sundar nariyan mere lund ki diwanee hai. arre sasur ji apka lund bhi kitna accha hai lamaba aur mota kyon maaji aap to le chuki hai na choot main aapne nahi bataya sasur ji ko

haan ji sahi to kah rahi hai bahu hamari apke lund par to main wari jao isne to mujhe phir se jawan bana diya 16 saal ki chokari jaisa man kar diya hai apke is musal ne. dono mujhe apani mast bato se mast kar dena chahati thi. reema ki choochiyan ko main bade payar se sahala raha tha par ab main bahut uttejit ho chuka tha aur reema ki choochiyon ko jabardast masalna chahata thaa ghunidiya kheecha chahata tha. maine reema ki ghundiyon ko apnee ungaliyon main pakada aur jor se kheech diya jaise usako ukhad hi lunga. hai re sasur ji kya karte ho kitne jor se kheech rahe ho nigodi choochiyon ko maja aa gaya kya bedardi se khel raho ho aap sasur ji aur kheecho ukhad ke phek to yahi sali nigodi choochiyan meree choot main aag lagati hai jab bhi koi mard in choochiyon ko dekta hai to meri choot geeli ho jati hai aaj main apne aap ko aap ko samarpit karti hoon barbad kar do sali in choochiyon ko maa ki laudi kahi ki. arre reema meri jaan ye to mera payar hai jo main in par barsa raha hoon main dono choochiyon ko hath main lete hue kaha aur jor jor se masalne laga jaise aata ghundha jata hai waise bhabhi ke chehare par dard ki ek lehar ghum gayi par woh to ek mastni maal thi dard main karhane ke bajaye masti main sisak rahi thi. haan sasur ji aise hi aur jor se khelo apne maal se maja aa raha hai meri choot ko jitna masaloge utni hi meri choot geeli hogi tabhi to main aapka musal choot main le paaungi haan mar gayi re aaj to sasur ji dam hi nikal diya mera mardarchod sasur saale daba meri choochiyan free ka maal hai gandu aur jor se mujhe uksati hui bhabhi ne kaha.

main bhi ab apne pure josh main aa gaya tha aur bhabhi ki choochiyan berahmi se masal raha tha maa ke choot ne bhi maa ke badan main aag laga di thi. aur ab unka mere lund se door rahan mushkil ho raha tha maa neeche jhuki aur mere lunk ke supade ko choom liye phir mere pairo ke bagal main lait gayi aur meri lund par chumbano ki bauchar kar di bade hi payar se mere lund ko choom rahi thi. pura kamara bhabhi ki siskiyon se goonj raha tha. bhabhi ki ankhien band thi aur voh meete dard ka majaa le rahi thi. maa ne mere lund ko choomne ke baad lund ke supade ko muh main bhar kar choosna shuru kar diya vah bade hi aaram se payar se lund ka sawad lete hue supada choose rahi thi. lund par muh lagate hi mujhe bhi mast maja aane laga aur main aur bhi jor jor se bhabhi ki choochiyan masalne laga bhabhi ne apna hath meri chati par rakhe aur apne mulayan hanto se meri chati sahlane lagi. jo mujhe bahut hi accha laga. maa abhi bhi bahut payar se mere lund ko choose rahi thi use koi jaldi nahi thi woh janti thi ki main ek baar jhad chuka hoon aur ab itne jaldi nahi jhadunga par woh bhi bhabhi aur mere sangam ko hum dono ke liye yaadgaar bana dena chahati thi. kafi der tak babhi ki choochiyon ko masalne ke baad ab mujhe nahi raha jaa raha tha ab main bhabhi ka lahenga utar kar unke chootad aur choot dekhne ko betab tha main aur maa to pahele se hi nange the ab bhabhi ke nange hone ki baari thi. bahu ab tum bhi puri nangi ho jao dekho main aur maa to pahele se hi madarjat nange hai ab tum bhi apna ye katil jism mujhe dekhao. nahi sasur ji pahale aap meree choochiyon ko thoda aur payar kariye main bahut hi garm aurat hoon aur aap jo bhi kar rahe hai mujhe maaja aa rhaa hai meri choochiya choose ke mujhe aur garam kar dejiye main chahati hoon aap inko choom chat kar ek dam geela kar deejiye apne thook se nahala dejiye sasur ji.

theek hai meri bahu ki agar ye iccha hai to main usse puri karunga. main phir thoda kisak kar bistar par let gayaa ur maa bhee uth kar meri tango ke beech main aa gayi aur mere lund ko ussi payar se choosne lagi. bhabhi ne dono pair mere kamar ke dono aur lagaye aur apni choochiyan mere muh par lataka di maine apane haath bhabhi ke karmar par rake aur unki kamar ko sahalate hue main pahale dono ghundiyon ko muh main bhar kar choosa phir apni jeebh se bhabhi ke choochiyan chatne laga jaise koi kutta chateta hai hai sasur ji kya baat hai mujhe choochiya chatwane main bahut maja aata hai apke bete se to kabhi kabhi main 2 ghante sirf choochiya choswati aur chatwati ho aur chatiye sasur ji meri chatiya ohhh chooste bhi rahiye na choochi ko apke payar ko kitna tarsi hai ye mujhe pata hota apka lund inta mast hai to kabka apko phasa leti. haan aise ki pura muh main bhar kar choose meree ghundiya dekiye kaisi khadi hai mast apne raja ki liye hay re main reemaa ki kamar masalte hue choochiyan choose jaa raha tha. main bhabhi ki choochiyon par thook deta aur phir apana thook chaat leta masti main puri tarah bara mera lauda bhi mast maa ki muh main uchal raha tha maa ne bhi ab lund muh main se nikala aur mere tatte muh main bhar kar choosne lagi bhabhi khud apani choochiyan mere muh main ghusa kar chatwane ka maja le rahi thi. main bhi chat chat kar bhabhi ke choochiya ek dam geeli kar di aur apne thook se unko snnan kar diya. haye sasur ji aap ne to meri halat bilkul hi kharab kar di meri choot bilkul hi paniya gayi hai ab to meri panty bhi geeli ho gayi hai mere pani se badi acchi ghundiya chooste hai aap sasur ji are mere payar sasur ji jara choochiyan bhi chatiye na bada maja aa rahaa hai aur ek hath se masal daliye meree moti choochiyan masal kar lal kar deejiye in nigodiyon ko saliyon ko pata to chale mere sasur ji main kitna dum hai.

maine bhabhi ke ek choochi hath main pakadi aur masalne laga aur dusari choochi ko jeebh nikal kar chatne laga jaise chat ka patal chata jata hai. main bhabhi ki choochi bhahut hi bherahami se masal raha tha jaise antta ghutha jata hai mujhe bhabhi ki moti choochi masalane mai bahut maja aa rahaa tha lagata tha bhabhi ko bhi is bherahmi ke khel main maja aa raha thaa aur vah ankhein moond kar masti main karhate huye maja le rahi thi paki chudhakad aurat thi bhabhi aur maa mere tatto ko pyar karane main juti thi mere lund ko apne chehare par rakh kar mere tatte muh main bhar kar use pyar se choose ja rahi thi aur mere lund unke chehare ko sahala raha tha. main kabhi choochi ko jeebh se chateta to kabhi jayada se jayada choochi muh main bhar ka choosta us samay bhabhi bhi apane hanto se choochi mere muh main jyada bharne ki koshih karti taki main maje se choose saku aur unko utna hi jyada maja mil sake. bhabhi ke ek choochi ko main thodi hi der main chat kar apane thook se chamka diya aur dusari choochi ko masal kar rakh diya bhabhi ko choochi masalne se bahut dar huya par unhe untna hi maja bhi aaya jo ki unke chehare se jahir tha. hye sasur ji aapne ne meri choochi ki jaan hi nikal di masal kar ab ise chaat kar thdo narm kar deejiye aur dusari choochi masal kar usse bhi sabk sikhaye ki apki bahu ko tang na kiya kare nahi to aap aise hi unki khabar liya karenge. meri jaan main to ab roj inki isse tarah khabar liya karunga saali in choochiyon ne itne saal tumko tang kiya hai to iska badala bhi to lena hai. hey re sasur ji roj masaliye main kab mana kar rahi hoon mujhe to maja hi aayega apnki bhook mitane main.

main phir bhabhi ki dusari choochi muh main bhar li aur choosne laga aur jis choochi ko chat raha tha use hath main pakad kar masalne laga kyonki voh choochi thook se sani huyi thi mere dabane se thoda phisal rahi thi par mujhe masalne main maja aa raha tha. choochi se khelte huye main bhabhi ki peeth aur kamar par hath pher raha tha aur kabhi kabhi bhabhi ki kamar masal bhi deta tha par bhabhi ko isme bhi bada majaa aa raha tha ye chudhkkad aurat ki puri nishani thi. jisse main aaj bhogane wala tha. maa ne mere tatte choose ke baad ab mere lund ko hath main pakad kar apni moti choochiyon par ragadana shuru kar diya tha. mere lund se nikalti thodi pre cum ki bunde maa se seedhe apni ghundi par laga di lund aur ghundi ka milan bada hi uttejit kar raha tha mujhe. maa apni ghundi mere lund ke supade ke saath ragad rahi thi maa ne apni dono ghundi lund ke saath ragadi aur ghundiyon ko mere ras se geela kiya. aur phir khud apni moti choochiya chehare tak utha kar ghundiyon ko chat kar uska ras piya. maa ne mere lund ko apani choochiyon se ragadte hue mujhe maja dena shuru kar diya. aur idhar maine apani bhabhi ki choochiyon ka bura haal kar diya tha ek ko chat chat kar narm kar raha thaa aur dusari ko masal kar garm badi halat kharab thi meri bhabhi rani ki. meri bhabhi bahut hi garam aurat thi aur usko puri garam hokar chudana main maja aata tha. aur voh apani choochiya mere upar lataka kar pura maja le rahi thi. mujhe bhabhi ki choochiya bahut pasand aayi thi aur unka bharpur sevan kar raha tha. main bhabhi ki choochiyon ko ante ki tarah gundh raha tha aur dusari ko kutte ki tarah chat raha tha jo ek dam mere thook se naha gayi thi par dusari choochi masale jane ke wajah se uska thook shukh gaya tha.

main aur bhabhi dono choochiyon ko thook main sani dekhna chahate the maine apne dono hath bhabhi ke kamar par jama kar unki kamar ke maas ko masalte hue dusari choochi ko bhi jeebh se chatane laga taki usako bhi apane thook se geela kar saku badi mast maal bhari choochiyan chatne main mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha maa bhi mere lund se bade hi payar se khel rahi thi. maa ko pata tha ab ye chudayi ka khel to puri raat chelega isliye mere lund ko acchi tarah se taayaar karana jaroori tha. akhir mere lund ko chudai ki sikhsha maa ne hi di thi aur woh nahi chahati thi meri aur meri bhabhi ki pahali chudhayi main kuch bhi kami rah jaye. maa mere lund ko apanee jeeb se geela karti aur phir apani choochiyon se ragad kar mujhe tadapati. maa mere lund ko apni bahu ki choot ke liye ek dam khunkhar roop me tayaar karna chahati thi taki jab main bhabhi ki choot chodu to unki kheli khayi choot bhi mere jabardast dhakko se phat jaye aur bhabhi ki choot hamesha ke liye mere lund ki deewani ho jaye. mujhe bhi apne bhagya par naaz ho raha tha ki kuch dino pahale jin do madmast nariyon ka main deewana tha unme se ek do pahale hi mera lund khakar meri deewani ho chuki thi aur dusari mujhe choochiyan chooswa kar dheere dheere meri deewani hoti jaa rahi thi. main ab bhabhi ki kamar aur khulhoon ko jor se masal raha tha aur unki choochiyon ko jeeb se chat kar bhoog raha tha. thodi hi der main main bhabhi ki dono choochiyon ko chat kar thook se nahala diya aur unko choochiyan mere thook main chamakane lagi.

dekho bahu kaise maine tumhari choochiyon ko thook se nahala diya dekho kaise chamak rahi hai tumhari matwali moti choochiyan mere thook se haan sasuji meri choochiyon ki jo khatir aap ne ki hai aisi to kisi ne nahi ki aur meri kamar bhi masal kar meri kachi geeli kar di aapne bilkul mere ras main beegh kar geeli ho chuki hai meri kachi itna maja diya hai apne sirf choochi mardan se mera ye haal hai to sochati hoon choot mardan se mera kya haal hoga. aur apka lund bhi kisi musal se kam nahi dikhta itna mota hai dekh kar hi choot main dard hota hai agar kahi choot main le liya to choot phat hi na jaaye. arre bahu main aise hi thodi phad dunga tumhari choot payar se dalunga pura andar aur choot to choose kar acchi tarah geeli kar ke choodunga jisse tumko dard bhi kam ho aur majaa bhi aaye musal choot main lene ka haan sasur ji thoda to dard hona chahiye chudwate waqt nahi to mujh jaisi matwali nari ko maja hi nahi aata chudwane ka dar to lagata hai apka musal dekh kar par kya batau khu-jali bhi bahut ho rahi hai lund ko choot main lene ki. hay meri bahu rani to jaldi se hame apni choot khol kar dikhao na hum bhi to dekhe ki hamari iss chinal bahu ne kya khazana chupa kar rakha hai apni kachi main. haan sasur ji ab to mujhse bhi nahi raha jaa raha agar aur kuch der isse tarah rahi to mera badan jal kar rakh ho jayega. to phir apna lahega utar do meri jaan meri bahu aur apane in bahri chootad moti jangh aur garam choot ke darshan to karao apne sasur ko. theek hai sasur ji abhi utar deti hoon aur puri nangi ho jati hoon apane rageele sasur ji ke liye. bhabhi se bistar se uthte hue kaha.

maa jo bade payar se aur josh ke saath mere lund ki sewa apane muh aur choochiyon se kar rahi thi boli arri ruk ja bahu ye kya kar rahi hai itne jaldi bhi kya hai abhi to shuruwat hai aur tu khud kyon utar rahi hai apna lahenga are apane sasur ji ko mauka de meri jaan bade payar se tere badan ka deedar karte hue utarenge ke tera lahenga tere sasur ji to chinta mat kar. bade rasiya hai tere sasur ji pura maja denge tere ko samjhi meri ladli chinal bahu. jaisa aap kaho maa ji wasi bhi apki agya ko main aur sasur ji kaise tal sakte hai kyon sasur ji bhabhi ne meri aur dekte hue kaha. bilkul bahu wasi bhi main nirmala ki kokh se nikala hoon jis nate ye meri maa hai aur inki agya manana mera dharm hai aur aur nirmala ne mujhe apna pati mana hai aur accha pati wohi hota hai jo joru ka gulam ho aur joru ka gulam kabhi apni joru ki kahi baat se mukar sakta hai nahi bahu bilkul nahi. dekh lijiye sasu maa sasur ji kitna payar karte hai apko ki apke gulam kahalane me bhi unko koi pareshani nahi hai. kitni bhagyawan hain aap sasu maa haan woh to main hoon hi. theek hai ab meri nirmala ki agya hai to main hi reemaa ka lahenga utarunga. Bhabhi ne apne hath lahenge par se hata liye aur tan kar khadi ho gayi bhabhi ne high heel ki sandal pahani huyi thi jisse unke chootad pahane hi ubhare hue the tan ke khadi hone se bhabhi ki golmatol moti nangi choochiyan bhi tan kar khadi ho gayi aur jiska nipple tan kar jabardast khade the. bhabhi is samay mujhe kisi apsara se kam nahi lag rahi thi. main bistar se neeche utar kar bhabhi ke samane khada ho gaya. bhabhi ke chehare ko apane hatho main liya aur bolo bahu tumko nanaga karne se pahele tumhare honto ka chumban to le le.

kah kar maine apane hont bhabhi ke honto par rakh diye bhabhi ne bhi apane banhe mere kamar main dal kar mujhse lipat gayi bhabhi ki maliyidar choochiyan meri chati par dab gayi. bhabhi ke ghudiyan tan kar itni jabardas khadi thi ki aisa lag raha tha ki meri chati main ched kar dengi. bhabhi ki choochiyon par laga sara thook mere chati par lag gaya. maine bhabhi ke honto ko apne muh main bhar kar bhabhi ke honto ka jabardas chumban le raha tha. bhabhi ko bhi yeh chumban accha laga tha aur woh mujhse lata ki tarah lipti huyi thi jaise hum done do badan ek jaan hoon. bhabhi ke hath mere badan par chal rahe the. bhabhi ek hath meree peet par phira kar mujhe apane payar ka ahasas kara rahi thi aur dusara hath mere chootado par chal raha tha kabhi mere chootado ki golayi par hanth phirati to kabhi unko apane hath main pakad kar masalti aur mere badan ko apane se aur chipka deti. aisa karne se mera mota musal jaisa lund bhabhi ke lahenge main ched banane ke koshish karta lund lahange main ragadne se mere shareer main aur bhi masti bhar deta. main bas bhabhi ke raseele honto ko apane honto main daba kar choose raha tha. jaise woh koi phal ki phank ho bhabhi bhi pure josh ke saath apne honth mujhse chuswa rahi thi. bhabhi ke choochiyon aur pet ka sparsh mujhe bahut hi accha lag raha tha. maa hum dono ka milan bistar par baith kar dekh rahi thi. aur apani ghundiyon se khel rahi thi. maa ke ankhon se vasana tapak rahi thi hamara mila dekh kar maa bahut hi uttejit ho rahi thi. unki choot bhi bahut garam thi aur ras baha rahi thi unke choot se girate ras ki wajah se chadar geeli ho rahi thi.

hum dono istarah ek dusare ke badan ko jakad hue chuban ka anand lete rahe. hum to shayad na jane aur kitne der tak aise hi chipke rahate kyonki bhabhi ki honth choomne main mujhe bahut majaa aa raha tha aur bhabhi ko mujhe apne honth chuswane main par maa ne toka are aap kya aise hi bahu ke honth chooste rahogi ki uska lahenga utar kar usako nanga bhi karoge bichari dekho kaise aap ki khatir tadap rahi hai bichari itni garam ho chuki hai par aap ne abhi tak usko nanga bhi nahi kiya kaise le woh maja iski to kachi bhi geeli ho chuki hogi ab chodo bhi pahale nanga kar ke iske garmi kuch shant karo phir baad main aap iske honto ko bhi bhog lena. maa ki baat sahi bhi thi bhabhi ki halat bahut kharab ho chuki thi aur uski garmi ko thoda kum karana jaroori tha. taki main jee bhar ke garm bhabhi ke garam badan ka maja le saku. main bhabhi ke honto ke ek baar phir se choosa aur phir chod diya aur bhabhi ke muh se apna muh alag kar diya. aapne to mere badan main kya aag lagayi hia sasur ji pura badan jal raha hai bahut maja aa raha tha aapko honth chuswane main ab meri garmi kuch shant kareye na sasur ji aapki bahu bhuki hai uski choot puri geeli ho chuki hai itna pani beh raha hai ki apki bahu ki mastani kacchi bhi puri geeli ho gayi hai ab to lagta hai ki kacchi se pani bah kar meri janhgho par behane legega kuch to kariye sasur ji apni pyari bahu ke sath meri vasana jhada kar trapt kar dijiye sasurji mera sara aang aang kisi mard ke choot spersh ko vayakul hai sasurji. ab mujhse aur nahi raha jata sasurji aur mat tadapayiye ab sasurji kariye na mujhe nangi utar dijiye ye lehenga jisne meri nigodi kacchi main chupi choot aur meri moti mansal jhangho ko apki ankho se chupa kar rakha hai. main janti hoon mujhe kacchi main dekha kar aap jaroor meri choot ki iccha ko samajh payenge aur main janti hoon ki aap apni bahu ko bahut payar karte hai sasurji to aap apni bahu ki choot ki iccha ko jaroor puri karenge aur mere sasurji apni bahu ki choot ki bhook ko jaroor shant karenge.

bhabhi ye sab mujhe apni banho main jakade hue kah rahi thi. bhabhi ki ye batien sun kar meri uttejana aur bhi badh chali thi. mera lund to pahele se hi tan kar khada tha aur aaj main bhi in do maha chinal mastani chudai ki bhoki nariyon ko pura maja dete hue maja lena chahata tha. isliye mujhe pata tha ki chudai ki jaldbazi ki koi jaroorat nahi hai jitna samay lekar ek dusare ko der tak hum log bhogenge utna ki accha hai vaise main to is khel ka naya naya khiladi tha par maa aur bhabhi to is chudai shastra ki majhi hui khiladi thi aur janti thi mard ko uttejit karna aur josh dlina it khel ka sabse bada niyam hai kyonki uttejana main mard kuch bhi karne ko tayaar ho jata hai aur aurat jaise chahe waise maja le sakti hai aur jitna der aurat mard ko uttejit rakhegi utna hi maja mard usko dega yahan tak ki apni issi kala se koi bhi mastani aurat kisi bhi mard ko apni choot ka diwana bana kar apna gulam bhi bana kar rakh sakti hai. aur main to bina kuch kare hi in do nariyon ka deewana tha aur mere liye dono nariyan kisi kaam devi se kum nahi thi isliye ab bhabhi aur der tak tadpana maine uchit nahi samjha aur bhabhi ke lehenge ko uttarne ka socha. maine bhabhi ke gaal kar chumban liya aur bhabhi se alag ho gaya. bhabhi ne bhi mujhe apni banho se ajaad kar diya aur apni kamar par hath rakh kar tan kar khadi ho gayi. main bhabhi se thoda sa door hokar khada hokar bhabhi ko niharne laga aur ardhnange bhabhi ke roop ka raspan karne laga. kya sundar nari thi meri bhabhi mardo ke sapno ki maillika. phir maa bhi apani choochiyan apne hi hantho se masalti hui mere pass akar khadi ho gayi.

hai na humari bahu ek patakha. haan nirmala tum sahi kah rahi ho maine kahan maine aaj jab isko apke liye tayaar kiya tha tab isko nanaga dekha dekha tha tab dekhte hi meri choot geeli ho gayi thi main janti thi apko bhi humari rand bahu bahut pasand aayegi. sahi kah rahi ho nirmala abhi to main bahu ko nanga bhi nahi kiya hai tab mere lund ka ye haal hai agar abhi nangi hoti to pata nahi kya hota kya mastana badan hai humari bahu ka. haan apke pitaji ki nazar bahut parkhi thi tabhi to ek nazar main tad liya ki bahu kitni madmast hai tabhi to chun liya unhone apne bete ki bahu banane ke liye unko to bahut man tha bahu ko bhogena ka par kya kare kismat ko kuch aur hi manjur tha. woh tumhare sasur ji the nirmal unko sasurji bulana aage se koi baat nahi nirmala woh sasur ke roop main bahu ko bhogna chahate the aur main bhi to bahu ka sasur hi hoon main bhog lunga aapne maine kaha bilkul sahi kaha ji maa boli. mera bhi bahut man hi dekhne ka ki jab aap meri bahu ko chodoge to ye kitna chilati hai main to soch kar hi garm ho rahi hoon. hum dono ma beta bhabhi ko nihar rahe the aur batien kar rahe the aur bhabhi usi roop main tan kar khadi thi aur hum dono ko aur garam kar rahi thi. haan main bhi bahut garam ho raha hoon dekho na kya haal kar diya hai tumhari bahu ne mere lund ka apne lund ko masalte hue main maa ko dikhaya maa ne apna hath badha kar mere lund par rakha aur sahalate hue boli haa ji sahi kah rahe ho ek dam pathar ka ho gaya hai mere pati ka lund arri chinal bahu aaj to teri choot ki jabardast dhunayi hogi bacha kar rakhna apni choot ko kahi chithade na uda de teri choot ke ye tere sasurji ka musal. maa ka hanth ka spersh lund par hote hi masti ki lahar daud gayi mere shareer main. mujhe manjoor hai maa ji sasur ji ke mote musal ke maje ke liye main apni choot kurbaan karne ko tayaar hoon itna hi nahi apne khandaan ki har choot sasur ji ko dilwaungi ye mera wada hai sasur ji se aur isse main kabhi na mukarungi chahe mujhe kuch bhi karna pade.

ab to mujhe bahu ko nanaga karna hi padega nirmala pure khandan ki aurto ka lalach to bahut bada hai jise main nahi thukra sakta. haan theek hai ab kar be dijiye iska udghatan badi tadap rahi hai dopahar se meri payari bahu mujhe iski choot ka dukh dekha nahi jata. ab main bhi iski geeli kacchi dekhna chahati hoon chal bahu jab tak tere sasur ji tere lehange ka udghatan karte hai main teri in mast choochiyon kar khayal rakhati hoon inse khel kar inko tere sasur ji ki liye garam hi rakhungi. kah kar maa bhabhi ke peeche ja kar khadi ho gayi aur bhabhi ke gal par ek chuban le liya aur apne hath bhabhi ki banho ke neeche se dal kar bhabhi ki kamar peeche se jakad li. aur apni nangi choochiyan bhabhi ke peeth se chipka di.aur bhabhi ke gale aur chehare ka cumban lekar bhabhi ko aur bhi garam karne ki koshih karne lagi. main dono ke samane ghutano ke bal baith gaya aur bhabhi ki nabhi ka ek chumban liya bhabhi mujhe hasrat bhari nigahoon se dekh rahi thi aur unke muh se mere chumban lene se ek karah nikal gayi. bhabhi ke nabhi ka chumban lene ke baad main bhabhi ke khulho aur jhangho par apne hath pher raha tha main bhabhi ki mote mansal shareer ko choo kar uska anand le raha tha main jab bhabhi ki jhangho ko chua to mujhe pata chala ki bhabhi ki janghe kafi moti thi aur unme kafi mans tha jo ki mujhe bahut pasad tha. moti jangho ko ghaghare ke upar se chumne aur masalne laga. bada hi anand aa raha tha mujhe bhabhi ka badan bhogane main. kya madal maal thi bhabhi mere hantho ka spersh jangho par padane se bhabhi machal uthi thi aur garma rahi thi. phir main apna hath bhabhi ke jangho ke beech jahan unki choot thi usake upar phirane laga aur choot ki garmahat ko mahasoos karne laga. apne hatho ko toda peeche lejakar bhabhi ke vishal chootado ka bhi bagal se spersh karke mahasoos kiya maine jisse mujhe unke golam gol mansal chootado ka ahasas hua.

maine apne hath bhabhi ke chootado par rakhe aur un par hath phira kar unke chootada ka size napne laga aur saath hi saath unki jhange bhi lahenge ke upar se choom raha tha. main bhabhi ke chootado par hath phira kar unke chootado ki golayi napi phir unke chootado ki darar main ungaliya daal kar unki gand ka ched kitna neeche hai uski gaharayi bhi napi. apni ungaliyon ke halke se sparsh se main bhabhi ko uttejit kar raha tha par bhabhi abhi bhi tan kar karmar par hath rakhe khadi thi jaise koi murthi ho apsara ki. main bhabhi ke chootado par hath phira kar ye soch raha tha ki bhabhi ki nange chootad kaise dekhenge. hath phirane ke saath saath main bhabhi ke chootado ko masal kar bhi dekh raha tha. main ab bhabhi ko nanga karne ke liye betab ho raha tha phir maine bhabhi ke chootado par apne hath jama kar aage bhedh kar bhabhi ki choot ka ghaghere ke upar se chumban le liya. mera chumban kafi gahara tha bhabhi ek dam machal gayi aur unke muh se karha nikal gayi. bhabhi ki kacchi sayad sach much main ghaghere ke neeche geeli ho chuki thi kyonki unke choot ras ki kuch boonde mujhe bhabhi ke ghaghere par nazar aa rahi thi. phir maine meri ardh nagan bhabhi ko nihara unki choochiyon ko nihara unke raseele honto ko nihara aur mastani kamar ko nihar aur bhabhi ki gehari nabhi par ek chumban jad diya. mera chumban bahu lamba tha jaise main bhabhi ki nabhi se pura ras pee raha hoon. mere chumban se bhabhi ki garam machalti jawani main aag lag gayi aur woh band ghaghere main tadapne lagi.

ab mujhse bhi nahi raha jaa raha tha aur ab mujhe pata bhi chal gaya tha ki bhabhi ki kacchi geeli ho chuki hai aur main unki geeli kacchi dekhne ko betab tha. main dekhna chahata tha ki meri harkato ka kya asar bhabhi par hua hai aur unki kacchi kitni geeli huyi hai. unki kacchi kaisi hai pardarshi hai ki cottan ke kapade ki hai agar pardarshi nahi hai to kya geeli hone se pardarshi ho gayi hai aur kya geeli hone se unki choot ki rekhaye main dekh paunga ki nahi. main in sab baato ko janana chahata tha. bhabhi ka ghaghara bhabhi ke mote chootado se kas ke chipka huya tha aur kamar par nade se kas kar bandha tha. bahu ab main tumhara ghaghera utarne wala hoon aur jaldi hi tumko in kapado se aajad kar dunga jo is jalim duniya ne tumko pahane par majboor kiya hai nahi to mera basa chalta to tumko jindagi bhar nanga hi rakhta. koi baat nahi bahu ghar main to tumko nanga rakh hi sakta hoon tumko aur tumhari saas ko aaj raat main acche se bogunga. ab utar bhi deejiye na ghante bhar se tadpa rahe hai bichari ko aapko apni jawani saupane ko betab hai bichari aur aap hai ki nkhara kar rahe hai. nahi nirmala nkhara nahi bahu ko garam kar raha tha. ab puri garam ho gayi hai teri chinal bahu ab iska ghaghera utarne ka waqt aa gaya hai. bahu tu chinta mat kar todi hi der main main tumko nanga kar dunga mujhe pata hi ki tu kitni betab ho rahi hai nangi hone ko tere sasur ka haal bhi bura hai. dekh teri nangi golam gol choochiyan aur unki tani hui nukeeli choochiyan dekh kar mere lund ke halat kharab ho rahi hai woh bhi ab tumhari kacchi main chupi geeli choot ko dekhne ke liye betab hai. kah kar main bhabh ke samne khada ho gaya aur bhabhi ke gheghare ka nada ko hath main le liya. maine bhabhi ke nade ki ganth khol kar deeli kar di lekin main bhabhi ke gheghare ko pakade rakha jisse ghaghera neeche na gir jaye main dheere dheere bhabhi ki kacchi main chupi choot aur chootad ka udghatan karna chahata tha.

bahu ab main dheere dheere tere ghaghere ko utarunga aur ek ek ange ko payar se niharunga aur phir utna hi payar karunga main to tere is rup par matwala ho gaya hoon. apki jaisi marji waisa kariye mere badan ke sath sasur ji mera badan par phela haq hai aapki chudakad bahu hone ke nate main aapki kisi bhi sex ki iccha ho mana nahi kar sakti na hi kabhi karungi. hye re main kitni bhagyashali hoon ki mujhe teri jaisi bahu mili jo apne sasur ki har iccha ko puri karne ko tayaar hai ab to mujhe inke lund ki bhuk mitne ke liye ghar se bhar nahi jana padega ghar main hi tu aur main milkar inke lund ko khush rakhenge kyon bahu maa ne kaha arre maa ji kewal hum dono hi kyon hamare pariwar ki sari chinal aurato ki choot main sasurji ko dilwaungi agar hamne inko apne badan ka sartaj mana hai to inko nayi nayi choot dilana bhi to hamara hi farz hai haan bahu tum theek kahati hoo. maine bhabhi ke gal par ek chumban liya aur bola tum dono bahut hi khoobsurat auratein ho aur phele main tum dono ko bhogunga phir kisi aur ko tum dono ki choot ki bhuk main hamesha puri karunga mujhe pata hai sasur ji par ab aap der na kariye utariye na mera ghaghera nada to aap ne khol hi diya hai. main ghutno ke bal bhabhi ke samne baith gaya aur bhabhi ki gheghare ko thoda sa dheela kar ke unki kamar se toda sa neeche khiskaya bhabhi ki panty ke upar ka hissa mujhe dikhayi diya bhabhi ne gulabhi rang ki panty pahani thi sayad high cut panty thi bhabhi ki bahbi ki panty ke upar se thode baal bahar nikal rahe the sayad bhabhi ko bhi maa ki tarah choot ke baal saaf karna pasand nahi tha. joki ek acchi baat thi kyonki mujhe bhi jhanto bhari choot bahut pasand thi. main aage jhuk ke babhi ke panty ke upar ek chumban le liya. maa bhabhi ke passaakar khadi ho gayi aur bhabhi ki gulabi panty ke starp bhabhi ki kamar par lipte hue the joki unke badan par bahut hi sundar laga rahe the. main bhabhi ki panty ke starp par kiss kiya aur phir nada chod kar ekdam deela kar diya. bhabhi ka ghagahra toda aur neeche kiska aur bhabhi ke mote chotado main atak gaya. bhabhi ka ghagara bhabhi ki shadi ke samaya ka tha aur shadi ki baad bahiya ne masal masal kar bhabhi ke chootado aur aur bhi mota kar diya tha jisse ghagahra bhabhi ke chootado par atak gaya. bhabhi ki adhi panty saaf dikhayi de rahi thi aur panty main se bhabhi ke kuch baal bahar nikale huye the mera andaza sahi tha bhabhi ne high cut panty hi pahani thi. bhabhi ki kacchi unke choot ras se kafi geeli ho chuki thi aur geela bhag unki choot se puri tarah chipak gaya tha jisse choot ka aakar bhabhi ke kacchi se bhi samajh aa raha tha.

high cut ki kacchi hone ke wajah se bhabhi ki moti mansal jange bagal se nangi ho gayi thi gulabi kacchi ke bagal main todi kali jangh badi hi mast nazar aa rahi thi. bhabhi usi andaz main mast khadi thi badi hi chinal bhabhi thi meri koi laz sharm to thi hi nahi meri bhabhi main waise bhi hum lund walo ko to aise hi chinal randiyan pasand aati hai. maine todi der bhabhi ki nangi jangho aur gulabi kacchi ko nihara aur phir bhabhi ki nangi jangho ka chumban liya oh reema tum is roop main kitni sundar lag rahi ho ye gulabi kacchi tumhare badan main char chand laga rahi hai. aur apke ye chumban meri choot ko aur bhi garam kar raha hai dekhiye na sasur ji kitni geeli ho gayi hai apki bahu ki choot ki meri kacchi bhi geeli ho gayi hai. haan bahu dekh raha hoo ki mujhe chudane ko teri choot kitni aatur hai jaise mere jaisa lund pahale dekha hi na ho. lund hi nahi sasur ji aap se rishta bhi to aisa hai hamara ki apko kisi cheez ke liye na bhi nahi kar sakte yahi soch kar aur bhi geeli ho gayi hai. nahi bahu hum tumko bahut maza denge tumhari choot ko jab bhi bhook lagegi humko batana iski bhook mita denge. kahkar maine bhabhi ki kacchi par choot se toda upar chumban le liya. bhabhi ke muh se karaha nikal gayi. maa bhi bahut garm ho chuki thi unko to khada rahana hi mushkil tha maa bagal main bistar par baith gayi uar sasur bahu ka payar ka khel dekhne lagi. bhabhi ka chootad bhut mota ho gaya tha shadi ke baad aur ye ghaghera shadi ka tha aur unki chootad par atka pada tha meri samajh main aa gaya ki mujhe kheench kar hi isko nikalna padega. main apni ungaliya bhabhi ki ghaghere main phasayi aur unki mansal jangho ko ungaliyon se dabate hue unka ghaghera neeche khiska diya.

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maine bhabhi ki moti jhangho ko sahala shuru kar diya aur unki geeli kacchi main se choot ko bhi nihar raha tha. meri dono kam kumariyon ki choot geeli ho rahi thi maa ki choot bhi geeli ho chuki thi aur unki choot par choot ras ke kuch bunde dikhayi de rahi thi. meri maa bhi chudakad aurat thi aur pata nahi pitaji ke marne ke baad kaise unhone apne aap ko rok kar rakha tha. bhabhi ab tum apna geghara nikal do main tumhari sundar pairo ko dekhna chahata hoon. dekhna chahata hoon ki tumhare ye pair sexy heels ke saath kaise lagte hai. haan bahu dekho apne sasur ji ko apne nangi tange bade hi rasiya hai ye aurat ke pairo ke maa ne kaha jinki halat bhi ab kharab ho chali thi unka ek hanth apni choot aur dusara apni choochiyo par chal raha tha. bhabhi ne apne pair ghaghere main se nikale diya maine ghaghera utha kar ek aur phaik diya aur bhabhi phir se apni tange thodi se chodi kar ke mere saamne khadi ho gayi. main jhuk kar bhabhi ki high heels ki saindal main bande unke pairo ko niharne laga. unke pair high heels main aur bhi sexy lag rahe the. heels kareeb 4 inch unchi thi. mujhe abhi bhi acharaj hota tha ki shaher ki padi likhi bhabhi kiase gaon main rahene ke liye raji ho gayi mujhe shuru main bahut pareshani huyi thi aur main iske bahut hi khilaf tha par baad main maan gaya tha par bhabhi ne kabhi bhi isbare main mana nahi kiya shayad woh bhaiya se bahut payar karti thi isiliye. main aage badh kar bhabhi ke pair choom liye hye kya karte hai sasur ji aise karenge to meri choot pani chod degi bahut tadap rahi hai. bahu tumhare pair bahut hi sundar hai inko payar karne ka bahut man hai lekin tum sahi kahati ho iske liye phir baad main samay milega. phir main bhabhi ke pass khisak gaya aur bhabhi ke tango ko pakad kar ghuto se jhangho tak chumane laga. pahele ek pair ko chuma phir dusare pair ko chuma. pairo ko chumne ke baad ab main bhabhi ki choot ki taraf dayan dena uchit samjha.

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dekha nirmala tumhari bahu kitni garm maal hai choot se jara muh kya hataya dekh kaise gaali bak rahi hai saali pagala gayi hai kutiya. haan ji par aap chinta na karo aap aaram se man laga kar jaise marji ho waise chooso sali ki choot aur iski kacchi waise bhi ye randi ab hamare changul main aa gayi hai ab to isse hamari sari icchaye puri karni padegi aaj isski choot ki aise dhajiya udengi ki iska khandan aapke lund se darega. chooso aap pee lo sara ras iska kacchi main se. maine phir se bhabhi ki kacchi se choot ras peena shuru kar diya ye soch kar bhabhi ki kacchi main se main bhabhi ki choot ras ke saat unka moot bhi jo kacchi main laga hoga pee raha hoon mere lund ghode ki tarah hinhina raha tha. aur main bhi pura dhyan laga kar pure josh se man laga kar bhabhi ki kacchi se unka choot ras peeye jaa raha tha. bhabhi apni kamar aur chootad uchal kar apni choot mere chehare se ragad kar apni masti jhadane ke nakam koshih kar rahi thi. bhabhi ab badi baichain ho chali thi par unhone apne aap ko maa ki giraft se nikalane ke koshih nahi ki thi jiska matlab tha ki jo hum log bhabhi ki saat kar rahe the usme bhabhi ko maja aa raha tha par bhabhi nakhara kar rahi thi. shayad unko istarah se maja lene main bahut maja aata tha. unko mote matakte kuhloon ko dekh kar meri masti bhi dugani ho rahi thi itna hi nahi unki moti jhangho par mere hath barabar chal rahe the aur main unko mansal jangho ko daba aur masal raha tha. maine choose choose kar bhabhi ki kacchi se sara ras pee liye sirf choot wale hisse ko choda. bhabhi ki halat ab kaphi kharab ho chuki thi aur woh masti main puri pagala chuki thi aur gidgine lagi thi ohh sasur ji ab aur na tadapao sasur ji apni is kamuk bahu ko mera pura badan vasana ki garmi main jal raha hai sasur ji main to apki dasi hoon dekhiyna itni der tak maine apko apni in gudaz choochiyon ka sevan karaya hai aur apni kacchi se apko apna choot ras bhi pilaya ab to is kamuk nari par thoda sa raham kar dijiye sasur ji meri choot ko bhogiye sasur ji apna yes musal jaisa lund dal dejiye meri aokhali main nahi to muh se hi mere choot ko bhog kar mujhe shant kariye sasur ji aap ne to bina chode hi mujhe par apna jadu kar diya hai sasur ji main to apki kutiya hoon sasur ji aur kutiya to nochane khasotane aur bhogane ke liye hoti hai mujhe kutiya ki tarah bhogiye sasur ji meri choot ke chitade uda dejiye sasur aaj se main apki randi hoon aap agar bolenge to main apne pati ko bhi apna badan se nahi khelne dungi par aap mujhe bhogiye sasur ji.

aap such much bada maja dete hai main to apki dasi hoon hi hamari bahu bhi bina chude apki randi banane ko tayar hai maa ne kaha are chinal randi bahu agar tu randi hai to bhi jaise mere pati kah rahe hai waisa kar aur jaise woh chahege waise bhogenge tere ko samjhi ab jayada bad bad na kar mere pati ko tujhe tadpane main maja aa raha hai to woh tujhe tadpayenge samjhi agar tu kutiya hai to apne malik ke liye tadapna seekh. tum sahi kahati ho nirmala par ab samay aa gaya hai iski choot ko choose ke jhadane ka nahi to hamari ye payri kutiya abhi yahan jal kar bhasam ho jayegi chal main teri baat maan leta hoon randi chal nikal apna choot ras aur pila mujhe mujhe bhi ab bhook lagi hai. kah kar main bhabhi ki choot par toot pada aur bhabhi ki choot ko kacchi ke upar se hi muh main bhar liya aur jor jor se choosne laga jaise santare ki phank ka sara ras choose choose ke nichod lena chahata tha. mera muh choot par lagte hai bhabhi jabardast harkat main aa gayi khud apne haude jaise chootad hila hila kar apni choot mere muh main jayada se jayada thoosane ki kosish karne lagi choot choosne main bhabhi ke baalo bhi panty andar se mere muh main aate the. woh bahut garm thi aur jaldi se jaldi jhadan chahati thi aur mani bhi ab bhabhi ko bahut der tadpa chuka tha aur unke tadapne ka enaam dene ka waqt aa gaya tha aur mujhe bhi bhabhi ki choot ka ras peena tha. bhabhi jab chootad hila rahi thi to bhabhi ki mote gaddedar choot maa ki jhanto bhari choot par bhi ragad kha rahe the maa jo itne der se meri aur bhabhi ki kaam lila dekh rahi thi choot ragade jane se garam hone lagi aur jab bhabhi ke chootad maa ki choot se takrate to woh khud apni choot bhabhi ke chootado par daba deti. jisse unko bhi toda sa maja mil sake.

bhabhi bhi aur jor se chila chila kar apni choot chatawa rahi thi ohhh choose sasur ji aur jor se chooseye ahh maja aa gaya bahut garam ho gayi hai saali kha jayege mere choot sasurji is nigodi ko bada pareshan karti hai mujhe ye ohhh bada accha chuste hai aap sasur ji lagta hai apki maa ne badi acchi sikhsha di hai apko choot choosne main sasur ji maja aa gaya aur choose mardarchod sasuji aur jor se aise hai ohhh pura muh main bhar kar ohhh sasur ji meri choot ka dana bhi chooseye sasur ji apni jeeb se ragadiye na sasur ji ohhh maja aa raha hai. main badi der se bhabhi ki choot ko pura muh main bhar kar choos raha tha saat hi bhabhi ki kacchi bhi choose raha tha main apni jeebh ki nook bhabhi ki choot ke dane ko kacchi ke upar se ragadne laga kacchi puri geeli hokar bhabhi ki choot se chipak gayi thi geeli hone se kacchi bhi todi pardarshi ho gayi thi aur bhabhi ki choot kacchi main se dikh rahi thi aur maine bhabhi ki kali choot chatni shuru kar di main jor jor se bhabhi ki choot chaat raha tha meri jeebh bhabhi ke choot ke dane par chal rahi thi todi der bhabhi ki choot ke dane ko chatata phir choot puri muh main bhar kar choot se nikalte ras ko pee jata bhabhi bhi apni choot jor jor se mere muh aur apne chootad maa ki choot par ragad rahi thi ohhh maaji aapki choot bhi geeli ho rahi hai maa ji dekiye kaise mere choot aur kacchi ka pichwada geela kar rahi hai aapki choot ohh sasur ji jaldi jhadao mujhe ohhh maja aa gaya. main todi der tak yahi karta raha bhabhi ki choot ke dane ko ragadta aur kabhi bhabhi ki choot choosta. phir main bhabhi ko jhadane ka nirnay le liye aur apne hoto se bhabhi ke choot ke dane ke aas pass ke hisse ko muh main bhara aur apni jeeb ki noke se bhabhi ke choot ke dane ko jor jor se ragadne laga iska asar ek dam se bhabhi ki choot par hua aur bhabhi ne apni choot mere muh par kas ke dab di. bhabhi ne apne hatho se mere sar ko pakad kar apni choot par daba diya. maine apni jeebh ki nok bhabhi ke choot ke dane par laga rakhi thi aur jor jor se ragad raha tha. maan ne bhi bhabhi ki choochiyan apane hato main le aur unki ghundiyon ko jor jor se masal rahi thi bhabhi ab apne puri charm seema par thi aur kabhi bhi jhad sakti thi aur ab main bhi bhabhi ki choot ka ras peene ko betab tha aur der nahi karana chahata tha bhabhi ke choot ras ko pee kar pura maja lena chahata tha.

ohhh sasurji aah bas mera ab aane hi wala hai sasurji pee jao sasur ji maja aa gaya hye sasu ma ye kya kar rahi ho meri choochiya ukhad kar phaink dogi kya hye re mar gayi main to mere dono sas sasur ne muje to mar hi dala salo itna mat tadpao apni bahu ko itni payari bahu hu main tumhare garama garam meri garmi nikalo mardarchod sasur maa ke laude choose muh main bhar le meri choot ke dane ko kha ja choose ja pee ja mera ras hye re maar dala re choose aur jor se choose. main ragad ragad se bhabhi ki choot ko jhadane ke kareeb laa diya bhabhi ki ankhien band thi woh kisi bhi waqt apna ras baha sakti thi aur main bhi ab rukne wala nahi tha tabhi bhabhi ek dam jor se chilayi aur unka badan ek dam se kada ho gaya hye re main gayi sasure mera gaye reeee keh kar bhabhi ki ne apni choot kar ras bahana shuru kar diya unhone mere sar ko kas ke apni choot main daba liye unka badan ek dam akad gaya aur aisa laga jaise unke andar koi jaan hi nahi hai. bhabhi ke choot se ras nikal kar unki kacchi ko bhigone laga aur pahale se geeli kacchi main aur bhi ras sama gaya maa ne bhabhi ki ghundiyon ko masalna nahi choda aur unko masala jari rakha dheere dheere bhabhi ka badan deela padane laga aur bhabhi ki pakad mere chehare par bhi dheeli pad gayi maine akheri baar bhabhi ki choot ke dane ko muh main bhar kar choosa aur phir apna muh hata kar puri choot ko kacchi sahit apne muh main bhar liya aur jor jor se choosne laga main ek bhi boond ras ko barbad nahi hone dena chahata tha isliye jor jor se choose jaa raha tha bhabhi ki puri kachchi choot ras se bhar gayi thi aur main usko choose kar peeta jaa raha tha. bhabhi ki choot ras ka swad kuch alag tha maa ke choot ras se aur phir ye ras main bhabhi ki kacchi ke pee raha tha jisme mujhe bhabhi ke moot ki sugandh aa rahi thi iska matlab main bhabhi ki choot ras ke saath bhabhi ka moot bhi pee raha tha aur aurat ka moot peene ki iccha to na jane mujhe kab se thi isliye mujhe bhabhi ka choot ras aur bhi naseela lag raha tha moot se bhara. aaj main itna uttejit ho gaya tha ki main man bana liya tha ki aaj agar mere jhadne se pahale bhabhi aur maa mutane jane ke liye bolenge to unse bol hi dunga ki mere muh main mute jisse main unka mute pee saku kyoki ab mere ghar ki dono mastani aurat mere liye kuch bhi karne ko tayar thi to main apnee sare icchaye puri karne ko betab tha chahe woh kitni bhi gandi kyon na ho. mera lund choot ras pee kar aur bhi mota ho gaya tha uski nase phatne ko tayaar thi.

main bhabhi ki kacchi se sara ras choose kar pee liya aur bhabhi bhi ab thoda ab harkat main aa gayi thi ye kya sasurji aap to apni bahu ki choot ka sara ras pee gaye bahut tadapaya aapne mujhe itni der se khel rahe hai mere saat ab kahi jakar aapne mujhe jhadaya hai aur dekh lijiye abhi bhi kacchi mere badan par hi hai pura nanga nahi kiya aapne arre bahu tu aur teri saas itni garam auratien ho ki tumko puri garam karke hi bhogna chahiye warna pura maja nahi aata isliye tumko thoda to tadpana padega na tabhi jakar tumhara pani acche se bahkar niklega aur tum dono ko pura maja milega accha sasur ji aisa hai to aap bhi bhaut garm mard hai aise to hum dono auratoo ko apko bhi tadpana chahiye pura raat bina jhade apko hamari sewa karni hogi phir puri raat tak tadapane ke baad jo malayi apke lund se nikale woh itni ghadi aur swadisht ho ki kya khana ko sasu maa thee kaha na maine bilkul theek bahu aaj tak to ye hi hamko tadapate hai ganto meri choot se khelte rahate hai na jhadate hai na ki apane lund se choodate hai ab jab hum inko tadpayegi aur jhadane nahi degi tab inko pata chalega ki tadapne par kay hota hai boliye are meri jaan tumdono ke liye to main kuch bhi karne ko tayaar ho agar tum mujhe tadapana chahati hoo to main tadapne ke liye taayaar hoo jaisa tum dono kahogi waisa main karunga tum dono ne mujhe apne choot ras ka sewan karaya hai jo mujhe itna pasand aaya to main tumhari iccha ko kaise thukra sakta hoon. soch lejiye sasur ji pura raat bina jhade sewa karni padegi meri aur sasu ma ki boliye kar payenge kyon sasu maa theek kaha na maine bilkul theek bahu puri raat inko hum dono ko maja dena padega tabhi jhadne denge inko tab pata chalega inko ki garm aurat ke saat khilwad karne ka natiza kya hota hai. haan bilkul theek maa ji boliye sasur ji ab chup kyon ho gaye. nahi bahut mujhe manjoor hai jaisa tum kahogi waisa hi karunga aaj ki raat main tum dono ka gulam jaise jee chale bhogo mujhe acche se sewa karung main apni malkino ki. bilkul khush kar dunga main tum dono ko mujhe tumhari baat manjoor hai bahu par mujhe dar lagta hai mere lund par mera koi control nahi hai ye kab garam hokar apne ras ko nikal de main kah nahi sakta ye lund to tum logo ke roop aur badan ke control main hai joki itna mastana aur garam hai ki isse dekh kar hi mere lund ki halat kharab ho jati hai aur abhi to itna mast hai ki tumhare choot ke andar jate hi ye jhad jayega mujhe nahi pata kitni der main isko tumhare badan ke pure samohan main jane se roke rakh sakta hoon.

baat to yeh theek kah rahe hai bahu tere roop yowan ko dekh kar inke lund ki halat bahut kharab hai aur jaisa mujhe pata hai inke bara main mujhe nahi lagta ki ye jayada der tak nahi ruk payenge aur jaldi hi apna pani chod denge. hmmm aap khade hoiye sasur ji bahu na kaha aur main bhabhi ke saamne khada ho gaya bhabhi ne mera lund apane haat main lekar dekha aur boli hmmm baat to aap sahi kah rahi ho maaji lund to sasur ji ka ekdam pathar ka hogaya hai aur iska choot ki garami sah pana sambhav nahi hai iska kuch to upaya doodna padega bhabhi mere saamane sirf kacchi jo ke unke choot ras se geeli ho chuki thi aur pardarshi hokar apani choot dikha rahi thi aur high heel ki saindal pahane khadi thi. bhabhi ka mota bhara pura badan aur bhabhi ke garam hatho ka sparsh mere liye bada hi asahaniye ho gaya tha. mere lund ko sahalate hue boli mil gaya upaye to sasur ji tayar ho jayeye tadapna ke liye sasurji. sasuma jara mujhe mere ghahere ka nada nikal kar to dena. iska kya karegi bahu arre maa ji aap do to sahi abhi dekhati hoon ab to main jab tak chahoo sasurji ke lund ko isse tarah khada rakh sakti hoon. maan peeche mudi aur jhuk kar bhabhi ka ghaghera uthane lagi maa ke mote chootad aur unke beech se jhankti unki jhanto wali geeli choot ekdam se mere saamane thi. itne der se maa ki choot ko kisi ne bhi nahi chua tha main aur bhabhi apne maje main hi lage hue the isliye maa ki choot itni geeli ho gayi thi mere man kiya ki aage badhu aur maa ki choot main apna mota khada lund pel du. woh dreshya bhi luhawana tha mera lund bhabhi ke komal hatho ke sparsh se pahale hi machal raha tha aur maa ki choot dekh kar to bhabhi ke hatho se apna peecha chuda kar maa ki choot main ghusane ko betab tha. maa ne bhabhi ka ghaghera uthaya aur phir usme se nada nikala itni der main maa ke chootad hi niharta raha. waise bhi main chootado ka bahut bada rasiya hoon to itna accha maal mere samane khada tha to main is mauke ko kaise barbad hone deta. maa ne nada nikal kar bhabhi ko de diya. lejiye sasur ji ye hai mera hatiyaar aap ko jhadne se rokane ka. iska kaya karegi bahu nade se kaise rokegi inko jhadne se. are mere sundar maa ji bas dekhti jayege aaj sasur ji kaise geedgedayenge hamse jhadne ke liye jaise hum vintee karti hai na in mardo se aise hi aaj hamare sasur ji karenge hum done se. mujhe bhi kuch samajh nahi aa raha tha par main is sab se bahut hi uttejit tha.

bhabhi ne akhari baar mere lund ko sahalaya aur phir mere saamane neeche baith gayi. phir mere lund ke supade par se lund ki khal hatayi aur lund ke supade ko apne honto se choom liye. bhabhi ki hoto ka chumban mere lund par padate hi mera pura badan sihar gaya aur mere pure badan main jhurjhuri daud gayi. hmmm mera kitna man hai is mosal ko choosne ka par pahale main apna kaam kar doo phir to puri raat padi hai lund choosne ke liye. phir bhabhi ne apna chehara utha kar meri ankho ki taraf dekha jaise mujhe pooch rahi hoo ki tayar hai raja main bhi apna sar hila kar apne ikararar ka izahar kiya. bhabhi ne phir ek baar mere lund ko chooma aur boli main ye nada aapke lund aur tatto par bandh dungi puri takat se kas ke jisse apke lund ka viry ubal khal kar tatto se lund tak nahi aa sakata aur jab virye lund main nahi aayega to aap jhad bhi nahi sakte aur apka ye moosal puri raat khada rahega meri aur sasu maa ki sewa main. bhabhi ki baat sun kar to main ek dam ascharyechakit ho gaya bahut hi accha upaye doonda tha bhabhi ne aur sath hi dard aur masti se bhare wah bahu sahi kaha tu to badi chupi rustam nikali lagta hai teri chooto ne kafi lund khaaye hai aur kai lundo ne tere choot ki gaharyi napi hai. to sasur ji band doon nada haan bahu main apne vachan par kayam hoon band do nada mere lund par kas ke. bhabhi ne ek baar phir mere lund ko chuma aur nada bandhane lagi unhone mere tatte bandhe aur woh bhi puri takat se mujhe laga ki mere tatte abhi mere shareer se alag ho jayenge phir meri dono nade se bandh kar ek dusare se alag kar diya aur lund ke sabse nichale hisse ko bhi nade se banda aur aant main phir se mere tatto ke upar nada bandh diya. nada bandhane se mere lund ek dum se dar shuru ho gaya. par us dard se mera lund aur bhi tan kar mast lohe ke rod ki tarah tan kar khada ho gaya. lo ho gaya sasurji apka lauda mast tayar ho gaya ab ye jhadega nahi aur hum dono nariyan iska maja lengi bhabhi ne khikhilate huye kaha. hat to jara bahu jara main bhi to dekhu tune kaisa bandha hai nada inke lund par. maa ke kahane par bhabhi uth kar khadi ho gayi aur maa mere samne aayi aur unhone mere lund apane hantho main le liya. hye kya khane kitna mota ho gaya hai nada bandwa kar lagta hai apko nada bandwana accha laga.

haan aap sahi kaha rahi ho maa ji mujhe bhi aisa hi lagta hai ab to hum roj inke lund par nada band kar puri raat maja liya karenge bilkut theek bahu waise bhi inka ye ras bahut mahatwapurn hai mere liye is ras ko apni kokh main lekar mujhe inka baccha jo janana hai. haan maa apko baccha dena to sasur ji ka farz hai. maa bhabhi se baat karate hue mere lund se khel rahi thi aur apni ungaliyon mere lund par dheere dheere phira rahi thi jaise taanpura baja rahi hoo. maa ke hatho ka sparsh mujhe bhaut accha lag raha tha. haan maa ji pura ras bhar ke jab aap apni choot main lengi to to aap jaroor garbhwati ho jayengi. haan babu inka baccha janana meri bahut badi iccha hai aur mere pass samay bhi bahut kam hai aur main koi mauka nahi chodana chahati nahi maa aap jaroor garbhawati ho jayengi main aapki puri madad karungi. dekhiye na maa ji nada band kar sasur ji ka lund kitna mota ho gaya hai aur kitna kathor ho gaya hai jaise lohe ka bana ho apke rajaa ji ka lund. haan tu sach kahati hai bahu inke lund ki is halat main tera bhi haath hai tere par to kab se fida hai ye jane kab se mujhse kah rahe the ki bahu ki dilwa do aur abhi to puri nangi bhi nahi huyi tab ye haal hai tere sasur ke tere choot abhi bhi teri kacchi main kaid hai ager teri nangi choot aur chootad dekh liye to jane kya hoga waise bhi bhari chootado wali aurat par marte hai ye mere chootad ke bade hi deewane hai tere jawan kase badan wale chootad dekh ke to inka pani nikal hi jata. haan sasu ma par ab main nada bandh diya hai ab inka lund apki aur meri sewa ke liye tayaar hai. tum theek kah rahi ho bahu main tum dono ki apne muh aur lund se acche se sewa karunga tumhari choot ka sara ras pee jaunga aur nirmala tumko garbhawati bhi karunga. maa ne apne dona hath mere lund par phirane shuru kar diye bhabhi bi bagal main khadi hokar apne hath se mere tatta sahalane lagi do nangan sundariyan mere saath aise khel rahi thi jaise ki main ek khilauna hoon. maine bhabi apne hath dono ki moti kamar main dale aur apne hath se unki kamar peeth aur chootad ke upari bhag ko sahalane laga.

maa aur bhabhi dheere dheere aur bhi garam hone lage aur ab toda maja lena chahate the aur main bhi abhi tak bhabhi ke chootad nahi dekhe the yahan tak ki kacchi main bhi bhabhi ka pichwada maine nahi dekha tha. aur ab mera man unko chootado se khelne ka kar raha tha bhabhi bhi ab phir se garam ho chuki to maa to pahale se hi apni garam choot se pani tapka rahi thi. reema ab mujhe aur na tadapo ab to mujhe apne chootado ke darshan de do dekho mera lund bhi tumse vinatee kar raha hai. accha sasur ji jab aap mujhe tadpa rahe the tab kuch nahi aur apni todi der main hi halat patali ho gayi. kitni der khada rakha aapne mujhe aur mera ghaghera nahi utara meri choot jal rahi thi meri kacchi main par apni use chuwa bhi nahi kyonki mujhe pata tha bahu ki tumko garam karke jab hum tumhari choot chatenge tab tumko bharpur maja aayega. to main bhi yahi sochti hoon ki jab apko acche se tadpane ke baad aap mere chootad dekhienge tab aap bharpur doob kar payar kar payenge mere mote chootado se. nahi bahu aisa mat kaho jab main tumko garm karne ke liye tadpa raha tha tab main bhi to tadap raha tha to main bhi to tadap raha tha mera lauda bhi to machal raha tha apni bahu ki choot bhogane ke liye to main to jane kitne der se tadap raha hoo tumhare chootad bhogane ke liye main vada karta hoon pura trapt kar dunga tumko pura nayae karunga tumhare sundar chootado ke saat. baat to sahi kah rahe hai aap sasur ji to maa ji kya bolti hai kar du inki iccha puri dikha doo inko apne jawan badan ka pichwada. haan bahu dikha hi do inko apna chootad badi der se tadap rahe hai bechare jhalak paane ke liye. to maa kacchi main dikhaun ki kacchi nikal kar. pahale kacchi main dekhao bahu baad main kacchi utarana apni. pahele inko kacchi main chupe chootado ki sundarta ka paan karne do phir kacchi utar ke apne nange chootado ke darsahn karana apne sasur ji ko.

theek hai aap yahan bistar ke kinare par baite jayiye bahut phir palat kar apna pichwada dikhayegi. bada hi sundar pichwada hai apki bahu ka. main bistar ke kinare par baith gaya aur apna lund ko hath main pakad kar sahalane laga mera lund musal ki tarah tana hua tha aur usme thoda dard bhi ho raha tha bhabhi ne itni jor se nada jo banda tha mere lund par. bhabhi ek dam mere saamne aakar khadi ho gayi aur boli lejiye sasur ji dekh lijiye apni bahu ka mota gudaz chootad. bada hi sundar chootad hai hamara apki patni ke jaisa. apne inke mote chootad ka maza to liya hi hoga aaj apni bahu ke chootad ka maja lejiye mujhe dikh raha hai apaki ankho main ki kitne bhukhe hai aap mere chootado ko dekhane ke liye. hamre chootad maa ji se thoda hi chota hai par hamari kamar patali hai jisse ye aur bhi mota aur ubhardar lagta hai. haan bahu tumhare tang ghaghere main maine dekha hai mujhe pata hai tumhara chootad nirmala jaisa hi mota hai aur mujhe bahut pasand aayega bahu ab palto bhi aur hame dekhao apna mall meri ankhien tadap rahi hai chootad darshan ko. bhabhi mere samane kewal kacchi aur high heel ke saindal main khadi thi unki kacchi aage se ekdam geeli thi aur unki choot usame se saaf jhalak rahi thi bhabhi ne apne moti madmast choochiyon par hath phera aur boli theek hai sasurji tayaar ho jayaeye chootad darshan ko. bhabhi apne hath apne chootado par le gayi apne hatho se apne chootado ko sahalaya aur phir apni kacchi pakad kar aur upar keech li jisse unki kacch aur bhi unki choot main ghus gayi aur choot ubhar kar aur bhi bahar aagayi. bhabhi thoda aur aage mere pass aayi aur boli sasur ji ek chuma dejiye apni bahi ki choot par jisako abhi choose kar apne jhadaya hai phir main palt kar apko apne chootad dekhaungi hai. main abhi hi jhadi hoon par apko apne chootad dikhane ki soch kar hi main phir se garam ho chali hoo. jara meri choot choom kar mujhe thoda hosala ho jayega. maine aage jhuk kar bhabhi ki ubhari choot ko apne honto main bhar kar ek chumba diya. bhabhi ke muh se ek aah nikal gayi. ohhh kya mard ho aap sasur ji bina chude hi meri ye halat hai.

bahu ab to mujhe chootad darshan karao. haan sasur ji jaroor. kah kar bhabhi seedhi kahadi ho gayi aur boli aap ankhien band kariye main palati hoon. maa mere pass bagal main aakar baith gayi aur boli laeeye main apka lund sahalati hoon taki aap apni bahu ke chootad ke sath khel sake kah kar maa ne mera lund apne hantho main le liya aur apne komal hantho se sahelane lagi. mera lund unke hatho ka sparsh pakar aur bhi khush hua. maine ankhien band kar li aur bhabhi palat gayi ab aap ankhien khol sakate hai sasur ji mera kacchi main lipta chootad apke chehare ke samane hai. maine apni ankhien kholi aur samane ka nazara dekh kar mera sara shareer masti ki lahar main sihar gaya. bhabhi ka mota madmast bhari gulabi kacchi main kaid chootad meri ankho ke samane se bahut hi sundar nazara tha bhabhi ke khoobsurat chootado ka. waise to bhabhi ne high cut wali kacchi pahani thi jo chootado ko pura dekh nahi pati par kyonki bhabhi ke kacchi keech kar aur upar chada li thi isliye chootad ka adha bhag kacchi se bahar nikala hua tha aur kuch baal bhi dekhaye de rahe the shayad bhabhi ke gaand par bhi baal the. bhabhi ke guptango ke baal maa se bade aur kale the shayad aur main bhi ab un balo ko dekhne ko betab tha. bhabhi waise to sanwali thi par unke chootado ka rang unke badan ke rang se ghehara tha joki toda kale rang ka tha. aur kale rang ke chootad par gulabi kacchi aur bhi kahar dha rahi thi. kyoki mere choot chatane se bhabhi ke kacchi geeli ho gayi thi jisme se thoda ras bah kar bhabhi ke pichwade bhi aa gaya tha aur unki kacchi ke kuch bhag ko geela kar diya tha. bhabhi ki kamar sach main maa se patli thi kyonki bhabhi maa jitni moti nahi thi isliye unka chootad aur bhi mota lag raha tha. kyonki bhabhi ke apni kacchi upar keech li thi isliye bhabhi ke kamar par unke maans ka ek tayar ban gaya tha jaisa ki moti aurato ke ban jata hai jin aurato ke mote hone ke karan tayar sa ban jata hai mujhe bahut pasand hai aur bhabhi bhi isliye mujhe kisi apsara se kam nahi lag rahi thi. bhabhi bhaut jara sa aage ko bhi jhuk gayi thi jisse unka chootad aur bhi ubhar gaya tha. unki gulabi kacchi main kaid unka kala chootad mujhe bahut bha raha tha aur maa bhi mere lund se khel kar mujhe aur uttejit karti ja rahi thi.

unki halat bhi kam kharab nahi thi itni der tak apne bete aur bahu ki harkat dekh kar unki choot bahut jayad garam ho chuki thi aur mere lund se khelna to unko aur bhi pasand tha jiski wajah unki halat kharab thi. main bhabhi ki gand ki khoobsurati mai kahnhi kho sa gaya tha aur masti ke samundar main gote laga raha tha. main bhabhi ke chootad main itna kho gaya tha ki bhabhi ki chikani peeth aur unki moti janhgo par meri nazar hi nahi gayi thi halaki bhabhi ka pichwada kisi apsara se kam nahi tha. bhabhi ne apne hath apne chikani kamar par rakhe aur apne chehar peeche ghuma kar meri aur dekhati huyi boli boliye sasur ji kaisi lagi apni bhau ki gand uska pichwada hain na majedar makkhan malai khane ke layak arre bahu main to tumhare chootado ki khoobsurati main hi kho gaya hoon pahale tumhari gand ke mohak roop ka ras paan to kar loon phir tumhari peeth aur tango ko dekhunga. accha to kya aap humko isse tarah khada rakhenge are meri payari bahu tumhare chootad hain hi itne acche ki kya kare meri nazar hi nahi hati theek hai chaliye sasur ji aap bhi kya yaad karenge ki kasi dildar bahu se pala pada hai dekh lijiye jitni der niharna hai apko meri gand waise bhi apke lund par to mera nada banda hai is tarah se apka lund meri kaide main hua to mujhe kahe ka dar apki malayi barbaad to hone se rahi. bhabhi ki baat sahi thi aur meri nazar bhi bhabhi ki gand se hat hi nahi rahi thi. jis tarah se bhabhi ki gulabi kacchi bhabhi ke badan ko kuch chupa rahi thi aur kuch khol kar dikha rahi thi woh drashye mere liye bahut hi mohak tha. main abhi tak jab se woh unhone apna pichwada dikhaya tha haath nahi lagaya tha. hai na mazedar gand hamari bahu ki boliye kitne hi log roj hamari bahu ko soch kar muth marte honge aur apna pani barbad karte honge unko pata nahi hamari bahut kitni chinal hai apne sasur ke samane besharm hokar nangi kacchi main khadi hai aur apni numayish kara rahi hai. itna hi nahi apni sasu ko bhi rijha rahi hai apne nage badan se aise chinal bahu pakar hum to danye ho gaye ji tum theek kahati ho nirmala badi hi chinal hai aur jitani ye randi jaise harkate kar rahi hai utna hi humko maja aa raha hai aaj main isko chod kar isko ghar ki randi bana denge.

maa ki batien unko hantho ka apne lund par sparsh aur bhabhi ke chootad darshan ke baad mera apne aape main rahana mushkil ho raha tha aur main bhabhi ke chootado par tute padana chahata tha. main apne hath aage badaye aur apni ungali se bhabhi ki kacchi ke kinaro par ungali chalane laga pahale kamar par danye taraf se banye aur phir kamar se chotado par se hote huye kacchi ke us bhag par jahan par woh kacchi se akar milta hai phir dubar upar chootado se hote huye kamar tak. main bahut hi halke se apni ungaliyon se bhabhi ke shareer ko sparsh kar raha tha jaise kisi ko gudgudi karne ke liye halke se shareer par sparsh karte hai. meri ungaliyon ka asar bhabhi par ho raha tha unka badan mere sparsh se kashmasa raha tha. aur unke muh se karah bhi nikal rahi thi jaise blue film main auratien nikalati hai. todi der istarah ungali phirane ke baad main ek ungali bhabhi ki kacchi main kamar ki tarah se dali aur bhabhi ki kacchi ke andar kamar par chalane laga jisse main unki chikani kamar ho sparsh kar paa raha tha phir main bhabhi ki kacchi ko ungali se apni aur keech kar chod diya kacchi seedha bhabhi ke badan par ja kar lagai. kacchi bhabhi ke badan par bahut hi kasi huyi thi to mere is tarah se chodne se bhabhi ko thoda lagi bhi aur dard bhi hua par ye dard masti bhara dard tha. phir main apni ungali babhi ki banyi aur wale hisse main ghusayi aur bhabhi ke chootado aur kulhe ko chone ka maja lene laga babhi ke chootad bahut hi gudaz the usme bahut ke maans tha jisa sparsh mujhe apni ungali par bahut accha lag raha tha aur badi jaldi us chootad ko apne hath main lene ko betab tha main. phir main jaisa kamar ke saath kiya tha wohi chootad ke kinare par bhi kiya aur kas ke keech kar kacchi ko choda kacchi bahut jor se jakar bhabhi ke gudaz chootad par jakar lagi. bhabhi ke muh se karah nikal gayi. phir main aisa chootad ke danyi aur ke hisse ke saath bhi kiya ab to bhabhi bilkul blue film ki randiyon ki tarah chilla aur karah rahi thi.

phir maine apni ungaliyan bhabhi ke chootad ke nange bhag par chalani shuru kar di main bade hi payar se bhabhi ki chootado par ungali phira raha tha bhabhi ki masti main shareer ke sare ronye khade ho gaye the. bhabhi ke chootad jahan pairo se ja kar milta hai wahan woh ek curve bana raha tha uske par apni ungliyan phira kar bhabhi ki chootado ki gaharayi aur bhar napane ki nakam kosish ki maine. phir main apni ungali ko bhabhi ki chootad ke charo aur ghumana shuru kar diya jsise main apni ungali bhabhi ki gand ki darar par bhi panty ke upar se phirayi. bhabhi ke shareer ki garmi ka ahasaas mujhe unke chootado ko chune se ho raha tha. main apni ungaliyon se hi badi der tak bhabhi ke chootado se khelta raha. maa bhi apni ungaliyon se mere lund ke saath khelne main lagi huyi thi. phir main bhabhi ke ek chootad apne hatho main pakada aur usaka pura mass apni hath main bhar kar usko masalne ki koshish ki. phir aisa ki main dusare chootad ke saath kiya. bhabhi ke gaddedar chootad ka maans mujhe apne hantho main bada hi accha laga. phir main thoda aage khiska aur bhabhi ki kacchi ke upar se bhabhi ke chootad par chumban le liya. lekin mere aage badhane se maa ke haath se mera lund nikal gaya aur maa ko peeche lund pakadane me pareshani hone lagi. main bhabhi ki kacchi par payar se dheere se chumban le raha tha aur bhabhi madhosh ho rahi thi unke muh se karaha nikal rahi thi. suniye ji aap aage badh gaye hai to mujhe lund pakadne me pareshani ho rahi hai aaisa kariye na apni tange thodi khol kar ek dam aage badh kar kinare par baith jaeye main apki tango ke beech baith kar apke lund ko payar karti hoon. aaj pehali baar aapka lund itna lohe ki tarah sakht hokar khada hai aur mujhe isse khelne main maja aa raha hai. tum do mast nariyon ko dekh kar aaj meri ye halat huyi hai tum dono bahut hi mast aurat ho mera mujhe par control hi nahi hai. tabhi to sasur ji humne apke laude par nada bandha hai taki aap hamari khubsoorati dekh kar apne lund ka maal barbaad na kar de bhabhi ne kaha.

main apni tange khol kar aage ko khisak kar bistar ke kinare par baith gaya aur maa meri tango ke beech aakar baith gayi aur mere lund ke supada par ek chumban le liya. bhabhi ne bhi apni tange thodi se chaudi kar li jisse se maa unki aur meri tango ke beech aasani se baith sake. maa ne phir se mere lund ko apne hantho se sahalana shuru kar diya maine bhabhi ki kacchi par kuch aur chumban liye aur phir unki kacchi ki apni jeebh se chatne laga jase woh rasmalyi ho. main apni jeebh ko thook se bharta aur phir unki kacchi chatata. unki kacchi ko apne muh main bharta aur choosta jaise woh koi raseelaa aam ho main pure pagalo ki tarahe unki kacchi par toot pada tha. aur choom chat aur choose raha tha. jab main bhabhi ki kacchi choose raha tha to bhabhi ke kacchi ke saat bhabhi ke jhant ke baal bhi mere muh main aa jate the jinko muh main bhar kar choosane me mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha. mera bas chalta to main bhabhi ki kacchi ko kha hi jata par usko choose kar hi apne man ko mana raha tha. bhabhi lagata tha mutne ke baad apni kacchi ko itna saaf nahi rakhti thi kyonko main bhabhi kacchi ke pichwade main bhi mut ki mehak ko mehasoos kar sakta tha. main bhabhi ki kacchi ko puri masti ke saath choose raha tha mere muh main bharne aur choosne ke wajah se bhabhi ke aur bhi chootad nange ho gaye the aur unki kacchi dheere dheere unki gand ki darar main gusti ja rahi thi. aur unki kacchi aagi ke bhag ki tarah geeli bhi ho chuki thi main bhi bhabhi ki kacchi ko choose kar unka sara mut jo kacchi main tha pee jana chahata tha. maa ne bhi mera lund ke supade par jeebh phirani shuru kar di thi. jaise maa ko apani choot chatana pasand tha waise hi maa ko mera lund choosna bhi pasand tha. main bhabhi ki kacchi ko acche se choose ja rahaa tha aur bhi ki kacchi main laga mut bhi mere muh me jaa rahaa thaa. dheere dheere panty choose kar maine bhabhi ki panty peechse se ek dam apane thook se geeli kar di thi. bhabhi ki geeli kacchi adhi se jayada bhabhi ki gand main sama gayi thi. aur jisse bhabhi ke chootad aur bhi nange ho gaye the.

ab bhabhi ke kale rang ke chootado par se gulabi rang ki kacchi ka ghughat uth sa gayaa tha aur bhabhi purnd nagnata bas ab thodi ki door thi. ab jab bhabhi ke kale chootad aadne nange ho gaye thi to maine bhabhi ki kacchi chod unake nange chootado ko ki chatana shuru kar diya. maine kisi kutte ki bhanti bhabhi ke chootado ko chaat raha tha aur bhabhi bhi masti mai apane chootad gol gol ghuma kar meri jeebh ka maja apne chootado par le rahi thi. idhar maa bhi isse tarah mere lund ke supade ko apane thook se geela karne main lagi thi jaise main bhabhi ke chootado ko apane thook se geela kar raha tha. sasur ji ab to apne meri kacchi bhi chat kar geeli kar di ab to meri kacchi mere badan se alag kar deejiye mera pura badan jal raha hai aur choot aur gand main to sabse jayada aag lagi hai aur aap bhi apni jeebh se chat kar us aag ko aur badha rahe hai ab to maherbani karake meri ye kacchi mere badan se alag kar dejiye taki meri choot aur gand ko thodi to hawa lag sake aur meri garmi thodi to shant ho. dekh lijiye kaise tadap rahi hai hamari randi bahu aapke saamane nangi hone ke liye koi bhi laj sharam nahi hai isko ek dam chinal hai chinal saali ab kar bhi isko nanga badi itra li saali jab nangi karke iski choot apake moosal se chudegi tab isko pata chalega aapki takat ka. haan tum theek kahati ho nirmala main jab apni bahu ko chodunga to pura iski choot main ghusa kar marunga parantu abhi iski choot itni geeli nahi huyi hai ke mera lund le sake. tum to kheli khayi chudayi ki maha gayani thi tabi to tumne mera moosal aasaani se apni choot me sama liya parantu bahu ki choot ko geela karna abhi jaroori hai puri geeli karke hi main apna lund bahu ki choot main dalunga taki bahu aasani se mera lund apani choot main le sake.

par ek baat to tumne sahi kahi ab bahu ko pura nanga karne ka waqt aa gayaa hai ab bahu ki is choti se geeli kacchi main choot aur gaand chupane ka koi mahatav nahi ab main bahu ko pura nanga kar hi deta hoon. ab mera man bhi kar raha hai bahu ke nange roop ke dershan karne ka ab mujhe bhi bahu ki choot aur gaand dekhani hai. dekhu to sahi meri is sanwali salooni bahu ki choot kaisi hai aur uska ched kitna chauda hai. haan kar dejiye na mujhe nangi sasur ji aapki ye bahu na jaane kitni der se aapko apana pura nanga badan dikhane ko betab hai hai sasur ke saamne nangi hone ko mera badan jal raha hai. chal bahu seedhi khadi ho jaa ab main teri kacchi utar hi deta hoon tera ye haude jaisa chootad bhi nanga dekhunga phir teri matawali choot ke bhi darshan honge mujhko. theek hai mere payare sasurji. maaji dekho ab to apki pati ka man bhi kaise machal raha hai mujhe nanga dekhane ke liye. jaise apne aaj doophar ko dekha tha nanga jab mujhe tayaar kar rahi thi ab sasurji dekhenge mujhe nange roop main. haan bahu mujhe pata hai inka lund to dekh kaise gussa kar raha hai teri kacchi ko gand main phasi dekh kar abhi muh main liya main bilkul tapate lohe ki tarah jal raha hai tere sasur ji ka lauda. tab to jaldi se nangi ho jati hoon kanhi vasana ki garmi se jal kar swah na ho jaye mere payre sasurji ka lund. lejiye sasurji ho gayi main seedhi khadi ab to kariye mujhe puri nangi aur dekh lejiye mere gudaz chootad. bhabhi ke seedhe khade hone se bhabhi ke chootad tan kar khade ho gaye aur chootad ka ubhar saaf dekhayi dene laga jisse unki panty bhi unke gand par aur kas gayi. usaki panty aage se geeli hone ke karan uski choot se chipak gayi thi ussi tarah peeche mere thoose geeli hokar uski gand main phans gayi thi. maine uski kacchi ko bagal se pakada joki uske kulahe par chadi huyi thi.

main usaki kacchi ke saath uske kulahe ko pakad kar masal diya bahut jor se. diya re kya karte hai sasur ji itni jor se bhi kisi najuk aurat ko koi masalta hai kya nangi kariye na main kanhi bhage thodi ja rahi hoon ek baar nangi kar dejiye phir chahe jaise kheliye ka hamare badan se apki bahu hai apki agaya denge to mana thodi na kar denge hum. bhabhi payar bhara tana dete hue boli. are bahu tumhare maans bahare kulahe dekh kar rok nahi paaye apane aapko lo kar hi dete hai tumko nanga. phir tumhare kulahe dabayenge. kaha kar maine bhabhi ke panty bagal se pakadi aur neeche keechi par bhabhi ki kacchi unke bhari chootado ke saamane bahut hi choti thi jaise hi maine utarne ke kosish ki bhabhi ke chootado main atak gayi. lo bahut tum bhi apne size se choti kacchi pahanti ho dekho atak gayi tumhari gand main ab mujhe keech kar hi nikalani padegi tumhari gand se ye kacchi. arre kya karen sasur ji choti size ki pahante hai to kacchi hamari choot aur gand se chipki rahati hai jisse chalte waqt hamare choot ke dane se ragad khati to maja milta hai kabhi kabhi to main jhad bhi jaati hoon kacchi ke ragadayi se aur phir choti size ki kacchi pahane se chootad bhi jayada se jayada bahar nikal kar aa jate jisse jab koi mard hamara ghaghera utare to usse nange chootad ke darshan ho isliye hi to main choti kacchi pahanti hoon. taki koi bhi mard mujhe kacchi me dekhe to chode bina na rahe sake. arre bahu baat to tune sahi kahi tere ko is kacchi main dekh kar to koi bhi mard nahi rok sakta apne aap ko arre kacchi main kya tu to badan se itni mast hai ki pure kapado main bhi tumko koi mard dekhega to apna lund pakad lega.

hay sasur ji kaisi baat karate hai aap bhi meri to choot hi geeli ho gayi aapki baat sunkar ab nikal bhi dejiye is nigodi kacchi ko ab bilkul bhi bardast nahi ho rahi ye nigodi mujhe apne badan par. dekiye na kis tarah meri gand main phans gayi hai keech kar nikal dejiye saali ko. sahi kahati ho bahu ab mujhe bhi tumhari kacchi tumhare badan par bardast nahi ho rahi ab main bhi nahi ruk sakta ye kah kar main jor se keecha aur usaki panty uski gaand ki darar se bahar nikal aayi phir main panty ke kone pakad kar neeche keech deye. jisse bhabhi ki matawali gaand aur chootad dono pura nanga ho gaya. bhabhi ki moti kaale nange chootad aur chootad ki darar dekh kar mera lund maa ki muh main machal utha jo ki lagatar mere lund ke supade ko muh main bhar ker usse apne thook se geela karke chate ja rahi thi. bhaut hi haseen nazara tha bhabhi ki gand ka. bhabhi thoda se jhuk apana chootad thoda peeche karke apani chootad ubhar kar khadi thi. unka kala ubhar dar chootad bahut hi mast lag raha tha. aur unke chootad main se bhabhi ke baal bhi bahar dikhayi de rahe the. iska matlabe bahi ke choot main hi nahi bhabhi ke gand main bhi baal the aur lagata tha unke baal bahut hi ghane the. unki kacchi unke chootad se nikak kar unki moti jangho main phansi thi jisse unaka pura chootad nanga tha. bada hi lund khada karne wala dareshya tha yeh. bhabhi intezar kar rahi thi kab main unki kacchi neeche karunga aur unko pura nanga kar dunga.

maine aage jhuk kar sabase pahale bhabhi ke dono mote tarboojo jaise chootad par ek ek kiss kiya phir apane haath bhabhi ke gaddedar chootad par rakhe aur payar se unko sahalane laga. bhabhi bhi bade payar se apne chootad hila kar apane chootad sahalwa rahi thi. phir maine dono chootad ek saath hath main pakad kar masal diye. bhabhi ke mote chootad mere haath main nahi sama rahe the. maine chootad ke darar main ungali pheri.meri ungaliyon main bhabhi ke ghane baal aa gaye. phir maa boli are aap bhi kya isske chootado main lag gaye pahle kacchi to nikal dejiye randi ki abhi ke jhangh main phasi hai. maan ke kahane par mujhe hosh aaya aur maine bhabhi ki kacchi neeche kheechi par kyonki bhabhi ne tange chaudi kar rakhi thi jisse maa bhabhi ke tango ke beech baith kar mera lund choose sake jab kheechane par bhi kacchi nahi nikali to main maan ko kahan nirmal jara tum bahu ki tango ke beech se hat jaao bahu ki kacchi jara chooti hai uske mote badan ke hisaab se isaliye nikal nahi rahi hai. bahu jab tang jod kar khadi hogi tab nikal jayegi bahu ki kacchi. main bhabhi ke neeche se nikal kar khadi ho gayi bahu ab tum apani tange jodo hum tumhari kacchi nikal denge. bhabhi ne apani tange jod kar seedhe khadi ho gayi aur peeche mud kar dekhane lagi lo sasur ji utar do. main bhabhi ki panty pakadi aur neeche keech di janghe judi hone ke wajah se kacchi neech aakar bhabhi ke pairo par atak gayi bhabhi ne khud hi apane pair utha kar kacchi nikal aur utha kar kacchi mujhe de di.

maine kacchi utha kar sunghi bhabhi ki kacchi bhabhi ke madamate mast badan aur choot ras ke mile jule gandh se sugandhit thi. main bhabhi ki kacchi nak par rakh kar sunghane laga. bhabhi kudh peeche mud kar kadi ho gayi thi aur mujhe apani kacchi sunghate huye dekh rahi thi. main gaheri sanse lekar bhabhi ki choot ki gand panty ke se sungh raha tha. dekh bahu kaisi mast ho gaye hai ye teri kacchi kitne payar se sungh rahe hai dekh bahu abhi kuch dino pahale tak chup chup kar teri isse panty main muth maara karte the par aaj seedhe tune nikal kar di hai to dekh kitna maja aa raha hai inko. meri panty bhi sunghate hai roj tere sasurji ek pure din pahane ke baad inko hi de deti hoon sunghane aur chaatne ke liye aise chaat kar saaf karte hai tere sasurji ki dhone ke jaroorat hi nahi padati aaj se tu bhi apani kacchi pure din pahan kar inko de dena yahi saaf karenge teri kacchi haan maaji sahi kahati hai sasurji to bahut hi mastane mard hai aur aise mard se apani kacchi saaf karwane ka maja hi kuch aur hai. dekh rahi hoon kaise naak ghusa ghusa ke sungh rahe hai abhi inhone khud hi to choose choose ke geeli kar hai aur ab kudh ki sungh rahe hai dekh inke lund ki halat to dekh bahu kaise lohe ke musal jaisa khada hai teri choot to aaj phat kar hi rahegi bahut aaj to kuch jayada hi mota ho gaya hai inka lund. maaji aap to roj hi leti hai sasurji ka musal apani choot main aaj mujhe bhi lena hai isako apani geeli choot main phat bhi gayi to koyi gam nahi itne mastane mard ke moosal par apani choot nichawar kar dungi par apni choot main sasurji ka lund jaroor lungi. tu to bilkul randi hai bahu main bahut khush hoon ki mujhe tere jaise bahu mili. itne dino se akeli jhel rahi thi tere sasur ji ke lund ke dhakke bada hi matwala lund hai tere sasurji ka baitha hi nahi 24 gante khada hi rahata hai ab tere saath mil kar bantungi to shayad inke lund ko thoda shant rakh paaye hum dono.

sahi kahati ho maaji waise bhi sasur ji abhi jawan hai aur aap jaise bharpur rand badan wali patni mili hai sasur ji ko to bechare ka lund kaise kabu main rahega. aur ab to tere ko nanga dekh liye bahu abhi to inka lund bilkul bhi nahi baitega haan baat to aap sahi kah rahi ho maa ji par ab hum do hai dono mil kar choose kar ya chudwa kar sasur ji ki bhuk kabu main rakhanke. sach bahu tu kitni acchi hai meri nangi maa ne pass khadi nangi bhabhi ko apani banho main bhar kar kaha jsise dono nangi aurato ke choochiya apas main chipak gayi aur ek dusare ke badan main dab gayi. mere jeewan ki do mahatwapund nariyon ke nage badan ko aapas main chipke dekh kar mera lund ghode ki tarah hinhina laga aur upar niche hilne laga. man main ek vichar aaya ki dono aapas main ek dusare se payar karate huye kaisi man mohak lagengi. yeh soch kar maine bhabhi ke panty jahan unke choot par chipki thi us hisse ko chaatane laga. maa aur bhabhi dono alag ho gayi aur maa bolo dekho bahu kaise tumhare panty ko choot wale hisse par se chaat rahe hai dekho kaise mast hokar apni jeebh chala rahe hai. haan maanji pata to mujhe bahut dino se tha ki sasur ji mere panty ke saath khelte hai par aaj pehali baar apani ankhon se dekh rahi hoon sach kahu kudh sasurji ko chate dekhane main jo maja hai uska to koi jawab nahi sahi kahati ho bahu maine bhi roj inko apani kacchi ke saath kelti dekh kar muth maarti ho bahut garam ho jati hoon inko panty chatate huye dekh kar. main bhi garam ho rahi hoon maa ji meri choot bhi ab geeli ho chali hai dekho apani tange khol kar apani ghani balo wali jhanto ko alag karke apani choot ko dekhti huye bhabhi boli. maan ne thoda jhuk kar bhabhi ki choot apni ungaliyon se kholi aur bhabhi ki geeli choot khul kar ek dam maa ke samane thi. hay daiya sahi kahati ho bahu tum to bahut geeli ho neeche. aur tumhari yeh pani to tumhari in ghani jhanto main bhi lag gaya hai teri jhante to mujhse bhi jayada hai inko to badi pasand aayengi teri jhante janto wali choot bahut pasand hai.

mera haal bhi bura hai bahu kya kahu. dekho na itne der se tum dono ko payar ka khel khelate dekh rahi hoon aur tum dono ko dekh dekh kar meri choot ek dam geeli ho gayi hai dekhao maa ji main bhi to dekhu aapki choot main itni jhante hai ki kuch pata hi nahi chal raha. maan ke apani tange chaudi ki aur khud apan hatho se apani choot khol kar dekhayi maa kaa pani to jabardast bah raha tha yahan tak ki unki jangho main bhi choot ras ki kuch bunde lagi thi. haan maa aap to bahut hi geeli ho chuki ho bade der ho gayi aapki choot ka ras bahe huye lagta hai ab sasur ji ko kahana hi padega apki choot pooja karane ke liye bahut kar li sasur ji ne bahu pooja. sasur ji dekhiye meri maaji ki kya haal bana diya hai aapne apni bahu ki choot paane ke chakkar main aap apni patni ko to bilkul jaise bhul hi se gaye hai main bhi badi payar karane wali aur sas ki payari bahu hoon apni maa jaisi saas ko aise tadapne thodi dungi aap mujhe to ek baar choose kar jhada chuke chailiye ab aap apni patni ka thoda kahayal kariye tabhi aapko apni bahu ki choot milegi samjhe. main to bhabi ki kacchi ko choosne chaatane main masagool tha. haan ji ab meri choot ka bhi kuch kariya na dekho kitni ******* ho rahi hai meri choot main do sundar nariyan jab mujhese itne payar se aagrah kar rahe the to maine bhi unki iccha ko pura karna uchit samaja waise bhi dono aapas main nangi khadi mujhe bahut uttejit kar rahi thi aur mujhe lag raha tha agar main unko aise hi dekhta raha to mere lund phat jaayega isliye main maa ki choot chatana hi uchit samaja.

maine aakhari baar bhabhi ki kacchi chaati aur panty ko bistar par rakh diya phir maa se bola nirmala chalo aa jao bistar par leto ab main tumhari choot chatunga tumhari choot ka ras peeunga. maa jaldi se bistar par chit hokar let gayi aur apni tange puri khol kar apni jhanto bhari choot mere samane kar di. maaji aap kitni sundar lag rahi ho istarah nangi padi huyi aur aapki chaudi tango ke beech aapki choot to ek dam swarg ka dwar lag rahi hai bhabhi ne kaha aa ja bahu mere bagal main baith aur meri choot chusti huyi dekh. bhabhi maa ke bagal kar main biath gayi. main maa ke tango ke beech aa gayaa aur apane ghutano ke baal baith gaya maine maa ki gori gori jangho ke beech unki kali jhanto wali choot dekhi to man machal utha main maa ki moti mansal janhgo ko chumna shuru kar diya. maa ki dono jangho ko choom kar maa ko garam karne lagaa bhabhi bhi jo maa ki bagal main baiti thi maa ki moti moti chooiyon par apani ungaliyan phirane lagi aur mujhe maa ko payar karte huye dekhane lagi. maa ki jangh chumane ke baad main maa ki choot par chumbano ki bauchar kar di aur phir maa ki choot ko muh main bhar liya aur choosne laga jaise vah ek santare ki phank ho. ummm ohhh ummm hay re ummm ohhh choosiye raja mere sartaj choose mere baccho ke bapu choose meri choot ohhh wari jaau aap par choose re ummmm ohhh ahhhh mar dala re kya chooste hai re tere sasurji bahi maja aa gaya. woh to mujhe pata hai maaji main bhi to ek baar choot chusawa chuki hoo bhaut hi accha chooste hai sasurji mmmm main maa ki moti jangho ko pakad kar masalte huye unki choot jor jor se choosne laga. bhabhi ne bhi ab maa ki ghundiyon ko jor jor se masal shuru kar diya ghundiyan masalne se maa ki choot aur machal uthi aur jor se ras phekane lagi. jisse main choose kar peene laga.

thodi der maa ki choot kaa juice peene ke baad main maa ki choot ki ek phank muh main bhari aur choosane laga. maa ko choot chusane main bahut maja aata tha aur roj isse tarah choot ko der tak chuswate huye woh maja leti thi aur aise choot choosana maa ne hi mujhe sikhaya tha. phir main maa ki choot ke phank badal badal kar choosane laga. bhabhi jor jor se maa ki chooyion mardan man bhar kar masal rahi thi. jo maa ko aur uttejit kar raha thaa jisaki wajah se maa jor jor se karah aur chila rahi thi. phir main maa ki tange pakad kar upar kar di jisse maa ki choot aur gand dono mujhe saaf dekhayi de sake maa ki choot chusate huye maa ki gand ka bhi maja lena chahata tha main. main kaha nirmala tum apani tange pakad lo jisse tumhari choot aur khul jayegi aur main pura maja lekar tumhari choot choose sakunga. maa ko pata tha main unki khuli gand ko bhi choot ke saath chatana chahata hoon isliye ye sab kaha raha hoon par phir bhi maa ne apni tange ghutano ke pass se pakad kar khol de aur apani choot aur gand mere saamane kar di. khuli choot aur kasi huyi gaand dekh kar to mera man machal gaya aur nade main bandha mera lund bhi machal gaya. maine apanee naak maa kee gaand par rakhi aur sungahane lagaa. maa ki gand sunghane main mujhe mast majaa aa rahaa thaa. aur main apni naak se maa kee gaand main ******* karne laga. maan ne khud bhi apane chootad hila kar meri naak par apni gand ragadane lagi.

maa ke apni tang pakad lene se bhabhi ke liye maa ki choochiyan masalana mushkil ho gayaa tha isliye woh sirf maa ki ghundiya hi masal rahi thi. maa ke muhe se ahh ohh ki awaj nikal rahi thi kyonki woh apni masti ka izhar kar rahi thi. thodi der naak se gaand sunghane ke baad main maa ki choot ko chumana shuru kar diya. jo tange aur chaudi hone ke wajah se puri tarah khul gayi thi. main ghutano ke bal aage jhuk kar maa ki choot chumane laga maa bhi apane chootad still karake mujhe bade ye payar se choot chumwa rahi thi. maa ki choot chuswane ke adat ne mujhe choot ka rasiya band diya tha aur main choot chodane se jayada choot choose aur khelne main jayada mast ho jata tha. mere ghutano ke bal hone se meri tange thodi khul gayi aur mera nade main bandha lund meri tango ke beech tannaya huya latakane laga. choot chumane ke baad maine phir se maa ki choot choosane shuru kar di. aur muh main bhar kar jor jor se choosane laga jaise pake aam se ras nichod raha hoon. bhabhi thodi der tak maa ki ghundiyan aise hi masalti rahi par unki nazar mere tango ke beech latakate huye lund par padi aur usko dekhte hi bhabhi ke ankho main chamak aa gayi. bhabhi maa ke bagal se uthi aur mere peechi aa kar kahdi ho gayi. bhabhi ko mere chootad aur unke neeche tatto sahit latakata hua mera mota lund dekhayi diya. bhabhi ke muh main to jaise paani hi aa gaya. Bhabhi ne apana hath aage badaya aur mere tatto par rakh diyaa aur mere tatto ko bade hi pyar se apani hatheli se sahalane lagi.

bhabhi ke mulayam hantho ka payar bhara sparsh mere tatto par padate hi mere lund main masti bhari lahar daud gayi. bhabhi bade hi pyar se mere tatto ko apni hatheli main lekar apani ungaliyan tatto par phira rahi thi. bhabhi apane nange chootad bistar par tika kar mere peeche baith gayi aur thoda sa jhuk gayi jisse unka chehare bilkul mere tatto ke pass aa gaya. bhabhi mere ras se bhare bhari tatto ko niharte huye sahalane lagi. bhabhi ke aisa karane se main bhi dugane josh se maa ki choot choosne laga. ab main maa ko jaldi se jaldi jhada dena chahata tha. mujhe pata tha maa ab bahut garm hai aur kum se kam do baar jhadegi tabhi mujhe chodengi main bhi bhabhi ko chodna chahata tha lekin bhabhi ko chodne se pahale maa ko bilkul shant karna jaroori tha taki maa bina rok tok ke mujhe bhabhi ki mastani jawani ko bhogane de. maa ab puri mast ho chuki thi itni der mujhe aur bhabhi ko masti mai khelte dekh kar unaki choot ka lawa ubalane laga tha aur usaki pahali dhaar kabhi bhi phoot sakti thi. aur main maa ki choot se bahata ras seedha maa ke choot ke muhane se pee raha tha. abhi tak maine maa ke choot ke dane par war nahi kiya tha kyonki main maa ke choot ke dane ko chedane se pahale jayada se jayad ras peena chahata tha. bhabhi ab mere tango ke beech let se gayi thi aur ek haat se mere tatta sahala rahi thi aur dusare hath se unhone mere lund pakad liya tha. aur mere lund ke saath apani ungaliyon aur nakhuno ke saath khel rahi thi.

bhabhi ki mulayam narm ungaliyon ka sparsh pakar mera lund kuch sec ke liye ek dam tan kar khada ho gaya tha. jaise bhabhi ke mastani harkat ko salami de raha ho. phir to mera lund bhabhi ke hanto main uchalne laga. jaise bhabhi ki khusurat jawani ko dekh kar masti main apane payar ka ijhar kar raha ho. bhabhi ne thodi der mere lund ko ungaliyon se sahanale ke baad apani komal hatheli main pakada aur pyar se masal diya. dusare hanth se mere tatto ko masal kar usme bhara ras nikalne ko betab thi meri bhabhi. bhabhi ke is khel ka maja main puri tarah se nahi le pa raha tha kyonki maa bahut jor jor se apane chootad uchal rahi thi aur apani choot mere muh par ragad rahi thi main janta tha ki ab bina jhade woh manegi nahi ek baar jab vah is roop main pahunch jati thi to unko rokana bahut hi mushkil tha. to yahi soch kar main maa ki choot ka dana apane muh main bhara aur choosane laga. mere muh lagate he maa to jaise pagal hi ho gayi aur mere sar jor se pakad kar apane choot par daba diyaa aur apane chootad ghuma kar apani choot ka dana mere muh main ragadane lagi. main bhi maa ke choot ke dane ko jor se honto ke beech daba kar choose jaa rahaa thaa tha. ohhh ji aur choosiye naa aaa majaa aa gayaa petidev kya choosate hai aap maar dala re meri choot ko mar janungi main to lagta aap ko dekhte hi garama ko jati hai saali kar dejiye tandi nigodi ho ohhh re aur jor se ji aur jor se maadar chod saale choose bosadi ki aulad bahu chood choose meri choot aise hi choose jor se jhada saali kutti choot ko meri maa ki choose aur jor se gali bakti huyi maa choot chooswane lagi mujhe pata tha ab maa jayada der tak nahi ruk sakti aur kisi bhi samay jhad sakti hai.

bhabhi abhi bhi apni ungaliyon se issi tarah payar kar rahi thi. phir bhabhi ne ek haath se mere lund ka supada khola aur apane raseele honth mere lund par ke supade par chipka kar ek gahara chumband lene lagi. jisse mere badan masti main akad gaya aur main bahut masti main aakar maa ke choot ke dane ko jor se danto se kat liya. mera katana maa bardast na kar saki aur jor se chilayani uar mere sar ko kas ke apani choot par daba kar jhad padi. maa ka badan dheere dheere jhataka maar rahaa tha maa ki ankhien bilkul band thi badan ek dam akad gayaa tha mere chehare ko unhone kas ke apani choot par daba diya tha jisse mere naak unki jhanto main dab gayi thi aur main badi hi mushkil se sans le pa rahaa tha. maa thodi der jhataka maar kar jhadati rahi phir dheere dheere unka badan shant hone laga. Idhar bhabhi ne mere lund ke supade ko choomna shuru kar diya tha woh ruk ruk kar mere lund ke supade par chumban le rahi thi jaise choomane ke baad nihar rahi hoo ki mere lund unke payar chumban ko paa kar kaise itara raha hai. maa ka badan dheere dheere shant huya par unke chootad phir se haule haule hinlane lage. ahhh aaj to bada maja diya aapne ji meri choot ka pani nikal diya bahut hi accha choosa aapne shayad bahu ki nangi jawani dekh kar aapko aaj bahut hi josh chad gaya hai tabi itna masti se choosa aapne. abhi mera man nahi bahar mere sartaj abhi aur chooseye aur chatiye bahut ras bhar hai badi hi jayad masta gayi thi bahu aur apko dekh kar. pura badan abhi bhi jal raha hai vasana ki agni main chooseye na ji jor jor se choosiye. mujhe to pahale se hi pata tha ki maa ek baar jhad kar nahi rukegi.

maa ne mere chehare par ab apni pakad dheele kar di thi. kyonki ek baar jhad kar maa ki choot kuch to shant huyi thi. par abhi bhi unke choot ko aur maja chahiye tha aisse hi thi meri maa do teen bar jab jhad jati thi tabhi unki choot shant hoti thi maine bhi unki choot main jeebh dal kar phir se usme bhara ras peete huye unki choot chatana shuru kiya tha. mujhe bhi unki choot bahut pasand thi ganto maa ki choot main muh ghusade ke chooste chatate rahana mera priye khel tha. bhabhi ne ab apna muh khola aur mere lund ke supade ko apane muh main bhar liya aur sirf supade ko choosane lagi. bhabhi ki jeebh gol gol mere lund ke supade par ghumti aur phir mere moot ke ched main ghusati aur phir supade par laga thook choose leti. bhabhi dheere dheere mujhe apani mukh se uttejit kar rahi thi. bhabhi bhi bade mastani randi thi. bahut hi mast mera lund choose rahi thi meri mastani bhabhi. unka muh jabardast mere lund ke supade par chal raha tha. aur mera maa ki choot par. main maa kee choot ko jeebh se khod khod kar choose raha tha. maa ne apane tange thod mode kar phaila le thi jisse maa ki choot aur bhi khul gayi thi. aur meri jeebh asani se maa ji choot main ja paa rahi thi. main apnee jeebh ke nok maa ki chot main ghusade kar choot ki deewaro par laga ras pee raha tha.

maine apane haath maa ki jangho par rakh diye the. aur maa ki moti jangho ko masalte huye maa ke choot choose raha tha. idhar bhabhi ne ek haat mere tatto par se hata kar mere nange chootado par rakh diya tha aur mere chootado par bade hi payar se apna hath chala rahi thi aur dusare hath se lund pakad kar lund ko jor jor se choose rahi thi. bhabhi mere lund ko is tarah se choose rahi thi jaise koi kutiya maheene bhar se bhooki ho aur usko raseele haddi mil gayi ho choosne ke liye. bhabhi jayada lund andar nahi liya tha kewal adha lund hi bhabhi ke muh ke andar tha lekin mera lund ek dam pathar ki tarah sakth tha mujhe bhi bhabhi ke choot rupi raseele muh main lund chooswane main bahut maja aa raha tha. aaj pahali baar koyi mere chootado ko itne payar se sahala raha tha iska ek alag hi asar mere lund aur badan par ho raha tha. aur main aur bhi josh se maa ki choot choosane laga tha. maa bhi ab garam ho rahi thi isliye maa ne apane chootad dheere dheere hilane lage thi jisaki wajah se unki choot mere honto par ghum rahi thi. main apane ek hath ko maa ke chootado ke pass lo gaya tha aur usko bagal se daba raha tha. unko gudaz chootdo par payar se masalane me mujhe bada maja aa raha tha. bhabhi ne phir mere chootado ko payar se dheere dheere masalana shuru kar diya tha. ab bhabhi se apane hanto se mere chootado ko apane muh ko aur dabana shuru kar diya tha shayad ab bhabhi jayada se jayada lund apane muh me lena chah rahi thi isseliye woh mere chotado ko neeche ki aur daba rahi thi.

maine bhi bhabhi ki iccha ko pura karne ka faisala liye maine bhi apne chootad thode neeche kar diye aur apani tange thodi aur phaila di jisse mere kareeb 3/4 lund bhabhi ki muh main ghus gaya. bhabhi jitna payar mere badan aur lund se dikha rahi this usse lagta tha bhabhi ko lund choosana bahut pasand hai. maine phir apane dono hata maa ke chootado ke bagal main laga diya aur unko payar se masalte huye maa ke chootado ko masalne laga aur unki choot ko apane muh main dheere se apne honto aur jeebh se chabane laga. aur maa bhi ab apne chootad dheere dheere uchal rahi thi aur dheere dheere masti main karha rahi thi. bhabhi ab jor jor se mere lund choose rahi thi jisse lund choosne ke awaj kamare main ghunj rahi thi. aur usme mere choot chatne ki chapar chapar awaj mil kisi mastane sangeet ke roop main pure kamare main baj raha tha. theen wasana se bahare prani maje main tanleen apani masti main mast the. ab maine bhi apane chootad dheere se hilane shuru kar diye the jaise main bhabhi ki choot rupi muh ko apane lund se chod raha tha.

meri muh chodane ke raftar dheere dheere badh rahi thi aur bhabhi bhi apan gala khol kar jayadaya se jayada lund apane gale ke andar utar rahi thi. jab main unke muh main dhakka marta to bhabhi apna gala khol deti aur apane muh main bahut sa thook bhar kar mere lund ko ussme geela kar deti aur mere lund bhabhi ke gale aasani gaharayi tak utar jata. aur jab main lund bahar kheechata bhabhi lund par jama sara thook satak leti jisse unka gala mere lund par kas jata aur aisa karke bhabhi mere lund ko kisi kasi choot ka anubhav kara rahi thi. aur main bhi bhabhi ki muh rupi kasi choot ko gapa gaap chod raha tha aur maa ke choot se choot ras rupi amrut pee raha tha. maa ne ek hath mere sar par rakh kar thoda mere sar choot par daba liya tha kyoki ab unko bahut accha lag raha tha aur woh ek bhi sec ke liye meri jeebh ko apani choot se door bardash nahi kar sakati thi. aur saath hi unki chootad gol gol matak rahe the main bhi badi der se maa ke chootad hi daba raha tha socha maa ki moti choochiyon ko daba kar ab uska bhi anand uthana chahiye. yahi soch kar maine apane hath neeche unke chootad se hata kar unki moti mast makkhan malyaidar mastani majedar choochiyon ki aur badha diye. maa ke ek choochi to khali thi jis par maine apne hath jama diye aur maa ki dusari choochi maa khud hi apane hantho se pakad kar masal rahi thi. maine maa ke hath par hath rakha aur unki mulayam ungliyon ko sahalate huye unka hath unki choochiyon se hatanae ka agrah maa se karne laga.

maa ne mere vinatee sun li aur apna hath hata liya aur boli lejiya hata liya maine apana hath ab choosiye mere choot ka maal meri in moti moti choochiyon ko masalate huye aapaka maja bhi dugana ho jayega. main dusari choochi par bhi apna hanth rakha aur maa ki dono moti gol gol choochiyon ko masalane laga main unki choochiyon ko pahale payar se sahalata aur phir kas ke hanth main daboch kar masal deta aur jab main jor se unki choochi masalta maa ki muh se jor ki cheekh nikal jati ui maa maar hi dalenge lagta hai aaj aap mujhe pahale meri choot ko itna tadpaya aur ab meri choochi ukhadane par tule hai hye mere swami jaldi jhada deejiye na apni is payari ko bahut ras bana ke rakha hai main apani chut dani main aapke liye aur masaliye na aise hi payar se apka hath padate hi saali nigodi meri ye choochiyan pagala hi jati hi aur mera mere badan par koi kabhu hi nahi rahata. hye re mere choot ke swami chooseye na aur chooseye re mere swami. meri in moti moti choochiyan bhi masaliye aur meri choot kar ras bhi peejiye. maa masti main kuch bhi bad bada rahi thi. maa ki janghe bhi ab masti main phad bhadane lagi thi. maa kuch jayada hi mast ho gayi thi isse masti main aakar maa ne apni tange uthayi aur apni tango ko mere sar se irad gird lapat liya aur mere muh ko apani jangho ke beech kas ke daba liye aur apni tango ka jor mere sar par dekar mere muh aur aur bhi kas ke apni raseele ras barsati choot par daba diya.

ab mera sar maa ki jangho aur choot ke beech kaid tha aur ab woh tabhi bahar nikal sakta tha jab main maa ko jhada na doo. nahi to maa mujhe apni moti bhari huyi gori jangho ke beech daba kar maar hi dalengi woh itni mast ho chuki thi ki unko ab kisi bhi baat ka hosh hi nahi tha. maine apni jeebh ki nok maa ke choot ke dane par lagayi aur apani lund ko jor jor se bhabhi ki choot main ghusadata hua maa ki choot choosane laga. maine apni tange kafi chaudi kar rakhi thi jisse main asane se bhabhi ka muh chod saku. aur mera lund bhi bhabhi ke muh badi asani se gale ki gaharayi tak utar raha tha. bhabhi jo ab tak apane hatho se mere chootado ko pyar se sahala aur masal rahi thi apani hath mere chootado se hataye aur mere badan ke neeche se le jakar mere nipple ko apni mast mulayam ungaliyon se sahalane lagi. meri nipples bahut hi sawadan sheel thi jiase ki bhabhi ke hath mere nipples par pade mere nipple masti main tan gayi aur bhabhi apane nakhoono se meri nipples kuradane lagi. vah mere tani huyi nipples ko apne nakhoon se kuradati aur phir nakhoono ke beech pakad kar noch leti. nipples se meetha meetha dard mere badan ke raste bah kar mere lund tak chala jata aur mera lund masti main bhabhi ke gale ki gaharayi tak utar jata. lund main masti bharane se main aur bhi jor jor se maa ki choot ke dane ko choosane laga. maa apane ankhien band karake masti ka bharpur anand le rahi thi aur mera lund bhabhi ke kase gale main masti main phadphada raha tha.

bhabhi ne ab ek hath mere nipples se hata kar phir se mere chootado par le gayi aur abki baar payar se mere chootad ke darar aur tatto par apna hath pherane lagi bhabhi is tarah se apni ungaliyan mere chootad aur tatto par phira rahi thi jaise tanpura baja rahi hoon aur unki mulayam aur komal ungliyon ka mastana sparsh mere badan me jhurjhuri paida kar raha tha. aur unka kasa gala mere lund ko masalane main laga huya tha. maa ne bhi mujhe apani moti mansal jhangho main kaide karege apani choot chuswane ka maja loot rahi thi. main maa ki choot ko kas kas ke choosana shuru kar diya tha. kyoki mujhe maa ki ghadi choot ki malayi ko ab peena tha. maa bhi ab jhade ke kafi kareeb thi. maine maa ki choochiyan jor se dabate huye maa ki choot ke dana ko kas ke apani jeebh ke nok se ragadane laga ye sahana maa ke liye ek dam mushkil hye re aap ye kya kar rahe hai chooseye aise hi meri choot ko mere madarchod sainya mere rakhwale kha jao meri choot ko bahu chod sale bahu kaa muh chod rahe ho maja aa raha hai mere gandu pati meri choot ki masti bhi khali kar sale mere bhadwe. maa ulool julool bak rahi thi aur main unki choot choose jaa rahaa tha. hye re meraa aane wala hai ji haan ji aise hi chooseye ji mari re main to mari is nigodi choot ne to mujhe besharm bana diya main to mari mari re lo le lo abhi dungi apni choot ka pani pee lo mere pati mere swami. ye to ye aaya mera ras re.

maa bhaut der se bahut uttejit thi aur meri jeebh ke war bhi apani choot par nahi sah kar paa rahi thi. wah jayada der nahi thar paayi aur ekdam se unki moti narm jhangho ne mujhe puri takat se jakad liya aur unka matwala badan kada ho gaya aur unki choot se ras ki barsaat hone lagi maine apne honth maa ke choot neeche laga diye maa ki matwali choot ka naseela pani jo unki choot se nikal raha tha mere muh main jama hone laga aur maa jhadne lagi. mera muh maa ke choot ras se bhar gaya aur maa jhadti rahi thodi der main maa ne apni choot ka sara ras nikal kar mere muh main bhar diya aur puri tarah se khalas ho gayi. aur unka badan shant ho gaya aur dheere dheere deela padane laga unki pakad mere sar se bhi dheeli hone lagi. main apne muh main bhar maa ka choot ras swad lete huye apni gale ke neeche utarna shuru kar diya. udar mere chootad bilkul bhi thame nahi the aur bhabhi ke gale lo lagatar chod rahe the aur bhabhi bhi bade payar se mere chootad aur tatte sahalaye jaa rahi thi bhabhi bhi isse ye to saaf tha ki bhabhi ko muh choodwane ka bahut shauk tha aur wah ghanto tak sir muh chudwane ka maja le sakti thi. maa ki jhanghe phir ek dam se deele ho gayi aur maa ne mere chehare ko apni jhangho ki kaide se ajad kar diya aur apni tange hata li.

ohhh maja aa gaya ji aaj ot aapne kya choose mere choot do do baar jhada di meri masti ab jakar kuch aaram mila mujhe nahi to aapko aur bhau ko saath me rati lila karte dekh kar to meri choot jwalamukhi ki jitni garam ho gayi thi aur aap mere masti na jhadate thodi aur dear to paka se main jal kar rakh ho jati. waise to meri choot main abhi bhi bhaut masti chadhi huyi hai roj ki tarah abhi aur ghante do ghante chuswane ka man hai lekin aaj mujhe apni bahu ki masti ka bhi khayal rakhana hai isliye abhi chode deti hoon aapko jisse aap hamari itni sundar rupwati mastane badan wali bahu ki choot ka bhi khayal rakh sake beechari dopahar se hi tadap rahi hai aap ke lund raj ke liye ab aap de hi dejiye apna moosal hamari bahu ki jhanto wali okhali main bichari ka pati bhi nahi hai iski choot ka khayal rakhane ke liye isliye ab hum dono yani bahu ke sas sasur ko hi apni bahu ki choot ki garmi ka khayal rakhana padega nahi to ye nigodi choot ki garmi se behal bahar muh maregi aur apne ghar ki kitni badnami hogi ki sas sasur mil kar bahu ki choot ki garmi ka khayal nahi rakh pate ye to apke mote musal jaise lund ki saaf saaf beijjati hogi. aur mujhe ye sab nahi chahiye chaliye ab apni is chinal randi bahu ki garmi ka bhi kuch kariye maa ne mujhse kaha. Maa ki masti bhari mano kamana sun kar maine maa apna chehra maa ki choot se hata liye aur bhabhi ke muh ko chodna bhi band kar diya.

par bhabhi ko to lund se muh chudwane main bahut maja aa raha tha bhabhi ne mere chootado ko apani narm banho main jhakada aur khud hi apane muh se mera lund chodane lagi. arre bahu ye kya kar rahi hai meri pyari mujhe pata hai tujhe mere lund bahut pasand aaya hai aur apane sasur ji ka lund choose kar tujhe sukh prapt ho raha hai par ab tere sasur ji ka lund bahut mast ho chala hai aur ye nada jo tune bandha hai sasur ji ke laude par mere lund ko bahut pareshan kar raha hai ab teri choot main musal dalne ka waqt aa gaya hai ab tere ye sasur ji apne is musal se teri choot ko maja denge ek baar chuda le bahu phir choose lena sasur ji ka lauda main mana thode kar raha hoon. teri choot chodane se tere sasur ke laude aur teri choot dono ko thodi shanti prapt hogi bhabhi ke muh se apna lund nikalte huye maine kaha waise to bhabhi ki lund choose chose ke bahut garma chuki thi aur meri masti bhara pyara agrah sun kar bhabhi ne mera lund chod diya aur boli sasur ji man to nahi kar raha apka chodne ka par yeh baat bhi sahi ki choot ko ab apka musal chahiye saali kutiya nigodi kahi ki apke musal par mar miti hai bahen ki laudi is choot rani ne apki bahu ka jeena haram kar rakha hai aaj is meri choot ko chod kar aap bhosada bana dejiye maar maar kar meri choot phad dejiye jisse saali mujhe pareshan na kar sake aaj apani bahu chod kar bahu chod ban jayeye sasur ji.

sasur ji apki bahu ki ye choot apko jannat ka maja degi puri gaharayi tak utar kar chodiyega is kutiya ko tabhi isko pata chalega ke mere sasur ji mujhe kitna payar karate hai. aaj meri choot bhi bhosada ban jayege sasuma ki choot jaise apke lund se chud kar sali ne mera jeena haram kar rakha hai sali randi choot ko 24 gante danda chahiye apane andar shant hi nahi hoti jab dekho isme khuzali hoti rahati hai. arri bahu iskeliye tu choot ko kyon dosh deti hai teri chudayi bhi to nahi hoti sahi se to bechari kya kare tadapte tadapte choot ki ye halat ho gayi hai par tu chinta mat kar ab tere sasur ji teri choot ka pura khayal rakhenge. main to tayaar hoon sasur ji maar lo meri aaj to nihal kar do mujhe chod chod kar trap kar do bahut din ho gaye dhang se maja liye huye aaj to bahut der chudwaungi apne payare sasur ji se. theek hai bahu tere sasur ji bhi jam kar chodenge teri choot jaise meri maarte hai roj main bhi itne dino se tadap rahi thi par jab se tere sasur ji in meri choot ka jimaa liya hai bahut khush rahti hai choot rani inke laude se maa ne masti bhare andaz main kaha. chal bahut ab to bistar par tang khol kar pasar kar let ja aaram se aur chudayi ka maja le mere ye rasiya pati teri lenge ab ab teri choot inke musal ko jhelane layak geeli ho chuki hai aur tune bhi apne gale main utar kar inke mast laude ko bahut geela kar diya hai ab aasaani se ghus jayega ye musal teri choot main aur teri choot ko bhosada bana kar hi bahar nikalega. haan maa ji main tayar hoon apane sasur ji ka payar paane ke liye.

aa bahu bistar tayaar hai ab tum let jao bistar main maine bistar se utar kar bagal main khade hote huye kaha. bhabhi se ek aakhari baar mere lohe ke jaise tane huye laude ko nihara aur phir bistar par chad gayi bistar par chadane se bhabhi ke mastani moti gand par meri nazar padi jise dekh kar lauda machal utha. bhabhi apni mastani gand matakti huyi bistar par chadi aur bistar par chit let gayi. aur apane hath apne golam gol moti choochiyon par rakhate huye apni moti jhangho ka dwar tango ko phaila kar kholte huye apni jhanto se bhari choot rani ke darshan mujhe karaye. ye lejiye sasur ji let gayi apne maje ka dwar khol kar mere payare sasur ji ke liye dekiye kaise laplapa rahi hai meri choot apni lund ke liye ab der na kare main choot dikha di hai ab aa bhi jayeye aur mareye apni bahu ki raseele choot. ab mar bhi lejiye na meri bahu hi choot kitni der se tadapa rahe hai bechari ko. koi koi mard hi hota hai jisko itni raseele choot ki malkin khud tange khol kar bulati hai aur mere bahu itne payar se bula rahi hai aur aap nakhara kar rahe hai maa ne payar se uhalana karate huye kaha. maa aur bhabhi ki itni payar bhar shabd sun kar main bistar par chad gaya aur bhabhi ki moti mansal khuli jhangho ke beech aa gaya aur choot ke nazare ko dekha. bhabhi ki choot tange kholne ke waja se todi khul gayi thi aur jhanto ke jhurmut se thodi bahar nikal aayi thi aur mere lund ko bula rahi thi. main bhi ab bada bechain ho gaya tha aur mere liye rukna bada hi mushkil tha isliye ab maine bhabhi ko choodana ucchit samjha.

maine apane hantho se bhabhi ki moti jhango ko pakad kar aur bhi chauda kar diya jisse bhabhi ki choot acche se khul kar mere samane aa gayi. main phir apane ungaliyon se bhabhi ki choot kejhanto ko hata kar choot ki puttiyon ko pakad kar khol diya jisse uski matawali choot khul gayi aur usse andar ka lal lal hissa saaf nazar aane laga. bhabhi ki choot main choot ras ki boonde saaf nazar aa rahi thi. dekho nirmala bahu ki choot rani to ek dam paniya gayi hai ab yeh chodane ke liye bilkul tayaar hai aur lund raja ko bula rahi hai sambhog karane ke liye ab main bahu ki chut rani main lund dal kar bahu ke is nange badan ki sawari karte huye bahu ki mast chudayi karunga aur bahu ki kasi choot ko chod chod kar bhosada bana dunga taki ye mere lund aage se aasani se le sake. haan aap ab bas chod hi do bahu ko bichari dopahar se pareshan hai aapke lund ke liye aur main bhi aap dono ka ye papi milan dekhane ko betab hoon aaj ho hi jaane dejiye na mere sartaj ab ghusa bhi deejiye bahu ki choot me apna lauda maa ne bhabhi ke bagal main baithte huye kaha aur khud apane hatho se bhabhi ke baal sahalane lagi aur boli apne ko tayar kar le bahu ab bas sasur ji tere ko chodane he wale hai. main apne lund ko bhabhi ke choot ke muhane kar rakha aur apane ghutane bhabhi ke bade gudaz chootado ke dono aur tikaye aur bhabhi ka khandha pakadate huye apne chootado ka dawab bhabhi ki choot par banaya.

mere aisa karne se mera lund phisal kar bhabhi ki choot me ghusene laga. bhabhi ki choot masti main ek dam geeli thi aur mere supada asani se bhabhi ki choot ki puttiyo ko cheerata ho unki choot ka chir haran karta huya bhabi ki choot ke agosh main sama gaya. aise hote hi choot ki puttiyon ne mere lund ke supada ko apane banho main kaid kar liya. choot ne mere laude ko payar se apni geeli giraft main bhar liya tha aur apani choot ka pyar bahara choot ras mere lund ke supade par barsa rahi thi. phir main thoda saa aage jhuka aur bhabhi ke bagal main hanth daal kar bhabhi ke khando ko pakad kar bhabhi ko jakad liya aur phir apne lund to theek se bhabhi ki choot par fit karke ek jabardas dhaka bhabhi ki choot main mara. mere is jabardast dhakke se mera adha lund bhabhi ki choot ko cheerata huya unki kasi choot main sama gaya. bhabhi masti me karhate huye boli hye re sasur ji kya dhakka mara mere choot main phad hi dali meri ye choti se choot apane moosal se nirdayi sasurji apni randi bahu ki jaan lene par tule ho kya madarchod sale gandu sasur ji meri choot chod kar aaj bahu chod banoge par sach kahu mota lund bada mast lag raha hai apni choot main lene main. maa ji aapne to iska maja liya hi hai aapko to andaza hoga ki mujhe pahali baar sasur ji ka lund lene main kya maja aa raha hai. aapki is chinal bhosadi ne to sasur ji matwale lund ko gaharayi tak apani choot main lekar mote moosal ko masoos kiya hai aur isse moosal ne to aapki choot ko bhosada banaya hai sasu maa.

haan bahu mujhe pata hai is lund main kya maja hai is lund ki to main gulam hoon is lund ne mujhe nirlaj sharm rahit kar diya hai is lund ko pane ke liye to main kuch bhi karne ko tayaar hoon main to saali kutiya hoon is lund ki gali ke kutto ka bhi lund le lun choot main apni lund ko khus karane ke liye aur dekhna ek baar tu puri tarah chuda kar apni choot ka bhosada banwalegi teri halat bhi aise hi hogi 24 gante sirf is lund ke sapane dekhegi aur tadape gi jo haal mera hai wohi hi tera hoga. main bhi kahan peeche hatne wali hoon puri khol ke padi rahoogi apni rangeele sasur ji ke liye apni choot ka prasad dungi apne sasur ji ko. ye kahate huye bhabhi ki choot ki deeware maine lund ko kas kar pakadne ke kosish kar rahi thi mujhe apne andar bhi kheech rahi thi main aadha lund ghusa kar choodayi ki masti main choor apni laj sharm chod kar nangi padi do garm nariyon ke beech hone wale vartalap ko sun kar mast ho raha tha. phir mujhe jayada nahi ruka gaya aur maine bhabhi ki kandhe jor se jakade aur bahut hi jabardast dhakka bhabhi ki choot main diya. mera lund choot ki sari deware thodata hua bhabhi ki choot ki gaharayi main sama gaya aur mere lund ka topa ja kar seedha bhabhi ki bacchedani se takraya aur lund ka supada bacchedani ke muh main phans gaya. mar gayi re jalim sasure kya kar raha hai mere saath saale madarchod gandu sasure saale pura ghusa diya apna musal ek hi baar main jad tak mera to sara badan hil gaya re lagata hai bas phat hi gayi meri choot saali papi sasur apni bahu ko akeli dekh kar chod raha hai gandu teri bahu ki choot ka stayanash kar dega tere ke moosal to mar hi gayi re main to kya dhaka mara mere sasur ji ne. par maja aa gaya sasur ji mujhe to aisa laga mere choot main ghus kar mere gand se bahar nikal aaya apka lund par aap to bade hi mardane ho.

aapki choot bhi aise hi phadi thi maa ji mere is bhadwe sasur ji ne kya aise ki choot bhogi the bagal main baithi maa se bhabhi ne poocha. haa meri chinal aise hi diya tha maja mujhe tere sasur ji ne aur meri choot chode kar mere pati hi nahi madarchod bhi ban gaye the tere sasur ji aur mujhe randi band diya inhone jaise aaj ye tere devar se bahu chod ban gaye hai ye. meri choot ko kaise phaila diya hai susur ji ke lund ne sasu maa aaj pata chal raha hai moosal choot main lene main kaise phati hai choot par kya anand milta hai. maa ne bhabhi ke baalo ko sahalate huye kaha sach kaha bahu anand to sirf rishto ki chudayi main hi hai ye papi sambandh chudayi ki masti ko aur bhi badha deta hai. bhabhi ne sirf sir hila diya. bhabhi ki choot ne badi hi jor se mere lund ko apni choot ki deewaron main kaid kar liya tha. maine apna thoda bhaar apne kohniyon main le rakha to aur lund ko choot ki gaharayi main utar kar ruk gaya tha aur bhabhi ki geeli choot ko apne lund par mahasoos kar raha tha. bhabhi ki ghundiyan mere chati ko cho rahi thi aur masti main tan kar mere ko salam kar rahi thi aur mere chati main ched banane ko tayaar thi. aur unki ghundiyon ka saparsh mujhe aur bhi uttejit kar raha tha. bhabhi ne apni dono janghe meri jangho ko choo rahi thi un mastani komal jangho ka saparsh mujhe bhut bha raha tha. bhabhi ne apni moti maans bhari banho ko meree peeth par rakh diya tha.

thodi der rukane se bhabhi ki choot main mera lund set ho gaya thaa aur bhabhi ki choot bhi mere lund ke dhakke khane ke layak ho gayi thi. sasur ji ab aap choot main lund ghusa kar ruk kyon gaye ab apane is moosal ko jara kaam main to laao apane is mote lund se mere choot ki kutayi to karo jara saali aapka lund satak kar khush ho rahi hai usse ye nahi pata abhi to iski jabardast chudayi honi hai aur is nigodi ko aapke is maha lund ke dhakko ka var bhi jhelna hai jab iski jabardast chudayi hogi tab is nigodi ko pata chalega mere sasur ji ke lund ki mahima ka. ab chodo bhi sasur ji maro meri choot phad do mere choot mere payar sasuji apaki ye randi kuttiya bahut apni choot ko bhosada banawane ko tayaar hai re maro na ab ruke kyon hoon. bhabhi ab chudna chahati thi aur main chodna maine apane chootad ko dheere dheere hilana shuru kar diya. aur mera lund bhabhi ki choot main dheere dheere phisalne laga bhabhi apne hath meree peeth par chalane lagi aur mujhe bhabhi ne apne badan ko sithir kar liya tha taki main aasani se bhabhi ki geeli choot ka maja le saku maa apni payari bahu ki sar par hath pher rahi thi. bahu lo tumhare sasur ji ne tumko chodna shuru kar diya mahsoos kar rahi ho inka lund kaise andar bahar ho raha hai tumhari choot main ab aise hi hila hila kar ye tumhari choot ko bhosda bana denge. main dheere dheere apni raftar badhani shuru kar di thi. main jab lund bhabhi ki choot main ghusata to pura andar tak dhel kar unki bacchedani main apana supada phasa deta. aur phir kareeb aadha lund bahar nikal kar jordar dhake ke saath phir se bhabhi ki choot main ghusa deta. mere dhakko ke wajah se bhabhi ki ghani jhanto ko bhi main apane pet par mhasoos kar raha tha.

jab mera lund dhakaa kha kar phir se choot main utarta to bhai dhakke ke jor se chihuk uthati aur jab main apane lund ko bahar nikalta to bhabhi apani choot ke deewaro ko bheech ke mere lund ko kas ke apni choot main hi rokane ki koshih karti taki mera lund bhar na nikal sak lund choot ke deewaro main dab jane ke karan lund bahar nikalte huye mujhe jor lagana padata aur usse hone wale gharshan se mujhe maja aata. arre sasur ji lagta hai aap apni bahu ko maa jitna payar nahi karte haan kya huya chinal aisa kyon bol rahi hai arre aap dekho saar bhar apani kohaniyon par lekar mere choot maar rahe hai argar mujhe payar hota to pata hota ki aurat ko mard ke neeche dabane main kitna anand aata hai aap apane lund se meri choot chod kar choot ko ananad to de rahe hai par mere ko nahi. main bhi aapke badan ke bhaar ke neeche dab kar chudayi ka ananad uthana chahati hoon. aap jaise jawan gathele sasur ke neeche dabane main kis bahu ko anand nahi aayege. baat to sahi kah rahi hi bahu hamari aap mujhe to pura apne neeche daba kar chodate hai aur bahu ko nahi ye to galat baat hai. kaise kas ke jakad lete hai aap mujhe ki main to nihal hi ho jati hoon ab main bahu ko chudwane ke liye raji ho gayi hoon to aapko bhi dhang se chodna padega meri bahu ko aise chodo jaise aap mere ko chod rahe ho koi bhed bhav nahi kariye chudayi main kyonki chudayi koi rishta aur nafrat nahi dekhti woh to sirf badan ki iccha dekti hai aur usake liye saree auratien ek hi honee chahiye. arre tum dono naraz kyon hoti hoon tum dono to mere lund ki pyari randiya hoo main tum dono ko ek jaisa hi dekta hoon par main soch pahali baar chood raha hoon bahu ko to thoda usaki choot mere lund ko jhelane lage phir usse apane neeche daba kar chodunga lo bahu main tumko apne neeche daba leta hoon

aisa kah kar main apana badan dheela chod diya aur apna sara bojh bhabhi ke badan par daal diya. mere aisa karne se mera chehare bhabhi ke aur bhi najdeek aa gaya. mere badan ke neeche dab kar bhabhi ki moti matwali choochyan mere chati main kas kar chipak gayi aur bhabhi ki tani huyi nookili choochyan meree chati main ched karane ko tayaar thi. bhabhi ka mota gadaraya hua badan mujhe ek gadde ke saman lag raha tha aur main us mote gadde par aaram kar raha tha. bhabhi ke pet ko bhi main mahasoos kar sakta tha apne pet par. bhabhi ne khud bhi mujhe apni gadarayi jawani se bhari banho main bhar liya aur jakad kar kas ke mujhe aur apne se chipta liya. main bhi ab apne aap ko pura deela chod diya tha. aah ab muje laga ki koi mard ke neeche padi hoon main mera nakara badan ab mere mard ke kaam aa raha hai aur main apane mard ke badan ko sahara de rahi hoon jaise meri choot mere mard ke lund ko apne ched main aasara de rahi hai taki woh choot ki garmahat ka maja le sake. sasur ji ab kabhi bhi mujh par kam payar mat dekhiyega nahi to aapki ye chinal randi bahu aapne madarchod sasur ji se naraz ho jayege. aur phir aapko meri raseeli choot nahi melegi samjhe. bhabhi payar bhara uhalana dete huye boli. arre meri chudakkad bahu tu chinta kyon karti hai ab main tujhe utna hi payar dunga jitna main nirmala ko deta hoon kyon nirmala tum bhi to yahi chahati ho ki chodate waqt main tume aur bahu main koi bhi bhed bhav na karu aur tum dono ko apni randi samajh kar pura maja lete huye chodu. bilkul main nahi chahati ki mere bahu kisi bhi roop main bhuki rahe ab bahu hamari jimedari hai aur usaki choot ki bhook apko aur iske pati ko mil kar hi bhujani hai. taki ye sasural main khush rah sake.

chaliye na sasur ji ab chodiye bhi na aap ke neeche dab kar ab chudane ka maaja lena hai mujhe apne is karamati mote moosal se meri choot mariye na ab nahi saha jata mujhase ab maar hi liyje aur maja dejiye apni bahu ko apne lund se. maine bhabhi ke kandho ko jakad ke ek jabardast dhakaa bhabhi ki geeli choot main maara phach ki awaj ke saath mera pura lund bhabhi ki choot main ghus gaya hye re sasur ji aise hi aise hi mariye dhakke nihal kar dejiye meri choot ko maar mar kar ab bas chodate jayege jab tak main thandi na ho jao. chod mere madarchod sasure chod apni rand bahu ko. bahu ki galiyan sun kar mujhe bhi josh aa gaya aur maine apane chootad hilane shuru kar diye main jor jor se chootad hila raha tha aur bhabhi ki choot main dhakke mare ja raha tha. mera lund bhabhi ki choot ko cheerta hua andar jata aur phir jaldi hi uski bacche dani se takara kar bahar aa jata. bhabhi bhi ab apne chootad dheere dheere hila rahi tho aur apane gaddedar chootado se mere dhakke sahan kar rahi thi. hum dono ke badan ek dusare se buri tarah se chipak gaye the aur bhabhi ne mujhe bahut jor se jakad rakha tha jaise woh chah rahi ho ki mujhe apne andar sama le. jis josh ke saath bhabhi mujhe apni choot marwa rahi thi usse yahi parteet hota tha jaise bhabhi baraso ki payasi ho aur mere lund ke jabardast dhakke unke baraso ki payas ko bujha dega. jab main bhabhi ki choot main dhakka marta to bhabhi bhi apane chootad uchal kar mere dhakke ko bade shan se apni choot main leti. mere lund bhabhi ki choot ki dhunayi karne main laga hua tha.

bhabhi ne phir apni chaudi tangne untha kar mere kamar ke upar lapat le aur mere nange badan ko apni moti jhangho main majbooti se jakad liya. bhabhi ne abhi bhi heels nahi utari thi aur bhabhi heels mere chootado par ja kar tika di. bhabhi ki chikani tange mujhe apne badan par mahasoos ho rahi thi jisse mere lund aur bhi ubal maar raha tha. bhabhi mujhase ab is tarah chipak gahi thi jaise hum dono ek hi badan ho bhabhi ke mulayam komal hath meree peeth par chal rahe the aur bhabhi ki choot gapa gap mera lund nigal rahi thi. main bhabhi ki gardan par jabardas chumbano ki bauchar kar raha tha hum dono duniya ke baare main bilkul bhool chuke the aur apni vasana ki purti karna chahate the. maa ne hamko istarh chipke dekha aut maa bhabhi ke sirhane se uth kar hamare peeche aakar baith gayi jahan se hamari chudayi ko apane samane pure dhayan se dekh sake. ab bhabhi ki choot main ghusta lund maa apani ankho ke samane tha. ab woh apni chinal bahu ki choot main jata hua apni pati ka lund dekh rahi thi. paar maa bhi kisi chinal randi se kam nahi thi. tabhi to woh hamari tango ke beech aakar baithi thi taki chudayi ka ye mastana nazara woh kudh apni ankhon se dekh sake aur iska anand utha sake kaise unka pati apni hi bahu ko chod kar apni randi bana raha hai. maa ne apna chehara jhukaya aur apane chehare ko choot main jate lund ke pass le gayi.

ab maa ko bhabhi ki paniya gayi choot aur us choot ke andar bahar hota lund jo ki bhabhi ke choot ras se ek dam san chuka tha ek dam saaf dekhayi de raha tha. maa ne apne hath ko aage badaya aur mere aur bhabhi ke lund aur choot jaha jude huye the wahan phirane lagi maa ki saparsh se to mujhe dugana josh aa gaya aur main aur jor jor se bhabhi ki choot chodane laga. maro sasur more more bhadewa sale madarchod sasur maar apni bahu ki choot kutte ki aulad tere maa ko gali ke kutto ne choda hoga tab tu paida hua hoga tabhi to apni beti jaisi bahu chod raha hai maa ke luade par bahut acchi choot chod raha hai gandu aur jor se chod meree choot phad de aaj tu tujhe kasam hai apni maa ki chitade uda de mere choot ke le randi le kutiya saali tere ko pure gaon ki randi bana dunga bhosadi ki aur jor se le mere lund teri choot main jhad ke tere ko garbhawati kar dunga chinal apne sasur ko gali deti hai ghadi teree choot ka kachoomar nikal dungaa aaj to main kutiya to nikal na gando maar aur jor se maar. ham dono apani bato se ek dusare ko aur bhi ukasa rahe the kyonki hum dono hi ye jhante the ki agar humko charam sukh pana hai to sab kuch bhool kar chudayi karni hogi. aur hum wohi kar rahe the. saale gandu sasur jangali ban ja mere saath apni is komal se chuyi muyi bahu ke saath pura jangali kat noch daboch mere badan ko mere sare badan ko apne jangali pan ke nishan se bhar de taki tere launda mera gandu pati dekhe to samjhe ki chinal biwi ko kaise chodate hai masal daal aaj mere ko khuli choot deti ho jo karna hai kar aur khabadar meri cheekh sunkar thoda bhi ruka bhool ja main aurat hoo bas ek rabar ki gudiya samajh kar barbad kar de mere badan ko noch khasot daal aaj bade dino baad khul kar chud rahi hoon apne jangali pan ki nishani chood mere badan par.

bhabhi ki garam batien mere khoon main ubal la rahi thi aur main ab bhabhi ko pagalo ko tarah chood raha tha. mere aise karene se mera lund bahut hi jor jor se bhabhi ki choot main sama raha tha. bhabhi bhi kam nahi thi har dhakke ka jawab utni hi jor se de rahi thi hamare badan ek dusare se jabardast takara rahe the aur main bhabhi ko apne bhar ke neeche kuchal raha tha. maa ko ab mere aur bhabhi ke badan par hath chalana mushkil ho raha tha to maa ne thoda aage jhuk kar mere aur bhabhi ke choot ke milan ko choom liya aur phir apani jeebh nikal kar ghumane lagi jisse jab mere lund bahar nikalta to main apne lund par maa ki jeebh mahasoos karta aur jab andar ghusta to bhbhi apni choot aur gand ke beech ke hisse par maa ji jeebh mahasoos karti aur maa mast hokar chatane lagi. bhabhi ki mastani galiyan sun kar mujhame aur bhi josh bhar gaya aur maine bhabhi ke kandho ko pakad kar jor jor se masalane laga main puri takat laga kar bhabhi ki mammo ko masal raha tha. aur main apane danto se bhabhi ki gardan par jor se kaat liya bhabhi dard se chilla uthi mar gayi sasure saale kaat maraa re mere sasur ne mujhe saala gandu tu to aaj mere jaan lekar hi chodega maa ke luade masal daal saale kandhe kya masal raha hai mera badan masal saale dekh kitana gadraya hua hai.

bhabhi mujhe baar baar uttejit kar rahi thi apna badan masalne ke liye sayad bhabhi ko apna badan masalwane main bahut hi anand aata tha aur woh cha rahi thi main unke saath aisa hi karu. maine bhi apane hath bhabhi ke kande ke neeche se nikala aur bhabhi ki khulho par rakh diye maas se bahre kuhle hath main aate hi mere andar ka jangali janwar jag utha aur main bhabhi ke mansal kulaho ko pakad kar halake se dabane laga. kas ke masalne se pahale main bhabhi ki khulho ka anand lena chahata tha. main kas ke dono kulahe apane hath main dabye aur puri takat se masal diya maadarchod sasur mere maar dala re isne to mujhe aur masal gandu aur masal main bhi itne aasani se peecha nahi chodungi tere behanchod aur kas ke masal gandu main jor jor se bhabhi ke kulah masalne laga. bahbi bahut hi garma ho chuki thi aur uska ahasah bhabhi ki garm choot kara rahi thi. bhabhi ki choot ab bharpur ras phek phek kar ek dam geeli ho gayi thi aur mera lund unki choot main bahut hi asani se phisal raha thaa isliye har dhakka bhi jordar pad raha tha aur gahara bhi. jo hum dono ko bahut maja de raha tha. aur main bhabhi ke kulah aur pet ke bahar ka hissa jor jor se dabate huye masalate huye bhabhi ki geeli choot ka mardan kar raha tha. bhabhi bhi kam nahi thi aur har dhakke ko sahate huye pure josh ke saath dhakke ka jawab dhakke se de rahi thi. maa hum dono ke guptango par apne chumabano ki varsha kar rahi thi sath hi sath apanee jeebh nikal kar lund aur choot chat bhi rahi thi.

bhabhi ke uksane se main bahut uttejit ho gaya tha aur bhabhi ke badan ko udhedane ko tyaar tha isliye maine socha bhabhi ko apane neeche daba kar ek dam apane kabu main karke choodane ka socha. yahi soch kar main bhabhi se kaha ki woh apani moti jangho ke kaide se mujhe aajad kar de ab main unko dusare tareeke se choodunga taki unko mere lund ka bharpur maja mil sake. bhabhi se mujhe apane jhangho ki kaide se azad kar diya maine ek do aur jordar dhakke bhabhi ki choot hi gaharayi tak utar kar lagaye aur phir bhabhi ke honto ka ek chumban lekar main bhabhi ke upar se thoda saa uth gayaa phir main bhabhi ke dono mastani tange utha kar apane kandhe par rakh le aur bhabhi ke heel main kaid sundar pairo ko chumne laga maine unki pidaliyon unke pair aur heels ka chumban liya. maa bhi mere peeche aa gayi aur mere chootad ko chumane lagi saath hi meri peeth kar hanth bhi pherane lagi. kya kar rahe hai sasur ji mere pair choom kar mjuhe kyon paap lagate hai main to apki bahu hoon are meri payari randi chinal bahu tere pair bahut sundar hai aur ek baar hamare choot aur lund ka sangam ho gaya to tere badan ke ek ek hisse ko chumane aur khelne ka haq mujhe hai hai aur ek acchi bahu ki tarah meri agya ka palan karana tera. samajh gayi besharm kuttiya. maine mahsoos kiya tha isse tarah chudayi ke beech main galiyon ka istemal karne se hum teeno ki unttejana main badhotari hoti thi aur galiyan uttejana wardan ki tarah kaam karti thi to maine bhi bahut galiyon ka istemal karna shuru kar diya tha aur maa aur bhabhi bhi mera saath isme de rahi thi.

bhabhi ke pairo ko choomte huye maine apane chootad hilane shuru kar diye aur mera lund bhabhi ki geeli choot ke andar bahar hone laga. bhabhi ke tange kandhe par rakhne ke baad bhabhi ki choot ubhar kar aur bhi upar aa gayi thi. aur mera lund bhabhi ki choot main asani se phisal raha tha aur andar bhar unki choot ki dewar par ragad kha raha tha. jisse bhabhi ko majaa aa raha tha. meri janghe bhabhi ki gudaz jangho se takara rahi thi jisse phat phat ki awaj ho rahi thi main bhabhi ki tango ko choomta huya bhabhi ko chod raha tha aur maa mere peeche mere chootado ko sahalane lagi thi aur kabhi kabhi apane hath peeth par bhi chala rahi thi. kabhi maa mere chootad ko hath main lekar masal deti to kabhi mere kuhle masal deti maa ki harkatien bhi mujhe uttejit kar rahi thi. phir maine bhabhi ki tange chood kar bhabhi ki moti moti gol choochiyan apane hatho main bhar li aur unko puri takat se masalte huye bhabhi ki choot main dhakke marne laga. mar gayi re gandu sasure madarchod maa ke laude kya kar raha hai meri choochiyan ukhade ka kya madarchod. itni jor se bhi koi mastalta hai kya bechanchod. bhabhi ki gali sunte hi mainje jabardast dhakke bhabhi ke choot main lagaye puri takat se dhakka lagata mera lund ka topa bilkul andar tak utar kar bhabhi ki bacchedani main gaharayi se utar jata. mar gayi re sasur ji lagata hai pagal ho gaye hai aap aise kaise chod rahe hai mere sasur ji maar daloge kya mujhe.

maine bhabhi ki bato ko nazarandaz karte huye bhabhi ki choot ki kutayi jari rakhi aur jor jor se dhakke lagata raha main abhi bhi apane ghutano ke bal khada tha aur dhakke mar raha tha main puri takat se bhabhi ki choochiyan masal raha tha itne dard ke bawajood bhi bhabhi ne mere hantho ko apani choochiyon se hatane ki kosish nahi ki bhabhi maha chudakkad garm aurat thi aur dard main usako maja aa raha tha. ab ghutano ke bal chudayi karne main mere ghutane dard hone lage the. aur main chudayi ka pura maja bhi nahi le paa raha tha yahi soch ke maine bhabhi ki moti choochiyon ko hath main dabaye huye maine apane ghutano ko bhabhi ke gudaz haude jaise chootado ke dono aur jamaya aur apana bojh bhabhi ke upar daal diya. bhabhi mera bojh apane badan par padate hi dohari ho gayi. bhabhi ke ghutane unki choochiyon ke bagal main jakar tike aur bhabhi bilkul puri tarah se mere bandan ke neeche dab gayi mera chehara bilkul bhabhi ke chehare ke samane aa gaya. bhabhi ek dam se huye is badalaw se sakpaka gayi unko samaj main nahi aaya ye gaya hua unka pura gudaz gadaraya huya badan mere badan ke neeche daba pada tha. meri janghe unki jhangho se sparsh kar rahi thi bhabhi gaddedar chootad bistar se thoda upar uth gaye the. bhabhi ke tange ek dam phail gayi thi aur jiski wajah se unki choot ek dam khul kar seedhe ghare kuye ki tarah ho gayi thi jisme mera moosal andar gaharayi tak utara huya tha. aur mere tatta bhabhi ki gand par tike huye the mere honth bilkul bhabhi ke honto ke pass the aur hamari garm sanso ka ahasas hum dono ko ek dusare ke chehare par ho raha tha.

bhabhi ko jab tak pata chala woh mere neeche puri tarah se dab chuki thi maine unke badan ko is tarah se mod diya tha jaise koi kagaj moda jata hai. is asan main bhabhi bilkul mere kabu main thi mere bhar ke karan woh mere neeche se nikalne me asamarth thi. arre sasur ji ye kya kiya aapne mujhe to aapne apane need ek dam daba hi diya. aaj maarne ka irada hai kya apani bahu ko arre meri payari bahu ek asan me mera lund pura tumhari choot main sama sakta hai aur pura andar ghusa kar tumhari choot ka pura maja lena chahata hoon main. aur is asan main bina rok tok main tumhari choot ka maja le sakta hoon. to lejiye na mere sasur ji chodna band kyon kar diya apne moosal se meri kutayi chalu kar gandu sasure. maine bhabhi ke choochiyan masalate huye apane chootad hilane shuru kar diye. mera lund bhabhi ki choot ke gheharaiyon ko napane laga mujhe bhabhi ki choot main kafi maza aane laga. choot chodane huye main bhabhi ki choochiyan jor se masalta aur kabhi unki ghundiyan hath main pakad kar masal deta. jisse ek dard ki lahar bhabhi ke badan main daud jati. aur bhaibhi mujhe jor se galiyan deti bhabhi ki galiyan mujhe aur bhi jor se ghudi dabande ko uttejit karti. mera lund ab asani se bhabhi ki choot main phisal raha tha kyonky bhabhi ne choot is asan main puri tarah khuli huyi thi.

mera chehara abhi bhi bhabhi ke chehare ke pass tha beech main chodate huye kabhi kabhi main bhabhi ke honth apane hontho main leta aur choose leta. bhabhi ke raseele honth choosane main mujhe aur bhi maja aata. bhabhi khud bhi apane honth khol kar chuswane ke liye mere muh main deti. aur khud puri mast hokar apne honth mujhse chuswati. bhabhi ne apane hath neeche lejakar apane chootado par rakh liye the jisse woh apane chootad thod upar hi rakh sake kyonki mere dhakko se chootad neeche hote the jisse mere bhar se unka badan aur bhi dab jata tha aur bhabhi ke badan main dard hota thaa. par aisa karne se bh bhi unko thodi hi rahat mil rahi thi kyonki mere neeche dohari hone ka karan unki jangho ke masuls khich rahi rahi jisse unko dard ho raha tha. aur is asan main chudayi se bhi lund pura andar jata tha aur itna jordar dhakka jo unki choot main gaharayi tak ja kar takarata tha jisse unko choot main bhi dard ho raha tha. par is dard main bhi unki choot aur bhi geeli ho rahi thi. unki choot apane ko bilkul asahay pakar aur bhi mast ho rahi thi jisse choot ki garmi badh rahi thi. maa ab mere peechwade se hum dono ko chudane huye nihar rahi thi aur saath his saath hamare guptand aur chootado par hath pher kar hame uttejit karne ke kosish bhi kar rahi thi. bhabhi ki galiyan badastoor jari thi aur unki galiyan mujhe unke badan ke saath bure se bura salook karne ko uksa rahi thi.

jab mujhese bilkul bhi nahi raha gaya main bhabhi ki choochiyan chod di aur apne hantho se bhabhi ke hath unke chootaod se hata diye. unki ungaliyon ko apane ungaliyon main phasa kar unko puri tarah se apane neeche daba liya aur thoda sa uchak kar bhabhi ke upar pura chad gaya. maine bhabhi ke honth apne honto main dabye aur unko choosate huye pura lund kareeb kareeb nikal kar puri takat se bhabhi ki choot ke andar pel diya. bahut hi jabardah dhakka tha mera bhabhi ka pura ka pura badan jhanjhana utha. unke muh se jordar cheekh nikali mera jordar dhakka kha kar par unke hont mere honto main band hone ke karan unki cheeck ki awaj go go main dab kar rah gayi. phir to maine aise hi dhakke lagane shuru kar diye. mere lund ko aise bhabhi ko chodane main maja aa rahaa thaa. mera lund to nade main bandh tha par lund ke supade ko choot gharshan se bahut hi masti chad rahi thi. maine bhabhi ko chodate huye bhabhi ke honth apane dato se chabane laga main itne jor se nahi chaba raha tha ki koi cut lage par uttjena main main pagal ho raha tha. bhabhi ki ankhien mere is jangali bartaw se phati ki phati rah gayi thi. aur woh apane chehare ko hila kar apane honth chudane ke kosish kar rahi thi shyad woh kuch kahana cha rahi thi. aur apni ankhon se mujhse vinati kar rahi thi ki main unke honth chod du.

mujhe un par daya aa gayi aur maine unke honth ko akhari baar kas ke choosa aur chod diya. arre saale gandu sasure meri jaan lega kya kya halat kar de tune meri pura badan drad kar raha hai thoda to raham kar madarchod apani itni nazuk se pyari se bahu par dekh kitna maza de rahi hai meri choot tere ko aur tu to masti main mujhe barbad karne par hi tula hai mere gandu sasure. chod de na mere ko pyar se chod mujhe apane pair neeche karne de. saali randi kuch der pahale tak to teri chinal choot ko pura maja chahiye tha bol rahi thi ki pyar se kyon chod raha hoon kyon nahi tere upar pura chad ke choodata tere ko pyar nahi karta ab main apana pyar tere choot ko dekha raha hoon to teri gand phat rahi hai kutiya. mujhe maaf kar do mere pyare se sasur ji phir kabhi aap ko nahi uksaungi kuch karne ko maaf kar do na mere sasure thoda to raham karo mujhe par mere raaja. nahi main to teri choot ka dhol aise hi bajaunga. mujhe to aise teri choot chodne main bada maja aa raha hai bhabhi ki choot main dana dan dhakke lagate huye maine kaha. arre mar gayi re ye sasur to meri choot ka bhurta bana dega re koi to bachao mujhe koi to meri raksha karo re. aaj to ye ek hi chudayi main meri choot ka bhosada bana dega re koi to bachao maaji arre mere sasu maa meri nangi payari sasu ma kuch to bolo apne pati ko mujhe payar se chode.

saali randi chinal bahu payar se hi to chod raha hai mera pati saali dopahre se kaha rahi thi chudwa do sasur ji se ab jab mere madarchod mere choot ke rakhwale ne apna lund teri choot mai dala to teri jaan nikal gayi jara sa bhi maja nahi de paa rahi. saali kaise bhosada bawana chahati thi apani choot ko aaj jab mere pati ka mardana dhakaa teri choot main pada to jaan nikal gayi sali randi ki kutiya. nahi maa ji main pura maja dungi sasur ji ko par aise to main mar hi jaungi meri bacchedani ke chithade uda dega ye moosal to. saali kuitya aurat ki choot kabhi bhi nahi phati ye to woh ilastic hai ki mote se mote bansh bhi andar le le to phir itne chote lund se dar gayi kutiya tere ko chudayi ke niyam bhi nahi maalum are chodiye aur jor se chodiye saali ko badi nkhara kar rahi hai chod chod kar isse bata deejiye ki mere doodh main kitna dam hai mera doodh peekar hi apka lund itna mota huya hai aaj to apne mote moosal kse baja deejiye saali ki choot ka baja bilkul bhi raham mat kariye nooche lejiye isaka badan kat lejiye saali ke mamme apne payar ki koi nishani ko deejiye iske badan par. maa ki uksane wali batien sun kar main khacha khach bhabhi ki choot chodane laga. ab jahan bhi mera man karata bhabhi ki uss hisse ko muh main bhar kar jor jor se choosta aur kabhi kabhi to kaat bhi leta. bhabhi ke galo ko jor jor se choose aur kat kar maine pura maja liya. bhabhi ke sanwale shareer par bhi mere jor se choose ke nishan dekhayi dene lage.

bhabhi ke halat mere neeche dab kar kharab ho rahi thi aur unka chehara rone jaisa ho raha tha par unki choot kuch aur hi kahani kah rahi thi jitna bura bartaw main bhabhi ke saat kar raha tha utana hi unki choot aur garm hokar geeli ho rahi thi yahan tak vah apani choot ke deewaro se mere lund ko kaide karake mere lund ko jayada se jayada maja dene ke kosish kar rahi thi. aur bhabi ke choot ki yahi harkat mujhe bhabhi se aur bhi bura bartao karne ko uttejit kar rahi thi. bhabhi khud bhi koshih karake apane chootad thoda upar uchalati take mere dhakko ka pura maja le sake iska matlab bhabhi ko in sab main bahut maja aa raha tha woh to bas nakhara kar rahi thi. maine apane muh se bhabhi ki gardan ko choomna aur choosana shuru kar diya aur phir main bhabhi ki gardan par jor se kaat liya. bhabhi jor se chilayi maar gayi re aaj to ye saas sasur meri jaan lekar hi chodenge. kya atayachar kar rahe hai dono chodu sale. pahale apane bete ko chod kar usse madarchod banaya sali tune meri chinal sas aur aaj mera kriya karma karwane par tuli hai apne gandu bete se. bhabhi aise hi bakti rahi par main nahi ruka aur maa bhi mujhe uksati rahi mujhe asse chodane main bada hi maja aaya. par is aasan main puri tarah se mera badan aur mera lund bhabhi ki choot ke dane se ragad nahi kha pa raha tha. aise chudayi se bhabhi ko maja to aa raha tha par woh jhad nahi pa rahi thi. main ab bhabhi ko jhadana chahata tha kyonki mera lund nade main darda raha tha aur mene socha ki agar maine bhabhi ko jhada diya to shayad bhabhi aur maa mujhe bhi jhadne de. main kuch aur jordar dhaake bhabhi ki choot main mare aur pur lund andar tak ghusa kar bhabhi ke honth apane honthe main bhar liye aur jor jor se choosne laga. tere hont bahut he raseenle hai reema maja aa gaya tere honth choose kar. aur teri choot mast hai bahut hi mast.

chal ab tu bhi kya yaad karegi meri rand ki tere sasur ji kitne dayalu hai kar deta hoon tere par daya jaise pahale chod raha tha phir waise hi chodata hoon tere ko lekin ye pahali baar hai isliye par aage se jaise mera man karega waisa choodunga teri samajh gayi behan ki laudi. ohhh mere madarchod sasur ji dhanaywad karu apaka aaj to main phir kabhi aapko nahi uksaungi sasur ji jaise chaheyega mera badan bhogiye ga aaj main aapke samne jhuk gayi aur aap ki dasi ho gayi sasur ji ab to kuch raham karo mujhe pair neeche karene do. maine bhabhi ke hanth chod diye aur apne ko bhabhi ke upar se hata liye bhabhi ke pair akada gaye the. bhabhi ne bade hi dheere se apane pair utha kar phir se bistar par phaila liye. ab meri jaan main kuch jaan aayi dard to asahaniye tha sasur ji par apka lund andar tak ja kar maja bhi de raha tha bahut. aaj to main apke is roop ke liye tayaar nahi thi phir kisi din apko pura mauka dungi apane badan ko udedane ka us din puri tayaari ke saat chudungi aap se. thodi der ke liye hamari chudayi ruk gayi thi aur maa ne mere chotado ko sahala aur choomna shuru kar diya tha. maa ke mulayam honto ko apne chootado ko chumne ka anubhav bilkul alag hi tha. maa ka mere chootado ke prati payar mujhe bahut accha laga. main phir se bhabhi ke gaddedar badan ke upar let gaya aur bhabhi ne bhi khush hokar apani moti banhe khol kar mera swagat kiya aur pura prem jatate huye mujhe apne banho aur tangho me kaide kar liya. chodiye na sasur ji apni bahu ko bahut sukh de rahe hai aap meri choot ko aaj jhad bhi deejiye mujhe apke lund ki maar se. maine phir se bhabhi ko choodana shuru kar diya bhabhi ki choot se apni puttiyan khol kar mere lund ka swagat kiya. ab main bhabhi ko jhadana chahata tha aur usake baada nada khol kar khud bhi maja lena chahata tha. yahi soch kar main bhabhi ki chudayi jabardast chalu kar di. mera lund gapa gap bhabhi ki choot main sama raha tha aur bhabhi ankhien mund kar apna sara dhayan apani choot par kendrit karake chudayi ka maja le rahi thi.

hamare badan bahut teji se hil rahe the phir maa ne apane hantho se mere chootado ko sahalana shuru kar diya. apane mulayam hatho se hath pherati mere chootado par aur phir halake se masal deti, maa ka ye sparsh mere andar kampan paida kar raha thaa aur main aur bhi mast hokor pure jor shor se bhabhi ki choot choodane laga. meree kamar abhi ki bhabhi ki mansal jangho main kaid thi. bhabhi ab bahut hi uttejit ho chuki thi aur ab bhabhi jhadana chahati thi uniki dhakko main aaye teji se yeah baat bilkul jahir thi aur main bhi ab ek baar bhabhi ko jhada dena chahata tha waise bhi in do mast nariyon ne mere lund ko nade se bandh diya tha to meraa jhadna kareeb kareeb namumkin tha par main soch raha tha ki agar main in dono kamatur auraton ko maja dunga to jhad kar shayad inko mere lund par daya aa jaye aur mujhe bhi ye jhadne de. maine ek aakhari baar bhabhi ki kamar ko jor se masala aur apane hatho se unaki kamar sahalata hua unke chootado ki taraf le gaya. maine apane haath bhabhi ke chootado ke neeche dale aur unke mote chootado ko apani khuli hatheli main pakad lilyaa aur unke chootado ko sponge ki tarah dabate huye bhabhi ke choot jor jor se marane laga mere aisa karne se bhabhi ki chootado ke dhakke maine apne kabo main kar liye aur apne majaboot hantho se bhabhi ki chootado ka maja lete huye bhabhi ki choot ka baja bajane laga. ohh mere sasure mere bahu chood gandu chood sale chootad ke rasiya hye re mere balama ke pita aur jor se choot aaj apni randi chinal bahu ko aaj iski choot ka sara pani nikal de meri choot ke payas bhuja re.

haan meri payari bahu lo apane sasur ke dhakke apni choot main aaj to tumhari choot ka dhol jam kar baj raha hai aaj kyonki ye choot bhosadi banane wali hai aur tum maha randi besharm apne sasur se rijha kar chudwati hai kutiya to le ab uski saza bhi le randi. bhabhi ne mujhe apani banho main kas ke jakad liya tha.aur kyonki unke chootado ko bhi main apne hantho se chalana shuru kar diya tha isliye unhono sab kuch ab mujh par chod kar apani choot main hone wale gharshan aur mere lund ki unke choot ke dane par hone wali ragadayi ka ananad lena shuru kar diya. main gapa gap bhabhi ki choot chod raha tha aur maa mere chootad sahala rahi thi, ab bhabhi ke liye runkna bilkul bhi namumkin tha. chodo mere sasure chodo meri choot maar le re gandu aur jor se maar ab meraa aane wala hai girega ab mera pani kabhi bhi meri choot ka lawa phatega ab mere gandu sasurji aapka ye pyara sa moosal meri choot ke jwalamukhi par choot maar raha hai ab to bas phatne hi wala hai aur maar gandu aur maar meri choot arre maaji dikho tera pati mujhe kaise maje main chod raha hai sala aaj to meri choot ka udhar kar diya re maar aur jor bhabhi ankhien band karake mujhse chudana ka maja lete huye bake ja rahi thi. mera lund jor jor se unki choot ke dane ko ragad raha tha mujhe bhabhi ke mote chootad dabane main bahut maja aa rahaa thaa tha le randi le aur le mera lund aahhh ohhhh sasur ji ab bas aaya hi samjho bas aane hi wala hai mere dulare sasur ji mere devar mere pati ohhh mere jaanu aaya mera paani ab giraaaa aaaa ohhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh main gayi re rabaaaa.

ye kaha kar bhabhi to jaise is jahan se hi chali gayi. bhabhi ka badan ek dam kada ho gaya. bhabhi ne puri takat se mere badan ko jakad liya. aur apne pairo se mere chootad ko apani choot ke andar daba kar pura sama lene ki naakam kosish karne lagi. main bhi apna lund pura unki choot ki gaharayi main utar kar ruk gaya. bhabhi ke choot mere lund par masti main phadphada rahi thi aur choot ko abhi tak ahasas nahi huya tha ki woh jhad chuki hai isliye baar baar khul band ho rahi thi jaise dhakke padate huye ho rahi thi. aur bhabhi ke choot ke deeware bhabhi ke madan choot ras se geeli hoti jaa rahi thi. jisse mera lund bhi achoota nahi tha aur mera lund par bhi choot ras ki varsha ho rahi thi mera lund choot ras main snan kar raha tha. hum logo thodi der tak bilkul sthir ho gaye the par maa ke hath ab bhi mere chootado par payar se chal rahe the aur chootado ko masal bhi rahe the shayad maa ko mere chootad bahut hi pasand aa gaye the aur woh chootado par apana vasana bhara payar luta rahi thi. hum dono kafi der tak aise hi pade rahe phir bhabhi ka badan dheere dheere deela padana shuru huya aur unki pakad bhi kuch kam rahi. itni der bhabhi ke ankhien bilkul hi band thi aur woh kuch bhi bol pane main asamarth thi. jab woh puri tarah se shant ho gayi tab jakar unhoni ankhien kholi aur mere taraf payar se dekh kar mere honto par apne honth rakh diye aur ek gahara chumban liya.

ohh mere sapno ke sasur ji aa to aap ne apni bahu ko nihal kar diya aaj main aapse jud kar apki ho gayi meri choot ab apki hai aapne isko ek hi chudayi main maha sukh ka anubhav karaya hai aur main bhi aapka hamesha apni tange khol kar apke lund ka swagat karungi. aaj se apki ye bahu aapke lund ki payasi ho gayi hai aur mujhe nahi laga meri choot ki apke lund ke prati payas kabhi bhi bhujhegi maa ji mujhe maaf karna par apke bete se pahale main apne sasur ji ki iccha puri karungi pahale mera sasura chodega phir beta arre meri payar bhau theek hai jab to apnse sasur ji se chudwayegi main apne bete ka khayal rakhungi. par tere sasur ji ka lund bada hi karamati hai pahale apani maa ko apane payar ke jaal main phasa kar apni patni bana liyaa ur ab apni bahu ko bhi phasa liya. haan maa ji ab hum dono nangi auratien sasur ji ke lund ki pooja karengi theek hai na maa ji bilkul meri payari bahu. phir bhabhi ne apani pakad deeli kar di aur mujhe apni moti jangho ki kaide se ajad kar diya. bhabhi ne ek aur chumban mere honto par lekar mujhe apni pakad se ajad kar diya. main abhi bhi apna pura bojh bhabhi ke upar dal kar unke upar hi pada tha. sasur ji man to nahi kar raha par kya karu ab aap mere upar se utar jaiye na apke lund ko kitna sara mere choot ras laga hogo main aur maa ji uska sevan karna chahati hai.

kyon maa ji main theek kaha na aap apani bahu ka choot ras peeyengi apane pati ke lund par se. jaroor babhu tumhara ras mere pati ke lund se mil kar aur bhi meetha ho gaya hoga aur aise mithayi main kyon chodu bhala jaroor peeungi. chaliye ab aap apni is chinal bahu ke upar se utar kar bagal main let jaeiye phir apki ye dono personal randiyan apaka lund choosengi. maine apanee hatheli ke bal khada ho gaya aur bhabhi ke nange badan ko dekhane laga badi hi sundar lag rahi thi bhabhi chudayi hone ke baad bilkul trapt ho gayi thi meri chinal bhabhi. unki choochiyon ki ghundiyan abhi bhi tan kar khadi thi aur mere lund ko salami de rahi thi jisne abhi bhabhi ki choot ke gaharayi me jaakar bhabhi ki choot ke chithade udaye the aur bhabhi ki charm sukh ka ahasas karaya tha. jo unko bhaiya ke na hone ke karan itne dino se nahi mila tha. mera lund bhabhi ki choot main abhi bhi ghusa hua tha bhabhi ki jhad gayi thi par kyonki mere lund par nada banda tha mera lund abhi bhi tan kar khada tha. ab dekha kya rahe hai sasur ji nikaliye na apna lund baahar meree choot se. arre bahu main to tumhare is nange badan ko nihar raha tha chudayi ke baad kitna khubsurat lag rahi tho tum kya sasur ji aap bhi bhabhi ne sharmate huye kaha arre randi abhi jab main tujhko nanga karke tumhare choot main lund daal kar tumhari choot par tabla baja raha tha tab tumko koi sharam nahi aayi aur ab sharma rah ho. are mardarchod sasure aise sharmana to hum aurato ki ada hoti hai aur apani tareef sunkar har aurat ko accha lagta hai mujhe bhi accha laga aur apne to mere nange badan ki tareef ki chodane se pahale to tareef sabhi karte hai chudayi ke baad koi tareef kare to bahut badi baat hoti hai apne haath mere chootado par rakh kar phirati huyi bhabhi ne kaha.

accha theek hai lo nikal leta hoo main apna luada tumhari choot se bahu. kaha kar maine apana lund bhabhi ki choot se bahar nikal liya phak ke awaj ke saath mere lund bahar aa gaya aur main bhabhi ke bagal main chit let gaya. maa khisak kar bhabhi ke thoda paas aaye aur boli arre meri besharm babu maja aaya apne sasur ji ke mote lund se chud kar nihal ho gaya na haan maa ji bahut accha choda sasur ne mere ko bilkul jata diya meri choot ko ki pyar kisi kahate hai. sach main aaj mujhe pata chala mere sasur ji mujhe kitna payar karte hai mere liye bahu chod bhi ban gaye arre ye to apni maa ke payar ke liye madarchod bhi ban gaye the dekh teri choot kaise khul gayi hai inke moosal se chudane ke baad tere liye to aaj ki is rangeen raat ki acchi shuruwat huyi hai. aaj to bahut maja lenge tere sasur ji ke saath puri raat inke lund ke sewa karenge aur apni chooto ki sewa karwayenge. aur aaj teri chud chud kar puri tarah khul kar bhosada ban jayegi meri choot ki tarah. dekh kitna ras jama hai inke lund par teri choot ka lagta hai teri choot ko bahut pasand aaya apne sasur ji ka lund. dekh tabhi to kitni payar ki barish kari hai teri choot ne inke lund par. pura ka pura nahala hi diya hai inko aur na jane kitna ras to pee gaya hoga inka lauda tabhi to dekh aur kaise tan kar phool gaya hai madarchod ka lund. haan maa ji pura bheeg kar ek dam chamk raha hai dekho. haa bahu ab main inka lund choosungi aur tera ras peeungi inke lund par se abhi tak to mujhe apni payari bahu ko bhogane ka mauka to mila nahi hai. inka lund choosne ke baad main teri choot ka sewan karungi aur tera choot ras peeungi.

jab se dophar main tujhe dekha hai tab se choot kulbula rahi hai tujhase payar karne ke liye par pahale maine tere ko tere sasur ji ke liye rakh choda tha kitne rato se binati kar rahe the ki bahu ki choot dila do bada upkar hoga tumhara nirmala to maine socha chalo pahle kori ki kori main tere ko inko chekhne deti hoon phir main chakhugi tere ko. bahut hi phida hai tere par tere ye sasur ji teri is gadraye jawani ko dekh kar hi inka lund hilore marne lagata hai aur aaj to inhone tere ko bhog hi liye badi iccha puri ki hai maine inki aaj. haan maa ji aise rasiya purush bahut kam milte hai jo aurat ko itne payar se bhogate hai aap to kush naseeb ko ki inka kuwara pan aap ki choot ne bhang kiya aaj to main bhi inke laude se chud kar baag baag ho gayi meri chinal choot hazaroo dhanyawad de rahi hai ki maine sasur ji ke lund se chudwaya. chalo maa ji ab sasur ji ka lund choose nahi to sara madan ras barbad ho jayega tu sahi kahati hai bahu chal dono mil kar choot ras main lipte is lund raj ka bhog lagte hai aur tere mastane jeewan ki nayi shuruwat karte hai. theek hai maa ji dono mil kar lund bhog karte hai. kah kar maa apne nange chootad bistar se utha kar bistar par khadi ho gayi aur mere badan ke ke aur baith gayi aur nangi abhi abhi chudi huye mastani bhabhi mere lund ke dusari aur dono chudakaad auratien mere lund ko wasana bhari nazaro se dekh rahi thi maa mere aur dekh kar muskurayi aur apani jeebh apane reesele honto par phiraye uske baad unhone apana chehare mere lund par jhuka diya.

maan ne jhukh kar sabse pahale mere lund ke supade ka ek chumban liya. aur phir unhone bhabhi ki aur dekha aur mere lund ke supade par cumbano ki bauchar kar di. bhabhi ke apane hath mere jangho par rakhe aur meree jangho ko payar se apane mulayam hatho se sahalane lagi. bhabhi ke hanto ka komal sparsh aur maa ke raseele honto ke payar bhare chumban pakar mere lund garv se tan kar kahda ho gaya jaise kaha raha ho ki dekho ghar ki dono sundar kamatur auratien kitna pyar karti hai usse. phir maa ne apani jeebh nikali aur supade ke upar laga bhabhi ka choot ras jeebh se chatane lagi. jeebh se choot ras chatati aur pur muh main choose leti. bhabhi bhi maa ko apni mast nazaro se dekh kar garmane lagi thi. bhabhi ne apne hath mere tattoo par rakh diye aur lund ras se bhare tattoo ka hanth main pakad kar sahalane lagi. maa bhabhi ko dekhate huye lund ko chaat rahi thi aur dheere dheere maa ne lund ke supade par laga sara choot ras chat liya. teri choot ka swad to bahut ki mastana hai bahu sach main bahut maja aaya ihone ne to khud apna muh teri choot par laga kar tere choot ras ka sewan kiya hai inka lund chaat kar main teri choot main muh dalungi. ohhh maa ji main bhi apki choot main muh dalne ko betab hoon. aap bhi koi apsara se kam nahi ko aap jaise kamatur sundar nari ko apni saas ke roop main pakar main apne ko bahut dhanya samajhati hoon. to aaja bahu inko lund dono mil kar choosati hai dekhate hai lund ko ek saath do aurato ka payar kaisa lagata hai. maa aur bhabhi dono mere badan ke ek ek taraf kutiya ke pose main khadi ho gayi. aur apane apne muh ko mere lund par jhuka diya.

maa ne mere lund ko tatto ke pass se pakada aur bhabhi ke aur dekh kar musakurayi aur boli chal bhau hum dono ek saath inke lund ko apanee jeebh me thook bharkar thook ka sanan karwayenge. theek hai maa ji. kah kar dono ne apnee jeebh me thook bhar liye aur apanee jeebh ek saath baahar nikali aur mere lund ke supade kar ek saath apanee jeebh main bhar thook mal diya. meraa lund ek saath do jeebho ka sparsh pakar machal utha. dono mastani nariyone pahale mere lund ke supade ko apnee jeebh ke thook se nahalaaya phir apnee jeebh ke noke nikaala kar supade ke neeche kuradane lagi. dono janati thi main bahut der se jhada nahi hoon aur un dono ke is bartaw se main jhadne ke liye pagal ho jaunga aur is pagalpan main vah mujhse kuch bhi karwa sakti hai. isse liye dono chalu auratien mere lund ko ched rahi thi. dono apane jeebh me thook bharti aur apnee khurudari jeebh se mere lund par thook malati phir usse choose leti. kabhi kabhi to dono mere lund ke supade ke adhe adhe bhag ko muh main bhar kar choostati jisase dono ke hont ek dusare ko chu jate. aur mera supada unke hont ke andar band ho jata. ek dusare ke honto se hont chipka kar dono auratien mere lund ke supade ko jeebh se chatati.

ek to do sundar aurato ke honto ko ek dusare se chumban leta huya dekh aur dusara unki jeebh mere lund par chal rahi thi ye sab mere lund ke liye sahana bilkul mushkil tha. mere lund ke nase phate ko tayaar thi aur nade ko tod kar azad hona chahati thi. aur dono sas aur bahu mere lund ke supade par hi var kar rahi thi jiski wajah se meri halat aur bhi kharab ho rahi thi. dono bhuki aurato ke tarah mere lund ke supade ko choose rahi thi. dono aurtien apna payar mere lund ke supade par jata rahi thi kyonki yahi supada undo ki choot ke gaharayi main utar kar unki bacchedani main takarata tha. aur maa ko isse lund ke supade se nikala huya virye apani baccedani main lena chahati thi taki woh garbhawati ho sake aur mere bacche ko janm de sake. jis choot se main nikla tha usse choot se mera baccha bhi janana chahati thi meri maa aur unka ye madarchod beta unko bacche ka sukh khushi khushi dene ko tayaar tha. par dono ka mere supade ke prati payar meri halat kharab kar raha tha. mera supada chooste huye dono ke honth apas main takra rahe the isse undono ke beech ek dusare ko bhogane ke iccha bhi badh rahi thi. maa ne pahale bhi kaha tha ki jab dophar ko maa ne bhabhi ki dekha to maa ka man tha bhabhi ko bhogene ka ab sayad maa bhabhi ko bhogana chahati thi kyonki mere supade ko choosete huye kabhi kabhi dono aurte ek dusare ki jeebh se jeebh bhidane lagti. bhabhi to abhi jhadi thi par jaisa aap sabhi log jante hai ki woh badi hi garm aurat thi isliye unki choot phir se garm ho chali thi.

mujhe aise lete huye dono ke mote chootad deekhayi de rahe the. kiseke chootad niharoon main is baat ka phaisala nahi kar paa raha tha dono ke chootad bahut hi sundar the aur. dono ke choodat ke darar thodi khuli huye thi par itni nahi ki main unki gando ke darshan kar saku kyoki woh mere badan ke dono aur kutiya ki tarah ban kar to khadi thi par unke choot ek mere chehare ki taraf nahi thi. isliye mujhe pura maja nahi aa raha tha chootad darshan ka par mera lund chootad dharshan karna chahata tha isliye maine dono se kaha arre meri randiyon tum dono apane chootad ka muh meri taraf kar do jisse main tumhare moto chootad aur unke neeche se jhankti tumhari chooto ke darshan kar saku waise bhi tum dono ne mere lund ko choose kar meri halat kharab kar rakhi hai ab meri ankho ko to thoda sa maja do. dono ne ek dusare ke dhekha phir maa boli theek hai kar deti hai apne chootado ka muh aap ki taraf kar lejiye chootad aur choot darshan. kaha kar maa thoda se khisaki jisse unko gore mote chootad meri ankho ke samane the. chal bahu ab tu bhi khisak jaa aur dekha apane chootad apne sasur ji ko. haan maa ji kaha kar bhabhi bhi ne bhi apane kale chootado ka muh mere ankho ke samane kar diya. jaise hi dono khoobsurat chootad meri ankho ke samane aaye main apane aap ko rok nahi saka aur apane hath dono ke chootado par rakh kar unke chootado ko pyar se sahalane laga. dono ki phuli huyi choot bhi chootado ke neeche se jhank rahi thi jaise vinati kar rahi hoo ki chootado ke saath saath mujhe bhi thoda apane hanth ka payar do.

par abhi to main chootado ko payar karana chahata tha do madak chootad mere samane the aur mujhe uske samane kuch bhi dekhayi nahi de raha tha. main apane hath khol kar dono ke pure chootado par phira raha tha. pure chootado par hanth phira kar unki golayi ka jyaja leta to kabhi halke se daba kar unki motayi ka. dono ke chootado main bahut hi maans tha aur usko dabane main mujhe bahut hi maja aa raha tha. mera lund to un chootado ko dekh kar nade ke sare bandhan tod kar jhadne ko tayar tha. aurdono mast aurato ne bhi koi kasar nahi chodi thi apne muh se choose choose kar mere supade. kuch der chootado ki dabane aur masalane ke baad meri nazar dono chinal aurato ki choot par gayi. dono ke choot unki chootado ke neeche se jhank rahi thi. maine apane ek ek hanth dono ke choot par rakhe aur choot ke upar ungali chalane laga. dono ke choot ek dam geeli thi bhabhi ki abhi abhi chud ke jhadne ki wajah se aur maa ki choot chudayi dekh kar garm ho jane ke wajah se. maa ke choot ke garmahat main choot ke bahar bhi mahasos kar sakta tha. maa ki choot masti ki garmi main jal rahi thi. maa ka dil ab apni bahu par aa gayaa thaa tabhi to mere lund ko choosate huye jab bhi maa ke honth bhabhi ke honto ke pass aate maa bhabhi ke honto ko choose leti. maa ki choot ab bhabhi ko bhogana chahati thi. bhabhi ke honto ka ahasas maa apani choot par chahati thi aur khud bhi bhabhi ki choot ka swad lena chahati thi. woh dekhna chahati thi bhabhi bhi uski choot ko utna hi pyar degi jitna unka saga beta deta hai.

maie apane ungali dono ke choot ke muhane par rakhi geeli choot hone ke wajah se meri ungali asani se dono ke choot main sama gayi khas tor par maa ki choot main jo ras ka dariya bani huyi thi. maa ki choot ki garmi ka ahasas hone ke karan main apan angoota maa ki choot ke dane par rakha aur maa ki choot ke dane ko masalane laga. mere angoote ke sparsh se maa machal unthi. uss samay bhabhi ke honth mere lund ke pass the maa ne masti mai bhabhi ke chehare ko padaka aur bhabhi ke honto par apane honth rakh kar ek gahara chumban le liye bhabhi is var se ek baar to sakpada gayi par phir unhono khud hi apane honto ko maa ko sounp diya maa ne acche se chumban liya bhabhi ke raseele honto ka aur boli arre bhau ab chal jaldi se tere sasur ji ke lund ko choose kar tera maal jo is par laga hai usse chat lete hai phir main tere ko bhogungi saali bahut hi mast maal hai kitne din ho gaye kisi aurat ke saath sambhog kiye huye aaj to mujhe apane ghar main hi itna accha maal mil gaya hai to ab main bilkul bhi nahi ruk sakti. dono ka payar aur vasana se bhara chumband dekh kar main bhi apane aap ko na rok saka. maa ne to mujhe pahale ki choot choose ka chaska laga diyaa tha maine maa kee jaangho ko apani aur kheechte huye kaha maa jab tak aap mere lund choose rahi ho mujhe apani choot choose lene do dekho bhabhi ke mastana badan ko bhogane ke iccha main kitni paniya gayi hai main nahi chahata ki mera lund saaf karne main tumhara thoda sa pani tumhari jhangho main bah kar barbad ho jaye.

dekh rahi hai bahu inka man to bharta hi nahi choot ke aise rasiya hai ki 24 gante sirf choot main muh dale pade rahe inka bas chale to chal hum dono mil kar inka lund jaldi se saaf kar dete hai supada to dekh kiasa chamk gaya hai hum dono ke thook se ab pura lund chamka dete hai aur main apani choot inke muh par tika deti ho nahi to maanege thodi na. haan maa ji bilkul de dijiye apani choot inki muh main bade hi besabre ho rahe hai sasur ji waise bhi hum bhartiye nari apane pati ki baat kabhi talti hai kya ab inki marji hai to puri to karni hi padegi aapko baat to tune sahi kahi bahu. par main to apane aap ko dhany samaj rahi hoon maa ji koyki mere sas sasur to mere is rangeele badan par mar hi mite hai dono mujhe bhogane ke liye pagal huye jaa rahe hai meri choot se soch kar hi phir se garam ho rahi hai sasur ji ko to maine maja de diya ab main apko dungi sasu maa. maa ne jaldi se apane chootad uchakaye aur apani choot mere muh par tikayi aur bhabhi ke saath mera lund choosane main lag gayi. maa ne jaise hi apani choot mere muh par rakhi maa ke chootad bhi mere samane aagaye unki ghuli huyi gaand dekh kar to mera man hi machal gaya man kara abhi maa ko neeche patak kar apna lund maa ke gand main ghusa kar maa ki gaan maar loo. par maine apane aap ko roka aur maa ki choot ke daane par apani jeebh se var kiya.

apni choot ke dane par mere jeebh ke nok ka vaar hote hi maa masta gayi aur mere lund ko chate huye khud hi apane chootad hila kar meri jeebh par jor jor se maarne lagi. maa aur bhabhi mere lund ke lambayi ko chaat chaat kar uss par laga ras pee rahi thi dono ek saat mere lund ko apane muh main bharti aur choosti aur dono ke haath mere tatto aur tatto ke neech ke hisse ko payar se sahala rahe the. woh dono mere lund ke saat kisi pagalo ki tarah payar kar rahe the. par ye baat to sahi hai ki chudayi ka asali maja to tabhi aa sakta hai jab puri tarah se sab kuch bhool kar mard aur aurat ke badan ke ek ek hisse ko payar karate huye maja liya jaye. aur hum teeno is baat ko puri tarah jante the aur wohi kar rahe the. maa apne chootad kuch jayada hi jor se chala rahi thi lagta tha ki woh kuch jayada hi garm ho gayi thi par itni jor se chootad chalane ke karan meri jeebh maa ke choot ke dane par sahi se lag nahi rahi thi kabhi kabhi to jeebh maa ke moot ke ched par bhi takara jaati jisse maa ka badan ek dam se sihar aur maa apane chootad ek dam se sikod leti aur maa ki gaand ka khula huya ched meri ankho ke saamne band ho jata. maa ki gand ke is khulte band hote ched ke nazare ko dekhate huye main maa choot chaat raha tha. isame mujhe bhi bahut maja aa raha tha.

apane maje ko bdhane ke liye main khud hi maa ki choot ke dane ke saath saath moot ke ched par jeebh lagani shuru kar di dono aurate badi jaldi jaldi mere lund ko chat aur choose rahi thi lagata hai dono ek dusare ko bhogane ke liye kuch jayada hi betab thi. par main jo baar baar maa ke moot ke ched ko ched raha tha usak kuch aur hi asar maa par ho raha tha. ab to main bhi jayada dhayan maa ke moot ke ched par dena shuru kar diya maa ke kampte chootad mujhe bahut acche lag rahe the. arre madarchod ye kya kar raha hai kyon khe raha hai mere moot ke ched ke saath sale choot ke dane se khel aisa karege to mera moot nikal aayege dekh aisa mat kar gandu nahi to main moot dungi maadarchot. maine na jaane kitni baar maa ke moot peene ke sapne dekhe the. aaj to mera lund puri tarah mast tan kar khada tha har roj to main jhada jata tha jab maa mootne jati thi isliye main kabhi aaj tak maa se kah nahi paaya tha islye aaj mujhe ye bahut hi accha mauka laga maa kaa moot peene ka maine soch agar main is tarah maa ke moot ke ched ko chedata raha to maa jaroor moot degi mere muh main aur mujhe maa ka moot peene ko mil jayaga. apani vikrut dimag ki iccha ko pura karane ke liye main maa ke chootad ko apane hantho se pakda aur sab kuch chod kar maa ke moot ke ched ko hi apani jeebh se chedne laga.

saale gandu main mana kar rahi hoon aur to phir bhi chate ja raha hai maadarchod choot chat le beta moot ka ched mant ched re mera lund ko bhabhi ke saath choosati huyi maa ne kaha dono aurate jeebh se chaat kar mere lund ko par laga bhabhi ka choot ras pee gayi tab tak main maa ke chootado ko nahi choda aur unke mute ke ched ko chedta raha maa vinati karti rahi pata nahi kaise maa ne apane aap ko mutane se bachaye rakha mere lund ko apne thook se nahalane ke baad maa ne mera hath pakda aur boli chod mera chootad mujhe mutna hai tu to ruk hi nahi raha pata nahi kya maja aa raha hai tere ko mut ke ched main mujhe mutas lagi hai chod main moot kar aati hoon main maa ke chootad chod diya aur bola kahan maa itne mast mauhal hai lund khad aur aur choot garm hai kahan tum bahar mutane jaogi yahi mut do na. main soch raha tha mere aisa kahane se maa mera matlab samjah jayengi. maa mere chehare se utar kar neeche khadi ho gayi thi aur meri baat sunkar maa ke ankho main chamak aa gayi lagta tha maa samajh gayi ki main kya chahata hoon aur ye sun kar garam bhi ho gayi. mujhe laga woh samajh gayi ki main kya chahata hoon aur maa bhi wohi chahati hai aise maa ke chehare par aaye khusi ka bhav se jahir tha. jaise unhone apne dil ki baat mere muh se sun li ho.

maa aage badane hi wali thi ki tabhi bhabhi ne kaha jo uth kar apane mote chootad bistar par taka kar mere bagal main biath gayi thi. ye kya baat karte hai sasur ji yahan kaha mootegi maa ji yahan koi nahi to hai nahi aur farsh par moot diya to pure kamare main moot ki gandh phail jayegi. arre bahu maa ke moot ki gand bhi mere liye kisi perfume se kam nahi hai main na jani kitni baar maa ki moot ki gandh maa ki panty main sungi hai aur muth mari hai. to aap chahate hai ki main apke kamare main moot du main to kuch aur hi samajh baiti thi maa ne udas hote huye kaha. nahi nirmala woh to main bahu ke sawal ka jwab de raha tha main to wahi chahata hoon jo tum samji thi na jane kitne dino se tumse kahane ki iccha thi meri par aaj kah paya nirmala. sac kya aap sahi kah rahe hai. ohhh aap ne to mujhe bahut khus kar diya aapke pitaji bhi aise hi the ek garm mard ki yahi nishani hoti hai. aap dono ye kya batien kar rahe ho bhabhi ne apne chehare par acharaj ke bhav late huye kaha. tum nahi samjhi bahu ki tumhara sasur ji kya chahate hai socho jara apne dimag kar jor do samaj jaogi. hum dono bhabhi ke chehare par aane wale bhavo ko phadhane ki kosish kar rahe the. bhabhi thodi der sochti rahi phir unhone apne dono hant apne muh par rakhe aur boli ohhh kya sach main sasur ji kya aap sach main yeh chahate hai. haan bahu bikul main aisa hi chahata hoon. sach kahu maine to yeh sirf kitabo mai phada tha par maine kabhi socha nahi koi is baat ki bhi iccha rakh sakta hai.

dekh le bahu tere rasiya sasur ji ko sex main koi bhi kaam karne ko tayaar hai aur soch kar hi inka lund dekho kya mota tan kar khada ho gaya hai. sach main maa ji pure madarchod hai mere sasur ji mujhe to abhi bhi vishwas nahi ho raha sasur ji main ek baar aapke muh se sunna chahati hoon ki jo main soch rahi hoon woh sach hai. accha bahu to tumko vishvas nahi hai maine na jane kitne dino se ye sapana dekha ki main apani nirmala kaa moot piyu nirmal mere muh main moote aur apani choot ka sarbat mujhe pilaye apni choot ka pyar bhara uphar mere muh main barasye. aur main unke is payar ko swad lekar peeyo. meri garm nirmala ka moot to mere liye kisi amart se kam nahi hai aur main is amrat ka sewan karna chahata hoon woh bhi usse soutr se seedhe maa ki choot se. nirmala tum mere moh main mutogi na mujhe apna moot pilaogi na. haan bilkul peelaungi main apko apna moot main itne dino se dekh rahi thi ki main jab bhi mootne jati thi aap mujhe kis hasrat bhari nigah se dekhte the mujhe pata tha aap kya chahate hai aap ko mera moot chahiye. mujhe bhi bathroom main jakar apan moot barbad karana bilkul bhi accha nahi lagta tha. aapke pitaji jab tak the tab tak to woh mujhe bathroom main kabhi mootne hi nahi dete hai main hamesha unke muh main hi mooti thi. jab main aapko apna pati mana tabhi se meri iccha thi ki aap bhi apane pitaji ki tarah mera moot piye.

main aapko woh payar de saku jo main apke pitaji ko deti thi par main yahi chahati thi ki jab aap ki iccha ho tabhi aap ye kare main janti thi ki agar main kahugi to aap jaroor raji ho jayenge par kud aapke muh se apki iccha sun ke usse puri karane main jo sukh hai woh kisi aur baat main nahi. mujhe to lagne laga tha ki aap kabhi kahenge hi nahi par aaj apne apne man ki iccha mujhe bata kar mera dil khus kar diya bas yahi chahati hoon ki aise hi aap ki sari icchaye puri karu tak main apki maa aur patni dono ka farz nibha saku. arre nimala kahana to main chahata tha par hamesha darta tha ki tum mana na kar do aur shayad mera lund mujh par kabhi itna havi nahi huya jitna ki woh aaj hai aaj apane khade lund ko main mana nahi kar paya. tabi to main is lund par marti hoon isne meri choot ko itna maja diya hai aur aaj isse ki wajah se aap ko moot pilane ka sowbhagya mujhe mil raha hai. mujhe to abhi bhi vishwaas nahi ho raha main to jab aap sasur ji ke muh main mootengi tabhi vishwaas karungi. chal bahu aaj tujhe dekati hoon ki mard ke muh main kaise moota jata hai. yeh bhi ek kala hai jo teri sas ko bharpur aati hai. patidev ji ye app pahali baar moot pee rahi hai main chahati hoon ki aap yahan neech aakar let jayiye main apke muh par ukadu biath kar mootungi. aur appko bhi mute peene ki kala sikhaungi.

main bistar se uth kar maa ke samne neeche baith gaya aur maa ki choot ka ek chumban lete huye kaha nirmala ohh meri jaan lo aagaya main ab peelao apana moot. jaroor mere madarchod patidev jaroor peelaungi par apko bhi sabr rakh kar dheere dheere moot grahan karana padega ek baar apko aadat ho jayegi uske baad koi pareshani nahi hogi. chaliye let jaeye neech yahan farsh par. bahu tu jara woh takeye utha kar to de tere sasur je ke sar ke neeche lagane padenge taki ye aaram se mera moot pee sake. bhabhi turand do takiye bistar se utha apane kulah matakati huyi le aayi. unki moti choochiya ye vikurt karya dekhane ke liye nookili tan kar khadi thi. lejiye maa ji maa ko takiya deti huyi boli. main jameen par neeche chit hokar let gaya aur maa ne mujhe takiya diya aur boli lo ji takiye apane sar ke neeche laga lo jisse apaka sar thoda upar uth jayega. maine takiya sar ke neeche lagaya jisse mera sar thoda upar utha gaya aur maine apane haath bhi apane shareer se sata liye jisse maa ko baithane main asani ho. chaliye ab main apko muh bar baith kar mootungi apane aap ko tayar kar lejiye mere payare jaanu. aa ja bahu tu bhi aake paas baith ja aur ek dam front seat se apane sasur ji ko apani sasu maa ka moot peete huye dekhne ka maja le. aur to bhi seekh le apne mard ko moot kaise peelate hai samji. ji maa ji sasur hay main to mast ho rahi hoon mast maje ka aisa roop aaj pahali baar dekhungi main.

bhabhi mere chehare ke paas aakar apane chootad palathi maar kar baith gayi bhabhi ki jhanto bhari choot bhi mast main geeli ho chuki thi aur kuch choot ras ki boonde bhabhi ki jhanto par bhi lagi huyi thi. phir maa ne apane dono pair mere kandhe ke aur rakhe aur mere upar khadi ho gayi meri gori roopwati maa apni vasana se majboor ab apne bete ko jisko usne maadarchod banaya tha apane moot ka prasad dene wali thi. aaj lagta tha ki maa pitaji ko yaad kar rahi hongi ki kaise unhone maa ka moot piya tha aur us moot ka sewan karake kaise woh maja lete the. phir maa neeche jhuk kar mere muh ke saamane ukadu hokar baith gayi. maa ki choot ek dam mere ankho ke samane thi aur maa ke choot ke hont mere honto ke samane. maa ke khuli choot unki choot ka dana aur uske upar unka moot ka ched dekh kar meri masti badh gayi. lejiye ab main bilkul tayar hoon mera moot mere pet main ubal maar raha hai ab mujhe mootana hi padega mere patidev mere choot ke sawami mere jaanu mere aage hone wale baccho ke pita lo ab main bas mootane hi wali hoon tayaar kar lo apane aap ko moot peene ke liye. bhabhi ne bhi aage jhuk kar apane ankhien mere chehare aur maa ki choot par tika di. mere hont ek dam maa ki choot ke paas the main thoda aage bhad kar apane honto se maa ke moot ke ched ko choom liya. ahhh hi aawaj maa ke muh se nikali. ab aap apan muh pura jitna jayada se jayad khol sakte hia khol lejiye ab mera moot nikala hi samjho.

main jhat se apan muh chauda karake pura khol liya aur maa ke choot ke pass lejakar tika diya mere hont maa ke choot ke honto se takara rahe the maa ne neeche jhuk kar dekha jab unhe vishwas ho gaya ki unka moot ab seedha mere muh main hi girega unhone ohhh meri jaan lo aaya mera moot pee lo kar lo apane man ki murad puri dhany kar do mujhe mera moot peekar mere swami. ohhh haan maa ji mootiye na ab to mujhe bhi bardast nahi ho raha apni moti choochiyon ki khadi nookili ghundiyon ko dabate huye bhabhi ne kaha. maa ke moot ke dhaar ek dam se bah nikali unka moot unke moot ke ched se nikal kar seedha mere muh main gira. maa ka moot jaise hi meri jeebh se chua to mere pura badan main ek current sa daud gaya. bahut hi garm tha maa ka peela amrut moot ki gandh sedh meri naak main gayi moot ki theeki gandh ne mere lund ko aur bhi khada kar diya. jaise hi moot mere muh main girna shuru huya bhabhi ne ashcharye se apane dono hanth apan muh par rakh liye. maa ne thoda sa moot diya mere muh main phir apane chootad sikod kar mootana band kar diya. maine bhi apane gale ko band karge maa ke moot ko apane muh main hi rok liya tha. mera muh maa ke moot se bhar gaya tha. lejiye ab pura swad le kar peejeye mera moot. main ruk ruk kar mootungi aur aap isse tarah ek ek boond ka maja lete huye mera moot peejiye. main apane hont band kar liye aur apani jeebh muh main bhare moot main ghuma kar moot ke swad ka maja lene laga.

maa ka moot garm tha aur unke moot ka swad khara tha garam khara mooth muh main pakar jaise mera lund to pagal hi ho gaya phool kar kada ho gaya aur uski sari nase bahar nikal aayi. main apane muh main hi maa ke moot ko gol gol ghuma kar apane muh ke ek ek hisse ko maa ke moot se geela karne laga. maa pure masti bhare bhav se mere muh ko apane moot ke saath khelte huye dekh rahi thi. bhabhi bhi mast hokar ek haat choot main ghusa kar apanee choot ke dane ko ragadane lagi thi. phir main thoda sa moot apane gale se neeche utara. jaise hi maa ka khara garm moot mere gale se utara mujhe laga jaise mere sukhe gale ko aram mil gaya ho. moot ke kharepan se mera gala trap ho gaya. phir main aise hi dheere dheere karke apna pura samay lete huye maa ke moot ko apne gale ke neeche utara aur maa ka sara moot mere pet main chala gaya. ohhh maa ji dekho sasur ji ne moot pee liye jitna bhi moot apne inko muh main kara tha sara moot pee liya sasur ji ne haan bahu dekha maine kaise gatak gatak kar pee gaye tere sasur ji mera moot inke pitaji bhi rooj raat ko aise hi peete the mera moot pura swad lekar. din main to jaldi se moot deti thi main unke muh main par raat main pura maja lekar peete the aur ab tere sasur ji bhi aise hi mera moot pee rahe hai. aur abhi to thoda sa hi moot piya hai inhone abhi to bahut bacha hai meri moot dani main. boliye na ji kaisa laga aapko mera moot pasand aaya kiasa swad hai mere moot ka bada ghuma ghuma kar aap swad ka jayaja le rahe the ab mujhe batiye bhi to sahi.

ohhh meri nirmala rani meri jaan bahut hi mast swadist hai. tumhara ye khara moot peekar mere muh ka swad bahut hi accha ho gaya. jaise tumhara ye garam khara moot mere muh main utar raha tha mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki jaise ab mujhe aur kuch peena hi nahi hai ab mere andar tumhare moot ka swad hi bana rahe. maa ab tum jaldi se mooto mere muh main ab main aur nahi ruk sakta mujhe ab jaldi tumhara sara moot grahan karna hai. tumhare moot ki gandh to meri naak main aise basi hai muhe nahi lagta ki ab ye kabhi nikalegi nirmala bolo. mooto na meri na ab aur na tadpao. arre arre aap to ek dam se bade hi utawale ho gaye pilati hoo pilati hoon main bhi to betab hoon apko moot pelane ke liye pelaungi aur pura pelaungi chinta mat karo pura moot pila kar hi apke muh se uthungi ab. ohhh maa ji to peelaye na mere sasur ji ko apna moot ab to mujhe bhi dekhna hai mere sasur ji apka pura moot kaise gatakte hai apani halak ke neeche. maine phir se apane hont maa ke moot ke ched par laga diya aur apane hath maa ke chootad par rakh kar unake gudaz chotad ko payar se sahalane laga. maa ke gore gudaz chootado par hath phirna mujhe bahut accha laga. maa se phir se apane chootado ko thoda se dheela kiya aur mere muh main mootane lagi. maa ka garam peela khara moot phir se mere muh main girne laga. maa ki ankhien masti main chamak rahi thi.

phir se thodi der moot kar maa ruk gayi. mera moot maa ne phir se apane moot se bhar diya. ohhh lijiye ab peejiye moot mera ohh sasur ji jara apan muh khol kar dekhaye na sasur ji main aapke muh main maa ji ka moot dekhna chahati hoon dekhayi na mujhe aur meri choot bahut garam ho rahi hai aap dono ki yeh kriya dekh kar. haan dekha dejiye in randi kutiya ko sali ko apke muh main bhar moot dekhna hai. maine apana muh khol diya mera maa ke moot se bhar muh dekh kar ohhh bhabhi jo baithi thi fauran neeche let gayi aur pass se mere moot bhar muh ko dekhne lagi. ohhh kya sundar nazara ek patni apne pati ke muh main moot rahi hai aur pati uske moot ko swad lekar pee raha hai. arre mere madarchod pati ab aise hi khule muh se pee jao mere moot ko. maine moot apne gale ke neeche utarana shuru kar diya aur woh bhi apna muh khol kar. thodi der main main pura moot pee gaya ohh maa ji meri choot to maha geeli ho gayi hai maa ji ab peelao aur peelao apna moot. nirmala ab main apana muh kholta hoon aur tum seedha lagatar mere muh main mootati rahana bilkul bhi nahi rukana main muh khol kar tumhara moot gatakta jaaunga. ab main koi rukawat nahi aane dena chahata theek hai nirmala.

theek hai aap jaisa kahenge main waisa hi karungi ab to mujhse bhi nahi raha ja raha badi mushkil ho rahi hai mujhe apan moot rokane main. haan ab main bhi tumhare moot ka swad le chuka hoon aur main apana pet bharna chahata hoon tumhare moot se main bahut hi bhooka hoon aur tumhara ye moot meri bhook mita sakta hai. theek hai je phir ab ye lejiye aaya mere moot aapke muh main aap muh khol kar let jayeye. main muh khol kar pad gaya aur maa ne apani choot ko thoda sa adjust kiya jisse maa kaa moot seedha mere muh main pade phir apane chootado ko thoda deela karake seedha mere muh me mootane lagi. maa ke moot ke dhar seedha mere muh me padi aur maine bhi jaldi hai gatagat maa ke moot ko gale ke neeche utarana shuru kar diya. maa dhada dhad moot rahi thi aur main maa ka moot pee rahaa tha. bhabhi apani ankho se sara khel bahut hi pass se dekh rahi thi sayad unke man main chal raha tha ki mujhe maa kaa moot peene ki hi iccha hai ki unko moot bhi main peena chahata hoon. kya main unko bhi utana hi payar karata hoon ki jitana main maa ko karta hoon aur unko moot peekar unko bhi utni khushi dunga. par woh nahi janti thi meri unki moot peene ke iccha bhi utni hi prabal hai jitni ki maa ki balki main to dono aurato ko ek jaisa hi payar karta hoon aur dono kaa moot peekar dono ko apane is payar ka ijahar karna chahata tha. tabhi to maa ke choot ke neeche pada apana muh khol kar maa ke moot rupi amrut ka sewan main kar raha tha.

maa ka peela amrat tha woh mere liye kitna hi labhakari tha maa kaa moot mere lund ke liye moot ka roj sewan se mera lund aur bhi mota aur lamba ho sakta tha is baat ko sirf hamare jaise mast chudakkad log hi janate the aur isaka palan bhi kar rahe the. maa ka moot mere liye kisi sharab se bhi kam nahi thi kyoki jaise jaise moot mere pet me jaa raha tha ek alag hi nasha mere ko chadhata jaa raha tha jo sharab ke nashe se bhi gahara tha. main aaj tak sharab to nahi pee thi par aaj maa ka moot peekar mujhe andaza ho gaya tha ki logo ko sharab peene ke lat kyon lag jati hai kyonki ek baar maine maa ka moot chekh liya tha aur main maine phaisala kar liya tha ki maa ko kabhi bhi bathroom main nahi mootane dunga woh ab jabh bhi mutengi sirf mere muh main mootengi aur mujhe hi apni choot ka prasad dengi. balki maa aur bhabhi ke moot ke liye to main pani peena chodane ke liye bhi tayar tha. maa ko bahut der tak mootati rahi aur main peeta raha jab maa ke moot ki dhar khuch kam huyi to main apana sar thoda sa uthar kar apane khule muh ko maa ke moot ke dhar ke saath adjust karte huye maa ke moot ke ched ko apane honto main bhar liye. mere aisa karne se mere hont maa ke choot ke dane par bhi lag gaye jisaki wajah se maa thodi machal uthi par unko mootna nahi ruka. ohh mere swami pee lo pee lo mera moot bas ab thoda sa hi bacha hai sara pee jao mere gandu patidev.

maa thodi der aur mooti mere muh main phir unki moot ki dhar ruk gayi aur mere muh ke raste maa ka sara moot mere pet main chala gaya. jab maa puri tarah se ruk gayi tabhi main apane honth maa ke moot ke chidr se hataya aur maa kee choot niharne laga. maa ke moot ki kuch boonde maa ke jhanto main bhi lag gayi thi main unko barbad nahi hone dena chahata thaa maine jhat se maa ke jhanto ko chatana shuru kar diya. maa ki jhanto ko chat kar ek ek moot ki boond main pee li tab jakar hi main maa ki choot ko choda maa bhi apane chootad hilate huye apane moot ke ek ek boond peelati rahi. jab maine apna muh unki choot se alag kiya to boli boliye kaise raha apaka moot peene ka anubhav kya aage bhi aap mera moot peeyenge boliye na mujhe batayeye ki kya chal raha hai apke man me mere garam moot ko lekar. kya aap bhi apane pitaji ki tarah mujhe kabhi bhi bathroom main nahi mootne denge mere mut ko barbad nahi hone denge na meri is sharab ka roj sevan karenge na main roj apke honto par apane moot kar ched laga kar apako apana moot peelaungi. boliye na chup kyon hai base meri choot nihare ja rahe hai dekho kab se. arre meri betachod nirmala kyon utawali hoti hai teri isse choot ne to mujhe amrat jaisa tera pishab diya hai tere ye moot peekar to main jaise mujhe duniya ka sabase bada khazana mil gaya hai. isliye teri ye payari nadan nigodi choot dekh raha tha.

haan meri jaan mujhe tera moot bahut hi pasand aaya teri is choot ki sharab ka nasha chad gaya hai teri pati ke upar aur ab aaj tak kisis sharabi ki sharab ki barbad karte dekha hai jo main karunga. arre tera ye moot to duniya ki mahange se mahangi sharab se bhi keemti hai ek boond bhi barbad nahi karunga roj to mere muh main hi moota ab tere bathroom jakar mootna band samjhi nirmala. haan ji bilkul jaisi apki marji mere patidev mere swami. ohhh sasur ji aap to aap ke moot ke deewane ho gaya ab to aap maja karo sasu maa. haa ri chal ab inko moot pila liya ab main tere ko bhogungi dopahar se aag lagi hai meri choot main tere liye. ab main tere saath maja karungi mere chehare se uthate huye maa ne kaha. maa ke uthate he main bhi uth kar baith gaya aur bhabhi bhi maa ke saath khadi ho gayi. chaliye maa ji bistar par chal kar maja lete hai maine bhi bahut dino se kisi aurat ke saath sambhog nahi kiya hai aur aap jaisi aurat se to kaun sambhog nahi karna chahega maa ke kamar main apana hanth dalate huye bhabhi ne kaha. maa ne bhi bhabhi ke kamar main hath dala aur chal bahut tere is nange badan ka maja leti hoo. phir meri aur dekhte huye boli aap thodi der akele maja le aur hum do mastani nariyon ko maja lete huye dekhe kaha kar dono ne ek dusare ko dekha aur palat kar bistar ki aur chal di. unke palate hi dono ka mast pichwada meri ankho ke samane aa gaya. ek kala chootad aur ek gora aur dono mote bade hi ubhardar chotad kya nazara tha. dono ke moto chotadoo ke beech gaharee lambi chootado ki darar. dono ke hath ek dusare ke kamar par rakhe the jisse unke khule aur chootad ek dusare se sat gaye the. aur dono janboojh kar apane kamar mataka kar chal rahi thi. dono ke chootad ek saath kabhi baanye hilte to kabhi daanye jaise pandulam hilta hai. ya samohan karne wale samohan ke liye pandulam hila kar logo ko samohit karte hai.

ye dono auratien bhi apne hilte chootad ka nazara dikha kar mujhe apane roop aur mote badan ke pradarshan se samohit karna chahati thi. aur unke is hilte chootad ka pradashan dekh kar main samohit bhi ho chala tha. un dono ko pata tha ki main mote chootado ka kitna bada pujari hoon aur woh dono is baat kar pura fayada utha rahi thi. jahan main baita tha jameen par aur bistar ki doori kuch hi feet ki thi par itni der main unke hilte chootado ka jo nazara maine dekha mujhe laga ki maine jannant ka nazara dekh liya ho aur mera man kiya ki ye hilte chootado ka drasye meri ankhon main hamesha ke liye bas jaye. bistar tak pahung ke maa ne peeche mud ke dekha aur bhabhi se boli dekh bahu kaise wahi pade hai abhi tak jaroor hamare chootado ko nihar rahe honge inka man to kabhi nahi bharega chal tu baith mera saath bistar par aur ab hum dono maja lengi bistar par chedhate huye maa ne kaha. maa bistar par chad kar kutiya ki tarah chal kar apani gand aur choot ka besharmi se pradarshan karti huyi bistar ke sirhane chad kar baith gayi aur bhabhi ne bhi unke peeche peeche maa ke bagal main biath gayi. ohhh bahu tu kitni sundar hai tera ye badan teri choot tere chootad aur teri gand aur teri choot par ye baal bhari jhante. teri to gand main bhi baal bhare pade hai mujhe ye tera baalo se bhara guptang bahut pasand aaya ri. maa se chipat kar baithte huye maa ke kandho par apni banhe rakhti huye bhabhi boli aap bhi to kuch kam nahi ho sasu maa aur jhant par to aapke bhi acche baal hai kitni sundar lagti ho jhanto ke baal ki wajah se aap. maa ne bhi bhabhi ko apni banho me le liya tha aur dono aurate chipat kar ek dusare ke bahut kareeb aa gayi thi.

maan ne apana ek haath bhabhi ke kamar me dala aur bhabhi ke maa ke khande ke upar se unki peeth par dusare hath se dono ek dusare ke bagal sahala rahe the. dono ek dusare ko vasana bhari nazaro se dekh rahe the aur ankho se ek dusare ke nange badan ka raspan kar rahe the. dono ke chehare dheere dheere pass aate chale gaye phir dono ki naak ek dusare se choone lage aur unko garm sans ek dusare ke chehare par pad rahi thi par abhi bhi dono ek dusare ki ankho main ankhien dal kar dekhe ja rahe the. phir maa ne pahal karke apane gulabi hont bhabhi ke sanwale honto par rakh diye. dono ke hont ek dusare ke honto se chune lage. dono ke andar vasana ka toofan umad pada aur maa ne bhabhi ke honto ka ek chumban le liye. phir bhabhi ne bhi maa ke honto ka chumban liye ye koi jordar chumban nahi tha bas woh chumbano se ek dusare ke honth geele kar rahi thi. maa ka hanth unki bagal se kishak kar ab unki jhangho par jaa gaya tha aur bhabhi ke khulhe aur moti jhang ko sahala raha tha. par bhabhi lagta tha jayada utawali thi isliye unhone apna hath bagal se khiska kar maa ki moti gori choochiyon par rakh kar choochiyon par apna hanth pher rahi thi. isme main bhabhi ko dosh bhi nahi de sakta tha kyonki meri maa bahut hi sundar aur bharpur badan ke aurat thi koi bhi unko dekh kar machal sakta tha aur shayd bhabhi ke saath bhi yahi ho raha tha. maa ke nange badan ki sundarta ko dekh kar woh apane aap ko rok nahi paa rahi thi.

bhabhi ke hantho ke sparsh se hi maa ki choochiyan khush ho uthi this aur iska andaza maa ke ghundiya se lagaya ja sakata tha jo ki tan kar moti aur lambi ho gayi thi jaise koi mota sa angoor ka dana ho. dono ek dusare ke badan par hath pherate huye kabhi kabhi ek dusare ke honto ka halka sa chumban le leti thi. is tarah se dono ek dusare ke dheere dheere garm kar rahi thi dono ko koi jaldi nahi lag rahi thi woh payar se pura samay lekar ek dusare ka maja lena chahati thi. par mere liye to yah bahut mushkil tha mera lund to ab jhadna chahata tha itni der maa aur bhabhi ke choot ke sewa karane khade huye woh pagla gaya tha. maine soch chalo chal kar maa aur bhabhi se baat ki jay ki woh mujhe jhada de aur waise bhi jahan neeche main baitha tha wahan se dono ka payar bhara sangam main acche se dekh bhi nahi pa raha tha. main apana lund hilata huya jaa kar bistar par chad gaya aur mere pariwar ki do mast nariyon ke samane jakar baith gaya. dono ne mere aur bilkul bhi dhyan nahi diya aur bas apas main hi lagi huyi thi aur ab hath phirane ke saath saath kabhi kabhi ek dusare ke badan ka mans hath main lekar masal bhi deti thi. ohh nirmala aur bahu tum dono to apani aaj bhujhane main lag gayi mera lund jo itni der se tadap raha hai uska bhi to kuch karo dekho main tum dono ko chod kar aur choose kar jahadaya aur kitna maja diya hai ab ek baar choose kar mujhe jhada do phir apas main maja le lena. maa ne meri aur dekha aur boli nada bandane ka idea to meri bahu ka tha aur kholne ka phaisala bhi meri pyari bahu hi karegi bol meri chinal randi jhanto se bhari choot wali bahu khol du inka nada aur jahda de inko choose kar.

ye baat sun kar bhabhi ke ankho main ek dam se chamak aa gayi woh meri aur dekh kar muskurayi kyon sasur ji apako jhadna hai par kyon jhadne doo main apko aisa kya kiya hai apne. aree meri pyari bahu tumko abhi itna jhadaya hai choose kar aur itna maza diya chod kar accha aap bahut chalu hai sasur ji saale sasur jab mere kapde utar raha tha to kitna tadpa raha tha mujhe 1 ghante se bhi jayada samaye lagaya tha mere kapade utarne main aur kacchi utarane ka to tera man hi nahi tha bolo sasur ji sahi hai ki nahi phir aapne mujhe jab choda tab bhi tadpa rahe the mujhe kitna tadpa tadpa kar maja diya mujhe ab tadapne ke baari aapki hai ab to main apako tadapte huye gidgidate huye dekhna chahati hoon jab mera ji karega tabhi kholungi nada waise bhi maa ne mujhe ye hauq diya hai to main to pura maja lungi apki is halat ka kyon maa ji sahi kaha na. haan bilkul bahu tere hi hauq hai is par tujhe jo karna hai kar main mana nahi karungi aur aap khabardar jo bina bahu ki marzi ke nada khola kabhi bhi apni choot nahi dungi aaj ke baad samjhe maa ne mujhse kaha. arre dono kuch to raham kar jhada to mujhe aise na tadapao raham hi to kar rahe hai aap par tabhi to aap ko khula chod rakha hai taki aap apane lund se khelte huye aur hum dono ka payar bhara sangam dekh sake nahi to abi chair par bitha kar band deti main apko aur tab humara nazara dekhne main apko kitni takleef hoti boliye maa ne kaha. ohh meri payri nirmala tum ko kuch socho mere bare dekho main tumhara pati bhi hoon aur beta bhi kya tumko kuch bhi taras nahi aata mujhe par aisa mat karo mere saath jaanu. main kya karu ji mujhe bhi aapka ke tantanata huya lund dekh kar bahut masti ched rahi hai to main kaise apna maja chod du aur ab to kuch bhi nahi ho sakta ab to main ye hauq bahu ko de diya hai aur ab uska phaisala hi akharee hoga. jaisa woh bolegi waisa karana padega to ab jayad mat bolo aur apni bahu ko bhogne do mujhe sayad isse iska dil pighal jaye aur woh apko jhada de. aap to bus lund hilao aur maja lo.

ab mujhe pura yakeen ho chala tha ki ye dono auratien aise nahi manane wali hai aur main chahat to nada khol sakta tha par ab to is khel mai mujhe bhi bahut maja aa rahaa tha to maine socha chalo dekhte hai kya hota hai par main man bana liya tha jaise hi mauka meliega main dono ko aur bhi maja dene ke kosish karunga taki koi kush hokar mere lund ke bare main bhi soche. ab dono aurato ko ek dusare se khel khelate huye kafi der ho gayi thi aur woh dono ab maja lena chahati thi yahi soch kar maa boli arre meri payar bahu ab tujhse door nahi raha ja raha aa ja meri banho mai aa ja maa ne kaha bhabhi bhi tayar baithi thi dono ne ek dusare ko fauran alingan main le liya. dono ke moti moti mans bhari choochiyan ek dusare se chipak gayi. dono ne ek dusare ko kas kar beench liya jisse dono ki choochiya ek dam pichak gayi. maa ne apane tapte huye gulabi hont bhabhi ke sanwale honto par rakh diya aur hont khol kar bhabhi ke upari hont ko apne hont main bhar liye jisse maa ka nichala hont bhahi ke hont main sama gaya. dono ne pahale ek dusare ke hont kar jor se daba kar gahara chumban liya phir dono ek dusare ke honto ko choosane lagi. dono ke hanth ek dusare ke gadaraye huye mulayam badan ko sahalate huye ek dusare se jakade huye the. dono ke ankien masti main band ho chali thi. dono ke kankh ke baal unko banho ke neeche se nikal kar jhank rahe the jaise dekhne ke kosish kar rahe ho dono ka vasana bhara chumban dekhne ki. dono ek dusare ke honto ko jor jor se choosne mai lagi huyi thi jaise unme amrut bhara ho aur jise peekar woh amar ho jayengi.

dono thodi der ek dusare ke hont chooste rahe phir maa ne bhabhi ka upari honth chod kar neechle hont ko muh main bhar liya aur choosne lagi. dono puri tanleenta ke saath ek dusare ko mast jakad kar hont choose rahe the unko garm sanse kamare ke vatavarn ko aur bhi garam bana rahi thi. jo unko badan ko aur bhi garm kar raha tha. thodi der badal badal kar hont choosane ke baad maa ne apanee jeebh nikali aur bhabhi ke muh main ghusadne lagi bhabhi ne bhi hont khol kar maa ki jeebh ka swagat kiya aur maa ne jeebh bhabhi ke muh me kafi ghusa di aur bhabhi maa ki jeebh ko choosane lagi. maa apani jeebh ke jariye apani laar bhabhi ko pila rahi thi aur bhabhi gatagat maa ki laar peeye jaa rahi thi phir bhabhi ke maa ki jeebh choos kar apani jeebh maa ke muh main ghusayi aur maa bhi usi josh ke saath bhabhi ki jeebh choosane lagi. dono ek dusare ke pet ko lar rupi prasad de rahi thi. thodi der choosi choosayi karne ke baad maa ne kaha bahu tere muh to bahut raseela hai bada hi maja aa raha hai teri laar peene main haan maanji aapka bhi kuch kam nahi hai kitni meeti lar hai apki abhi aur aur choosungi main choose le bhau maine kab mana kiya hai aur choose le aur phir se dono hont aur jeebh choosne main lag gaye. apane samne masti bhara ye nazara dekh kar to mera lund mere hant main fudak raha tha. maine apane lund ko pakada aur hilane laga maine soch jhad nahi sakta to hila kar to thoda sa maja le lu. mere lund ka supada puri tarah garm hokar lal ho gaya tha. ab dono apana ek haath ek dusare ki choochiyo par rakh kar choochi ko payar se masal rahi thi. dono ko mera bilkul bhi khayal nahi tha dono ek dusare ke badan main doobi huyi thi.

phir honto ko choosate huye maan ne bhabhi ki choochi pakadi aur apani choochi ke nipplease par rakhadane lagi. do kadi ek dam nahi huyi choochiya ek dusare se takarane lagi. phir bhabhi bhi maa ke choochi ko apni choochi ke nipple se bhidane lagi. maa ne phir dusare hath se bhabhi ke dusare choochi pakadi aur apani dusari choochi se bhidane lagi. phir to dono auratien ek dusare ke hontho main hont doose kar ek dusare ke choochiyon se choochiyan bhidane lagi. aur kabhi kabhi masti main ek dusare ki choochi ko puri takat se kas kar masal deti thi jisase dono ke chehare par dar ke halake se bhav aate the par phir bhi dono ne ek dusare ke honto ko bilkul nahi choda aur jor jor se choose ja rahi thi. maa aur bhabi ke sundar pair meri aur thi jab woh ye ras leela khel rahi thi. main aage jhuk kar dono ke pairo ko choomna shuru kar diya pahale maa ke gore pairo ko chooma phir bhabhi ke sanwale pairo ko. dono ne ek dusare ke honto ko choosate huye ek nazar meri aur dekha aur phir se hont choosane main lag gayi. main maa ko to kayi baar bhoga tha par bhabhi to aaj hi mere samane nangi huyi thi aur phir mera nada kholane ka adhikar bhi bhabhi ki pass tha to maine bhabhi ke badan ke aur jayada dhayan dene ka socha aur todi der baad dono ke pairo ko acche se choomane ke baad main bhabhi ki pindaliyon ko bhi choomana shuru kar diya. phir maa aur bhabhi ne apana chumban toda aur maa ne meri aur dekh kar kaha dekh bahu kaise tere aur mere pairo ko choom rahe hai jiase hum dono ke gulam ho.

maa ji agar sasur ji ki yahi iccha hai to hum inki yah iccha jaroor puri karenga aaj se hum dono inko apane gulam ki tarah hi pesh aayenge. chal bahu karne de inko jo karna hai ab to tu meri choochi choose dekh kaise tan kar meri ghundiyan khadi hai choose jara choose aur masal kar meri choochiyan lal kar de bahu maa ne bhabhi ki choochiyon ke dono ghundiyon ko masalte huye kaha. bhabhi ne phuran maa ki choochiyon ke neech haath rakh kar utaya aur unki chooyion pur choomane lagi. main maa ke puri nangi choochi ko chooma aur phir apni jeebh nikal kar maa ki choochiyan chatne lagi jiase ek bhooka kutta pattal chatata hai. thodi der apane thook se maa ki choochi geeli karne ke baad bhabhi ne maa ki makhan malayi dar choochi ki ghundi apane muh main bhar li aur choosane lagi. maa saath hi saath bhabhi ki choochiyo ko masalti jaa rahi thi. main bhabhi ke pairo ko choomane huye unki jhangh choomate huye unko kulho tak aa gaya tha. phir main kulhe choomate huye ek hath se bhabhi ki kamar aur peeth par hath pherane laga. unke badan ko apane hanto se mahasoos karne laga. bhabhi badal badal kar ek dono ghundiyan choosane lagi. bahbhi ghudi aur usake aas pass ka kafi maal apane muh main bhar leti aur choosati. maa ko bhi choochi chuswane main bahut majaa aa raha tha. aur unhone bhabhi ke choochi chod kar khud hi apani choochiyan apane hath main pakadi aur bhabhi ki muh main jayada se jayada dhoons kar chooswane lagi. main bhi ab kafi der tak bhabi ki pair aur jhangho ke saath khe chuka tha aur maine apan rukh bhabhi ki vishalkay chootado ki aur kiya mera sabse pasandeeda ang.

maine bhabhi ke ghudaz chootado ko chumana shuru kar diya mere aisa karne se bhabhi ke badan main masti ke ek lahar daud gayi aur bhabhi ke badan ke sare ruye khade ho gaye. kafi der tak apni choochiyan chuswane aur bhabhi ke thook se lal karne ke baad maa ne kaha la bahu ab main teri choochiyan choosungi. kah kar maa bhabhi ke badan par jhuk gayi aur bhabhi ki choochiyon ko choomane lagi. bhabhi ke badan par ek saath dono maa bete ne hamla kar diya ek ne choochi par aur ek ne chootado par. main bahbi ke mote chootad ke ek ek hisse ko choom raha tha. waise to mujhe maa aur bhabhi dono ke chootad pasand the par bhabhi ke chootado ka rang thoda kala hone ke wajah se mujhe bhabhi ke chootad jayada acche lagne lage the. bhabhi ko bhi chootad chumwane main maja aa raha tha isliye bhabhi bhi ek taraf karwat kar ke adhi leti aur aadhi baithi se thi. jisse unke chootad puri tere mere samane the. bhabhi ke dono chootado ka chuman lene ke baad main bhabhi ke gand ki darar ka chumband liya aur apani naak ghusae kar bhabhi ke ghani jhanto main chupi gand ko schungha. maa bhabhi ke samane thoda sa juhk kar bhabhi ki choochiyan chat rahi thi thodi der bhabhi ki choochiyan chatane ke baad maa ne bhabhi ki ghundiyan muh main bhar kar choosane shuru kar di jisska seedha asar garam badan wali meri bhabhi ki choot par huya aur unke muh se karah nikal gayi. maine apane hatho se bhabhi ke chootad khole aur unki jhanto ko hataya to bhabhi ki gand ka ched mere ankho ke samane tha. maine apni nak bhabi ki gand kar rakhi aur apne naak ke nok se bhabhi ki gand ragadate huye gand sungane laga.

bhabhi ki gand ki gandh ne mere shareer main khoon ke dauran ko aur bhi badh diya tha. bhabhi masti main karhane lagi ohh sale madarchod sasur aur betachod sas dono ne meri halat patli kar de kya mast maja deto ho tumdono main kitni bhagayawan hoon ki mujhe itne payar karne wali sas susur mele. chooso maa ji aur choose meri choochi sali inhi nigodi ko jab sare mard niharte hai to meri choot geeli ho jati hai chooso choose ke kha jao meri choochi sasu maa aur mere gandu sasur kya kar raha hai madar chood apni jeebh laga na meri gand par kyon tadapa raha hai saale soch le jitna tu mujhe tadpaya unti der main tera nada khulega samajha chootiye. main jhat se apni jeebh nikali aur bhabhi ki gand ko bahar se chatane laga ohhh aur chat aise hi aur maja aa raha hai choot mast geeli ho gayi meri to ohhh maja aa gaya. maa badal badal kar bhabhi ki choochi choosati aur maa ki tarah bhabhi ne bhi kudh apane hatho se choochi pakad kar maa ki muh main dhoose kar apni choochiyan chuswayi. idar maine bhi bhabhi ki gand ki darar main muh ghusa kar bhabhi ki gand chaat kar geeli kar di. kabhi kabhi mast main bhabhi apane chootad mere chehare par daba deti jisse meri naak bhabhi ke darar main dab se jati. arre bahu bahu ho gaya ab bardast nahi hotha meri choot jal rahi hai waise to mera man nahi bhara teri choochiyon se abhi aur maan hai choosane ka par choot nigodi bahu kulbula rahi hai. yahi haal to mera hain maa ji aap ko dekh kar choochi choose kar meri choot main bhi aag lagi hai upar se ye apka gandu pati meri gaand chaat kar mujhe aur garam kar raha hai. arre bahu ab tune nada band diya hai na to teri sewa to karenge hi nahi to nada nahi khulega aur inko maja nahi milega tu inki chod aur tadapane de inko ab to teri choot ras peene kaa maan hai teri sasu maa ka bol peelayegi.

maan to mera bhi hai sasu maa choot ras peene ka aur peelane ka chalo ek dusare ke choot choosate hain aur choot choose kar choot ras peete hai sahi kah rahi hai bahu chal aaj 69 ka khel khelate hai bade din huye aise maja liye huye. chal bahu tu let ja main teri muh par apani choot rakh kar chuswanungi aur saath hi teri choot bhi choosungi. main bhabhi ke gand ke ched ko lagatar chaat raha tha bhabhi ne apane chootad ko ek jordar jhatka diya jisse mera muh bhabhi ke gand se alag ho gaya. sasur ji maaf karana aapko apne se alag karna pada kya karo meri choot jal rahi hai aur maa ji ki bhi ab hum dono payar se choot chatayi karenge. hum dono bistar ke caudai main letenge jisse aap peeche se hum dono ki choot choosayi dekh sakte hai. aapki meri gand chatane ki iccha hai na phir kisi din pura chootad khol ke baitungi aap meri jhanto bhari gand chaat lena ek do ghanta mana nahi karunga abhi to mujhe choot chusa lene do. aa bhi jaa meri ladali bahu kya lagi huye hai meri choot main aag lagi hai aakar jaldi se choose aur aap thodi der tamasha dekho meri payar patidev aur apna lund hilao aur hum dono ko thoda maja le lene do maa ne kaha. bhabhi uthi aur bistar par chit hokar apani tange cahudi karake let gayi. unhone apane sar ke neeche ek takiya rakh liya jisse unka sar thoda uncha ho gaya ab aa jo maa ji peelao apna choot ras.

maa phauran aakar utha kar bhabhi ke chehare ke taraf aa gayi. main utha kar bistar ke neeche khada ho gaya mere samane maa ke sundar gore chootad aa gayi aur unke chootado ke beech chupi maa ki gulabi gand. maan ne dono ghutane bhabhi ke chehare ke dono uar jamaye aur peeche mud kar apane chootado ko thoda adjust kiya jisse unki choot theek bhabhi ke muh ke upar aa gayi phir maa ne apani choot bhabhi ke muh ke aage kar di. maa itni mast thi ki unki masti main maa ke choot ke saath saath maa ki jhante bhi choot ras se geeli ho chali thi. aur choot ras ke moti maa ki jhanto main chmak rahe the. maa ki choot bhabhi ke muh se kuch inch ki duri par thi. ghutane khule hone ke wajah se maa ki choot aur gand dono khul gaye the. le bahu ab chat meri choot bahut ki garm ho rahi hoon main ab to teri jeebh ki meri ye garmi shant kar sakti hai. aisa kaha kar maa ne apane chootad neeche khiska diye jisse maa ki choot bhabhi ke honto par baith gayi aur bhabhi ke apane hatho se maa ke chootado ka pakada aur maa ke choot ka chumband lene lagi. maa ki geeli choot ka choot ras bhabhi ke honto par lag gaya jisse bhabhi ne apane jeebh honto par pher kar chat kar saaf kar liya. phir bahbi ne aisa maa ke puri choot ke saat kiya pahale chumban leti phir chat kar choot ras peeti. maa ne neeche jhuk kar bhabhi ki tange aur bhi chaudi kar di. aur apna muh bhabhi ki choot main ghusa diya. muh ghusate hi bhabhi masti main uchalne lagi. main dekh to nahi paa raha tha ki maa bhabhi ki choot ke saat kaisa bartav kar rahi thi par itna zaroor tha bhabi ko maa ka bartav accha lag raha tha.

main neeche khada lund hila kar bhabi ki maa ki choot choomate huye dekh raha tha. todi der maa ki choot choomne ke baad maa ne maa ki choot muh main bhari aur choosne lagi. kuch second choose kar bhabhi ne jeebh nikali aur maa ki puri choot ki lambayi ko chata. phir to bhabhi aisa hi karne lagi muh main bhar kar thodi der choosti aur phir jeebh se puri choot chatati. maa bhi bhabhi ke saat lagta yahi kar rahi thi kyonki chatane ka saat bhabhi choot chate jane ke masti main karah bhi rahi thi. waise sahi hi kaha hai chudai ke dauran is tarah se karhan aur kuch kuch bakana chudayi ke vatavarn ko aur bhi sangeetmay aur mast bana deta hai. aur ek chudakkad mard aur aurat hi is baat ki mahata ko samjah kar upayog main late hai jaise mere parivar ki dono auratien kar rahi thi. bhabhi ab jayada der tak maa ki choot ko muh main rakh kar choosti aur phir maa ki choot kar thook kar apne hi thook ko chaat leti saath hi saath bhabhi maa ke chootado ko bhi apane hantho se masal rahi thi. main todi der tak masti ka ye nazara khade huye dekhta raha par ab mujhse raha nahi gaya aur maine aage bhad kar ghuato me bal bhabhi ke sirhane baith gaya jisse maa ke gol matol chootad aur unke beech ke gulabi gand meri ankho ke samane aagayi. maine maa ke chootad par apane chumbano ki varsha kar di maa ke chootad ke ek ek inch ko maine choosa. maa ko mera chootad choomna accha laga kyonki unhone khud apane chootad hila kar is baat ka khusi se ijhar kiya. pure chootad par chumband lene ke baad main apane hanto se bhabhi ke chootad pakad kar cheer kar chaude kar diye jisse maa ki gand acche se dekh saku.

maa ki gand par bhabhi ke jaise ghane baal nahi se isliye maa ki gand dekhne main jayad pareshani nahi huyi. phir main maa ki gand ki darar main chumband lene shuru kar diye aur saath hi dono hanto se maa ke sponge jaise chootado ko bhi payar se masalne laga. neech bhabhi ka muh aur jeebh maa ki choot par barabar chal rahe the. kyonki main maa ke chootad apne hantho main pakad liye the isaliye bhabhi ke hanth azad ho gayi the jisaka phayada uthate huye bhabhi ne peeche karek apane haath bistar ke neeche latka liye aur phir doond kar apane mulyam hant mere lund tak le gayi. jo bahut hi gusse main supada lal karke tan kar khada tha. bhabhi ke hath lagte hai jaise ghuse main garm ubalne mere lund ko thoda arama sa mila. bhabhi ke mera lund apni ek hatheli main rakha aur duarse hateli se bade hi payar se mere lund ko puchkarne lagi jaise koi apne paltu janwar par payar se hath pherata hai bhabi aise jata rahi thi jaise main unka paltu janwar hoon aur woh meri malkin. bhabhi ne apani jeebh nikal kar ab maa ki choot ke darar main pherana shuru kar diya tha choot geeli hone ki wajah se bhabhi ki choot asane se maa ki choot main ghus jati aur bhabhi thodi der maa ki garm choot main jeebh phira kar jeebh nikal deti aur phir apni jeebh ko ek baar maa ke choot par puri tarah phira ka choot aur usake ass pass jama sara choot ras chat leti. abhi tak bhabhi sirf maa ki choot chat rahi thi aur unhone maa ki choot ke dane par apana var nahi kiya tha woh maa ko puri tarah garam karke hi apnee jeebh maa ke choot ke dane par ragadana chahati thi.

acche se maa ki gand ki darar ko choomne ke baad main apani jeebh nikali aur maa ki gand ki darar ko chatane laga. main kudh maa ke chootado ke beech thook deta aur phir chatata. mere chatne se kabhi kabhi maa ki gand ke baal bhi mere muh main aathe aur unko bhi main choose leta. bhabhi ne thodi der mere lund ko puchkarne ke baad mere lund ko apani muthi main bhara aur pyar se hilane lagi jaise muh maar rahi ho. aur apana dusara hath mere tatto par le gayi aur mere tatte apani ungaliyon se sahalane lagi. ohhh ji aap ye kya kar rahe hai ek to bahu ne choot ka bura haal kar rakha aur aur dusare app meri gaad ke peeche pad gaya tum dono ne to meri halat patali kar di madarchodo dhang se choose aur chato ye tadpa kya rahe ho sale gandu pati bahut ho gayi chatayi ab gand ke check bhi chat bhenchod bhosdi ke randi ki aulad hai tu uska kuch to maan kar saale maja de mujhe kutte kah kar maa ne phir se apan muh bhabhi ki tango ke beech ghusa diya. maa ke muh ghusate hi bhabhi ke dam chihuk uthi lagata tha maa ne bhabhi ke choot ke dane par var kiya tha saali kya karti hai beta chod kahi ki sasu maa saali aur chat aise hi chat meri choot ka dana aaahhh ohhhh ab kuch maja aaya maa ki laudi itne der se tadpa rahi thi mere ko apane chootad jor jor se uchalti huyi bhabhi ne kaha. phir bhabhi ne bhi maa ki choot main muh ghusa kar maa ke choot ke dane ke aas pass ke hise ko muh main bhar kar jor jor se choosne lagi jisska asar maa par bhi huya.

maa ne ek dam se apani choot bhabhi ke muh par daba di aur goo goo ki awaj karti huyi bhabhi ki choot chatana jari rakha. maine apanee jeebh maa ke gand par lagayi aur apani jeebh ki nok se maa ki gand kuredane laga. apni jeebh ki nok ko maa ki gand ke charo aur ghumata phir maa ki gand ka ched kuredata. bhabhi to bahut hi mast ho chali thi unhone apane pair upar uthaye aur maa ke sar ko apane moti jhangho main kaid kar liya. maa ne bhi apne hath neeche lejakar bhabhi ke chotado ko jakad kar bhabhi ke chootado ko jor jor se masalte huye jabardast chusayi jari rakhi. main bhee maa ke chootad masalte huye maa ke chootado main muh ghusa kar unki gand ka ched chat raha tha. maa ke vishalkay chootado main meraa muh kahi kho sa gaya tha. main apane haatho se maa ke chootad chaude karta jisse maa ki gand ka ched khul jata aur maine maa ke gaand main apani jeebh ghused deta aur jeebh ki nok se maa ki gand ke andar ke bhag ko kuredane lagta. thodi der chat kar main maa ki gand ko apani jeebh se chodane lagta aise hai badal badal kar maa ki gand ka maja main le raha tha. dono mastani nariyon ne apani jeebh ki noke ek dusare ke choot ke dana par rakh kar ragad rahi thi. maa bhaut mast ho chuki thi apne chootad bhi hila rahi thi jisake wajah se unki gaand chatane main badi mahena karni pad rahi thi. bhabhi ke hant jor jor se mere lund par chal rahe the bhabhi apani ungli se mere lund par laga pani supade par chipad deti aur aur phir mere lund ke supade ko apani dusarei hateli par ragadti. kabhi jor jor se mere lund ka muth marane lagti to kabhi mere tatto ko pyar se masalte huye mere lund ko sahalti.

kabhi kabhi bhabhi apane hath mere tatto ke peeche lejakar mere chootado ko bhi sahalati aur masalti. phir maine apni jeebh se maa ki gand chodana shuru kar diya maa bhi isse mast ho gayi aur khud hi apane chootad dheere dheere hila kar gand marwane lagi. maa ki gand bahut hi garm thi jiska ahasas mujhe apni jeebh par ho raha tha. par mujhe maa ki gand ka swad bahut hi bha raha tha aur main apani jayada se jayada jeebh ghusa kar maa ki gand ki gaharayi ka swad lena chahata tha. dono auratien masti main chila rahi thi pure kamare main ahhh ohh ummmm chapar chapar ki awaje ghuj rahi thi. jaise kisi porn movie ki nayikayien karti hai. agar maa aur bhabhi kisi porn movie main hoti to apne khule vicharo ke karan pure sansar main famous ho jati. gand maar kar jab meri jeebh thak jati tab main gand se jeebh nikal kar apani nak maa ki gand par ragadane lagata ya jeebh nikal kar gand ki darar chatane lagta. maa ki gand aur gand ke darar mere thook se geeli hoti ja rahi thi. gand ki mahek ke saath apane thook ki mili juli gandh lene main mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha. kuch der hum teeno isse tarah ek dusare ke guptango ki bhook mitane main jute rahe. main ab bahut der se maa ki gand chaat raha tha ab main bhabhi ki gand chatana chahat tha. main akhari baar maa ki gand ko jeebh se chata aur apani jeebh maa ki gand se hata di. ab sale gandu madarchod kya hua chatata kyon nahi meri gand sale itna maja aa raha tha ek saath gand chatwane aur choot chuswane main maa ne kaha.

nirmala ab main itni der tumhari gand chati ab main bahu ki gand ko bhi chatana chahata hoon kahin bahu ko aisa na lage ye ham uska khayal nahi rakhte humko akhir uski gand ko bhi to utna payar milna chahiye jitna tumhari gand ko mila hai mere se. haa ye baat to hai mere sartaj ab bahu ki gand chatiye iski choot bahut hi mast maal hai sali kya raseeli hi aur kitna meetha ras hai bahu ki choot ka apne to sewan kiya hai bahu ke choot ras ka abhi sali randi apani tange uthaye choot chatware rahi hai is kutiya ke gand ki darar main itne baal hai par tange upar utha kar chatwane ki wajah se randi sali ki kali gand thodi khul gayi hai main khud iske baal hata kar iski gand apke liye khol deti hoon aap aa jao dono mil kar bahu ko jhadate hai. bhabhi ab to mera lund chodo ab main tumhari gand par apane prem ki varsha karunga. bhabhi ne ek akhari baar kar se mere lund ke supade ko apani hatheli me masala aur mere lund ko chod diya ohhh mere sasur ji chato na meri ghani kale balo se bhari paseene wali gand bhi chato sasur ji mere chootado ko bhi payar karo na mere payare sasur ji. haan bahu tu apni sas ki choot ki sewa kar main teri gand chatata hoon. kah kar main bistar ke dusari taraf chala gaya jahan maa bhabhi ke geeli choot ka ras pee rahi thi. jaise hi main dusari taraf pahuncha to mujhe bhabhi ki khuli choot aur aur jhanto ke jhurmut se jhankti gand ke darshan huye. bhabhi ki choot maa ne choose choose kar bulkul geeli kar di thi pahale mere jordar dhakke kha kha kar bhabhi ki choot khul gayi thi aur maa ne ab usme apani jeebh ghused kar usako aur bhi khol diya tha. bhabhi ne apani jangho abhi bhi maa ki sar ko pakada tha jisse bhabhi ke tange khuli hone ki wajah se bhabhi ke chootad bhi khul gaye the aur bhabhi ki gand jhanto se hali se nazar aa rahi thi. choot chatane se rista hua maa ka thook bhabhi ki chotad main uge balo se hota huya gand tak bah kar aa raha thaa.
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